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Brooke is pregnant with Bill's baby on The Bold & the Beautiful!

5/6, Maya finds comfort in Carter when she witnesses something she wishes she hadn't seen; Brooke is forced to face the consequences of her actions.

5/7, Caroline seek out relationship advice from Bill; Bill has Justin dig up dirt on Maya.

5/8, Donna becomes frustrated with Brooke, who admits that she's in love with Bill; Bill threatens to reveal more details about Maya's past if she doesn't stay away from Rick.

5/9, Brooke turns to Eric for emotional support, but she hesitates about telling him the entire truth; Hope wears her heart on her sleeve when she visits Thomas and Oliver at the beach house.

5/10, Liam and Bill share a father-son moment when they discuss love,life, marriage, and babies; Hope unexpectedly comes face to face with a very blissful Steffy.

5/6, Paul confronts Lauren, while Chelsea considers revealing the truth to Adam.

5/7, Leslie questions her father regarding a secret from his past, while Victoria tries to enlist Nick and Abby in her war against Adam.

5/8, Jack receives a surprise visit from Traci, while Michael's questions put Lauren on the spot.

5/9, Nick questions Sharon's relationship with Adam, while things heat up between Chelsea and Dylan.

5/10, Phyllis encourages Michael to fight for his marriage, while Neil and Leslie scramble for answers.

Monday ("Adopting")
Kristen is stunned when Brady suggests they adopt a child; Daniel instructs Anne to keep her distance from Jennifer.

Tuesday ("Kristen")
An emotional Kristen goes down to the Di Mera's secret room, and is shocked to find John there; Ciara hides important information from Hope.

Wednesday ("Kristen and John")
Brady searches the house for Kristen; Sami tries everything in her power to get the evidence against Will from Bernardi.

Thursday ("Sami's Got a Gun")
Sami threatens to shoot Nick when he gets too demanding; Abigail tells Cameron that she's ready for the next step in their relationship.

Friday ("Stefano's Betrayal")
An enraged Sami blasts Stefano for betraying her; Rafe is assaulted by a mysterious stranger.

5/6, Luke and Laura talk about their relationship. TJ tricks Rafe and then surprises him with an unexpected move. Lucy tries to bolster Scott's confidence in his relationship with Laura.

5/7, Will AJ tell Liz the truth about Carly? Someone is watching Sam.

5/8, Liz asks Nikolas to back off of AJ. Olivia offers Sonny her support as he tries to find Morgan.

5/9, Sam is unhappy to find Rafe with a black eye. Anna and Duke share another close moment. Carly teams up with Sam.

5/10, Tracy and AJ take their relish wars to a new audience. Will Sonny and Shawn arrive in time when danger comes to Connie and Olivia's doorstep?

Monday, May 6: A rebellious side comes out, leading to an exciting adventure. Jesse’s worst nightmare is confirmed. Who will rejoin the living?

Tuesday, May 7: Miranda’s feelings catch Bianca by surprise. Who will awake handcuffed to a bed? Celia can’t believe what she overhears.

Wednesday, May 8: Who will bid farewell to Pine Valley? The truth sets someone free—almost. One mom gets an early Mother’s Day surprise.

Thursday, May 9: One of the hottest boy bands visits Pine Valley.

Thursday, May 10: Behind the scenes at AMC; weekly recap of events.

5/6, Tea tries to keep things together; two people grapple over their respective family issues; Todd tries to get through to Blair; Clint has a serious talk with his family.

5/7, Matthew tries to protect Dani; Bo and Nora have a little fun with their empty nest; Todd encounters danger in his own room; a shady art dealer comes to Shelter to confront Cutter.

5/8, Todd decides to do something unexpected; Dorian considers revenge; Clint lectures Matthew; Viki reviews her options.

5/9, Dorian sets her plan in motion; Bo tries to convince Nora to return to her roots; Todd tries to buy love; Viki makes a bold move.

5/10, Behind the scenes at OLTL; weekly recap of events.

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