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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Katt Williams was arrested on Sunday following a bar fight in Seattle ... during which he allegedly threatened people with a pool cue, this according to Seattle police.

    According to police, Williams "brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business" and later followed a family outside of the bar where he threw a cigarette at a woman as she got into her car, hitting her in the eye.

    Police say Williams also threw a rock at the car.

    Williams was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. He was released early Monday morning.

    The incident is the latest in a string of bizarre behavior from Williams ... who last week was caught on video in Sacramento slapping a Target employee in the face.

    8:46 AM PT -- Katt has been bailed out of jail ... thanks to Suge Knight who foot the bill.

    A rep for Suge tells TMZ ... Williams was bailed out early this morning. The rep tells us Suge is Katt's tour manager.


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  • 12/03/12--18:49: I can't even make this up.
  • SANTA!!!...no wait


    "Baywatch" stud David Hasselhoff, who's best known for saving lives on '90s TV show "Baywatch," was back on the beach Monday with a very different look. Instead of donning his famous red trunks and lifeguard gear, the now 60-year-old Hoff donned a Santa suit and drove a sleigh full of Christmas gifts and decorations along the shore of Southport, England. Hasselhoff's red-and-white costume was traditional aside from the red shorts, which were similar to those he wore in his "Baywatch" days.


    Though it was less than 30 degrees outside, Hasselhoff still gave a big smile as he posed for the festive pics. The photo shoot followed a survey of Britons by Nikon Coolpix that named Hasselhoff the celebrity with whom people would most like to have their photo taken with instead of Santa, according to the U.K.'s The Daily Mail.

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    Adam Richman, famous for eating large quantities of food on TV shows like Man v Food and Amazing Eats, is a Tottenham Hotspur fan (thanks, in part, to FIFA 98 and YouTube). As evidenced by the video above, the Brooklyn native has a deep love for the club, but has somehow never stopped at Spurs' London home, White Hart Lane, during his many travels.

    The idea of watching someone take a stadium tour probably doesn't sound too enthralling, but any time you have the chance to see a person really, REALLY enjoy something, you can't pass it up. And Richman really enjoys this. It's like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory moment for him as all the things he had only seen on television before become real.

    The best part, however, is when he comes through a tunnel up in the stands and sees the pitch right in front of him for the first time (about 1:40 into the video). As tries to fight back tears, he says, "It's stupid -- I never thought I'd see it."

    Whether you're a Spurs fan or not, it's a nice reminder of all the little things aside from the action itself that are a part of our love for the game.


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    OP'S NOTE: Idris Elba may be five years older but he's looking a decade better -- don't drink heavily and smoke, kids!

    Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba are two of our hottest stars of 2012 after starring in Prometheus together, so we were excited to see these pics of them hanging out in Dublin together this weekend!

    Michael was there to support Idris as he DJ'd and rapped at Bucks Townhouse, and enjoyed a night off! Shortly he'll be playing Magneto again in the new X-Men movie, alongside his older counterpart, Sir Ian McKellen.

    Not only was he supporting Idris this weekend, he was spotted giving Ryan Gosling a shoulder massage not so long ago.

    Meanwhile, Idris is working on a third series of Luther. We can't wait to see them back on our screens soon! BS


    click here to learn more about megalodon sharks

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    Hilary at Babies first class with Luca November 28th

    Taking a stroll with Luca in LA November 28th

    Leaving the Jonas Brothers Concert in Los Angeles November 27th

    At the Four Seasons Hotel with Luca November 29th

    At the market with Mike and Luca in Los Angeles December 1st

    Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills December 2nd

    Shopping at XIV Karats with Luca in Beverly Hills December 3rd

    Throwback Thursday with Hilary * Haylie

    Luca is so damn adorable and lol at background people taking pics of her.


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    LAS VEGAS - Meet Marc Bouwer, the man behind Shania Twain's fashion look.

    In other words, her costumes in Twain's new Sin City show Shania: Still The One launching at The Colosseum on Saturday at Caesars Palace for a two year run. In fact, you may already know the fashion designer who previously created such iconic music video outfits as the form-fitting head-to-toe leopard print number with hood the Canadian-born singer wore for That Don't Impress Me Much and the sexy top hat and tails for Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, the latter which led to her getting a Revlon commercial.

