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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    SOURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Who are you rooting for this year, ONTD?
    It's another year of #TeamSweden for me. FYR Macedonia is cute too.

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    - Confirms he attended the inauguration

    - On the video he says "You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. This is like ’30s Germany"

    - Also talks about taking his kid to a gay parade, online security

    - Article mentions there's a clandestine support group for conservatives in Hollywood with 2,500 people

    source 12

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    Child rapist Roman Polanski's offer to return to the United States to face rape charges so long as he would be guaranteed no jail time has been denied.

    Deadline report that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office stated, “He forfeited his right to make requests of the court when he fled.”

    Deputy D.A. Michele Hanisee states, “The defendant is, once again, trying to dictate the terms of his return without risk to himself… His proposed order indicating that this court can reinstate the bench warrant after 180 days if he does not appear, is proof that his return is conditioned on getting the answers he wants. Defendant wants answers – but will only show up if he likes the answers.”


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    Tilda's former partner, artist and writer John Byrne, revealed he's the child of an incestuous relationship between his mother and her dad.

    He says his dad gave him a 'wonderful mixture of genes' with his daughter, and claims that's what they do in Ireland, it's a traditional thing and no one talks about it.

    His mother died in the '80s. She suffered from a mental illness, and he believes it was related to the relationship.

    John and Tilda split in 2005 and have two children together.


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    I don't know the procedure on this but Drake's streaming his new album.


    source: 1
    I actually like the album oop

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    -Donnie Yen (known now to many internationally as Chirrut Îmwe from Star Wars: Rogue One) took to social media to announce that (YES!) Ip Man 4 is happening!
    -Wilson Yip will be returning as Director, and filming begins next year.

    -Donnie teaches everyone about traditional Hong Kong food culture by talking us through his breakfast - the noble Pineapple Bun.
    -Everyone loves the Pineapple Bun.

    -Crime drama Chasing the Dragon stars Donnie as 'Crippled Ho', a character based on real life notorious Hong Kong gangster Ng Sek-Ho.
    -Andy Lau co-stars as Lee Rock, based on real life police officer Lui Lok.

    Sources:Donnie Yen Twitter, 2, 3

    Are you hungry for Donnie's Pineapple Bun(s), ONTD?

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    Zayn talked to the Sunday Times Style about his upcoming second album, love, social media, his eating disorder and anxiety. It's also mentioned that his dad stayed at home looking after the kids while his mom worked as a chef. He says Gigi has met his family in London but she hasn't been in Bradford yet.

    On his eating disorder:"It wasn’t specifically an eating disorder. It was a control thing. Every area of my life was so regimented and controlled [the boys in 1D would sometimes have to go straight from playing a stadium to recording new material in the evening], it was the one area where I could say, ‘No, I’m not eating that.’ Once I got over the control, the eating just came back into place, super naturally. Not supernaturally! Just really naturally. I came back to the UK and spent some time with my mum and got some TLC, and she cooked me food and I got back in touch, mentally, with a lot of the things I’d lost."

    On his second album:"They always say the second album is difficult, but so far I’m really happy with this one. There are real signs of growth and development. Hopefully, as a human being, I’m growing too, in my knowledge and perception."

    On the Pillowtalk lyrics:"I don’t actually mean it’s a war zone. It’s a… metaphor for different things. Love hurts, love is hard. Maybe my experiences of love up to writing that album were new and hard."

    On coping with his anxiety thanks to his new team:"I now have no problem with anxiety. It was something I was dealing with in the band.

    [Did sharing his eating problem help?] Yes. People saw strength in that, and they didn’t seem to expect it from a guy, but they expect it from a female, which to me is crazy. We’re all human. People are often afraid to admit difficulties, but I don’t believe that there should be a struggle with anything that’s the truth."

    On the Versus Versace ad campaign shoot:"We shot it at the Chateau Marmont. It was just me, her and Adwoa. We got on a good vibe with it. There’s a dingy, rock’n’roll look to it."

    "She [Gigi Hadid] didn’t have any problems taking photos, there were no tantrums. She’s a really chilled person — she fell right into it."

    On social media:"I’m scrolling and scrolling and I’m, like, ‘I have to stop’, but I can’t, so I delete the app from my phone. And download it again the next day or whatever."

    📷 P H O T O S

    📷 O U T T A K E S

    s o u r c e: one / two / three / four
    do you have stay-at-home parents, ontd?

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    She talks about her new single, the "Company" video, writing for Fifth Harmony, teaches the Slumber Party choreography and more!

    Some questions she answered:

    - So tell me about this song "Flame". It worked with the producer Sir Nolan?
    Yeah, he did Jealous by Nick Jonas. He's done a lot of really great stuff.

