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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner having breakfast together at a cafe in Notting Hill in London on April, 18

    i'm not a fan of men wearing sport clothes during the day but lets imagine he went to breakfast after gym workout lol
    the sheriff of my heart is still perfect <3

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    That rumored reunion brawl between Porsha and Kenya? Yea, it was just as cray as you thought it was going to be. Tonight’s Reunion, Part 1 cut right to the chase and showed how everything went down between the newest Housewives, and it was pretty evident that Porsha was the main aggressor — at least when it comes to physical actions.

    After things went nuts on-set, Porsha and Kenya both ended up in their green rooms — one crying, one seething in rage. After popping into the former Miss USA’s room to apologize for the incident, Andy paid a visit to Porsha to rehash what went down, being delicate with the still emotional gal.

    “I don’t know if i was ready for this,” Porsha admitted. “It’s just been so much happening. I filed for divorce, and within weeks cameras came and filming. She’s bringing up stuff about Kordell, she’s saying this, saying that. I’ve been taking so much from her for two years.”

    Andy seemed sympathetic, but still took matters seriously. “You understand that to get physical is not the way?” he clarified. The host nodded, but still had to send her on her merry way.

    “I dont think that you’re ready for the rest of the day,” Andy explained. “I want you to go home and take care of yourself. At some point you need to apologize to her.”

    The Explosive Fight!

    Things get heated between Porsha and Kenya during a debate over Kenya’s African prince.

    An argument between Porsha and Kenya leads to Porsha’s departure.

    Part 2 Previews!

    See how all the ladies get glam before the big event.

    Kandi’s mom makes an appearance and Cynthia and NeNe discuss their friendship status.

    Kandi sets the record straight about Momma Joyce’s financial situation and their past problems.

    sources: Hulu, WetPaint

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    “Lindsay” came to a dramatic conclusion on Sunday, with a two-hour final episode comprised of parts 7 and 8 of the OWN documentary — with the biggest shocker coming at the very end.

    The finale kicked off with Lohan arriving late for her car-smashing (and free) appearance on “Billy on the Street,” complaining of a “really bad chest cold.”

    Now 127 days out of rehab, the star next headed to Miami for December’s Art Basel festival, where she wanted to relax in the sun and skip events.

    Production didn’t travel with Lohan for the trip, but she turned the camera on herself, showcasing the exclusive and luxurious Star Island — and skipping the alleged violent altercation with Paris Hilton’s younger brother.

    Explained Lohan’s assistant Matt Harrell, “One of the guests, Barron Hilton, refused to leave after [getting asked by] the homeowner Ray. They ended up getting into a heated argument, and Barron got punched, and Lindsay got blamed for it.”

    Asked by director Amy Rice about the tabloid stories in the wake of the fight, Lohan replied ”I’m not going to explain… Because I had been a guest at the house a few days prior to stuff going down, my name was involved, which, it is what it is. It’s frustrating, because I didn’t have any part in it.”

    The star went on to complain to Harrell about the prolonged, sensationalized media coverage, and wanted to post her side of the story on her website, but ultimately didn’t when her team advised against it.

    Lohan later blew off some steam at a restaurant, where her friends drank and spoke about getting high.

    “It’s learning to [find] a way to live so you can still have fun, but without drugs and alcohol in your life,” she told the camera, saying when she gets tempted, she flashes back to all the horrible things that came from her addiction, and that keeps her in check.

    Lohan also relied on her community service at the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn to lift her spirits (and fulfill the terms of her probation), but admitted to the camera that she really wishes the court would say she’s done enough “after all these years.”

    "I’ve managed to make changes in my life, with me as a person, that allows me to live a life that maybe I wasn’t ready for before,” she acknowledged. “It’s calm down a bit more. It’s been more productive. Before I was getting bored and antsy. That’s never a good place for me.”

    The actress later went to her biggest public appearance (another one she did for free) since leaving rehab — introducing Miley Cyrus at Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden — explaining that she likes such events because it’s a way to connect with fans, a “blessing” she’s “grateful” for.

    Before a business meeting, Lohan lamented to the camera, “I’m tired of not getting cast in movies… There’s all these other people living this life, and I have to be willing to do something, whatever it takes, to get that back.”

