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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    What game(s) are you playing right now, ONTD? I'm gonna start Final Fantasy VII for the first time before bed. I haven't played anything since Pokemon and that was like 3 months ago.

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    Easter miracle!

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    We always knew Selena Gomez had a heart of gold. And today she continued to prove it. This afternoon, Selena visited the Heart of Los Angeles, also known as HOLA, to spend some time with the kids involved in the organization.
    HOLA is an organization that provides youth that live in cities full of crime and poverty the chance to build a better foundation for their future. They offer programs in education, art and athletics, hoping to lead these kids down a better path. Selena was able to come spend some time interacting with the kids. She shared some photos on Instagram from her day, and thanked HOLA for allowing her to stop by.
    @selenagomez: @heartoflosangeles you do amazing things for the children of Los Angeles. Thank you for letting me stop by!
    @heartoflosangeles: Thanks @selenagomez for coming to visit today. Come back soon!

    Sources: 01. 02.

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    praying he's shirtless for these beach scenes!

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    Apparently, it’s hard to keep a good soldier (and movie!) down: Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought in an estimated $9.57 million for Disney/Marvel on Friday night, keeping it in the top spot for its third week in release. The movie — directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Chris Evans as the ever-likeable Steve Rogers — has been well-received by critics and audiences (it has an A Cinemascore) and is on pace to cross the magic $200 million mark this weekend.

    Another holdover from a previous weekend, Rio 2 — which sees those chatty blue macaws (voiced by Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg) leave the city for a trip to the Amazon — took in $9.2 million. The holiday weekend may help fluff this film’s feathers.

    In an ongoing trend of movies that the industry did not see coming, TriStar Pictures’ Heaven Is for Real — the faith-based drama based on the best-selling book by Pastor Todd Burpo and starring Greg Kinnear as a man whose son says he saw Heaven while unconscious during an operation — earned $7.85 million on Friday from 2,417 locations. Since debuting on Wednesday, it’s made $14.9 million and has an A CinemaScore. Seems very likely it will be following other recent faith-based hits such as God’s Not Dead and Son of God.

    Unfortunately, the opening weekend of Transcendence was much more of a downer. This techno-thriller has an awful lot going for it. There’s the stellar cast — Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, and Kate Mara — and the director, Wally Pfister, is Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer. But audiences didn’t turn out for this story about a scientist (Depp) who has spent a large chunk of his career working on a top-secret sentient computer (yeah, no, this never ends well) but who ends up getting shot and uploading his consciousness to the computer. Depp used to be a pretty sure thing at the box office — think Capt. Jack and Willy Wonka — but tepid reviews may have kept audiences away. Our own Chris Nashawaty gave Transcendence a grade of C; you can and should read his review here, including his description of Depp looking “like a Pinhead from the Hellraiser films crossed with a Radio Shack Chia Pet.”

    Rounding out the top five was A Haunted House 2, the Marlon Wayans-led sequel to — yes! — 2013′s A Haunted House, which earned $4.03 million on Friday. (EW’s Stephen Lee was not a fan, saying “The actual ghosts — and there are a lot of them — aren’t the real villains here. The real bad guy is Wayans, the star and writer, for assaulting us with witless, gratuitous visuals and pointlessly offensive gags.”)

    Here’s how the top five movies looked on Friday:
    1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – $9.57 million
    2. Rio 2 – $9.2 million
    3. Heaven is Real — $7.85 million
    4. Transcendence – $4.82
    5. A Haunted House 2– $4.03 million


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    Archer helps Lana with the delivery of her baby, while Krieger tries to prevent the delivery of a deadly weapon.


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    thoughts on tonight!?

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    Video won't embed. Go to source to watch it.

    We showed you the preview earlier this week, now watch the full version of Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond animated short, featuring Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle.

    DC's been rolling out all manner of awesome material this month in honor of Batman's 75th anniversary. Can't wait to see what the rest of April holds.


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    Miss America has suggested officials at a Pennsylvania high school reconsider their decision to suspend a student for approaching her at a school assembly and asking her to be his prom date, the beauty queen said on Saturday.

    The disciplinary action taken by school administrators in York against the 18-year-old senior made national headlines, and generated sympathy for the young man on social media.

    "I was flattered by the gesture, although I am unfortunately unable to attend due to my travel schedule," Davuluri said in a statement posted to the pageant's Facebook page. "I later learned of the disciplinary action taken and reached out to the school in hopes that they will reconsider their decision."

