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King Kylie allegedly goes BALLISTIK after finding out Blac Chyna wants to pump Tyga for kid #2?!?!?!


In two brand-new exclusives, legendary and reputable publication Hollywood Life reveals White Chyna's over-the-top reactions to the revelation that her predecessor, Blac Chyna, wants to get back with underground rapper Tyga and have another kid by him.

White Chyna to Tyga: if you so much as look at Blac, we're done!

White isn't here for any funny business on Tyga's part, according to the first report, allegedly telling the amateur rapper that she will dump him if he so much as looks at Chyna in a lustful manner.

As divulged by the exclusive source:

  • Tyga is NEVER going back to Blac Chyna, but if he even looks at her, White Chyna is going to dump him!

A mere day earlier, Hollywood Life reported that Blac Chyna admitted the only reason she ever attacked White Chyna was her heartbreak over her ended relationship with Tyga. Furthermore, she told Tyga she loves and misses him, and congratulated him on the "success" of his concerts and video game.

White will flip out if Blac bears another of Tyga's progeny

As for the possibility of Tyga actually having sex with Blac and knocking her up, Hollywood Life reports that White has told the aspiring rapper there would be hell to pay.

  • White Chyna would "completely freak out" if Tyga cheated and slept with Blac Chyna

  • If Tyga actually got Blac pregnant, he should go into the witness protection program because White would want to kill him

  • White makes sure she is always a presence when Tyga and Blac meet up to hand off their first kid, King [Cairo]

  • White is not giving Blac any type of leash with which to seduce or manipulate Tyga

  • White knows Blac is "scandalous" and "would do anything to ruin her relationship"

  • White is "very territorial" and she's "marking her spot on Tyga"

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