    - You did this song a little while ago, so what made you decide for this to be a single now?
    It just felt right. Summer is coming and I just wanted to put out something that felt super anthemic and people could relate to it. Also, I think a lot of times in the past my music has been more lighthearted and I wanted to put out something that was a little bit more "emotional".

    - A lot of fans had said that this is a little more pop than they're used to. How would you describe that?
    I'd say it's been a evolution because I started making my own music in my bedroom, so when I was making that music and then when I grew to start working with other people, collaborating with other people, just growing as an artist, I already at this point when I was making my mixtapes, albums, projects, that was like 5 years ago, so I think I've changed a lot, I've grown a lot, I evolved, just as a person, as an artist, as a young woman in society.

    - A lot of people don't know that you wrote "That's My Girl" for Fifth Harmony. How did that come together?
    I was working with Stargate and I was writing a lot of pop songs and I ended up making so much music and you can't put everything out, and a lot of it goes into this blackhole which is really sad, but some of it gets heard by someone and they're like "wait, we wanna cut it!" and it's what happened with Fifth Harmony. They heard they song, they were really into them and I was like "I mean... it sounds good with them singing, let's give it a shot!". It's perfect for them.

    - So, Joyride is the album. What can you tell us about it?
    Well, definitely, it is the more energetic, pop, upbeat side of me. Nightride was the moody, R&B, like "let's drink some wine and light some candles" side of me. I'm excited to share the Joyride side of things. I think people in the past maybe think that I belong in this "box" but I've never seen myself fitting into that necessarily. I always felt "boxless", you know? (laughs) Just very versatile.

    - I feel like that is a benefit as a songwriter because you can put yourself in different positions.
    And a performer, also! Because you can have intimate moments, you can have "turn up with the crowd" moments, you can do full out choreography, but then you can still strip it down to a ballad. I like to have range as a performer and as an artist. I get bored listening to the same type of music all the time, so why would I want to make the same type of music all the time, you feel me?

    - So, you had a video for Company and it had some incredible choreography, and there's a really cool story about this. You shot this video with the choreographer Jojo Gomez. Can you tell us a bit of the background of how it came together?
    DIY approach! I started seeing clips on instagram, it was one of these situations like "everyone tag Tinashe in this video!!!" which sometimes is super annoying but I started watching the clips and I was like "wait, these are really good!" like dinamic, really fun, and then I just started doing a little bit more of a research and I found it was this girl named Jojo and she's really talented and I was like "You know, we should just ask her to choreograph a video!". I think it'd be super fun to do something along these lines of the videos that she was putting out which were just dance studio videos, in the studio, choreography only. I was like "you know, let's just get back to the dance, just focus on the dance, let's just do a dance video top to bottom".

    - I think what's so interesting about that is I've never heard of someone uploading fan videos on social media to an artist they love, choreography and then having that artist legit call them directly and say "I love your video, would choreograph my official music video?", so definitely kudos to you for doing that cause I feel like it's kind of the dream for a dancer/choreographer for that to happen.
    Yeah, but I feel like it's also the new way with the internet and stuff. I find a few people that I've collaborated with and worked with on creative levels for like visual designer, even styling, choreography, make-up... there's a lot of talent online that you can discover and you just hit em up! (laughs).

    Tinashe Partners with Pepsi, Talks 'Joyride'& Britney Spears

    Tinashe will release a new song called "Stop Lights" for a campaign with Pepsi.
    "I wrote the song in my room, I recorded the song in my room, so it's definitely a personal song to me. Hopefully it gives you that good vibe and that energy that we need to get through 2017 together! The studio version is very high energy, it's got tempo, it makes you wanna get on your feet and dance, and that's what I love about it for sure."

    Tinashe to sing "America The Beautiful" at Wrestlemania!

    source 1, 2, 3
    this was her best interview in a while, she actually tried to not let it be awkward omw