    A video of Central York High School senior Patrick Farves approaching 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri on Thursday at a school assembly was posted on a local newspaper's website.

    It shows Farves walking up to Davuluri bearing a plastic flower and ask her to his prom, as the crowd of students erupts in laughter and cheers.

    Administrators had heard rumors Farves was planning to make the bold gesture of approaching Davuluri and warned him not to do so, Farves said in a phone interview on Saturday.

    "By that time, my mind was already set," he said. "I was already in the zone."

    Farves was given a three-day in-school suspension, which requires him to sit in a classroom and work alone. He said he now feels bad his stunt overshadowed efforts by Davuluri - the first-ever Indian-American Miss America pageant winner - to promote diversity.

    "She was trying to get across a very strong message - about how it's not about your beliefs or the color of your skin, but who you are," he said.

    Farves, who said his mother is white and his father is black, also said he regretted his action because school officials worked hard to organize the event.

    While he has scores of new Twitter followers and Facebook friend requests, Farves said he remains without a date for his school's May 10 prom.

    School officials issued a statement on Central York High's Facebook page, defending the decision to suspend Farves.

    "It is not our practice to discipline a student for asking someone - even Miss America - to a school dance," the statement said. "However, it is our practice to set expectations for student behavior, to communicate those expectations and rules to students and families and to ensure those rules are followed within our schools."

    A school spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Davuluri's statement.

    Source, Youtube

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    Also, the queen is wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend...

    Source 123456

    ONTD, do you ever use an alias?

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    Actress/producer America Ferrera, director Ryan Piers Williams and actress Melonie Diaz attend the "X/Y" Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at BMCC Tribeca PAC on April 19, 2014 in New York City.

    America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams

    Dree Hemingway

    America Ferrera and Melonie Diaz

    Melonie Diaz


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    After Michael Egan came forward this week with details of sex abuse he was a victim of in the late 90s at the hands of X-Men director Bryan Singer, it was revealed that a documentary about this and other stories of the sordid Hollywood sex ring has been in the works for two years.

    Amy Berg, the documentarian responsible for Academy award-nominated film Deliver Us From Evil (a film about sex abuse in the Catholic church), has been working on a film regarding sex abuse in Hollywood since 2012.

    An unnamed source told The Daily Mail,

    "Just this week, I got a message from Disarming Films, a documentary film company working out of Los Angeles.

    They said they are making a documentary about a bunch of children molested by somebody in the film industry. I never contacted them back. They wanted videos and pictures of Michael and a few others he knew.

    The film company said they were working on numerous children, now adults, now coming forward about this."

    When Berg was reached for comment, she was reportedly surprised that Egan had come forward this week after filing a lawsuit against Singer. Egan is apparently working with the filmmaker on the documentary, but no release date has been announced.


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    If only learning a language was as easy as a small picture book#ineedcaffine

    First stop on my 10 day vacation? Shopping @caroletanenbaum#vintage#jewelry#iwanteverything!!!!

    Haha playing selfies with @maxvadukul and I raise you one #georgecondo

    Nothing says vacation like feeding peacocks #italy #villapassi #paradise

    #regram@riccardotisci17#miotesoro #famiglia

    Back to the grind #heathrow #travel

    Beautiful wall of artists #theatrelobby


    ONTD, what do you like to do during your vacation?

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    Justin Bieber’s jailbird father was once charged with assault for allegedly breaking an 18-year-old girl’s jaw after he smashed her in the face with a flying roundhouse kick, MailOnline can reveal today.

    Jeremy Bieber was taken to court, accused of the brutal attack on Alicia Wadden – who stood at just 5ft3in and weighed 100 pounds.

    Alicia says she was knocked unconscious by the kung fu style kick, which, according to her statement given to police, broke her jaw in two places, chipped her teeth and forced her to eat pureed food for two months.

    The mother-of-one claims she was so scared of Jeremy she did not want to press charges. She claims police in Stratford, Ontario, convinced her to give an official statement, seen by MailOnline.
    However, the day before the case was due to go to court, Alicia alleges Jeremy, now 39, turned up at her boyfriend’s work and handed him $1,000, telling him that she should not show up to testify.
    Alicia took the money and left town soon after, moving back in with her family in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

    Jeremy’s criminal past – including convictions for assault - is well known, but this brutal charge has never been revealed before.

    ‘I used to be a huge fan of Justin, I would always think how nice and polite he was, but his dad is a terrible influence on him. He thinks he can get away with anything he does, but I want him to know he can’t.’

