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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Many videos get thrown at us on a regular basis. Some are average, some good, but a select few soar to great heights in pop culture. Let's have a look ONTD
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    Lady Gaga
    Say what you want but Lady Gaga has delivered some of the best pop culture moments of the late 2000s/early 2010's. But one that catapulted her to stardom was none other than 2010's Telephone

    Britney Spears
    Britney has delivered some amazing videos throughout her career but Toxic was the peak of all things Britney. She had fully embraced her sexuality and was ready to play.

    We Found Love
    Despite many of us becoming exhausted with Rihanna chucking out albums more than hairstyles, nobody could escape the slayage of We Found Love

    Miley Cyrus
    Wrecking Ball
    Overall, I found the Bangerz era to be a complete mess, but I did think Wrecking Ball was a saving grace for the mere fact that she opened up about her previous engagement with Simple Bae Liam Hemsworth

    Single Ladies
    Definitely one her best choreographed and most remembered music videos of her career tbh

    Katy Perry
    Okay, so this might not be the video people instantly think of as her best, but I think it is simply for the fact that it's actually pretty beautiful and the cinematography is great. I also think Katy shines best when she's not trying to be Kidz Bop:XXX Version

    Nicki Minaj
    One of her most colorful and entertaining videos tbh

    Jennifer Lopez
    Aint It Funny
    Throwback because this song is fire and she looks so beautiful and effortless

    Christina Aguilera

    Before Mother Monster was telling everyone to love themselves, X-tina was serving us the Born This Way of the early 2000s with this slow jam bop


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  • 02/25/15--18:35: New Fantastic Four stills

  • Four New Fantastic Four Stills Arrive.

    Josh Trank said this will be a "dark Amblin movie. There's the opportunity to make something that is challenging and tragic and dramatic."

    mods, i changed the text :)

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    The Daily Mail is reporting that Kelly Clarkson doesn't care about her appearance. The Ron Paul-supporter described how she won't bow down to media pressure to look and dress a certain way. Clarkson is a total contrarian, saying "I've always done the opposite of what people expect of me."

    Clarkson went on, talking about the pressure placed on her to look good: "I have friends who are like, 'How are you walking outside in leggings and no makeup?' They love Beyonce, and she's always diva'ed out. I love her too, but that's just not me."

    The "Beautiful Disaster" singer doesn't care what others think about her as well. Clarkson said, "If someone says 'I don't like something about you' I'm just like, 'You know what? I've been hurt so incredibly deeper than what you're saying, and I survived. So I'm good.' Kelly had some words of wisdom to share with her fans: "You can't count on your self-worth being tied to someone else."

    SOURCE:The Daily Mail

    How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

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    The Masaya (No Collar) tribe lost immunity.

    So was voted out 4-2 over CherliynCarolyn.

    Source: TV/CBS

    What a messy first episode. I love it!

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  • 02/25/15--18:58: Way, way, WAY UP


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    (there are stream links in the comments)


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    CH -

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    Listen closely to Kathy's off-camera comment:

    Oh, Kathleen!


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    Can we stop with all her songs sound the same, now? This is like nothing she has done before. Personally I love it!


    Buy Piece by Piece!!! P.S Notice the song's official running time is 4:20 ;)

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    According to [banned source], Diego Boneta (Rebelde, PLL, 90210) will play "a bookish but handsome guy" while Glen Powell's (The Expendables 3) character is "a popular guy who dates the hottest girls on campus."

    Previously announced cast members include series regulars Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Emma Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Billie Lourd, Skyler Samuels, Lucient Laviscount, and recurring guests Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Niecy Nash as Denise, "a private security guard who kicks major butt."


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    Frank Warren launched his secret sharing app in 2011 but the shut itdown three months later as he "felt that it was no longer a safe place to share secrets."

    The PostSecret app is back now under the name : The PostSecret Universe.

    New features such as an audio component and search tool have been added.