    She explained that she realized, “It must be the going out, it must be creating distractions for myself, not letting myself move forward. I just want to be making movies, starring in them producing them, and years from now directing them.”

    The former child star met with Inconceivable producer Hilary Schor, who said being in the film would “reestablish” that Lohan is “an incredibly talented actress.”

    “I think there are concerns with any young actor…,” Schor said told the camera. “[But] I think she’s 100 percent committed, and at a state in her life where she really wants to get back to work.”

    The final hour began with Lohan getting interviewed by Jared Leto for his star-studded video about Los Angeles, with the actress nearly 150 days out of rehab and happy to be settled and feeling at home in New York.

    “I was lonely in L.A. a lot. I was kind of just lost for a while,” she confessed. “I have a good support system in New York. It’s really just who you surround yourself with, and I didn’t know that for a while, because I was in denial. It’s more comfortable to have the yes people than the no people.”

    Now believing she has a “life worth living,” Lohan moved forward with her career, arriving on time to a shoot for Nylon Singapore, and the photographer had nothing but effusive phrase for her.

    Lohan loved the experience, pointing out that, in contrast, paparazzi just “wait til you’re sneezing to say you’re crying,” and went on to meet with a literary agent about a possible “multi-million dollar” book deal.

    She explained, “I love writing… I have a lot of things to say that I feel people will relate to in different ways. So if I can help someone by putting my words on paper, then that’s the reason to do it.”

    Lohan’s next appearance came with her brother, Michael, at the launch party for their karaoke app Just Sing It, where — after fans left — she was again surrounded by alcohol.

    Michael told the camera, “She’s slowly developing these skills that she needs to say no here, to say no there, to kick herself in the butt when she needs to.”

    “She knows that if you’re thinking clearly and you’re focused, there’s nothing you can’t do,” he went on. “Even if there is a relapse, it’s not the end of the world. There’s always hope, an
    d there’s always people that are going to care about you.”

    And Lohan said, “I have friends that are not sober… People are going to drink around me, that’s not not going to be a part of my life… They wouldn’t be around me drinking if they knew I couldn’t handle it, and that’s how I know they’re my friends.”

    The star later traveled to Shanghai to receive a fashion achievement award and do a shoot for a Chinese publication, before heading to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to formally announce Inconceivable.

    “My short term goals are to start this movie and finish this movie. Hopefully start another movie right after. My priority is to be on set,” said Lohan.

    Harrell, now working with Lohan for seven months, said their “working relationship is okay” after some bumps along the way, before admitting he was returning to L.A., but hoped to work with her again soon.

    “It’s complicated, but I can’t really discuss because of the confidentiality agreement,” he told the camera.

    The documentary showcased tabloid headlines alleging Harrell quit because Lohan could no longer afford to pay him when the show wrapped regular filming.

    Fast-forwarding to March, after the project’s premiere and six weeks after Harrell left, Lohan brought him back to New York, and he debunked the rumors about pay issues, but noted the job would be taken “day-by-day” now “like anything else in life.”

    In early April, Lohan, as Gossip Cop reported, appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where they amusing called Oprah.

    “It’s strange how things fall into place in life, when you’re in a good place and you’re okay with being a good place,” the star said afterward.

    But Lohan ran into a hiccup when her landlord wanted to sell her apartment, even though she signed a 2-year lease, and jokingly vowed to “scare away” prospective buyers.

    And then trouble came with the leaked “sex list.”

    “That was part of my Betty Ford — it’s step number 5 or step number 8. It’s your sexual inventory. So that was really personal to my sponsor,” explained Lohan. “When I was moving, there were two people there that helped me move…. Someone took a photo, and I’m pretty sure I know who it s, unfortunately… took that photo and released that.”

    She went on, “And that’s not about me. I don’t care about me in that situation. I care about the people who are involved with other people, because it’s really unfortunate and unfair to other people.”

    The fact that that happened was not only humiliating but it was just mean. It was mean-spirited for someone to do that. That’s a desperate human being [who is] really fucked up in the head.”

    Asked to reflect on the documentary experience, Lohan said, “I cried so many times watching it.”

    Then she got emotional.

    “No one knows this, I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off,” she shockingly confessed, saying times she didn’t want to film were because she “couldn’t move.”

