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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    A cast of colorful and friendly calaveras (Spanish for skull) are hitting the big screens to tell the animated story of the Mexican holiday known as “Day of the Dead.”

    Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum team up to tell the vivid and unique story of three friends in the upcoming animated comedy film “The Book of Life.”

    Meet Manolo (Luna), Maria (Saldana) and Joaquin (Tatum), three childhood friends caught in a love triangle, where Manolo and Joaquin are in the fight to win Maria’s heart.

    “Manolo and my character Joaquin were best friends, we were all like the Three Musketeers,” said Channing Tatum, discussing his first major animated role, according to USA Today.

    “But craziness ensues as the gods wager. Things happen that people won’t expect, I can guarantee that.”

    The story focuses on Luna’s character, Manolo, and his journey to finding out who he is.

    The film is directed by Mexican natives Jorge Gutierrez and producer Guillermo del Toro, who bring the story of Dia de Muertos celebrated on Nov. in Mexico.

    “I have been pitching the story and people have been saying, ‘This is cool, but you’re never going to get it made,’ ” said movie director Gutierrez.

    “To other cultures it might seem dark, but the Day of the Dead is actually a very positive thing. It’s about joyfully remembering the people no longer with us.”

    And positive it is, as the 3-D computer animated film conveys an important message.

    “It goes to a place of sour grapes and deep hurt to the point of losing their friendship,” said Tatum. “But friendship always wins. That’s the message of this story: love and friendship and what you’re willing to sacrifice for these ideas.”

    The three amigos are joined by a promising cast, which includes some of Latino’s finest such as, Eugenio Derbez, Kate del Castillo, Gabriel Iglesias, Placido Dominguez, Danny Trejo and music by Gustavo Santaolalla.

    “The Book of Life,” produced by Reel FX Creative Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox, will hit theaters later this year on October 17.


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    Game of Thrones Emmy submissions for season 4

    The official ballots for the 2014 Primetime Emmys were posted by the Television Academy today. With the ballots posted, we’re able now to see who will be up for a nomination this year.

    Generally, HBO and its showrunners choose which episodes and performers they would like to submit for each category, but actors may submit themselves if they so choose.

    The final nominations will be announced by the Academy on July 10th, with the awards ceremony taking place later this summer.

    Here’s the 2014 Game of Thrones submission list:

    Outstanding Drama Series

    Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series- “The Children”

    Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: Alex Graves (“The Children”), Alik Sakharov (“The Laws of Gods and Men”), Neil Marshall (“The Watchers on the Wall”).

    Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series- Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Charles Dance, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington

    Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams

    Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Pedro Pascal

    Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Diana Rigg

    Art Direction: “The Laws of Gods and Men,” “The Mountain and the Viper”

    Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

    Oustanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series: “Mockingbird,” “Oathkeeper,” “The Lion and the Rose,” “Two Swords”

    Sound Editing: “The Watchers on the Wall”

    Sound Mixing: “The Watchers on the Wall”

    Outstanding Costumes: “The Lion and the Rose”

    Outstanding Hairstyling: “The Lion and the Rose”

    Outstanding Make-up (Non-prosthetic): “Oathkeeper”

    Outstanding Prosthetic Make-up: “The Children”

    Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Miniseries or Movie

    Outstanding Interactive Program – Game of Thrones Premiere: Facebook Live and Instagram

    HEYYYYOOOOO!!! I'm sick so I figured I'd come back and make a post to while away the time. Anyway, boo @ no Alfie Allen. But lbr, Peter is the only one getting anything anyway. Oh, and Natalie Dormer submitted herself again this year as she wasn't originally on HBO's submissions ballot.

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    Few actors have years as good as the one Lupita Nyong’o is currently having right now. Fresh off of an Academy Award for her critically acclaimed performance in Best Picture winner "12 Years a Slave," Nyong’o has just signed on for a role in "Star Wars: Episode VII." Not only does Nyong’o’s involvement in J.J. Abrams’ "Star Wars" sequel up the expectations for that film considerably, it also means that Nyong’o is going to use her momentum and time in the spotlight to defy convention by traveling to genres dominated by white male actors. This is a very welcome change.

    This would also be a welcome change for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, should Nyong’o continue to balance her filmography with both dramatic and blockbuster roles. So far, there have been very few women of color in Marvel’s big screen output; Zoe Saldana’s Gamora is the only one that comes to mind. That’s a shame considering how progressive the MCU films have been regarding men of color and female roles. Here’s hoping that Marvel’s planning on fixing that, and that they’ll have Lupita Nyong’o put her talents to work in one of these roles.

    5. Misty Knight

    As Marvel’s first black female protagonist, the bionic-armed detective Misty Knight deserves much more attention than she’s gotten in her nearly forty years of existence. As one half of the crime fighting duo the Daughters of the Dragon, Misty Knight has kept New York City’s streets clean and fought alongside heroes like Iron Fist and Luke Cage. This role would allow for Nyong’o to play a different type of strong character, one built as much on witty attitude as on confidence. With Luke Cage and Iron Fist getting Netflix series of their own, Marvel Studios should consider setting one of their episodes aside to act as a pilot for a Misty Knight series.

