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    The official plot synopsis for Fast And Furious 6 has been released.

    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez have all reprised their roles from previous films in the series, while British actor Luke Evans has joined the cast for their latest adventure. Filming began in London last July (2012) and other locations used included Liverpool, Los Angeles, Scotland and the Canary Islands.

    Explaining the set-up of the new movie, Universal Pictures' synopsis begins: "Since Dom (Diesel) and Brian's (Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpin's empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe. But their inability to return home and living forever on the lam have left their lives incomplete."

    The synopsis continues: "Meanwhile, Hobbs (Johnson) has been tracking an organisation of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind (Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal outfit is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks Dom to assemble his elite team in London. Payment? Full pardons for all of them so they can return home and make their families whole again."

    The first trailer is set to premiere during the Super Bowl this Sunday (February 3). Fast And Furious 6, whose official title has yet to be confirmed, will open in cinemas on May 24. The five previous F&F movies came out between 2001 and 2011 and collectively grossed over $1.5 billion (£950 million) worldwide.

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  • 02/02/13--19:28: Revenge 2x13 extended promo
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  • 02/02/13--19:50: This Is a Rooney Mara Post

  • At the Side Effects Premiere

    Out and About in NYC

    At a screening for Side Effects

    Plus new clips from Side Effects

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    One Direction's Zayn Malik cheated on Little Mix girlfriend with £500-an-hour stripper THE Aussie blonde, who broke her silence last week to claim she bedded the heart-throb, is a stripper and not a waitress as she claimed during her account of the story. THE blonde who kept One Direction star Zayn Malik Up All Night is a £500-an-hour stripper, we can reveal. Courtney Webb, 21 – who last week told how she bedded 20-year-old Zayn – spent five months at London’s Platinum Lace performing erotic dances for customers, including fully-nude private sessions. The Aussie enraged millions of One Direction fans after revealing all about the night she spent with the boyband star, whose girlfriend is Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. She also took a picture of him snoozing in bed.

    During her account, in which she said she was a waitress, Courtney told how she had been clubbing with friends and was invited back to Zayn’s £2.2million home in north London – which he shares with Perrie, 19. According to friends, this isn’t the first time she’s gone after someone famous like Zayn. One said: “Whenever someone famous comes into the club, she’ll always head for them. She’s always on the prowl. Outside of work, she doesn’t hide what she does. I think she’s quite proud of herself.

    “I feel sorry for Zayn.(i feel sorry for Perrie...) She would have known who he was. If she didn’t know he was a celebrity, why did she take a picture?” Pictures of a scantily clad Courtney dressed in white lingerie and described as a PL Girl appear on Platinum Lace’s official Facebook page. When we asked if anyone at the club knew Courtney, one dancer said: “Yeah, Aussie girl – looks a bit weird. I heard she was in the paper for bedding that 1D bloke.”

    The girls get half of what they make each night – up to £3000. Men would pay up to £500 an hour for a nude private session with Courtney in a VIP room. Courtney has received death threats since her revelation. Her number was apparently put on Twitter by Leon Anderson, the friend said to have invited her back to Zayn’s. The post, which was later deleted, led to a barrage of abusive calls. A spokesman for Zayn last night declined to comment, while a source close to Courtney said: “She worked as a dancer at the club from July to November and now has a part-time job as a waitress”.


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    Talking to reporters in advance of Saturday night’s UFC 156 in Las Vegas, White responded to Ortiz remarking Rousey “hasn’t proved anything yet”.

    “What the fuck are you talking about Tito?” White said. “She blows you out of the water when it comes to accomplishing things at the same point in your age and career. She smokes you. She buries you. She’s in another universe.”

    “Tito was a junior college wrestler,” White said. “Ronda is an Olympic-level athlete who won a fucking medal at the Olympics. Ronda’s first nine fights have gone nine minutes and 28 seconds. Tito Ortiz’s first nine fights went 40 minutes and 45 seconds.”

    Ortiz is the manager for Cris “Cyborg” Santos, the logical next challenger for Rousey’s title if Rousey beats Liz Carmouche in the first-ever women’s match in UFC history Feb. 23. Ortiz has supported that claim and took some small shots at Rousey last week on The MMA Hour.

    “I think she is believing the hype a little too much and she hasn't proved anything yet,” Ortiz said. “I think Ronda's an awesome fighter. I have nothing against the woman at all. I think she is great for the sport.”

    “I get it -- he’s a manager now and he’s got to get out there and say some goofy shit,” White said. “But c’mon. Do your homework, Tito.”

    MMA Weekly

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  • 02/02/13--20:13: It's a Mila interview!
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    SHE has the Hollywood life and the high-profile romance, but Mila Kunis knows how to separate the facts from the fiction and fame.