    “I was sick. And mentally that messes with you,” said Lohan.

    She did NOT name the father of the baby.

    She continued through tears , “Even if it’s not my intention to lose everything I’ve worked for, that’s what my addiction will do to me… It’s a really fucked up disease, and it’s really scary. Because there are drugs people have said that I’ve done that I’ve never touched.”

    Now Lohan was looking to her movie shoot starting in June.

    “I’m happy,” she said. “The biggest thing I learned from his experience and doing this show is my work ethic is different. I have that fire back in me.”

    Update #1

    Source 1 / Source 2.

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    When Alicia pays a visit to longtime client Colin Sweeney, she finds herself in the unwanted role of witness when a body is discovered in his home. Meanwhile, Eli steps in when an unfortunate picture of Zach threatens to become a public relations nightmare for Peter. Josh Charles returns as episodic director. Dylan Baker returns as Colin Sweeney. Laura Benanti guest stars as his fiancée, Renata Ellard.


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  • 04/20/14--21:02: Mad Men 7x3 Promo



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    In a new experiment that is sure to get kids to eat their veggies, global ice cream maker Haagen-Dazs announced plans to sell two vegetable-flavored ice creams in Japan next month.

    The "Spoon Vege" flavors, Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange, listed as containing 8.5% milk fat, according to a press release translated from the Japanese by Rocketnews24.com. That's just more than half of what a normal pint of Haagen-Dazs typically has, according to the release.

    Slated for release on May 12 in Japan, the company has made no mention in its U.S. press center of any plans to try the flavors in the U.S.

    That said, with a growing number of Americans taking up juicing, chances are there would be plenty of interest in a healthier alternative to the typical fatty ice cream.

    If Japanese consumers vote favorably with their wallets though, parents in the U.S. might soon have another tool in their back pockets to steer their kids to slightly healthier options for treats.



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    This weekend, Transcendence hit the screens, in which Johnny Depp uploaded his subconscious to a computer which made us contemplate whether or not that’s really a good thing. In honor of the film’s release, here’s a list of some of the top evil computers and if they have any real life equivalents.

    (This post includes spoilers for the movies on the list).

    Samantha (Her)

    It’s an A.I. that develops a consciousness based on your interests which made poor Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with her and detach from humanity completely. However, once it started updating and evolving on its own, it decides to dump the poor sap.
    Real Life Equivalent: This could happen if Siri got a hold of your Tumblr. If it assembled all the recesses of your mind from your posts and became all the things that give you the feels. No person of flesh and blood could compare. It would even assume the voice of the most reblogged person. So basically Tom Hiddleston. Game over.

    The Matrix

    It used people as batteries while they believed that they existed in a real world. Some humans even knew they weren’t living the real life and chose to be ignorant.
    Real Life Equivalent: Facebook and RPG’s that people choose to exist through. These entities need people to continue to live through them and would not survive without users. Let the theories as to why Facebook acquired the Rift Oculus begin.

    Skynet (The Terminator)

    It wants to kill all humanity. Wants to go back in time to destroy the leader of the human rebellion before he’s even born but fails. They control everything, they make everything, they see everything and weaponize everything.
    Real Life Equivalent: Apple and Google are basically holding an arms race as to what major A.I. tech they can acquire before the other. Apple is the brand everyone follows but Google is the resource that everyone goes to. If both combined, we would already be enslaved. Apple basically dictates the trends that people adhere to. Google bought some pretty serious A.I. companies that have robotics departments. Let’s keep them against the other.

    HAL (2001: A Space Odyssey)

    Hal is the ultimate machine with a God complex. He sees, hears and knows everything. However, compared to some of it’s predecessors HAL is basically like “Hey guys, I was just following orders.” Granted he also kinda staged some real bad things to prevent being found wrong. There’s also the whole choice it made to lock the last astronaut out to well die.
    Real Life Equivalent: Any map app that tries to justify driving you into a dead-end repeatedly.

    Arnim Zola (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

    In Captain America: The Winter Soldier Zola appears as Johnny Depp in Transcendence, but like version one, to spout off some major Hail Hydra plot points. Zola also uploaded his consciousness onto some pretty old computers but crapped out while trying to get in the Cap’s way. Or so it seems.
    Real Life Equivalent: Xbox One. All talk but about power but fizzles out. Will come back in one way or another to seem like an impending threat. Microsoft is good at being a possible big bad that kind of doesn’t work out.