    At the time Justin was a seven-year-old school boy living with his mother Pattie Mallette. Jeremy split from Pattie when Justin was ten-months-old.

    On the night of the alleged assault, Alicia was in a bar with some friends when they all decided to go back to her house for a party. She explained: ‘One of my friends asked if Jeremy and his buddy could come back with us.

    ‘I’d never met Jeremy, but I’d heard of his reputation as a fighter, so I was nervous about him coming back. I told my friend, "I don’t want any trouble", and he said, "don’t worry, Jeremy’s a great guy".’
    In her police statement, she went on: ‘We got to my place and we were all having a drink in the living room when Jeremy’s attitude totally changed. He was saying he was a legend in Stratford.’

    Alicia told MailOnline he was also boasting that he could beat up anyone in the party.

    The statement went on: ‘Later on, him and Chris were in the kitchen playing cards and I went out through the kitchen to go to the bathroom, when Jeremy told me to lift up my shirt.

    ‘I said don’t be disgusting…. Later at around 5am I went out to the kitchen and was hinting around that I was tired and wanted him to leave… Jeremy said: "Oh I’m leaving anyway, I don’t want to stay here drinking with you, loser Newfies (Newfoundlanders)".

    ‘I replied, "don’t be so mean" and then he said to Jamie (my roommate), "is that your girlfriend, because if it is, you better shut her up".

    ‘That made me really mad so I smacked him in the face’.

    Discussing the incident with MailOnline, Alicia said: ‘I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I just reacted. One of my rings caught his lip and he started bleeding. He went crazy and was spitting blood at me.’

    She told police in her official statement: ‘He was trying to walk toward me and Olivia had her hand on his chest, holding him back. I don’t know if he was going to hit me though.

    ‘Jamie took me in the living room and I heard a big bang, so I ran out to see what it was and my door was smashed in. I put on my sneakers and followed Jeremy outside to the cab and I was pointing at him telling him to never come back and that he was never welcome here again.

    ‘Then out of nowhere he kicked me in the face and I fell to the ground. I must have been knocked out because all I remember is waking up and not being able to close my mouth.’

    Alicia says the last thing she can remember is seeing Jeremy jump in the air and do a spinning round house kick. She saw his foot fly towards her jaw, but could not get out of the way in time.

    Alicia didn’t see Jeremy after that night but his reputation in Stratford, a city around 100 km west of Toronto and Justin Bieber’s birthplace, still affected her greatly.

    She said: ‘The day after it happened people started coming up to me and saying, "you shouldn’t go to the cops or press charges, Jeremy’s dangerous, you don’t need that trouble".

    ‘But when the police turned up at my work I realized enough was enough and agreed to give a statement. Even then I watered it down as I didn’t want Jeremy to get convicted.’

    When she finally gave the statement she was asked, "Why didn’t you want to speak with the police at the hospital?"

    Asked why, she said: ‘Because what happened – happened. I didn’t want to go to court, I just wanted to pretend it didn’t happen. It’s not worth the hassle.’

    And quizzed about whether she was afraid of Jeremy she replied: ‘If I was ever walking down the street and happened to run into him I would be scared (of) what he would do or say.’

    The day before the trial Alicia claims Jeremy came to her boyfriend’s work and gave him an envelope with $1,000 in it.

    She said: ‘If I’m honest I wasn’t going to go to court anyway because I was too scared, so the money was just a bonus.

    ‘I had heard from people that Jeremy was really worried. He had already been in trouble for violence before and he was apparently telling people if he was convinced he would go to prison.

    ‘He went to court the next day, but when I didn’t turn up the case was dismissed. Apparently the police were really angry.

    ‘I got out of Stratford soon after and moved back home.’

    ‘I know I should have pressed charges, but I was only 18. I was naïve and scared and just wanted to try to pretend it never happened. But now I am older I want him to know he can’t behave like that, no matter who he is.

    ’He needs to understand that his egotistical tough guy image isn’t helping him any. He’s basically paving the road for Justin to follow down.

    ‘Justin needs to realize that his dad isn’t the man he seems to think he is. He looks up to him and that is dangerous, because it seems he wants to behave like him to win his approval.’

    Justin and Jeremy’s relationship has come under intense scrutiny in recent months, with many accusing the convicted criminal – who has two younger children as well - of being a bad influence and a scrounger.

    Jeremy has apparently never held down a regular job, but he lives in an $850,000 ranch bought for him by his multi-millionaire son. He has also allegedly boasted that he is given a $50,000 a month allowance by his son.

