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Ellie Goulding Round Up Post


Army (Live at Abbey Road)

About Army:

NYT Article Summary

  • NYT on Delirium: "album marks a shift from a sound fusing opaque electronics and lilting organic elements to full-on pop music"

  • She's really confident in herself so she doesn't care if she wears something that is ridiculous

  • On her vs her voice: "I'm touchable. I'm not otherwordly. I think my voice is something untouchable, but I think me as a person is not. My voice doesn't come close to anything. No one else will ever have my voice. That's the one thing I have. My personality and me, aside from my voice, is very reachable and relatable, I think.

  • "“I get annoyed when men write degrading songs about women, but women are starting to speak out. And I got annoyed when Glastonbury had so many men on the line-up… but then Florence headlined. Things are changing, you know? And I love it.”

  • On Taylor Swift : They met at a Jonathan Ross taping. "I was really nervous, because she's such a legend, and I remember thinking, 'Please don't act like a tw*t, Ellie; don't say anything stupid,'" she recalls. Taylor then quoted a lesser known song and they became friends. "She's really funny. She's got a very British sense of humour. We love doing scenes from The Office." Oh my gosh, we would LOVE to see video footage of that on Instagram soon, please!

  • “I have friends who are famous, and I have friends who are not famous, but those older connections are the particularly special ones…High school and primary school are so special to me. If anyone said, ‘We’re having a reunion,’ I’d be so excited!”

Pics of Ellie at the EMAs (tragic hair, but she's since gone back to blonde):

Don't Panic Leak

Scarlett Johannson is Directing Ellie's AMEXUnstaged Concert that will be livestreamed on November 11th

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Delirium comes out November 6! Preorder on iTunes here
yes i'm ignoring the xfactor performance bye

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