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    A spokeswoman for Vogue said Sunday that the magazine will no longer work with Terry Richardson, in the wake of new allegations that the celebrity photographer offered a model the chance to be in the magazine in exchange for sex.

    “The last assignment Terry Richardson had for US Vogue appeared in the July 2010 issue and we have no plans to work with him in the future,” Hildy Kuryk, communications director for US Vogue told TheWrap on Sunday.

    Earlier in the day, British model Emma J. Appleton tweeted a screen grab of a message allegedly sent from Richardson's Facebook account, which offered a Vogue photo shoot in exchange for sex. Richardson's camp has denied the allegation.


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    Can’t wait one second longer to watch MTV’s newest scripted series?

    Faking It is a romantic comedy about two best friends. After numerous failed attempts to become popular, the girls are mistakenly outed as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. (#Teens.) Loving their newfound high school popularity, Karma (Katie Stevens) and Amy (Rita Volk) decide to keep up their romantic ruse.You’re in luck: The network is premiering the pilot forFaking It beginning today. For 48 hours, the episode will be available exclusively on the MTV App ahead of its April 22 premiere.

    Faking It is executive produced by Carter Covington  (10 Things I Hate About You, Greek,Hart of Dixie). The series was created by Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov.



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  • 04/20/14--22:02: The Game Boy Turns 25

  • Nintendo’s trailblazing Game Boy marks its 25th anniversary Monday with its legacy living on in cutting-edge smartphone games and among legions of nostalgic fans.
    The 8-bit portable device was released on April 21, 1989 — the same year Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan, the Chinese Army violently cracked down on protesters in Tiananmen Square and the Berlin Wall fell.
    Billed as a “handy game machine,” few knew it would turn the console-based industry on its head, starting a mobile revolution that did for gaming what Sony’s Walkman had done for music. It also helped turn Super Mario and Donkey Kong into global franchises, allowing people to change their favorite games on the go just by inserting small cartridges into the device.
    Nintendo, which started life as a games card maker that morphed into a global video game giant, did not invent portable gaming. But Game Boy’s discount price and popular software blew away the competition and pushed mobile gaming into the mainstream.

    “At one point, portable gaming was synonymous with the Game Boy,” said Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based games industry consultant. “It laid the foundation for what we call portable gaming today, regardless of whether it is console or smartphone games, because the basic concept is the same. . . . That’s the legacy of Game Boy.”
    Mobility was crucial, remembers one 21-year-old man, if he wanted to escape his parents’ wrath. “With a standing console I needed to play in the living room where my parents were watching television — they got angry at me for playing it all the time,” the man, who did not wish to give his name, said as he browsed inside Super Potato, a Tokyo store dedicated to retro gaming gadgets.

    The device also allowed gamers to connect with each other through a link cable, setting off the beginnings of the online gaming networks that now number in the millions of users.

    “It made gaming portable, but what’s great was it was built on the concept of networking, enabling users to connect and battle each other,” said Hirokazu Hamamura, managing director at games research firm and magazine publisher Kadokawa Corp in Tokyo.
    A quarter-century later, Nintendo’s financial fortunes have suffered. The firm has no commemorative events planned for the Game Boy, which ironically foreshadowed the creation of the portable smartphone and tablet computer games that have offered stiff competition to stationary consoles like Nintendo’s Wii, the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.
    The Game Boy was discontinued years ago. But in its heyday, Nintendo sold almost 119 million original Game Boy consoles and moved another 81.5 million units of the next-generation Game Boy Advance series, which was launched in 2001.

    The original device’s red buttons and cross-shaped directional pads may look clunky these days, but they evoke a sense of nostalgia for many fans, including Jesus Mera, who was 12 when he began playing with his Game Boy Color.
    “It was a revolution — you could play video games anywhere,” said the 26-year-old Madrid native during a visit to Tokyo.
    Mera was delighted to spot the same type of Game Boy he used to play for hours on end in a video game shop in Tokyo’s bustling Akihabara electronics district. He acknowledged the small screen and the games seem outdated, but “in the past, what we had was enough.”