    Mila Kunis is one busy lady. She has a thousand and one things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them. Not that you'd know it. Sipping a large latte in a cosy room at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, in Bel Air, she looks relaxed in a distinctly un-starry outfit of jeans and a cream, knitted sweater. To pass time on long flights, she tells me, she used to knit and crochet. So did she make this particular garment? Her husky laugh booms around the room. "No! I wish. I haven't knitted in ages. But maybe I'll take it up again. Soon you'll be seeing me in something I made, I promise."

    Her laughter is infectious and a little wild, much like her rise to fame. Since starring in Black Swan three years ago, she's gone from being known as 'the girl in that goofy sitcom' (That '70s Show) and the voice of Meg Griffin in Seth MacFarlane's animated series Family Guy to a full-blown red-carpet regular.

    123Sorry Mods I left out a source so I'm resubmitting it. The pics are from a 2009 photoshoot with Andrew Southam, my apologies if I suck at bolding parts of the article.

    As if that wasn't enough, she's been a 'hot couple' tabloid target ever since she started dating Ashton Kutcher last year, in the wake of his separation from Demi Moore. Barely a day goes by without a celebrity gossip site circulating new rumours about Kunis and Kutcher 'taking the next step in their relationship', usually accompanied by photos of them eating lunch or walking Mila's dogs.

    The same was true when they visited Australia last year. But even though the world and his wife knows they're together, any discussion of that trip - and particularly her famous boyfriend - is conducted using some kind of cryptic code. She must be used to such a level of interest after dating Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin for eight years, but as we chat, the word "we" is often hastily replaced with "I", and the paparazzi become "that whole problem".

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Media frenzy aside, the 29-year-old star reveals she fell in love with this country. "Sydney - if you can get rid of that whole problem - is spectacular to me," she says. "The feel, the people, the weird Victorian architecture within the city to what feels like the Amalfi coast outside it - it's all beautiful. We... I walked around the city for hours. I think I did 10 or 20 miles a day; I went everywhere. I loved it all. Aside from those testing problems... I'm definitely going back one day.

    "I loved it until the second it was taken away from me. And then I was like, 'F**k you!' Up to that point, the fact you can walk through little neighbourhoods I call 'Baby Venice Beaches', that are like awesome hipster towns, was amazing. I loved how self-contained all these different areas are with butchers, hairdressers, bars and restaurants, and that you can have a long walk on the beach, then take an art walk into the city. It's beautiful."

    Kunis and Kutcher were spotted out and about at several of the city's eateries, of which she recalls particularly enjoying Matt Moran's Chiswick restaurant and bar. "They had this vegetable garden... you couldn't find any fresher. Why don't they do this in Los Angeles? It was one of my favourite restaurants; everything was delicious and great. But I'm a huge foodie. I cook every day."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    It's hard to believe the Ukraine-born actor has the time to rustle up dinner. She currently has six projects either in pre- or post-production, and is about to be seen in Oz: The Great and Powerful, which is directed by Spider-Man's Sam Raimi. Fans of The Wizard of Oz will no doubt love this fantastical 3D telling of L Frank Baum's much-loved novel, which was the prequel to the 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

    Kunis plays Theodora, the youngest witch. She appears alongside her close friend James Franco, who plays the circus magician Oscar Diggs, Michelle Williams, who plays Glinda the Good Witch, and Rachel Weisz as Evanora, the wicked witch who rules The Emerald City. Zach Braff, of the TV show Scrubs, voices a CGI winged monkey called Finley.

    "Theodora's the teenager of the group and very naïve; she'll throw a tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. She's learning to deal with her emotions and, ultimately, she gets her heart broken," explains Kunis. "It's based on the original book, the one written before The Wizard of Oz, and it's so interesting because it explains where the characters came from and how they ended up in Oz."

    Most people have long known and loved the movie classic, and Kunis is no different. "Everyone loves it, so no pressure!" she says with a laugh. "I have wonderful memories of the original. I remember watching it as a kid. It was so visually stunning and breathtaking. And, prior to that, it was the first full-length book I ever read in English - I came to America when I was seven-and-a-half, and it was my first big-girl book."

    The busy star's work ethic might have something to do with her roots. In 1991, her parents, Mark and Elvira, decided to leave the Ukraine for the US in search of a better life for their family (Kunis has an older brother, Michael). After joining an after-school drama class to make friends and help improve her English, the young Kunis discovered a love of acting - and she hasn't stopped working since she was nine.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    For years, she begged her parents to give up work, her dad as an engineer, her mum as a teacher. "They're the most driven, hardworking human beings I've met in my life, and they've only just retired, like a year ago," she explains. "That's definitely where I get my work ethic from. I think it's an Eastern European thing."

