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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -According to various reports there's a video floating around, it could be a Ray Rice kind of video
    -There are currently no specifics on the video but Ray Rice is nagl
    -It's currently contract year for Dez and he's reportedly looking for something like a max contract, good luck with that if the video's as bad as it's being reported to be
    -Dez posted and deleted cryptic tweets about the video saying he's been betrayed by people but he's not embarrassed about his past

    Screenshot of Dez's deleted tweets

    Jaywan's twitter also says that Dez's team is currently bidding for the video but I doubt TMZ will just let this drama go down easy. Shit's getting real.

    hope this works better mods
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    Rebecca maybe not be as obvious a killer as we think she is!!
    Is Annaliese gonna let Nate take the fall? No.
    Will Wes & Lauren (yes, Lauren) tell Annaliese about Rudy? Most likely not


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    • According to TMZ, Jennifer and DOR got into an argument on the set of Joy on Feb. 25

    • Apparently Jennifer didn’t like how he was directing a particular scene, and an eyewitness claims they started screaming profanities at each other.

    • Studio Fox 2000 told TMZ that there was indeed screaming, but it was just "David getting Jen hyped up for an emotional scene."

    • Harvey Weinstein showed up to set that day and David told him to leave.


    #FREEJLAW2K15. hopefully she realizes she doesn't fkn need him anymore

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    Finn Jones and Eugene Simon do stuff and things

    Richard Madden Is Your New Prince Charming

    On having to wear tight white pants to play Prince Charming:“I was like, Okay, alright, this is what we’re doing? Skintight white pants?” says Madden, laughing at the memory. “You’re thinking, I don’t know how I’m going to live this down. What do I look like on camera? How tight are these pants?”

    On recording the audio commentary for the Red Wedding episode:“I was in New York, the director was in London, and [Michelle Fairley] was in LA. We all video linked to each other, and just kind of sobbed our way through the end of it. I’ve not listened to it back, but I’m probably quite embarrassing.”

    InStyle UK, April 2015: Game Of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Talks Sansa Stark, Fashion And Season 5 Spoilers

    On season five spoilers:"Well, there’s a lot of death – as always! I’m also really excited for Arya’s storyline. But in terms of my character Sansa, let’s just say she spots a few familiar faces…"

    On how her style has changed over the years:"I’ve only just come to realise it isn’t about dressing in what’s fashionable, it’s about dressing for your shape. When I was 13, I was tiny and could wear pretty much anything. Now I’ve gone through adolescence, I’m just figuring out what clothes suit me. I can’t just throw anything on any more."

    On advice given to her by other actors:"Just before my 16th birthday, Natalie Dormer said to me, “As soon as you turn 16, you’re going to work adult hours, people will try to take advantage of you, so it’s important not to be a pushover.” Now I’m a total pushover and I let people work me too hard so, in hindsight, that was probably some very good advice!"

    InStyle US, March 2015:

    What even happened to Lancel and his singularly terrible wig? Also, I know Richdick is technically not a member of the cast anymore, but who aside from GoT fans actually cares lbr.

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    Lancel Lannister and Loras Tyrell shamelessly pose with some products at Free Gifts Oscars Lounge

    A very pregnant Lena Headey having lunch in LA with a friend

    Sophie Turner in Instyle magazine


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    YouTube's Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart will star respectively as Electra Woman and Dyna Girl in a modern reboot of the classic 1970s children's TV series about two superheroes from Akron, Ohio, who move to Los Angeles in the hope of making it big in the crime fighting world.

    The project is currently filming - release date TBA.

    More details at the SOURCE

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    Eddie will play transgender pioneer Einar Wegener – later known as Lili Elbe – in The Danish Girl.

    • Set in 1920, a love story about the painter Wegener who was "persuaded by his wife Gerda Waud – who was also an artist – to pose for her in women’s clothes after one of her models failed to show. In time, he became Lili and started on the transformation into a woman."

    • Along with Eddie,The Danish Girl will also star Amber Heard, Matthias Schoenaerts, Alicia Vikander and Ben Whishaw in the Tom Hopper directed film.

    Picture of Einar Wegener and Lili Elbe


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    Humans live along with machines in 2014. Alex (Daniel Brühl), a renowned cybernetic engineer, returns to Santa Irene to carry out a very specific mission for the Robotic Faculty: the creation of a child robot. During his 10 year absence, life has moved on for his brother David and Lana who has a complicated relationship with Alex. Alex's routine is altered in an unexpected way by Eva, his niece. She is a very special, charismatic little girl and has a  special connection with Alex from the moment they meet. They set out on a journey together, which will bring them to a revelatory end.

    The film will premiere in the US on March 13 and is being distributed by the Weinstein Company.

    FINALLY! This movie came out three years ago in Europe.