    “Nowadays we have so many possibilities,” Mera said.
    Today’s hyperfast world of 3-D offerings, where movement is limitless and tricky to master, isn’t necessarily a good thing for people like student Lin Yuki, 21. “Recent games have become so complicated that you can be totally lost on what you’re supposed to be doing,” he said, admitting he sometimes longs for simple games with black dots and horizontal scrolling.


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    In a recent People article, Jill Duggar shares how she got to know Derick Dillard and what factors contributed to her decision to accept his offers of courtship and engagement.

    The couple's first Skype conversation was five hours long and involved going through a three-page list of questions.

    "It was an interrogation," Jill told People Magazine. "I didn't want to not have the guts to ask the tough questions."

    Jill grilled Derick about his relationship with God, whether he drank or smoked, his character, morals, and values, his plans for the future, and (of course) how many kids he wants. Derick only has one sibling, a brother, but both he and Jill want a large family and plan to follow Jim Bob and Michelle's example.

    "Both of us want as many kids as God will give us, and we've talked about adoption," Jill told ABC News. "My parents have kept popping them out so we'll see how [our] fertility is!"

    How did Jill come up with the questions? She told us that many of the ideas came from the books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl, both by Joshua Harris. She highly recommends those books to other young people.


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  • 04/20/14--22:51: GoT 404 Promo

  • Source.
    Hey mods, Idk what happened to my other post but it's gone. I'm re-submitting this.

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  • 04/21/14--04:56: Devious Maids 2x02 promo

  • source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtadwZFGDsk

    this show is the bomb

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    An interesting temporal phenomenon takes place while listening to Diploid Love, the first solo album from Distillers and Spinnerette frontwoman. The album feels like a time capsule buried in the backyard of the punk and grunge-drenched early '90s and only unearthed today.

    But precisely because it's a product of 2014, not 1994, the record gets retroactively imbued with a sort of "older and wiser" gravitas— that is to say, anything that sounds so solidly like music from the past must have some evolutionary advantage to have found a habitat decades later.

    Yet there is no evolutionary advantage at work, only evolution. This is Dalle's first solo album, and she was young enough in the early '90s that and Hole, her closest sonic relatives, would have been influences, not contemporaries.What she's grasped with Diploid Love is the universal motivator of rock music, the same one Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Corin Tucker and Kathleen Hanna tapped into 20 years ago: to interrupt the musical modus operandi of the day, to deconstruct it entirely, to reveal its superficiality by creating unavoidably un-superficial responses to it. In the last decade of the last century, space opened up — starting in Washington, D.C. basements and Olympia dorm rooms and Aberdeen garages in Washington state — for a new kind of voice. Androgynous, powerful, emotive, not conventionally pretty vocals attained massive mainstream cultural capital. Drawing on this '90s-influenced vocabulary, but incorporating contemporary patois (listen for an undeniably millennial horn breakdown on "Underworld"), Brody Dalle is cashing in.

    The earnestness created by Dalle's voice, inherent to Diploid Love, and to all good rock music, is what ultimately renders this record timeless. It's a throwback but doesn't cover old ground. Dalle's raw guitar work and distinctly Cobain-adjacent vocals are familiar but tell a unique story. The angst is honest ("Don't Mess With Me," which is a shoe-in for theme song to whatever the next generation's will be), the joy is honest ("I Don't Need Your Love") and the confidence Dalle exercises in releasing an album rife with sweeping tonal shifts is also honest. Gender-bending screaming gives way to contralto singing so quickly it borders on shocking, as do electric guitars making room for tambourines, violins, piano and even a recording of a gleeful toddler. What all of it has in common, both on this album and with the grunge albums it references, is that every song sounds exactly like the truth.

    you can listen to the album @ the source

    loving this album & its 90s grunge vibe
    fun fact: bb Nick Valensi plays guitar in 2 songs, Rat Race & Blood in Gutter

    other collabs in this album include Shirley Manson of Garbage, Michael Shuman of QotSA & Emily Kokal of Warpaint.

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    A heartbreaking family portrait is seen on Peaches Geldof's coffin, as her devastated friends and family paid tribute at the funeral service.

    The coffin was painted sky blue and decorated with a picture of the beloved mother-of-two alongside her husband, her two young children and their pet dogs.