    But having acted since the age of nine, doesn't she ever feel the need to take stock and maybe slow down a bit? "Yes, you're right. I'm stopping. Where are we now, 2013? I'm stopping in 2014. I'm going to take a little break." She stops to weigh up what she's said. "Don't get the wrong idea; I'm actually OK, I just need to learn time-management skills. But, you know, I don't want to turn down the good jobs. It's OK to say you don't want to work, but then a good script comes in and you think to yourself, I can't pass this up."

    And she doesn't. Upcoming projects include Blood Ties with Marion Cotillard, the animation Hell & Back, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn with Robin Williams, and The Third Person with Liam Neeson. It's a dizzying whirlwind, and Kunis admits she has to work harder now at separating her personal and professional lives.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    "I do take a conscious effort to step back and acknowledge where I'm at, and at least appreciate it," she explains. "I often think to myself, this is great for what it is, but now it's time to move on. You have to be present and stay in the moment or you get completely caught up, and miss so many things. I've been doing this for 20 years - I know, crazy - but it's my career, and while I love what I do, it's showbiz. It's grand and it's wonderful, but it's not real life. Even though people think it is real life."

    Between looking after her dogs, Shorty and Audrey, and staying in ("I just love being at home"), Kunis works hard to retain some kind of normality. Having had her looks scrutinised on a daily basis since her role as an ambitious ballerina in Black Swan saw her drop nine kilos, she insists she does everything in moderation and hates the way women in Hollywood are put under so much pressure to stay skinny.

    "You know, I stay fit, but I dieted for Black Swan. I think it's OK to do that for the part, but not just for being an actor," she explains. "Actors [in Hollywood] starve themselves to play the normal girl - which, for me, is an issue. If someone's playing a sick person then it's OK for them to diet for the part. But to diet just to play the love interest or the girl next door, that's absolutely not OK. You shouldn't starve yourself; you should be able to live your life."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Of course, it helps to stay fit when you have to turn up on set and pretend to fly - a skill she had to pick up for her role in Oz: The Great and Powerful. "You can't be out of shape," she admits, recalling her high-wire antics onset. "You have to learn to stabilise yourself on wires, or in the flying bubble or whatever, so you don't look like you're on wires. You need strength. And you shouldn't do it if you're scared of heights."

    The star also had no problem acting against a green screen with a CGI monkey, thanks to coming straight off the set of Ted - in which she co-stars with Mark Wahlberg and a foul-mouthed CGI teddy bear voiced by MacFarlane.
    "Zach Braff, who plays the monkey, would show up, act everything out in a blue suit and walk away, then James and I would act against nothing. But I did this movie after Ted, so I was used to doing scenes with a character who didn't exist," she says. "We were lucky because the sets for Oz were tangible, so we had those worlds."

    In all, this year looks set to be another crazy one for Kunis - and only time will tell if she manages to take that year off. Not that it seems to bother her. "I stay sane," she says with a laugh. "And you know what, you can only have control over so many things. But spending more time at home? Well, that would be lovely."

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    After making a name for herself with breakout roles in Kick-Ass, Hugo, and Dark Shadows, teen megastar Chloë Grace Moretz has a big year ahead that includes this summer's Kick-Ass 2 and the Halloween thriller Carrie.

    Chloë Grace Moretz and I have arranged to meet next to the famous gilded Prometheus statue in New York City's Rockefeller Center, which, in full midweek swing, is a bustling hive of camera-toting tourists, shoppers, and harried businessmen and -women. Perhaps, in hindsight, not the best place to ask an internationally celebrated actress to meet me. I begin fretting: Is there a chance I'll miss her? Worse yet, is there a chance that everyone in the crowd won't miss her and I'll lose her to a swarm of fans?

    My answer comes swiftly enough, though, as Chloë strides toward me. Expertly weaving through the crowd in movie-star-mandatory oversize black sunglasses, she crushes me in a bear hug. (Note: We've never met.) We decide to spend the afternoon taking in New York from a bird'seye view at the observation deck of Rockefeller Center. The elevator that takes us to the Top of the Rock catapults (there's no other way to put it, really) passengers up 67 flights in less than a minute, a dizzying—but steady—climb as rapid as Chloë's ascent to the top tier of Hollywood. The Georgia native made her big-screen debut at age six in The Amityville Horror and has worked with the biggest stars in Hollywood, opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer, Jude Law in Martin Scorsese's Hugo, Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, and Alec Baldwin in a recurring role on 30 Rock (which she'd just finished shooting, hence the convenient— albeit absurdly busy—meeting spot).