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    - A Flash/Arrow superhero spinoff series is coming to the CW from creator Greg Berlanti
    - spinoff would star Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer), Caity Lotz (in an unknown role bc of what happened to Black Canary), and Victor Garber (Flash's Dr Martin Stein), and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold)
    - the show will also feature 3 major DC characters who have never been featured in a tv series before
    - it's a superhero teamup show... but not the one that I wanted

    source: variety

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  • 02/26/15--20:06: Grey's Anatomy 11x14 Promo
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    Only one more week til Queen Lisa Rinna GOES OFF


    -Yolanda took the women on a pointless scavenger hunt. Camille showed up briefly. Along with a woman named "Lynn" who may have been just an upside broom affixed to a skateboard.
    -Brandi told Kim that Queen Lisa Rinna was talking about her sobriety behind her back. Brandi no doubt gave careful consideration to Kim's fragile mental state before s̶t̶i̶r̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶o̶t̶ sharing this information.
    -MyLove (fka David Foster) took the women to his charity's annual gala and it was actually a very well put together event.
    -Babyface made yet another inexplicable appearance on this show.
    -Kim lashed out at Queen Lisa Rinna while Babyface sighed into his danish.
    -Kyle wore an awful jumpsuit and kissed Steven Tyler, giving pause to everyone who's gained sympathy for her this season.

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    i missed the title card and was NOT ready. :(

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    - Stark Sands and Meagan Good have been cast in the pilot of Fox's Minority Report
    - this takes place 10 years after the end of precrime in Washington DC and focuses on one of three precogs who struggle to live a normal life
    - he (Stark Sands) meets a detective (Meagan Good) who is haunted by her own past and comes up with ways to use his gift for good
    - Stark Sands will play identical twins Dash and Arthur who can see murders before they happen
    - the rest of the cast: Daniel London (who will play Wally the Caretaker again from the film), Li Jun Li, and Laura Regan

    source: thr

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    Just like back when Glee was a smash hit, Empire's continuing success has FOX considering doing another cash-in by doing a concert series which would feature the original music and cast of the show.

    "We are thinking about what the future is of the brand," Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of Fox Television Group, told EW. "What we learned on 'Glee' and what we tried to do on 'Glee' is be very cognizant that the music business is the tail of this dog-the show is the thing. But we are certainly looking down the line. There's no reason not to think of having all sorts of ancillary opportunities with this show. We're certainly thinking about idea of doing a live concert series."

    Nothing is definite though.


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    Under orders of Sam. Also, Rebecca is dead at the end of the episode but the Annaliese 4 think she ran away.


    The #thedress and this finale have taken 10 years off my fucking life and weakened my mental and physical health.

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    Leo is not hooking up with Dakota Johnson. Never has, never will. All the rumors about him hitting on her at the SNL party are false, a "source" (but let's be honest it was his people) confirmed to GossipCop today. They're just friends because their families know each other, it's all amicable.

    paraphrased by me.

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    - "Prisoners" director Denis Villeneuve is in talks to direct, Harrison Ford will be coming back as Rick Deckard
    - script was written by Hampton Francher and Michael Green, the sequel will take decades after the first movie
    - Harrison Ford said the script was "the best thing he ever read"

    - Villeneuve previously directed "Incendies", "Prisoners" and "Enemy"
    - his upcoming film is "Sicario" starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, and Benecio del Toro

    source: variety

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    - second annual Hollywood diversity report by UCLA's Ralph J Bunche Center for African American studies, Damell Hunt says thats Hollywood is not getting diverse quick enough
    - Did you know that the US population is about 40% minorities and slightly more than half are women?

    Based on studying 200 top films of 2012 and 2013:
    - minorities were underrepresented 2 to 1 (less than half as much of their share of US population) in lead roles and 2 to 1 as directors
    - women were underrepresented 2 to 1 in lead roles and 8 to 1 as directors

    - minorities underrepresented 6 to 1 in lead roles for scripted network tv and nearly 2 to 1 on cable tv
    - minorities underrepresented 3 to 1 as cable series creators and more than 6 to 1 as broadcast tv creators

    - Executive rank of tv studios: 96% white and 71% male
    - Executive rank of film studios: 94% white and 100% male


    source: thehollywoodreporter

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    The Guardian is reporting that Madonna has likened all of Europe to Nazi Germany. In an interview with French radio station Europe 1, Madonna said that France and the rest of Europe "feels like Nazi Germany." She went on, saying that "antisemitism is at an all-time high."

    Madonna also talked about how France doesn't welcome diversity anymore. The singer said, "It was a country that embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way, shape or form – artistic expression of freedom. Now that’s completely gone. France was once a country that accepted people of color, and was a place artists escaped to, whether it was Josephine Baker or Charlie Parker."

    She ended her interview by saying, "What I said two years ago is valid today. It’s not just happening in France, it’s all over Europe. But particularly in France. The level of intolerance is so enormous it’s scary."

    SOURCE:The Guardian

    Does Europe feel like Nazi Germany to you?

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    Brienne teaser


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