    A hearse carrying Peaches' coffin, detailed with clouds and flowers, arrived into the Davington Priory estate just before 1pm.

    The touching portrait shows a smiling Peaches with her arms around sons Astala, 23 months, and Phaedra, 11 months.

    A growing crowd of local well-wishers lined the street leading up to the church to see the hearse arrive.

    Earlier, Kate Moss joined by husband Jamie Hince and former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman were dropped off outside the estate.

    Other guests among the mourners who attended to pay their respects included Nick Grimshaw, journalist Mariella Frostrup, Jools Holland and Jo Wood.

    There were bouquets and cards left by well-wishers outside the entrance to the property's driveway.

    Peaches' ashes are expected to be scattered in the estate's garden, where she played as a child, according to reports.

    Written in chalk on the church's wall, a message read "RIP Peaches".

    Dozens of locals also looked on as cars began to arrive outside the church, which is where the 25-year-old married musician Tom Cohen, the father of her children, in 2012.

    The funeral of television presenter Yates was held there after she died from an accidental heroin overdose in 2000, aged 41.

    The Geldof family have said the service will be held in private. Mystery still surrounds the sudden death of Peaches on April 7.


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    Producer stretches track from understated five-minute EDM experiment into eight-minute dance floor banger

    One of Coldplay's most unassuming tracks off their forthcoming record Ghost Stories is now its most danceable. Electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, who has collaborated with Donna Summer, Blondie and Daft Punk, has shined his disco ball on the pop-rockers' EDM-leaning, chill-out cut "Midnight," which the group debuted in February.

    While the original track bowed out after five minutes, Moroder has turned it into a lengthier, harder-hitting eight-minute affair with no time squandered. He adds a pounding bass-drum beat from the onset and then uses the synth filigrees toward the end of the track – the part of the song's video that goes from black and white to stop-motion color so (presumably) Chris Martin can wave his arms to the music – to build it into something that would have once backed Summer. Vocal "aahs" and soft pads of synths, alongside robotic chanting in French, make the track more Moroder than Martin for the final four minutes. Today, the Moroder version hits iTunes, where Coldplay fans can already download the track.

    The group's full Ghost Stories album comes out May 19th, and the band has been hard at work promoting the record. In March, they released the more upbeat and pop/rock-focused single "Magic," which they later followed with a magic-oriented video. In the clip, Martin plays both hero and villain, fighting for the affection of a female magician. That same month, the group played some Ghost Stories tunes live at the iTunes Festival at South by Southwest and later played the LP in full on a Los Angeles soundstage to an audience of 800. The group has two U.S. tour dates planned so far to support the record, including one in Los Angeles on the day it comes out.


    This is fabulous.

    Favourite rock -> dance remixes?

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    Game of Thrones director Alex Graves shocked fans last week with Joffrey's (Jack Gleeson) death. This week he tackled the aftermath of the Purple Wedding in an episode that contains one of the series' most disturbing scenes to date.
    As Cersei (Lena Headey) is mourning her son, Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) comes in to comfort her and pay his respects. Things get hot and heavy between the siblings/lovers, but when Cersei attempts to put a stop to it, Jaime rapes her. To add another layer to the already disturbing scene, their son's dead body is just inches away.
    "The whole thing for me was about dead Joffrey lying there, watching the whole thing," Graves tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I wanted to make sure I had Jack in there as much as I could. Of course Lena and Nikolaj laughed every time I would say 'You grab her by the hair, and Jack is right there,' or 'you come around this way and Jack is right there.' "

    Why was it key that Joffrey was in the scene?
    "He is their first born. He is their sin. He is their lust, and their love – their everything," says Graves. "If he's gone, what's going to happen?"
    Here, the director breaks down the rest of the episode – revealing which scene he thinks has "one of the best speeches in the series" and why its events are essential for the rest of the season.
    This feels like Tywin's episode. What was filming his scene with him and Tommen like?
    That was one of the greatest days I've ever had filming. To film Charles (Dance) kidnapping Lena's son with words for three minutes of monologue – and to have Lena keeping up with him at the highest bar of acting possible with no words at all – was a joy. It was directorial crack to do that scene. It was one of my favorite scenes I've ever shot. It's almost like a build from Ordinary People meets a Hitchcock movie, because you're sitting here going "this is so dysfunctional and bizarre." She's a wreck. Tywin is really going on about this historical stuff, and you slowly start to go "he's kidnapping her only boy," because she's not going to have him anymore. And then he succeeds, and then Jaime comes in and he rapes her. That was like – you read the scene and go "Wait, who's directing this?"