    And, of course, one can't forget her turn as foul-mouthed gunslinger Mindy Macready in Kick-Ass. She was only eleven when she filmed it—and now, at fifteen (Teen Vogue and Aéropostale will be hosting her upcoming sweet sixteen bash in NYC), returns to headline the franchise's sequel, Kick-Ass 2, which finished filming in London (also the location for her photo shoot with Teen Vogue). "I look back at that movie," says Chloë, "and I think, Wow, I see why it's so inappropriate." She laughs. "You know, I could be in high school right now, like any other normal fifteen-year-old girl. I'm proud to say that I made a different life for myself. I'm a businesswoman." As we step onto the Top of the Rock observation deck, though, she transforms from a teen superstar to just another tourist. "Oh my God, I have to Instagram this," she says, iPhone pointing toward Central Park, all of New York City at her feet. Chloë adds, "Los Angeles is fun and I've lived there for ten years, but there's something about New York. I'm pretty much New York in every way."

    In addition to the upcoming summer blockbuster Kick-Ass 2, Chloë's tackling a cinematic classic as the leading lady in the latest remake of Carrie, out this fall. "Carrie is the epitome of a girl who's been broken down by others," she explains. Nabbing the title role in the horror flick, based on the novel by Stephen King, was not seamless, according to Chloë. "When I was auditioning for Carrie, I was told, 'Well, look, you're too young, you're too pretty, you're too accomplished.' " After reading the book three times and doing extensive research on the part, she was determined to prove them wrong. "I love showing people I can do something that they might think I will never be able to do. Playing someone who's happy-go-lucky and has a good life and a nice family—it's boring for me," she says. "Because that's my life. I have a good family. My mom loves me. I like being challenged, playing characters that are a little messed up."

    Fashion has afforded her a similar opportunity to switch up her perspective. She's made best-dressed lists, wowed on the red carpet in Miu Miu, and was named last year's Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future. On a day-to-day basis, Chloë prefers a low-key style. "Cashmere sweaters, jeans, nothing crazy. I want to be comfortable," she says. Indeed, as we stroll the observation deck, the actress sports a casual-chic look: a perfectly distressed moto jacket, a slouchy graphic-print T-shirt, a black skirt, and biker boots.

    When it comes to the red carpet, though, Chloë likes to turn up the drama just a touch. "Oh, McQueen. I love McQueen so much," she says. "Jonathan Saunders, Miu Miu, Prada, and definitely Kenzo—I love what they're doing lately." But she's quick to point out designer looks are the exception, not the norm. "My work [as a brand ambassador] with Aéropostale has been so fun for that reason—I love that a girl could see a paparazzi picture of me going to a movie and buy what I'm wearing," she says. "I'm not running around in Givenchy or Louis Vuitton. My mom doesn't let me buy expensive brands."

    Another typical teen issue she's facing? "I don't know when I'm going to learn how to drive," she says with a little sigh. "It would be nice to turn sixteen and be able to drive. I want to be more independent." But with a schedule that involves flying between London and New York for shoots and then back to Los Angeles, all in the span of a week, it's been hard for Chloë to find time to learn. "My mom has to be my chauffeur—but she barely has time for that, because she's a nurse," says Chloë. "She's sick of driving me." One of Chloë's four brothers, Trevor (who frequently travels with her), is her acting coach. "Growing up with older brothers, you're picked on, made fun of. But they are my protectors—I always have bodyguards, basically," she says. "If a guy wants to drive me somewhere, it's this whole thing: 'What's his name?' 'Have I met him?' Or just 'You're not going to be in a car with that guy!' "

    Not that Chloë has a second to think about boys—not in the slightest. Her exhaustive list of priorities includes work ("I would love to direct or produce"), friends ("It took me a while to find a group of friends that I feel completely safe with. I would rather have five close friends than a hundred casual ones"), charity work ("Kidney cancer is a cause close to my heart—my mom is a survivor of the disease, and a lot of people don't hear about kidney cancer"), and—let's not forget she's fifteen—school ("I travel with a suitcase of books. It weighs a million pounds!"). Despite her superpacked life, education is still a priority for Chloë, who's home-schooled. "It's really important to me," she says. "I want to be able to say, 'I'm not just an actress.' I need to be able to say, 'I can quit this business and go live my own life and be whoever I want to be.' Going to college will help prevent me from being restrained or put into a box." Columbia University is her dream, she reluctantly admits, but she's trying not to worry too much about it. "A lot of my friends are juniors, but they're already like, 'What am I going to do—am I going to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant?' " she says. "I'm the one who has to say to them, 'Just calm down and breathe.' " It would be all too easy, she explains, for her to fall down the rabbit hole of stress as well—which, in her case, is on a slightly different scale than most teens. "I could ask myself, What movie am I going to do next? Am I going to get a campaign? Am I going to be a nobody? Am I going to disappear in a couple years? ... No." Her clear blue-green eyes on the New York City skyline, which is now dipping into dusk, she continues: "I've been told a hundred times that I would fail. I've learned not to listen too much to others. My philosophy is if something makes you happy, do it. If it doesn't make you happy, stop. You have to be spontaneous. Don't play the best friend in the film version of your life. Be the leading lady."

    Source 1 - 2\

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    In Downton Abbey she has won over a new legion of fans as the pushy matriarch Martha Levinson, but another side of Shirley MacLaine has emerged in a new book.

