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ONTD Original: 10 albums that turn ten this year

It's pretty clear that record label Fueled By Ramen owned the music scene ten years ago. From our favorite emo anthems written by Pete Wentz, to our favorite pint-sized fiery redhead Hayley Williams (ok, not mine), there was no stopping them. We were lucky they came along, giving us a moment to realize why we had Simple Plan's No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls in our CD players before realizing that the way Pierre said "I'm addict ... I'm addicted to you" sounded like he was using a totally naughty word and well, their music videos played after the newest Degrassi episodes, so why not own it... right? Also, CD players? Just howold, are we ONTD?

Beneath the cut will be the most non-biased list I've ever created. How? I've put the albums in alphabetical order, duh.

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! At The Disco

Ryan Ross loved MCR and they made him dance in his pants or something. The great prophecy told us that RyRo was like "hey Pete, I bet you our music is totally sweet", to which Pete was like "no way, but show me and if ur rite, I'll sign you". Ryan was right, they were signed in 2004 and their album came out the year after.

Creepy fact: P!ATD once recieved cookies from a fan that had strategically placed hairs in each cookie. Awkward. (which one of you guys did it)

All We Know Is Falling - Paramore

While I don't know what's falling, Paramore was started by a buncha homeschooled highschoolers because Hayley didn't want to have Cassadee Pope's flop career and wanted to prove herself to the record label she was signed to. They became a hit, everyone loved the pint-sized Hayley and some people who lurked their unprotected photobucket could easily tell she was dating Josh Farro. Why? God, who knows.

Fun fact: Jeffree Star once mentioned that Hayley's makeup in the CrushCrushCrush music video was nagl and offered to do makeup for the next video. Unsure if that happened or not, though.

Almost Here - The Academy Is...

Finally, something I can get down with. If it wasn't for fbr_trash's trolling on Beckett's secret baby, it was something else. The coolest of the FBR bands (in my biased opinion), they had everything. Good looks. Members with muscle. Feminine member that seemed to own one pair of jeans from the women's section of Forever 21 (yes, that's singular), and Butcher who was basically in whole different ballpark. I've got nothing on them other than after a few rival bands in Chi-town (that's Chicaco for you non-hip folk), some members decided to join forces and create the beauty that is The Academy Is... (is the ellipsis required?)

Fun fact: There's a very short and dissapointing 10 year anniversary tour for this album. I posted about it here.

Commit to this Memory - Motion City Soundtrack

What's better than MCS? Probably when they broke barriers with their heavily-censored LGFUAD, or "Let's Get Fucked Up and Die". Nah, I'd definitely say how Pierre showed a lot of people how you can still struggle, how it was okay to have anxiety and you'll make it as a human. Hell, I didn't even know anxiety was a thing ten years ago until listening to his songs and ~heavily relating~ to them.

From Under the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy Is A Band That Most Recently Quit Their Long Song Title Naming Shennanigans

Fun fact: The music in the beginning of "Dance, Dance" is actually from the music video above, "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me'"

Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness - Coheed and Cambria

Don't know much about Coheed and Cambria other than they have sick music and Claudio and I have pretty cool hair. Oh, and their music is sweet. "Blood Red Summer" gave me nightmares in my youth.

Fun Fact: Claudio and I have cool hair

Oh No - OK GO

The "treadmill band," or the "band that did that one cool music video in a continuous take" took 17 takes to make the video that made them famous. Although they didn't tour with the treadmills, they still made up for it doing hilariously stupid dances. Can fitness classes come with these treadmills and make us do elaborate dances? If so, sign me up!

So Sudden - The Hush Sound

I always felt like their fanbase was a whisper since I never saw anyone outwardly admit they were Hush Sound fans.

With Love And Squalor - We Are Scientists

Who is this "We Are Scientists" and why are they in this post? Is OP actually the band? Anyways, rumor has it they couldn't get a loan to become a band, so they pretended they were scientists. I guess it worked out because 15 years later, I'm still chasing after Keith Murray hoping I can pet his hair and drink a few beers with him.

Fun fact: Aside from the fact that Keith Murray renders me speechless, their advice column will cheer you up on a bad day. Or just any day.

You Could Have Had It So Much Better - Franz Ferdinand

As the album title suggests, this list could've been so much better. But no, kidding (or am I?). Anyways, Franz Ferdinand replaced the Bravery on this list because they failed as a band.

Fun fact: There's a person named Franz Ferdinand that was an Archduke of Austria-Este.

Honorable mentions:

Room Noises - Eisley (ONTD's problematic fav)
Snails EP - The Format
Volcano - Gatsbys American Dream (see The Money Pit for your GAD cravings)

source: me + youtube

What are your favorite 2005 albums, ONTD? This post made me so grateful for HD. Damn this pixelated mess

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