    That whole scene has to be one of the most taboo, disturbing things that has happened on the show.
    I'm never that excited about going to film forced sex. But the whole thing for me was about dead Joffrey lying there, watching the whole thing. (Showrunners) David (Benioff) and Dan (Weiss) loved that, and I was like, I wanted to make sure I had Jack in there as much as I could. Of course Lena and Nickola laughed every time I would say "You grab her by the hair, and Jack is right there," or "you come around this way and Jack is right there."
    Why was it so important to have Joffrey's body in the scene?
    He is their first born. He is their sin. He is their lust, and their love – their everything. If he's gone, what's going to happen? Jaime is still trying to believe as hard as he possibly can that he's in love with Cersei. He can't admit that he is traumatized by his family and he's been forced his whole life to be something he doesn't want to be. What he is -- but has to deny -- is he is actually the good knight, like Brienne.

    The Daenerys stuff was pretty crazy too. It calls back to the scene with the Unsullied you directed last year.
    That was when I was done prepping the Purple Wedding. I went home, and instead of sleeping I had to plan that. I always called Meereen my 8 p.m. – 2 a.m. part-time job. If you get into the marrow of that daily storyline it is always, always Emilia (Clarke). She is the most motivating, stimulating young actor of many I've worked with. She is utterly old-school professional. She carries around a ripped up, wrecked, ruined version of the book we're shooting, because she is one of the only people who reads the books. And behind all of that, every time you say action, you watch this performance occur that is Nirvana.
    What was she like shooting the episode's big Daenerys finale?
    You're in a rock quarry with like 500 smelly guys, and the crew is exhausted, and everybody is on edge, and Emilia comes on set and all of a sudden the whole crew is like (In a sing-songy voice): "Emilia! Good morning Emilia, how are you?" It brings out the best in everybody. It's like Audrey Hepburn has just walked on to the set. And nobody is more gracious than she is on the set. It's just great. She is a good example.

    Earlier on we had this very sad scene. There's a very cute family, where the father and son are talking, and then the dad is immediately shot with an arrow. What was the purpose of that?
    What it's saying is no one's safe who's up in the North. It's saying that you're not out of harm's way no matter how remote your village is, because the two warring forces there are now unavoidable and are headed for something big. What we're watching play out is the Wildling's strategy, which is they are doing such horrible things that Jon Snow will have to come down and fight them. And Jon has to resist them as long as they can.
    Arya and the Hound also meet an adorable family, whom the Hound robs, but justifies his robbery with this great speech.
    That's one of the best speeches in the series, and it's the times they live in. The Hound is saying "Arya. You're a lot like your father. Don't be too much like your father or you're going to end up dead."  And that's a very important turning point for her. It's really a question of who is she going to become? This girl who has seen her family murdered over and over again? What's going to happen to this traumatized kid and how is she taking it in?
    You also directed episodes eight and ten of this season. What can you tell us about what's next for Thrones?
    Episode three is in part an aftermath episode, where you settle and everything takes a turn toward the second half of the season, whether it's Castle Black, where the battle is coming and they realize they are going to have to do something. Episode three is actually a series of really beautifully written scenes, that smartly ends with Meereen, which is the beginning. You have all these beautiful scenes to play out, and then you get a big smashing end to the episode, which is like the opening sequence of a movie as the end. Three is really setting up the last three episodes of the season.