    Her daughter Sachi Parker says  thatduring a bizarre episode in the 1970s, Shirley was all for her losing her virginity.

    In a shocking memoir released this weekend in America, Lucky Me: My Life With – And Without – My Mom, Sachi says that the 78-year-old actress took little interest in her life until she was 17.

    Then, she and her boyfriend, Brad, were invited to the star’s California beachfront flat where she claims  she met Shirley’s sex therapist friends, Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen.

    Sachi says Phyllis told her mother: ‘It would be a fabulous opportunity for Sachi, to have her first introduction to sex with all of us here as a support group. We could talk about it afterwards and validate her feelings.’

    As Sachi flushed with embarrassment, she says her mother declared:  ‘I think it’s a wonderful idea. We’re all here to help you, sweetheart.’

    Now 56, Sachi says that helpless to oppose the three ‘powerful’ adults, she ‘felt like Mia Farrow surrounded by the satanists in Rosemary’s Baby’ and they watched as she and Brad left for the bedroom.

    She writes: ‘Once our mission was accomplished, we had to face the next hurdle: reporting back. We hid out in the bedroom until we heard a light knock on the door, and Mom’s voice, “Is everything OK in there?’’ ’

    On Friday, in a TV interview, Sachi said she was largely brought up by her father, Steve Parker, a film producer who worked in Japan, and claimed that Shirley ‘was very absent’. Sachi says she was just two when her mother first shipped her to Japan and she travelled alone. At 12, she was sent to the first of two English boarding schools.

    Today, Sachi, a single mother with two teenage children, says she still hopes to understand her mother and has given her a copy of the book, with a note saying, ‘I love you’.

    Last night, Ms MacLaine’s publicist, Melody Korenbrot, said: ‘We have no comment.’


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    I really think this week's episode was the season's best. Nice to see all the 4 girls in the episode.

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    Bette Midler and 50 Cent
    What could a rapper who’s been shot nine times have in common with an Academy award-nominated actress who’s 30 years his senior? How about the environment! 50 Cent and Bette Midler bonded in 2009 over their shared love of restoring local parks and gardens in NYC when he volunteered to be a part her charity, New York Restoration Project. "He is such a gorgeous star, holy cow!" Midler gushed at the event. During her speech, she thanked 50 because he had “really made my life worth living. [He] has been with me through thick and thin.” And the feeling is clearly mutual. “Look how beautiful things are and how nice it feels when [I'm around her]," he said. “Me and Bette [collaborating] would be really hot, but I'd need to make something new for her.”

    David Beckham and Snoop Dogg Lion
    No, you’re not high… Snoop Dogg and David Beckham really are friends. And they’re also each other’s biggest fans! In 2007, the rapper invited his sons Corde and Cordell’s “hero” to come over to his Los Angeles home and teach them how to play soccer. Beckham even listens to Snoop’s new songs and gives him feedback. "He’s one of the first people I send the record to before it’s done, even before the label get it,” Snoop said last year. “I love our friendship and some people in life just come together for some odd reason. Me and him came together on one night and we just became friends and we’ve just been friends ever since."

    Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks
    How many people can say they bonded over good oral hygiene? That was the case for Tyra Banks and Clay Aiken when the “American Idol” runner-up appeared on her talk show in 2006 – and the supermodel bragged afterwards that he had “the freshest clean smelling breath.” “I had one of the most fun interviews with him that I have ever had,” she added. “I am so in love with him.” And he with her! "I love her to death," Aiken tells People. "For some reason we just clicked when we first met, and we try to stay in touch and see each other whenever we're in town."

    Aziz Ansari and Kanye West
    We can't think of the last time we saw Kanye West smile, but he must have some sense of humor if he's pals with "Parks and Recreation" comedian Aziz Ansari. In fact, the two are so tight the rapper cast him to star alongside him and Jay-Z for their “Otis” music video last year. Ansari will once again share the screen with West in his “Cruel Summer” movie, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and will soon hit U.S. theaters. "[Kanye] was basically like, 'Hey, do you want to go to Qatar for a day and shoot a thing in this movie?’” Ansari told MTV. “And I was like, 'Why not do that?'”

    Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon Levitt
    JGL and Channing have been friends since starring in Stop Loss together, and Channing even gets a special cameo in Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon's Addiction.

    Matt Bomer and Lee Pace
    Matt and Lee have been BFFs since attending high school together - Klein High School in Klein, TX

    Justin Long and Jonah Hill
    Justin and Jonah were in Accepted together, but before that they were also roommates Long said that him and Hill shared a home in California, but were forced to separate after realizing they were acting like an “old married couple.&rdquo He says, “We’re still great friends but it got to be like an old married couple. We fought over recycling. He would recycle everything. I would find banana peels and shards of glass in the recycling bin. We started getting in little fights like that, he left the bathroom door open, didn’t clean up after himself. Little things like that. It was time for a separation.”

