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Let's Talk Game of Thrones, Specifically Theon and Beverages

Wired has posted a video interview with Alfie Allen where he talks about his character, Theon. Not much new revealed here, but Alfie is always entertaining.

See it here.

Winter Is Coming: his is probably a good post to open up discussion on Theon. I don’t think it is any great surprise to say that we haven’t seen the last of the only living son of Balon Greyjoy. What do you expect from Theon’s arc this season?

Sum up:
He says he'll agree Theon's a bit of a "dick", but says he hasn't had much choice in his life.
Says when he does, they are rash decisions.
Says if he was hand of the king, his first decision would be free brothels


For all you beer snobs out there (and I consider myself one), Fast Co. Create has a short article with some details on Brewery Ommegang’s process in creating Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the official Game of Thrones beer.

For its inaugural beer, Ommegang decided to go with a beer that was flavorful but not too complex. “We wanted to make something that was fairly easy to drink while you watch the show,” explains Ommegang brewer and Innovation Manager Mike McManus. So in lieu of a dark, heavy beer, they chose a blond ale and zeroed in on the evil Lannister family for inspiration. “We wanted something fair-colored that related to the fair-haired Lannister household. There’s also a certain amount of conniving and back-door dealing that they do. To relate to that, we used a traditional spice in Belgian beer called grains of paradise. We also used lemon peel to make the beer a bit tart.”

Also revealed in the article is that the beer will be available in draft form.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mosh for pointing out this interview with Ommegang’s head of PR, where he gives some history on how the partnership with HBO came about and offers some hints as to what other GoT tie-in drinks they may have coming in the future.

Source and Source

People who haven't read the books, what are your hopes and thoughts on what's going to happen?
BOOK READERS please use the spoiler cut.
Who doesn't like giggling/cackling at people who've got no idea what's coming?

What Westerosi or Essos food would you like to try? I'm hf lemon cakes!

ALSO: if someone has a copy of the Game of Thrones magazine that came out on NYD (unfortunately only in the US) - let us know if there's anything good in there!

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