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People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

 photo simon-cowell-1-495_zps620d1ef9.jpg

"I can't..... Umm... Care to explain @SimonCowell???"

– Demi Lovato, posting an old-school photo of her fellow X Factor judge, on Twitter

 photo jennifer-aniston-435_zpsf1d734f5.jpg

"Loose, like 'I just got out of bed, maybe had a romp' hair."

– Jennifer Aniston, on her planned hairdo for her upcoming nuptials, to Marie Claire

 photo kanye-west-660_zpsd3e372a7.jpg

"I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus."

– Kanye West, to The New York Times

 photo tim-tebow-660_zpsdb51791b.jpg

"Apparently, they needed a virgin to sacrifice to the football gods and Tebow fit the bill."

– Jimmy Kimmel, on the New England Patriots signing devout Christian Tim Tebow to their roster, in his monologue

 photo jamie-foxx-435_zps78491ab5.jpg

"When I'm the nerd guy, I want to be the first black man with a comb-over."

– Jamie Foxx, on his hair inspiration for his Amazing Spider-Man 2 character Max Dillon, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

 photo kristin-cavallari-435_zps2bae7926.jpg

"We practiced our kiss. It was a big deal! You want it to be just enough."

– Kristin Cavallari, who wed Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on June 8, to PEOPLE

 photo russell-crowe-435_zpsccc11975.jpg

"Who's your daddy?"

– Russell Crowe, whose Man of Steel persona, Superman's father Jor-El, was immortalized as a Lego figurine, on Twitter

 photo bill-clinton-660_zps1e235eb2.jpg

"Does @Twitter have a family share plan? Great to be here with @HillaryClinton & @ChelseaClinton. Looking forward to #tweetsfromhillary."

– Former President Bill Clinton, welcoming wife Hillary to the social media site, on Twitter

 photo ali-larter-660_zpsaab2a098.jpg

"I'm like a bad-girl Martha. A Martha with a couple glasses of wine and a little bit of trouble."

– Newly minted cookbook author Ali Larter, comparing herself to lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, to E!

 photo ian-ziering-495_zps28c0f3d6.jpg

"Hey TMZ … bite me."

– Ian Ziering, taking a jab at the celebrity gossip site after they called him fat, during his Chippendales debut



HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)  xoxo to all the Dad's 'n Grads!

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