    Kyle Chandler and Lorenzo Lamas
    No pictures exist of these two together, but Kyle is godfather to Lorenzo's daughter Patton Ashbrook (who is also allegedly an actress)

    Anna Kendrick and Adam Lambert
    “I’ve known Adam since I was 18, actually,” Kendrick said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. “We saw each other at party about a year ago and he told me, ‘You can’t tell anybody but I tried out for American Idol and I go through Hollywood Week and I was like , “OK! YOU can’t tell anybody but I just booked this movie with George Clooney!” We didn’t see each other again for a year and finally we saw each other at the Critics Choice Awards and the SAG Awards. We were like, you know, it’s been quite a year for both of us.”

    Emma Stone and Taylor Swift
    According to Stone, she and Swift first met at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood Life magazine. “We met there five years ago, and then I listened to some of her music, and I wrote her an e-mail saying I liked her music, I swear. And then we started talking and hanging out,” Stone told MTV. “[Taylor’s] so great! We’re very different, but she has such a sick sense of humor. Nobody knows that. She’s so great. People know … how hilarious she is. They’ve seen her on SNL. People are seeing it more now, and she’s so funny and she’s exactly who you think she is, and I love that.”

    Chris Martin and Simon Pegg
    This secret friendship only came to light when the pair got up on stage and did an impromptu gig together in memory of friends who used to drink at a local English pub. While it seemed like just one of those odd moments it transpires they’ve been besties for a long time, so long in fact that Simon is actually godfather to Chris and wife Gywneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple.  Simon confirmed, “Chris Martin’s a good friend of mine. I’m actually Apple’s godfather. He’s an old friend and we’ve been mates for quite a few years now.”

    Bonus - the odd couple that inspired me to make this post in the first place
    Alexander Skarsgård and Jack McBrayer
    It is a mystery.

    More at th sourcesource</a>

    MODS: This isn't even a list! And if it qualifies as a list, I didn't post the entire things. There are more at the sources.

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    Eddie Furlong, 90s heartthrob, has been dropped from another project due to his domestic violence charges. Eddie has been charged three times in the past three months for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Eddie pled not guilty and is still behind bars holding up production on a romantic comedy that is now slated to continue without him. Producers contacted Jason Mewes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, but he declined the role.

    The nature of the domestic violence charges are unclear but they appear to be as follows:

    1. Bruising girlfriend during an argument at LAX.
    2. "Furlong is accused of inflicting corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition."
    3. "suspicion of attacking his GF"

    TMZ's reports are vague as to what happened but perhaps the cops aren't certain either? Shaking my hair cape at Eddie's untreated issues. This isn't the first significant other he's reportedly abused.

    Recent photo aka mugshot:


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    Cartoon artist Greg Guillemin is great at making a statement with his work, recent projects such as The Secret Life Of Super Heroes Prints are perfect proof of it. Bringing the more personal and intimate side of what it would be like for a real world super hero. At first these pictures catch you a bit off guard because you are so used to seeing your super hero in relatively conservative situations. However it does bring some real life to some of these heroes such as Batman seeing him getting some.

    For just $20 you can get these prints and surprise some of your house visitors with some super hero art. After you get a good look of these very interesting pictures let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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    Lady Gaga didn’t need to “Telephone” when she needed her personal assistant at night — because they were sharing the same bed.

    Ex-Gaga employee Jennifer O’Neill (pictured with Gaga in 2010) revealed during a deposition that she had to bunk with Gaga during “The Monster Ball” tour in 2010, according to court papers.

    “I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” O’Neill testified. “That includes sleeping in the same bed with her. Because she did not sleep alone.”

    When asked if the unusual task was “required” as part of her job, O’Neill said, “I felt it was.”

    “Unlike anybody else on that tour, I did not have my own hotel room. I was not asked if I wanted my own hotel room,” she said.

    Transcript excerpts from O’Neill’s July 11 deposition at a Times Square law office don’t suggest there was any hanky-panky between her and Gaga, an outspoken supporter of gay rights.

    And O’Neill noted, “I had no privacy, no chance to talk to any family, no chance to talk to any friends, no chance to have sex if I wanted to have sex. There was no chance to do anything.”

    O’Neill, who’s suing Gaga for more than $390,000 in unpaid overtime, plus damages, also revealed that her daily duties included making sure Gaga “had taken her medicine,” although the specific drugs aren’t identified in the Manhattan federal court filing.

    She said the 26-year-old superstar — who in her own deposition declared: “I’m the queen of the universe every day” — “made it clear” that “I expect you to be working and to be available 24/7.”

    "And she was quite irate that she couldn’t reach me on my phone a couple of times, and was quite angry and asked me why she was paying for this hotel room if I was unreachable,” she said.

