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Teen Wolf 3.10 ep Recap


Scott tries to talk reason with Ethan and Aiden, but they say that the only thing they’re after is Jennifer. Later, Aiden accuses Ethan of hesitating. It’s obvious they’re worried that Jennifer has the means of stopping the Alpha Pack, and they can’t let that happen.

Isaac and Allison are together in the school, directly after the events of the memorial service. Isaac realizes that Cora is in the hospital that’s being evacuated and wants to help. Chris agrees to take him and Allison to Beacon Hills Memorial.

Derek and Stiles exchange words, with Stiles obviously worried about his father. Meanwhile, Cora is definitely not getting better, and it’s quite possible that she’s dying. This is when Jennifer returns and tells them that she will help, but only when she’s out of reach of the Alpha Pack.

Deucalion announces, via Scott’s mother, that they have 10 minutes to give Jennifer up. Jennifer tells the others that Deucalion wants Scott in his pack because he’s a true Alpha. But Scott says it doesn’t matter, because he won’t join it.

Instead, they decide to run. In order to get Cora out of the hospital, Peter and Scott distract the twins. Jennifer and Derek are chased by Kali, leaving Stiles with a Cora that is no longer breathing. Deucalion lets Melissa go.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10 The Overlooked Stiles Derek

Stiles saves Cora, but she’s still unconscious. He talks to her, even though she can’t hear him, and tells her that he used to be the one with the plan, not Scott. But he doesn’t have a plan, and he doesn’t want to find his father’s body.

Chris, Isaac, and Allison show up while Scott takes Peter to Stiles. Scott has to leave to find his mother, Derek, and Jennifer. However, he’s ambushed by the twins. But who comes to his rescue? Mama McCall, of course!

Jennifer talks to Derek while they’re in the elevator, telling him that what is between them is not a lie. Between Kali and Jennifer, we find out that Julia was Kali’s emissary. Kali was supposed to kill her, but she couldn’t. She loved him too much.

Julia was crawled to the tree, which had just enough power to keep her alive until she was found. The only reason why the tree had power was because a virgin was sacrificed under it. That virgin was Paige when Derek killed her.

Jennifer explains the the history of mistletoe. She says that the emissaries were the overlooked, that Deucalion and the others didn’t appreciate them. She says that it’s now her job to finish the sacrifices and beat the Alpha Pack for good.

And her plan culminates during the lunar eclipse, where all the werewolves will lose their powers during the duration of the celestial event.

Allison impersonates Jennifer in order to distract Kali and the twins. Meanwhile, Melissa turns the power back on.

But not is all as well as it seems. Jennifer knocks Derek out and takes Melissa. Deucalion offers a spot in his pack, and Scott agrees against Stiles’ pleas, promising that he’ll find both Melissa and the Sheriff.

When Melissa wakes up, she’s tied up in a root cellar with the sheriff underneath the tree.


So don't know how I feel abt this episode tbh. Mama Mccall was a BAMF, we got mythos dump/backstory on Jenrach, Argents tag team then that ending... The last two episodes have def been better then the beginning of this season.

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