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Anthony Weiner’s Chat Pal Tells Howard Stern About Her Porn And Boob Job Plans!


Sydney Leathers, the girl who leaked the sexy chats from former congressman Anthony Weiner, went on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Stern obviously asked all the right questions.

When Stern asked if Weiner has a large penis:
Leathers: Actually yeah, it is. He’s well endowed.

On being in love:
Stern: How long into it did you start to feel like you were in love with him?
Leathers: Well, he said it first. When he said it, I was like, “I have to say it back or it’s going to be awkward.”

Why it ended:
Leathers: There were times he’d talk to me multiple times a day. He’s like a needy girlfriend or something. It actually was a turnoff. That’s why things started to fizzle out. He was clingy with me; he’d get pissy with me over guys complimenting me over Facebook or weird shit like that.

Regarding a very pressing issue to Howard:
Leathers: We never talked about anal.

About meeting with Steve Hirsh porn company Vivid Video:
Leathers: He reached out to my manager Gina, and I just feel like, he’s a great guy, I’m keeping all my options open. We’ll see what happens.

Her manager, Gina Rodriguez (who represents Tan Mom, Octomom, Angelina from Jersey Shore, and others):
Rodriguez: We’re sexing [Leathers] up right now. Like, next week she’ll be all sexed up… We’re gonna get her some new big boobs… It’s good for business.

Gina and Syndey told Howard they were stopping by Weiner’s home for a photo shoot today. She also spoke of plans to release a song called “Weinerizer” in a collaboration with Adam Barta.


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