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    interview/BTS vid @ the source

    cover photo

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    Fears that NBC Nightly News might collapse without Brian Williams appear to be unfounded. With Lester Holt in the anchor chair, the telecast actually rose in the ratings last week by seven percent, up to 10.1 million viewers.

    Entertainment Weekly


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    "I’ve come to realize that he's the Muhammad Ali of showbusiness: The single most fascinating, compelling, unpredictable, dangerous and uniquely talented star in the world."

    On Kanye's fantastic style:"I love the way he dresses, with style and class, defying the stereo-typical trashy garb of many in the hip-hop and rap world."

    On why Kanye was right in saying Beyonce was better than Beck:"The absurdly overrated Beck got the Album of the Year award. Afterwards, [Kanye] said: ‘Beck needs to respect artistry, he should have given his award to Beyonce.’ And, frankly, if Beck did have an ounce of self-awareness about the cheesy guff he churns out, that’s exactly what he should have done."

    On why Kanye was right in claiming Beyonce's video was better than Taylor Swift's:"Any dispassionate observer would have to agree he was also completely right; Beyonce’s sensational video for 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring It)' blew Taylor’s “You Belong With Me” to smithereens."

    On why Kanye is one of the most successful entertainers in history:"He’s sold 21 million albums and 66 million digital downloads, won 21 Grammy Awards and was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people on the planet. That makes him one of the most successful entertainers in history."

    On Kanye's BET Honors speech:"In just eight minutes, and speaking without notes, he managed to be funny, warm, eloquent, charming, provocative, insightful, compassionate, thought-provoking, challenging, and self-mocking. Because it takes real courage to say stuff like that. It would be far easier for Kanye to rest on his laurels, sit back in his flash car or gated mansion, keep his mouth shut and count his cash."

    On Kanye's genius:"But Kanye’s genius lies in doing it in such a way that you end up first condemning him, then loving him for it."

    On Kanye's pro-gay stance:"Kanye’s also, to his great credit, been a long-time, vociferous opponent of homophobia in rap and hip hop music."

    Full Article at the Source

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    Sharon Osbourne echoed her daughter Kelly Osbourne's Tweets that she had nothing to do with the weed and patchouli oil comments about Zendaya's hair (DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT KELLY AND ZENDAYA ARE FRIENDS, WELL THEY ARRRRRE!) on "The Talk," then her co-host Sheryl Underwood tried to school Giuliana Rancic (even though she was already properly schooled by Zendaya).

    It seemed like Kelly and Giuliana were the best of buddies before (showbiz people aren't fake!), but shit must be downright UGLY now.

    Quotes from the video after the cut.

    "Our people are very sensitive about hair," Underwood said."And this was a show with white women talking about a black woman's hair and you're correct on the sensitivity. I really wish that Giuliana had been more concise and thoughtful as Zendaya was in her response which was very succinct and mature."

    (I'm not really sure she knows what 'concise' and 'succinct' mean, but fair enough.)

    "Would Giuliana really understand how painful her statements were if we had talked about Giuliana -- or any comic had talked about -- Giuliana's inability to have a baby or skeletal frame?"

    "Well let's see how she feels now," Sara Gilbert quipped and all of the ladies had a good laugh.

    (I should point out that Aisha Tyler, who has talked about her own infertility issues on The Talk, did not clap or laugh when Sheryl said this. Really insensitive of Sheryl, all around.)

    "Don't blame another person, Kelly Osbourne, who is not even involved in the discussion, to take the heat off of you!" Underwood added shortly thereafter and everyone erupted with applause like obedient live studio audience robots.

    Damn, Sheryl. Casual racism is not okay. Talking about somebody's possible eating disorder and miscarriage, even when you're pretending to do it to teach them that casual racism is not okay, is also not okay. Should have just let Zendaya handle this!


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    During an interview with Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars this past Sunday, Dakota revealed what item she kept from the 50 Shades Of Grey set: a flogger.


    Flogger: An implement usually used in BDSM, it is made up of a handle and several straps which are attached to it. Can be used to whip or to caress.


    ONTD, have you ever used a flogger during a sexual encounter?

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