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 N Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $170,000,000 - 4,210 - $40,380 $170,000,000 $160 1
    2 1 Kong: Skull Island WB $28,850,000 -52.7% 3,846 - $7,501 $110,125,294 $185 2
    3 2 Logan Fox $17,500,000 -54.1% 3,687 -384 $4,746 $184,026,885 $97 3
    4 3 Get Out Uni. $13,249,475 -36.1% 2,979 -164 $4,448 $133,117,620 $4.5 4
    5 4 The Shack LG/S $6,130,000 -38.7% 2,825 -63 $2,170 $42,614,630 - 3
    6 5 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $4,700,000 -38.3% 2,735 -568 $1,718 $167,423,352 $80 6
    7 N The Belko Experiment BH Tilt $4,051,000 - 1,341 - $3,021 $4,051,000 $5 1
    8 7 Hidden Figures Fox $1,500,000 -45.7% 1,162 -259 $1,291 $165,559,069 $25 13
    9 8 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $1,200,000 -55.1% 1,065 -966 $1,127 $89,790,804 - 6
    10 6 Before I Fall ORF $1,034,425 -65.5% 1,551 -795 $667 $11,295,102 - 3
    11 11 Lion Wein. $784,000 -40.8% 621 -339 $1,262 $50,050,614 - 17
    12 9 La La Land LG/S $530,000 -70.1% 585 -993 $906 $149,764,184 $30 15
    13 14 Split Uni. $511,740 -59.2% 604 -377 $847 $136,870,965 $9 9
    14 25 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $503,000 +139.9% 179 +13 $2,810 $530,748,532 $200 14
    15 15 A Dog's Purpose Uni. $487,825 -55.5% 594 -428 $821 $62,942,855 $22 8
    16 45 The Sense of an Ending CBS $475,000 +1,096.7% 282 +278 $1,684 $527,598 - 2
    17 10 Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $466,590 -71.8% 607 -891 $769 $114,043,075 $55 6
    18 12 Fist Fight WB (NL) $460,000 -64.7% 533 -752 $863 $31,537,748 - 5
    19 18 Badrinath Ki Dulhania FIP $420,000 -51.3% 156 +4 $2,692 $1,586,509 - 2
    20 22 Moana BV $359,000 -16.6% 264 -12 $1,360 $248,060,698 - 17
    21 20 A United Kingdom FoxS $320,000 -39.8% 257 -60 $1,245 $3,178,253 - 6
    22 21 Sing Uni. $309,390 -30.2% 278 -122 $1,113 $269,347,740 $75 13
    23 13 The Great Wall Uni. $300,295 -76.3% 439 -1,153 $684 $44,757,935 $150 5
    24 23 Kedi Osci. $275,000 -13.3% 120 +6 $2,292 $1,408,450 - 6
    25 17 Moonlight (2016) A24 $270,740 -70.0% 280 -707 $967 $27,523,213 - 22
    26 16 Rock Dog LG/S $242,000 -76.5% 444 -932 $545 $9,083,353 - 4
    27 34 The Last Word BST $191,294 +133.7% 94 +69 $2,035 $345,588 - 3
    28 N T2: Trainspotting TriS $180,000 - 5 - $36,000 $180,000 $18 1
    29 35 Personal Shopper IFC $158,515 +100.2% 35 +31 $4,529 $269,920 - 2
    30 19 Table 19 FoxS $130,000 -84.5% 202 -666 $644 $3,505,156 - 3
    31 27 The Salesman Cohen $105,593 -37.2% 72 -33 $1,467 $2,216,318 - 8
    32 29 Fences Par. $65,000 -58.1% 94 -95 $691 $57,535,712 $24 14
    33 44 Rings Par. $60,000 +45.8% 116 +40 $517 $27,764,688 $25 7
    34 N Song to Song BG $53,945 - 4 - $13,486 $53,945 - 1
    35 40 The Founder Wein. $46,000 -6.6% 102 +45 $451 $12,650,304 - 9
    36 38 Land of Mine SPC $41,814 -24.1% 38 -2 $1,100 $245,755 - 14
    37 37 Paterson BST $41,357 -35.5% 39 -12 $1,060 $1,974,211 - 12
    38 39 My Life as a Zucchini GK $27,234 -50.3% 38 -14 $717 $219,625 - 4
    39 36 Manchester by the Sea RAtt. $24,300 -63.9% 47 -66 $517 $47,617,139 - 18
    40 48 Neruda Orch. $22,741 -23.2% 20 -8 $1,137 $837,647 - 14
    41 N Frantz MBox $18,500 - 2 - $9,250 $34,723 - 1
    42 46 Toni Erdmann SPC $18,369 -52.2% 21 -24 $875 $1,390,172 - 13
    43 42 Bitter Harvest RAtt. $17,870 -59.0% 21 -11 $851 $545,483 - 4
    44 47 The Red Turtle SPC $13,472 -55.3% 22 -20 $612 $787,712 - 9
    45 64 Donald Cried Orch. $12,926 +165.7% 17 +13 $760 $31,536 - 3
    46 50 Everybody Loves Somebody PNT $12,900 -55.5% 35 +2 $369 $1,902,622 - 5
    47 58 Tim Timmerman, Hope of America Purd. $2,871 -77.5% 7 -5 $410 $84,093 - 3
    48 69 Chapter & Verse Pala. $2,277 -26.4% 1 - $2,277 $84,147 - 7
    TOTAL (48 MOVIES): $256,176,458 +56.5% 32,676 -6,483 $7,840
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    Selena was asked about dating The Weeknd in her latest interview;
    “Look, I love what I do, and I’m aware of how lucky I am, but – how can I say this without sounding weird? I just really can’t wait for people to forget about me.”

    Selena says that everything she has said about her relationships in the past has come back to bite her, and that she will never do it again.


