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Justin Bieber: "I Just Wanna Honestly Live Like Jesus"


justin bieber met gala
Justin is on the cover of Complex this month. He discusses religion, relationships and more.

1. On relationship with Selena

- He's learned a lot from their relationship
-  Says living with each other was a dumb mistake and too much for his age (at that time).
- They were so invested in each other but eventually, he was disappointed by her.
- He will always compare his new relationships to this one. Says he couldn't do certain things or freely talk to Selena and that has scarred him (Selena would freak out!!).

2. On his relationship with Jesus Christ
- He's a Christian but he doesn't want to shove that down people's throat
- He doesn't want to be Jesus but wants to live like him
- Having a relationship with Jesus/God is like having a relationship with a bomb girlfriend. If your gf is awesome, you're gonna show her off because she's the shit!  Would you ever wanna cheat on your awesome girlfriend? NO!
- It's the same with with God/Jesus. You want to do good things not because it suits you, but because your GF/Jesus/God is amazing.

3. On his relationship with the Church
- Says Christians leave a bad taste in his mouth and doesn't like going to Church
- Says just because you went a weird church doesn't mean this is weird (??)
- You're not a Christian just because you go to church. You don't need to go to church to be a Christian.
- Just because you go to Taco Bell doesn't make you a Taco (ONTDers, are you a taco?)

4. On his relationship with his past decisions

- That time when he pissed in the bucket wasn't a big deal
- When Ozzy does it, he's a rockstar. When Justin does it, he's a brat.
- He honestly had to piss. We all pee.
- The bathroom was too far so he asked this dude in the club if he could pee in the bucket and he said yeah.
- Said the whole thing was ostracizing and made bigger than it should have been

5. On his relationship with the future

- He feels invincible. Nothing is bigger than God.
- 'If God's for me, who can be against me?' Uses this when he feels like he's being judged
- It makes him feel confident but not cocky. A godly confidence.
- Wants to be loved for being a good dude and for being confident.

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