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Life Ball 2013 : arrivals and show

 photo 24_yqLiDPXEmxRVU1_zps8e8c507c.jpg

The Life Ball in Vienna is the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with HIV or AIDS. The event is organized by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE, which was founded in 1992 by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian.
Through the years the Life Ball garnered more international attention because of the exuberant celebration of the party people and the live acts. However the main priority is still to raise awareness and to fight Aids.
This years theme is arabian nights

Bill Clinton
 photo 2_cbkkflm_8zOjs_zps07e6e23d.jpg

Elton John
 photo 1_cbaJs0anjNssk_zps457cd476.jpg photo 19_yqUzx0KsXoq_Q_zpsc82570b1.jpg

Azealia Banks
 photo 1_afdK1DrfNl83g_zps1aa7ddce.jpg

 photo 7_AHAaL22B9LZMM_zps44d12829.jpg

Hilary Swank
 photo 17_yqCCPLzyOXHXo_zpsf35db93b.jpg photo life-ball_zps40508661.jpg

Barbara Eden
 photo 5_AH1S3YQU20Pz6_zps54e5d22b.jpg photo 6_AHwi5auIZx_Ao_zps60654615.jpg

Adam Lambert
 photo 12_5m4nAB9vKVJQA_zpsab90aac3.jpg photo 10_CD5f6SBBLYRxI_zps2fbb967e.jpg

Melanie Griffith
 photo 39_pJyFTBNVYltcU_zps30175453.jpg

Aishwarya Rai
 photo 22_yqBYl_fD51BAs_zps5a61acef.jpg

Carmen Electra
 photo 1_npn9T3NHiTLHI_zpsddcc2b57.jpg

Willam, Detox , Vicky Vox

Kelly Osbourne

Karolina Kurkova

Some guests and their costumes
 photo 5_eMkVVbYfUvS_A_zps08f5d039.jpg
 photo 1_Gv5i9f8foDR4U_zps549e2fa0.jpg photo 21_YGLlIwdVlIR8I_zpsf08af53a.jpg photo 19_YGiIITybu2wQc_zps05a4d08a.jpg photo 13_APYPuI8zpgNdg_zps4a920dc1.jpg photo 15_AP_Obrxesok1k_zpse833e4cb.jpg photo 2_GvBLEChp0leV6_zpse9e04337.jpg photo 46_exU_lxV7OsJ86_zps84b8e1a9.jpg

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