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Movies you watched as a child that you should re-watch as an adult.

The Title pretty much explains itself. As children we watch movies most not suitable for our ages. All in inuendos go right over our heads but what we can remember is that movie was enjoyable. But when you decide as an adult to watch those movies again, you notice you have a different experience. Mostly because you understand all those jokes now. Here is a list of 10 movies you should re-watch as a an adult.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

This movie at first you think would be a good childrens movie based on the title. It’s not. It’s a good coming of age film but there are multiple references to rape in it. Dawn is almost raped at one point. Her sister is even kidnapped by a pedophile. The movie also deals with child neglect and does not end on a happy note at all.


This movie was full of drugs, homophobia, domestic abuse, poverty, death, and more. As a child I myself didn’t understand the sudden absence of Carolyn. They rarely mentioned that she has died using the words gone instead. All the children in the movie are thrown into adult situations. The majority of the movie deals with the death of Carolyn and as a child I don’t think we realize that.

Drop Dead Fred

This movie is intense. As a child you think it’s just a movie about an imaginary friend. In reality it’s about a woman having a psychotic break. At one point in the movie her pills cause “pain” to Fred to get rid of him. There are many jokes alluding to sex and Fred is very lewd. Rewatching lets you see why this woman goes back to having an imaginary friend.

The Lion King

This movie like Bambi features a death of a parent. But this death was caused by another on purpose. Plus when you think about it, there are no other males other than Mufasa, Scar, and Simba. Where did Nala come from? Did Simba end up with his own sister?


A movie about death isn’t really for the children. It had a humorous take up until Beetlejuice tries to murder everyone and get a teenager to marry him. It makes you wonder. Is Beetlejuice a pedophile? Also I doubt people realize the reason the ghosts started decaying was because an exorcism was being performed.

Dirty Dancing

What we usually remember about this movie is the dancing and the famous line “nobody puts baby in a corner” But IF you watch this movie you realize it’s mainly about abortion. The character Penny who was Patrick Swayze’s original dance partner gets pregnant and Baby helps pay for her abortion. The main reason Baby’s father does not like Patrick Swayze is because he thinks he’s the one who got her pregnant. No one really had a problem with the dancing. Also let’s not forget baby was 17 and had sex with the much older Swayze.

Who framed Roger Rabbit?

It’s a fun movie mixing all cartoons together but near the beginning it involves an adult character getting a cigarette from children. There are many sex jokes in this movie and it’s wildly debated that Donald Duck calls Daffy the N word.

The Mask

The mask in itself has a lot of people being murdered. In humerous ways and not so much. In fact The reporter Peggy was supposed to be murdered herself but luckily they cut that out of the movie. The also is a bit sexist with its female characters. But towards the end it’s thanks to Cameron Diaz that The Mask is able to save the day but she gets literally zero credit for it.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

A hilarious movie to most. But when you really watch it you notice that the main villain is transgendered and Ace Ventura acted quite homophobic towards her at multiple times during the movie. It actually leaves a bad taste in your mouth towards the end.


You might remember this movie as a child with magical gifts. But in reality it’s about a girl that was abused as a child that connects with her teacher who was also abused as a child. There is also a Principal who abuses her students. Matilda’s parent’s even abandon their daughter while fleeing from the cops. It’s all a happy ending and everything and its great Matilda found her happy ending but she still basically raised herself and Ms. Honey still has those emotional scars she got from her aunt.

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ONTD what movies have you re-watched as an adult and realized how fucked up the movie is?

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