    Their relationship dates back 15 years when they were introduced a stylist at the VH1 Divas show and Twain wore some of Bouwer's designs. Following that, she approached him to design an eastern-inspired clingy gold dress, with hood and train, for her clip for From This Moment On and the rest is history.

    "That video created such a sensation and she looked so incredibly beautiful in that, that everyone was like, 'Marc's got to be your style guru,'" said the South African-born, New York-based Bouwer standing near his famous creations now under glass with each accompanying video on display at the entrance way to The Colosseum. "It was immediate and from that moment on everything that she did regarding video and film and appearances we pretty much did."

    But it's quite another thing to create eight or so costumes for a long running Las Vegas show, especially given the anticipation factor. Twain has been on stage for almost a decade. She also lost her voice in a condition known as dysphonia following a devastating divorce from husband-producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, with whom she has an 11-year-old son Eja. She has since remarried the ex-husband of the woman, Twain's former best friend, who Lange left her for.

    The 90-minute, hits-laden Still The One show, tells a very personal story of her life and career according to what little is known so far. "I didn't want it to be a typical Las Vegas extravaganza because that's not who she is," said Bouwer, who worked with Halston earlier in his career before becoming known as a master draper and developing his "athletic glamour" aesthetic.

    "But obviously this (4,300-seat) arena is huge and it's a Vegas audience and you have to amp it up and we have. We have taken her most iconic looks and taken them to another level. And then there's some new things too which are really fantastic and fun. But they're all very polished and they're not the glitz for the sake of glitz. Each scene tells a specific story. There's definitely a lot of sparkle but it's in a very modern way." Adding to the pressure for Bouwer - who has been working with his team on the costumes for the last six months in New York - was Hurricane Sandy.

    "We didn't get water damage, (our office is on the top floor), but we have three skylights, so we were petrified the stuff would get damaged so we wrapped it all up in plastic and we locked it in a room. And fortunately there was no damage there at all but we were two weeks without power and I was supposed to have done a lot of work then. So it was nightmarish. And we sat in the windows in the sunlight and sewed by hand for almost two weeks. I've never been so stressed out about anything because I knew that they were relying on me for the costumes. There was nobody else on board, it was me for her costumes. But we perservered."

    Sources: [1][2]

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    Where in the world is Lindsay Lohan's money? Friends and family members are asking after it was revealed that the Internal Revenue Service has frozen the troubled actress's accounts for nonpayment of federal taxes.

    "Ask Dina [Lohan]," dad Michael Lohan tells The Huffington Post, referring to Lindsay's mom. Michael wonders where the $150,000 his daughter received for promoting an energy drink, along with the $1 million she earned from Playboy and the money she made from her recent Lifetime movie, all went.

    Lindsay reportedly owes the IRS $234,000 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010. She may also owe money for 2011.

    "Her finances are in a mess," one insider tells me. "She lives very large, staying at the best hotels and traveling first-class. All the money she earns she spends, and then when it comes to taxes, she has nothing left. Right now, she is desperate to find a paying gig to just get this burden off her back."

    Charlie Sheen recently gave Lindsay $100,000 to help pay off her debt, but friends say that was a one-off payment and she should not look for another handout from Charlie anytime soon.


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  • 12/03/12--19:27: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Who will inherit Stephanie's fortune?!

    It's not quite over for Bill and Brooke when we will see some more hot steamy kisses between these two. But not to worry Brad is not going down that road because a new man will come into Brooke's life which will lead into a new storyline for Brooke involving a medical twist.

    Thomas's ego starts to get blown out of proportion until a new girl comes to town, hot and very sexy and he falls head over heels for her. Unfortunately for Thomas she could care less about him and has her sights set on someone else, and that someone else is all ready taken.

    Ridge will be coming to town mid December and there's still no decision yet on whether or not we will see Tridge back together again.

    Pam and Donna start going head to head for the chance at being the new Mrs. Eric Forrester, but someone from Eric's past may give them a run for their money.

    There is a new character coming to town called Tyler, who is related to Leslie and may be a threat to Lily and Cane's relationship. He is reported to be a very confident guy, and very street smart. I hear he has been compared to Shemar Moore. His first airdate is 12/12.