    O’Neill said Gaga even interrupted her while she was getting her hair cut by Gaga’s stylist after he finished with the singer.

    “She might have said I need some tea, I need — can you get my computer for me, can you get my phone, my battery is dead, I need a tampon, the toilet doesn’t flush,” O’Neill said.

    And “another thing she would do in the middle of the night, would be wake me up to have me change the DVD in the DVD player because she didn’t want to watch that DVD any more and she couldn’t get up to walk across the room to change the DVD herself,” O’Neill said.

    Gaga, who’s worth more than $50 million, according to Forbes, spared no expense pampering herself, O’Neill said, including having diet food “sent overnight to her from California” by the Sunfare meal-delivery service.

    “So stuff would be FedExed to my room, let’s say, the room that I’m maintaining for her, and then I would have to find where she is in New York, which may be Brooklyn, may be her parents’ house, and I would have to hand-deliver Sunfare food to her so that she had something to eat,” she said.

    One time, when Gaga was editing the “Born This Way” video in a hotel room with director Nick Knight, O’Neill said she “was supposed to be having dinner with a friend in the hotel, because I couldn’t leave.”

    “But she called me and she said that she needed her food to be heated up in the hotel. So she needed me to come and personally heat up her food while she was looking at the video,”
    O’Neill said.

    Gaga even rented a room in the Trump Soho “which is a whole room of entire hotel room that is an actual closet for her,” O’Neill said.

    O’Neill’s lawyer, Virginia Trunkes, wrote in court papers that the case “illustrates that dichotomy between celebrity and assistant, between rich and poor, between those who have and those who have not, and, most of all, between the hubris of a person so enamored with her status that she considers herself above the law.”

    Meanwhile, legal experts told The Post that Gaga was wrong when she testified that her assistants aren’t entitled to overtime because they’re working “a 9:00 to 5:00 job that is spaced out throughout the day.”

    Prominent labor lawyer Justin Swartz said: “If the personal assistant is required to be at Lady Gaga’s beck and call, Lady Gaga has to pay for that.”

    source: nypost

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    "He's gone along for the craic..."

    Musically minded, heavily armed and fond of a cuppa or two, Bofur is dwarf for all seasons. Like close relatives Bombur and Bifur, he’s a miner by trade but, explains James Nesbitt, he’s joining Bilbo’s quest mainly “for the craic”. The Northern Irish actor chatted to Empire about his cheese-loving Naugrim.

    Tell us about Bofur...
    Bofur is someone who, along with Bombur, his brother, and Bifur, his cousin, is not quite as obsessed with regaining Erebor as the others. They’re a bit rougher – I think we just went along for the craic. Bofur is optimistic, he’s quite funny, a little bit naive perhaps, but he’s also quite close to Bilbo and when the others are maybe suspicious of Bilbo or deem him unnecessary, I think Bofur quite takes to him.

    Bofur also seems to be the dwarf who tends to shoot his mouth off
    Yes, true, but he can be deliberately very funny. Nevertheless, when pushed, he can be very, very fierce, like all the dwarves in Middle-earth.

    Unusually, his weapon of choice is a mining mattock.
    Well, they are miners, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, so their weaponry is more crude, and their fighting is crude as well. Bofur likes to get the job done quickly. I don’t think he cares too much about the rules in war; he just wants to bury the fucking thing into someone’s head.

    Did you have special mattock training?
    We had all kinds of doubles – small-scale doubles, stunt doubles, digital doubles – so we actually did very little acting! (laughs) My stunt guy turned out to be an ex-New Zealand wrestling champion, incredibly well built and incredibly good looking and a very nice guy. So he’s going to make me look fantastic. He did quite a lot of different fighting techniques, and, of course, he’ll be back next year because there’s still quite a bit of fighting next year.

    Was there a particular bond between you and the other dwarves?
    With Bombur, yes. He’s huge with a big red beard and he’s very funny. Even after 18 months we would still laugh at him, half the time just by looking at him. Bofur also has a very strong bond with Bombur, because he’s often the slowest and Bofur often has to protect him. Bofur and Bombur are both very protective of Bifur, who can only speak in dwarvish.

    Bifur is something of a fruitcake, isn’t he?
    Totally unhinged, we are very protective of him too. And Bofur has this strong protective connection with Bilbo because he understands Bilbo’s fear and how Bilbo’s really wanting to get away and Bofur’s quite understanding of that and sympathetic towards him. You know it’s difficult with 13 dwarves you know — it’s hard to know how much screen time you’re going to get.

    You’re playing a fantastical creature in a fantastical world. What’s that like as an acting challenge?
    That’s a great question. Had it not been so enjoyable, it might have been very difficult. It was actually hugely rewarding, understanding that even without huge individual speeches or scenes, you were contributing to a rich tapestry. But they managed to give 13 dwarves 13 different personalities that all work well together and have individual stories. You sometimes feel like you’re a small cog in a very big machine, but I’m very glad I did it.