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    Text: Eight black models speak about their experiences in the industry, the microaggressions they've experienced, the ways in which they have been made to feel less-than. Each model speak specifically to that body part or feature that once made them feel insecure but is now their biggest motivator.

    Khoudia Diop, 19

    I grew up in Senegal, where more than 50 percent of the women bleach their skin, and skin bleaching is a huge deal. I grew up seeing my cousins and my aunts using it. My cousin pressured me and they wanted me to use skin bleaching products but my sister said you're not using it because a lot of them experience the damages [from it].
    I wanted to use it at a point, not going to lie, and I felt really ashamed of being dark, but my sister would always show me pictures of dark skin models, there weren't a lot, but she would show me pictures of dark skin models and say "this is not a bad thing and your skin is not a thing you have to change. It's unique and beautiful and you have to learn to know things you like about yourself and celebrate them.

    Mominatu Boog, 21

    I am very dark but I am very soft and feminine and I don't really feel like there is a lot of that in the dark skin market. Stop trying to make us out to seem like we are these animals.
    I feel like in the industry when it comes to dark skinned women they always make us out to be these aggressors and these angry people when we're not. I don't have to shave my head to be a model. I don't have to look like I am going to bark at you to be a model. I like flowers. I like perfume. I like sweet stuff.

    Kamie Crawford, 24

    I once had a job where the client was so nice, the shoot was long and the rate wasn't amazing, but I wanted to do it regardless. I got there and the hairstylist was Australian. She went in to do my hair and she kept referring to my hair as an afro and my hair was straight this day. She was like "OMG this afro!" and I was like, what the hell are you talking about and she kept referring to my edges as afro bits. In a negative way.
    [She said] "Omg your afro bits I just can't get them." It was taking so long to do my hair, the client asked what's going on, we are not on schedule, and she said her afro bits are too difficult for me to do them, I am trying to get them straight. Basically she was blaming it on me and making it seem like my hair and I were the problem but it wasn't me. My hair was straight but she just didn't know how to do it. Of course, it's offensive but I can't cuss her out and do my job at the same time. These microaggressions add up being a woman of color and others models who aren't of women of color don't have to face it.

    Diandra Forrest, 27

    People are curious about why I look the way I do. I have very full lips and I remember going to Paris and every casting director that I met was like "did you get your lips done?" And I am like what why did everyone think I got my lips done? Well, they didn't know I am black girl. I have a strong nose and I remember people suggesting that if I were to get my nose done I would get more work and I was just baffled.
    I love my nose and I don't want to lose that part of me. To each its own, if you want to change the way you look to fit into society more or if it's something you want to do to make yourself feel better then fine but I don't think you should suggest to people what they should do because you don't completely agree with their look. There shouldn't just be one standard type of model. Beauty is diverse.

    The rest at the source #1

    sources : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

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    discussion post !

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    29 year old Mohammed Jaffar showed up to her nyc penthouse several times this past few months, he was finally arrested for stalking and burglary

    Source : https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/840008298002694144

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    I made this post just so I could talk to SOMEONE about that reveal at the end. Also anyone know the songs being played in the episode?

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  • 03/19/17--13:25: The Good Fight 1x07 Promo

  • Mike Kresteva takes his case against Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad to a grand jury, but the firm devises a grand jury strategy of their own to hamper Kresteva's efforts. Colin finds himself in an awkward position in court. Carrie Preston, Matthew Perry and Aaron Tveit guest star on an all new episode of The Good Fight streaming Sunday, March 26th exclusively on CBS All Access.


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    Josh Gad, a musical theater actor, was asked about marriage equality at the Sydney premiere of Beauty and the Beast and said, "I'm going to stay out of that one. I don't need that controversy." Marriage equality does not exist in Australia, and last year they rejected a bill that would put it to a public vote.

    He has openly supported marriage equality in the past, so it's unclear why he would refuse to vocally support it now.


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    - this happened a month ago

    - she ate a pot brownie earlier the day and got so sick and paranoid later that she had to go to a hospital after passing out

    pap pics at the source

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    Kate Upton and her fiance, Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander, hosted their 3rd Annual Grand Slam Adoption event at a Tigers pre-season game in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday.

    The pair, who each have a rescue dog of their own, aim to bring awareness to the importance of adopting from shelters. 23 dogs were adopted out to their forever homes at the event.


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    The director, Niki Caro has confirmed that the movie will not have any songs as of now. Instead, it will be a "girly martial arts extravaganza."

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    - Struggled with her sexuality and balancing it with religion, even tried to 'pray the gay away' in Jesus camps growing up. Talks about growing up in a super religious family where homosexuality was considered an abomination, and how she got out of that bubble.

    - Says on the video that "I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite size pop songs. For instance, 'I kissed a girl and I liked it.' Truth be told, I did more than that"


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