    Then we have Alex Chavez the new cop coming to town played by Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego on GH) who will be investigating a situation that involves Noah. Now the question is who else will be coming and who will be leaving?

    Nikki and Chelsea have a chance meeting and talk about their similarities. When the talk turns to the fire on the ranch Nikki mentions she can't understand how someone can do that and destroy everything near and dear to her. Will Chelsea tell Nikki in a round about way that it was Sharon? Or will Nikki figure it out on her own? Ether way Nikki confronts Sharon and it's not gonna be pretty!

    Nick grows suspicious of Summer's actions and confronts Summer knowing she hasn't been going to school.

    Kristen and Brady give in to their attraction and make love and Marlena, thinking that John is in the hotel room with Kristen, walks in on Kristen and Brady in bed.

    Will agrees to go along with Nick and Gabi's plan to wed and let everyone think the baby is Nick's. Gabi fears that Sonny will drop Will if he learns the truth. But Sonny has other concerns regarding Gabi when Chad shares Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping. Chad goes on to tell Kristen that he is planning his revenge against her.

    Nicole finally starts to realize that Daniel is not going to be a part of her life.

    Jennifer is concerned about Daniel and goes to see him at the Horton cabin, where she collapses in pain and is rushed to the hospital.

    Now why would Days need their stunt coordinator, Terry James, on the set for Nick and Gabi's wedding?

    Helena Cassadine is back and not a moment too soon when she reveals she knows the real Duke's whereabouts Will Port Charles ever be the same. Helena returns to Wyndemere thinking Nikolas has invited her, but comes across someone else. Helena has worked with Faison in the past so it should come as no surprise that she finds out about his latest plot, now the question is will she work along side of Faison or against him?

    Where has John been these days? Looking for Jason possibly? Anna asks John to join the PCPD and of course he agrees. Robert asks John for help as well as Dante when he informs them what he has found out. Look for Robert's investigation to lead him to an old enemy. Now the question is, will Robert regret his actions?

    Molly's manuscript goes missing and the poor child is beside herself. If you remember Connie was reading the book in Todd's office. Connie does the unthinkable, well not for Connie of course but she takes full credit for writing the book.

    Those rumors of Jack Wagner coming to GH may have been just that, Wagner was at ABC Studios filming a new "Castle" episode. But interestingly when Robert made a phone call to someone he needed help from Frisco comes to mind.

    What if Heather was still legally married to Edward and ELQ was her for the taking?

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Metallica is launching its very own record label, Blackened Recordings, and has regained control of all its master tapes. The band apparently signed a sweetheart of a deal with the Warner Music Group back in 1994 wherein—effective Nov. 30, 2012—the group would own the rights to all its music and long-form videos. While that sounds totally reasonable (Why shouldn’t bands own their own songs, after all?), the vast majority of artists don't enjoy this privilege, making Metallica one of the luckiest groups around.

    And because the band can’t just let WMG keep making money off their music, Metallica will eventually reissue all its recorded material—including videos “and anything else that suits them”—through Blackened. The first release will be Dec. 10’s Quebec Magnetic, a DVD of the band’s two World Magnetic live shows in Quebec in the fall of 2009, with a set list voted on by fans earlier this fall.


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    The famous duo treated fans to a steamy kiss.

    The buxom blonde stepped out with her decades older husband to attend Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King in Los Angeles on Saturday where her flashy attire literally stole the spotlight.

    Courtney looked older than her 18 years in a form-fitting metallic gold gown that showed off her ample cleavage and left little else to the imagination; it was so artificial looking it almost worked as a space-age metallic Barbarella tribute but Stodden's tacky bra straps ruined the effect.

    The shining dress had a slit going up the side that showed off her amazing long legs and those high caliber clear platform heels.

    Courtney definitely loves the shoes - she also wore them to the Jayden-Suede event at SIX01 Studio in Downtown Los Angeles on November 11.

    It was a good thing she had the arm of her 52-year-old husband to cling to as she tottered around the more recent event which took place at Raleigh Studios.