    He has been present when the hit-maker has got into trouble.

    But his presence in Justin’s childhood is definitely a source of contention. He split from Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, just 10 months after she had given birth to the future global superstar following a troubled on off relationship.

    According to Pattie’s autobiography, The Only Way Is Up, the teenagers were actually engaged, but called off the wedding when Jeremy cheated on her with a mutual acquaintance.

    She also claims Jeremy was in the county jail for fighting the day Justin was born and that he often let his son down, regularly failing to turn up when he was due to take him out for the day.

    He was frequently in trouble with the police during his teens and 20s. There is no official recording of his stint in jail on the day of Justin’s birth – although records are expunged after a certain period of time in Canada.

    But he has got other offenses on his rap sheet. In 1997 he was convicted of assault and sentenced to 90 days in prison.

    Two years later he spent another 21 days in jail after violating his probation. He was also convicted of a second probation violation at the same time.

    Then in January 2004 he was charged with assault again, but the case was dismissed.

    A spokesman for Bieber declined to comment.

    full article w details is at the source

    From today: Drake Bell's tacky ass replied to a tweet from Justin to his father with a link to the article, and then deleted it

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    Sofia Vergara sees no problem with paying for sex.

    The actress stars in the new movie Fading Gigolo, which features a male escort played by John Turturro, and discussed the movie’s prostitution themes in a new interview.

    She explains, “Fortunately, I’ve never fell into that point of having to pay for sex, but I don’t wanna judge anyone and after seeing the movie, it’s true, some people are lonely and I think life is short and you should do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy and enjoy your life.”

    “And if you can afford it, why not?” asks Vergara.


    Would you pay for sex?

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  • 04/20/14--05:37: Michfest announces lineup
  • 2014Full_Poster (Copy)

    Often contentious, annual Womyn's festival Michfest will be held Aug 5 -10.

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    A former Disney actor is calling BS on allegations Bryan Singer once sexually assaulted an underage actor... telling us the "X-Men" director could have raped him plenty of times -- but never laid a hand on him.

    Matthew Smith -- a gay actor who starred in some "Wizards of Waverly Place" episodes -- says he met Singer in 2007 through a friend when he was 17 ... and they grew close over the next 2 years.

    Matt says he and Singer were alone several times -- even flying together on a private jet -- but Singer never tried to force himself on the actor.  Bryan even invited Smith's mom to tag along for dinner.

    As we previously reported, Singer is one of many who attends wild Hollywood parties with young gay males.

    Smith says he's sure Michael Egan -- the guy accusing Singer of sexually assaulting him at an L.A. party in '98 and Hawaii in '99 -- is only in it for the money adding, "he'll get murdered in court."

    Time will tell.

    Source -- http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/20/bryan-singer-disney-star-he-didnt-rape-me-michael-egan-matthew-smith/

    Yeah, because he didn't rape you, no one else got raped. Dumb cunt.

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    3 days to go until the single version & music video premiere + iTunes pre-order goes live!

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    Now that they’ve finished rehearals for the Where We Are tour and One Direction have more than one day off in a row, Harry Styles has of course jetted back over to LA like he’s just nipped to the corner shop, and yesterday he was spotted enjoying a nice, relaxing round of golf. Tally ho old sport.
    We’d bet our entire supply of biscuits that he doesn’t actually play any golf and just spends his day recreating the whole High School Musical 2 Bet On It routine, including the pirouettes and dramatic pond reflection bit.

    Fuelling rumours that we might see Harreh pop up at Coachella in a flower crown this weekend, a couple of fans managed to grab a photo with him as he played a few rounds in the Palm Desert area of LA, just a short drive from the festival.
    But rather than dancing round teeny weeny denim hot pants and some wellies, Harry was looking super duper suave in his golfing gear, otherwise known as OUR KRYPTONITE.
    The slouchy polo shirt, the baseball cap, the baggy trousers... Swoon. Pretty sure the only reason Harry plays golf is so that he has an excuse to wear loose fitting clothes for once rather than his painted on skinny jeans. Nice and breezy.

    THAT HAIR THOUGH. Good grief, it’s longer, more voluminous and more bodacious than all of ours put together. We might have to start calling him Rapunzel soon - either that or Simba.
    Ahhh Golf Harry is one of the best kinds of Harry, dont you agree? Let us know how lovely you think he is in the comments box below, and most importantly pop a vote below to let us know what you think of his FLOWING LOCKS.


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