    And how was the singing?
    I get to sing a song I actually wrote – words by J.R.R. Tolkien, music by James Nesbitt. It’s called the Man In The Moon song, so it sounds like it’s by R.E.M. I sing it in Rivendell and all the rest of them join in. However, it may not be in the bloody thing...

    What was Peter Jackson like to work with?
    Somewhere in his head are all these ingredients that he puts together to create these fantastic films. Peter often works off the cuff — it’s rather startling. I can sort of be in awe sometimes, because it’s like he has 10,000 jigsaw puzzles, but somehow he does those puzzles every morning. He has amazing pictures in his head, but he’s very down to earth. There must be a heavy responsibility on him with all that money and telling the story of The Hobbit, that he loves, but he carries it all in a reasonable way. He enjoys a laugh, but you’re never in doubt that he’s the boss – you wouldn’t cross him. I’d love to do a much smaller film with him and spend more time with him.

    Did you get to go to his remarkable house?
    Did you get to go to his remarkable house? No, but I think Richard [Armitage] might have gone out there. He drove into work in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one day, which he’d just bought, but when you go to his house the Oscars are all just lying around his house. He hasn’t got around to putting them anywhere.

    When do you head back for the next batch of shooting?
    I think it’s towards the end of May and I can’t wait. Do I want to get back into the prosthetics? I don’t know what the other dwarves would say, but no, I don’t want to fucking get back into prosthetics, but I can’t wait to get back into the part again and to get back to New Zealand.

    Do you think small?
    No, dwarves think big is ugly and stupid and that small is the natural way to be, because you can fight quicker and you can forage better. They think small is big and big is small.

    Source (fixed the image link, mods!)


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    The former Parks & Rec writer & current host of her own podcast Call Chelsea is doing a stint on SNL, according to her Twitter feed.

    I have high hopes-- because Chelsea's the author of this legendary tweet:




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    by getting a new Nefertiti tattoo
    more pics in da studio with Uncle Perv


    Rihanna also skipped all the Super Bowl festivities and spent the weekend partying at the Greystone Manor Club in LA. She was seen leaving the club last night, rocking American Apparel red fit dress and Coal n Terry Roll-up Army jacket

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    Agent M, a.k.a. Ryan Penagos, Executive Editorial Director (Marvel Digital Media Group), has snuck onto the set of the pilot for Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. show, now filming!

    All the other 12 videos at the source

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    Pegg, Frost and pals raise an elbow

    The third and final part of the Wright/Frost/Pegg Cornetto trilogy The World's End is shaping up to be mint in every sense. It's the first in an apocalyptic double-bill in the new issue of Empire (on sale NOW, people), where it vies with Team Rogen and This Is The End for the title of most eagerly anticipated armageddon-com of the year.

    These exclusive images from the film show Simon Pegg's Gary King in action. In the first, the film's jaundiced hero, instigator of a pub-based reunion for his old muckers, raises a pint with said pals before the neutrin-ales start mutating. Left to right are Bluetoothed estate agent Oliver (Martin Freeman), one-time-rocker-turned-architectural-consultant Steven (Paddy Considine), successful lawyer and King's now-estranged bestie Andy (Nick Frost) and car dealer Peter (Eddie Marsan).

    The second, below, offers glimpse of King as mankind's last hope, standing alone in the face of whatever influx of evil the movie has in store for us. "It's a much bigger proposition than the other two films," says Pegg of the follow-up to Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz.

    There's 12 pubs on the gang's crawl, culminating in The World's End. "When you've seen the film, you'll be able to relate each pub name to what happens inside," explains Pegg. On that basis, things could get seriously hairy at the Two-Headed Dog. And is a Nicolas Cage/Wicker Man tribute too much to ask for in The Beehive?

    The World's End is out on August 14. Pick up a copy of Empire's March edition for more on the movie.



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    Donald Trump's mother is no orangutan-banger ... so says the Donald himself in a new, actually-filed lawsuit obtained by TMZ. Seriously, Trump actually filed this

    The Donald just sue Bill Maher or $5 MILLION ... claiming the HBO talk show host is skipping out on his promise to donate $5 mil to charity if Trump could prove he isn't the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan

    According to Trump, Maher made the offer during an appearance on "Leno" ... after Trump had made a $5 million challenge to President Obama regarding POTUS' birth certificate

    In his suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Trump says he formally responded to Maher's challenge with a copy of his birth certificate, proving he is, in fact, the "son of Fred Trump" ... who is not a member of the Great Ape family


    Trump claims 5 "worthy charities" have now been deprived of millions of dollars in donations ... and it's all Maher's fault.

    Anyone in the mood for a banana?


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