    The platinum-haired starlet, who obviously borrowed her bombshell image from ultimate babe Pamela Anderson, wore crimson lipstick and a white fur stole that she couldn't help but caress.

    Courtney seemed to have a wonderful time making a spectacle of herself, taking advantage of every photo op while displaying lots of public affection with Doug who was more casually dressed in dark suit and burgundy shirt.

    At one point Courtney hopped onto a bed lavishly made up with dark red and gold coverlet and pillows and dragged Doug on it with her, preening all the while.

    The teen was also seen lounging on a sofa flashing those long bare limbs in view of everyone.

    Courtney later took to Twitter to share her experience, writing, 'Had a blast at the King of Thailand's 85th bday party here in Hollywood -- Happy birthday!! Xoxoxo.'

    The aspiring country singer and actress, who grew up in Washington, met the Green Mile actor in an acting class he was teaching and was only 16 when they wed in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2011.

    The couple, who appeared as cast members on VH1's Couple's Theraphy, drew criticism due to the wide difference in their ages.

    According to Hutchison his agent quit, his family disowned him and he received death threats.


    Arrival video:

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    She's clearly a star that's nabbed a lot of attention as of late and on Monday (December 3), Taylor Swift was honored with a Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award in New York City.

    Stepping into the Marriott Marquis Hotel, the 22-year-old singer looked lovely in a classic knee length cream-colored dress with gold overlay while receiving recognition for her dedication to social change.

    Others stars in attendance included Master of Ceremonies Alec Baldwin, Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Matthew Broderick, Mia Farrow, and Harry Belafonte.


    Taylor with Harry Styles and fans last night outside a restaurant. Also apparently Taylor was seen walking into Harry's hotel today.

    She performed Starlight at the event which was inspired by  Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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    WTF @ Blair

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    Jon Bon Jovi breaks his silence following the November 14 heroin overdose that hospitalized his daughter Stephanie, 19, last month.

    The legendary rocker, 50, says he’s “confident” his daughter will be okay, telling the Associated Press, “You surround them with the best help and love and move on, and that’s where we’re at with it.”

    The incident occurred in Stephanie’s Hamilton College dorm room in Clinton, N.Y.

    “It’s human,” Bon Jovi, 50. “What I do for a living seems glitzy and glamorous but if you don’t take it too seriously it’s a great way to make a living. And then life goes on. Things happen. This tragedy was something that I had to face too. So we’ll get through it.”

    “I appreciate the outpouring of kindness in light of what happened in my household,” the father-of-four says. “I’m shocked as much as the next parent with this situation and had no idea.”

    And it sounds like they’re all looking forward to a brighter future.

    “But then you surround them with best help and love and move on, and that’s where we’re at with it,” he shares. “Steph is a great kid. Great GPA. Cool school, Hamilton College up in Clinton, N.Y. Everything about it is idyllic. She was doing great. Then a sudden and steep decline. Hopefully, we caught it when we did and that’s the end of it. But who knew? I’ve got three more to come.”

    Jon and Dorothea are also parents to sons Jesse, 17, Jacob, 10, and Romeo, 8.


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  • 12/03/12--21:03: Perfection on the Red Carpet
  • Gemma Arterton looked beyond amazing at the Marrakech Film Festival at a “Tribute To Hindi Cinema” event.




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  • 12/03/12--22:40: Time For an Emma Stone Post

  • Out and About in LA November 2nd

    Emma and Andrew go on a Cemetery of the Star's Tour November 3rd

    Leaving Windsor Pilates November 6th

    Leaving Salon November 5th

    Out for lunch teasing the paprazzi with Andrew November 8th

    Emma and Andrew at LAX November 16th

    Emma hits the House of Tailoring, West Hollywood, CA November 21st

    Emma and Andrew driving around Hollywood, after getting pulled over by the cops November 22nd


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Christopher Nolan has said he's done with Gotham's iconic characters now that "The Dark Knight Rises" is done, but the director thinks Anne Hathaway should continue on with the role of Catwoman - but is the actress ready to suit of again as the sexy Selina Kyle?

    Access Hollywood's Michelle Beadle sat down with Anne at the junket for her latest movie, "Les Miserables," where we asked the actress about possibly playing the Batman role again.

