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Emily Owens MD: What Could Have Been + The cast says goodbye!


Read from top to bottom!

Cassandra and AJ I can see it, but AJ was kind of a jerk

Ugh I would've loved to see how tyra and molly would have been developed. SMH.

OMG JOYCE!!! <///3


Welp dr aquino was awful and pricipal wood was awful too dr bandari deserves better so I'm happy with this.

OMG :((((((((((

Just a little fyi you know to kill any hope we had. I was half hoping that she was going to say something like "you guys wanna find out what happens next? Well don't worry (insert cable network's name) picked us up so you can just watch and see what will happen to emily, will, micah and the rest of the characters!!!!" :(

Let's end with Michael Rady being adorable okay!


Okay I need a video of mouse playing the piano and emily and him can make music together and ride off into the sunset and be together forever!!!!!

This is basically a discussion post for that awful series finale. I love how they pretty much had everything planned out, how the stories were going to go, who would end up with who. I'm convinced that had this show been given 22 episodes at least, we would have the satisfying end we wanted. Damn you cw damn you. Okay I just needed some kind of closure with this show, I want a dvd box set that I can treasure for the rest of my life but knowing the cw yeah I doubt I'm going to get that.


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