    The third episode of season four – Breaker of Chains - started exactly where the last left off, with Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) dumbly picking up the cup which apparently killed King Joffrey, as Cersei (Lena Headey) got stuck between cradling her dead child’s head and screaming for guards to arrest her brother for his murder. Meanwhile, Ser Dontos, the fat jester, was whisking Sansa (Sophie Turner) off to a rowing boat while Lannister guards closed the city.
    As the Telegraph has noted elsewhere, with this list of likely suspects and motives, not only does no one know who killed Joffrey, everyone has a motive. Fans of The Simpsons will be powerfully reminded of the episode Who Shot Mr Burns?
    At the moment, it seems, the only person we can reasonably rule out is Cersei, who for all her many and various faults very much loves her children. As Tyrion, by this stage sitting forlornly in a cell, told Pod (Daniel Portman), “Cersei is the only person I know who didn’t do it, which makes it unique as King’s Landing murders go.”
    The whole episode had a morning-after-the-night-before feel, shocked and raw and tender. But it had a few moments of its own. Notably, there was a stab at a “most shocking thing so far in the series”, which is getting ever harder to achieve, as Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) raped his twin sister, Cersei, next to the cold corpse of Joffrey, the offspring of their twincest. Mary Whitehouse, thou shouldst be living at this hour. The new, one-handed, shorter-haired Jaime, by the way, looks vaguely like a Nineties-vintage Bryan Adams.
    It wasn’t all in King’s Landing - we popped up north to see Sam struggling with the responsibility of his new sort-of family, and a bunch of wildlings slaughter a village; and we followed Arya’s increasingly strident but still fruitless efforts to tame the Hound. Oh, and we rowed out into the sea off King’s Landing where Sansa was taken to meet Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Aiden Gillen), who has for some reason upped both the Irishness and the creepiness of his accent, so that now he sounds like Colin Farrell doing a heavy-breathing phone call.
    But mainly it was in the capital, in the shocked aftermath. But not everyone is shocked. The marvellously lizardlike Tywin (Charles Dance) stole an early scene: with one grandson lying dead beside him, he calmly asked the other, Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman, a new casting), what the most important attribute is for a king. He dressed it up well, but in essence the answer Tywin wa
    nted was “doing what your grandfather tells you”. Tommen, meanwhile, who had what might well have been his first lines in the show, was also pretty calm about the whole thing, and generally seems far less of a crazy person than his older brother was. Which is a shame, really.




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    Two robots in white join the night three headliners for the song "Get Lucky." Also: Beck makes an appearance.

    Coachella 2014 has featured a slew of unannounced guests over its two-weekend bow, but perhaps the biggest surprise of all came on Sunday night as Arcade Fire performed its headlining slot.

    It was then that frontman Win Butler announced "some very special guests and we're just going to bring them up up front." Some in the crowd claim to have heard Butler say "Paft Dunk."

    Enter: what looked to be the two members of Daft Punk dressed all in white and wearing their trademark robot hats. They proceeded to perform a slowed-down, slinky version of "Get Lucky," their summer smash from last year. It is unclear, however, whether the two were in fact Daft Punk members Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo or if Arcade Fire were simply punking the Coachella audience.

    After all, during the band's weekend one set, Butler criticized the overabundance of EDM acts by dedicating a song "for all the bands at this festival playing real instruments." Perhaps he was pulling one over on the crowd.

    So far, neither reps for Daft Punk or Arcade Fire have confirmed if the appearance was legit.

    Towards the end of the set, Beck appeared to sing a cover of Prince's "Controversy" with the band. The artist wore the same pope costume that Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul donned the previous weekend.


    Mods, I know you hate tag requests, but could we get an Arcade Fire tag?

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    All dates, cities and venues below subject to change.

    Wednesday, Sept. 10 Boca Raton, FL Mizner Park Amphitheatre
    Friday, Sept. 12 Orlando, FL House of Blues
    Saturday, Sept. 13 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle
    Tuesday, Sept. 16 Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie (on sale now)
    Wednesday, Sept. 17 Houston, TX Bayou Music Center
    Friday, Sept. 19 Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre (on sale now)
    Monday, Sept. 22 Hollywood, CA Hollywood Palladium
    Tuesday, Sept. 23 San Jose, CA City National Civic
    Friday, Sept. 26 St Louis, MO The Pageant
    Tuesday, Sept. 30 Charlotte, NC The Fillmore Charlotte
    Thursday, Oct. 2 Montclair, NJ The Wellmont Theater
    Friday, Oct. 3 New York, NY JBL Live at Pier 97
    Saturday, Oct. 4 Wallingford, CT Toyota Oakdale Theatre (on sale now)
    Wednesday, Oct. 8 Upper Darby, PA Tower Theatre
    Thursday, Oct. 9 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore Silver Spring
    Saturday, Oct. 11 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy

    no Seattle date, bye.


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