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In More Leaked Footage, Reese Witherspoon Discusses "Pregnancy", Husband Discusses Her with Officer


First video won't embed; watch it at the SOURCE

Just when it seemed like the worst of Reese Witherspoon's arrest drama has passed, E! News has obtained previously unseen footage from her arrest in Atlanta.

The shocking video shows the mother of three arguing with officers outside of the police station, even doing a bit of vocal impersonation of one of the officers. When the arresting officer explained to her that she needed to stay inside of the vehicle, she argued: "I understand. I understand. And I'm not trying to cause any problems…I am pregnant, early pregnant, it's an early pregnancy."

(She admitted on Good Morning America she was saying "crazy things," and she is not, in fact, pregnant.)

Witherspoon continued with a second officer, saying, "I am allowed to ask if you are a real police officer? I need to see verification! Sir, you're going to make national news, you're arresting me."

The Legally Blonde star then launched into a seeming vocal impersonation of the officer when she added, "And he said, 'I'm not going to give you real ID!'"

While exiting the vehicle at the police station, she shouted and laughed, "They arrested me!"

But things got decidedly more somber while at the police station.

Witherspoon told another officer that she's trying to keep her pregnancy on the down-low.

"I was afraid you would tell people, I am trying to keep it a secret," she said.

The officer assured her that he won't say anything to anyone. But unfortunately the events were caught on tape for the world to see.

Yesterday, Witherspoon agreed to pay a fine for obstruction, and husband Jim Toth plead guilty to first offense DUI and will perform community service, pay a fine and remain on probation for 12 months.

Second video won't embed either; watch it at the second SOURCE

He may have been drunk but Reese Witherspoon's husband was smart enough to backtrack after throwing his wife under the bus during their April 19 arrest.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Jim Toth was heard talking to officer’s about his wife’s bizarre behavior – which landed her an arrest for disorderly conduct – telling them; “I had absolutely nothing to do with that.”

However new audio from the dash cam footage of the encounter hears him describing the Sweet Home Alabama star to the officer driving him calling her “a good lady.”

“She’s a good lady. There’s just often times, she gets, there’s just a flip side to everything,” he says from the back seat of the police car.

Reese embarrassingly hurled threats at the arresting officer when they were pulled over in Atlanta for a DUI.

She refused to get back in the car and stated: “Do you know my name sir? You’re about to find out who I am.”

The couple have since publicly apologized for their behavior but on the night in question Jim tried to explain to police why she behaved the way she did.

“I respect you and what you are doing,” he is heard saying. “The other side of the coin is… sometimes I know it’s very easy to look at her life and my life, you think we are entitled, but there is a lot of harassment that goes along with it. I don’t expect you to understand. I get you have to do your job.”

However the officer is quick to put him back in his place after telling him he doesn’t have his job and wouldn’t want it either.

“We aren’t out here to arrest passengers. My purpose is to get DUIs off the road so they don’t kill themselves or anyone else.”

Reese reportedly pled no contest to the disorderly conduct charge Thursday morning in an Atlanta courthouse.

She was ordered to pay a $213 fine while her husband appeared on person and pled guilty to driving under the influence.

He must perform 40 hours of community service, attend an alcohol education program and has been placed on 12 months of probation.

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