    "No one's talked to me about it," Anne said when asked about a possible spin-off.

    "I would love it. I actually, it's so embarrassing, I was at a press Q & A thing the other night for a screening of 'The Dark Knight,' and the moderator asked me, 'So what was it like to say goodbye to the character?' And I burst into tears, because I miss her," the 30-year-old said. "It just makes me cry. I miss her. I love Selena so much and I love her presence in my life and getting to... I'm crying again."

    Adding, "So assuming there was enough Kleenex in the world, I would love to do a spin-off."

    Watch her teary-eyed response

    Back in July, Access asked Nolan about working with the actress as she brought Catwoman to life.

    "Anne is incredibly precise and articulate about the psychology of the character. She's really built it from the ground up, it's just a delight to watch her perform," the director told Access at the time. "The things she does in those heels is not to be taken lightly."

    The director was quick to squash any notion that he would helm a Catwoman spinoff, but said he thinks Anne should continue on.

    "For me, Gotham and these characters, I'm done. I've told our story and I'm moving on," he continued, explaining that he'd love to see Anne play the character again under another director's guidance. "I certainly think she deserves it, she's incredible."

    SRC& SRC

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    The holiday season is in full swing and DMX just can't keep his excitement to himself.

    The Ruff Ryders rapper proved he has been practicing his Christmas carols, singing a lively version of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" during a visit to New York's Power 105.1. X used all the musical tools at his disposal, banging a beat out on the desk and ad-libbing with both a "WHAT" and "C'MON!" -- necessary additions to any DMX cover.

    Enjoy the performance in the clip above.


    negl, i enjoyed it.

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    Out and proud "Shahs of Sunset" star Reza Farahan has zero tolerance for gay men who are in the closet, recommending that all of them should come out. However, he also has zero tolerance for the endless rumors that his boss, the show's executive producer Ryan Seacrest, is gay.

    "Ryan is not gay. I'm 100 percent sure," Reza tells The Huffington Post. "If you spend two minutes in his presence, you would never ask that question."

    "He's amazing," Reza adds. "He's such an accomplished human being. He's so positive and he's motivating. When you are around him, you don't focus on what he's wearing or whom he's with, it's kind of like, wow, this young entrepreneur has built this huge empire. You get caught up in what this person has done in the world rather than who he has done. The rumors are stupid."

    The 38-year-old breakout star of the show says he doesn't think of himself as the star, but is happy Seacrest has put a spotlight on Persian culture.

    "There are some of my family members that are not thrilled that you can see me kissing a man in the show's promos," says Reza, "but it's an important part of my life. You can be Persian and gay."

    "Shahs of Sunset" airs on Sunday’s at 10 p.m. on Bravo.


    Did anyone watch the premiere last night?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She's no longer the Nanny, but Fran Drescher, 55, still takes care of people.
    "I carry a variety of over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs," the single actress, who stars in Happily Divorced, tells Us Weekly. "For me and anyone else in need!"

    Other provisions in her Dooney & Bourke tote?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Vision Quest
    "I keep two pairs of reading glasses with me. Very often I'll go to a restaurant wearing my really cool Oliver Peoples lenses and someone will say, 'I forgot my glasses!' So I'll offer them my extra pair."

    Always Prepared
    "I have a couple of condoms in my bag, in case I get lucky!I want to be spontaneous but I also want to have safe sex."(GET IT FRAN!!)

    Dentist's Dream
    "I'm really into dental hygiene. I use Gum toothpicks after each meal and I carry a toothbrush, as well as Vita-Myr toothpaste. I'm a big believer in the pristine."

    Bump It Up
    "A hair pick helps when I'm wearing my hair curly. I can do a little tease on the crown and give it a nice lift."

    Back Off!
    "I like to keep pepper spray handy. If I ever feel threatened, it goes in my hand. It gives me an extra level of confidence."

    More Essentials:
    Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation ($27, maccosmetics.com)
    Mac Red Lip Liner in Redd ($15, maccosmetics.com)
    Mac Lipglass in Russian Red ($15, maccosmetics.com)
    Mason Pearson Hair Brush ($88, barneys.com)



    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    On the latest episode of Nashville Hayden P's  bra scene showed off some odd-looking cleavage.




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