    4. Medusa

    Rumors have been circling for years now about the Inhumans place in the MCU and the possibilities for their eventual feature film. If that happens, Lupita Nyong’o would be a perfect fit for the Inhuman queen Medusa. As the matriarch of the Inhuman Royal Family, whoever plays Medusa has to exude both warmth and regality; those are two qualities are so essential to Nyong’o, they come across in every word she speaks. And if anyone can pull off the kinda goofy ability of having dozens of feet of prehensile hair, it’s the incredibly powerful Nyong’o.

    3. Moondragon

    There are way more women in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics than the upcoming feature film would lead movie goers to believe, and we really hope that a few more of them make their way into future Marvel movies. Like the rest of the Guardians, Moondragon has a bit of a complicated history; she’s an Earth woman that was raised on Saturn’s moon Titan, where she honed her considerable mental powers under the guidance of monks. Also, she was initially brought to Titan by Thanos’ father, Mentor. Oh, and, yeah, she’s also the daughter of the tortured human spirit that resides within Drax the Destroyer. So…she’s a bit complicated. But if there’s one actress that can cut through all of those complications and make the character feel fully formed and independent, it’s Nyong’o. And unlike Medusa, Moondragon sports a hairstyle much more similar to Lupita’s everyday look.

    2. Spectrum

    The Avengers need more women, and they need Captain Marvel – the original female Captain Marvel. No disrespect to Carol Danvers, who absolutely one-hundred million percent should show up ASAP, but we can’t forget Monica Rambeau. She’s gone by a number of other code names, like Spectrum, but one thing has remained constant: she’s a willful, take-no-crap, bad-ass with the guts to lead the Avengers and the powers to back up every single one of her decisions. She’s a powerhouse of a character, one that demands respect from even someone like Tony Stark. This feels like the Marvel character Lupita was born to play.

    1. Storm

    Well, except for Storm. We know this is Fox territory, and if Fox really wants to one-up Marvel Studios, they would quit wasting time and cast Nyong’o as Storm before anyone else fills up her post-"Episode VII" schedule. With "X-Men: Apocalypse" set in the 1980s and producers and writers already hinting that we’ll see younger versions of familiar characters, bringing in Nyong’o as ‘80s punk Storm just seems like a no-brainer. Since she was raised in Kenya, exactly where Professor X first recruited Storm forty years ago, Lupita’s natural speaking voice just sounds like Storm; you hear her talk, and you finally realize what Halle Berry was trying to do in 2000’s "X-Men." She can play strong, she can play regal, she can play complicated and messy – she can do everything an actress needs to do to play Storm right. Just watch any of Nyong’o’s many acceptance speeches; the woman knows how to command attention. This isn’t a Marvel Studios role, no, but it’s one that needs to happen.


    What other roles can the internet start casting Lupita in?

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  • 06/09/14--19:54: Will & Jada In Paradise
  • No marital trouble here.


    It seems that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are regularly battling breakup rumors in the tabloids, but the married couple of nearly 17 years appeared to be more in love than ever over the weekend.

    Jada, 42, was photographed kissing and holding hands with her 45-year-old husband on the beach in Hawaii. The couple was snapped as they giggled and twirled around on the beach (doesn't everybody?), appearing relaxed during their getaway.



    Though Will also spent some of his vacation working out with a trainer on the sand, it's Jada's super fit bikini body that caught our attention. Can you say ripped?

    The pair appeared to be having a ball together, giggling as they stood in the water.
    They even gave each other a high-five as they emerged from the surf.





    Willow was clearly feeling the love for both her famous parents, as she also gave her father a peck on the lips after her swim.

    Last month, the 13-year-old made headlines after a photo of her lying on a bed with her friend, Moises Arias, emerged on social media. Arias was shirtless, which led many to call into question the appropriateness of their relationship as he is 20.

    "Here's the deal," Jada told a sea of paparazzi shortly after the incident blew up. "There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You're acting like covert pedophiles and that's not cool."

    The couple were also hit with split rumours late last year after pictures surfaced showing Will getting cosy in a photo booth with his Focus co-star Margot Robbie.

    In the pictures, published in Star magazine, Margot lifts up her top to reveal her lacy white bra, as Will pulls up his own shirt, pressing his bare chest against her back.

    However, Margot took to Twitter to deny any inappropriate behaviour and insisted the pair were ‘just goofing around’.

    We're guessing the Smith clan was definitely ready for a drama-free vacation.

    DAT ASS....

    Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/will-and-jada-pack-on-the-pda-in-hawaii-231313699.html

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is scheduled for a 2015 release.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider has been confirmed as the next game in the famed Tomb Raider series and Lara Croft's next step in becoming who she was meant to be.

    Lara Croft had a rough go of it in the Tomb Raider reboot that came out last year—rough enough to land her in therapy, suffering from flashbacks and other psychological trauma. Her therapist worries that she's fallen into a "mental trap," from which she may never escape. But there's another possibility, too: Through our struggles, as she puts it herself, "We become who we're meant to be."

    There's no gameplay in the new trailer--it's clearly all about the narrative, as Lara continues to evolve into the character we've grown familiar with over the past decade and change. She's still clearly not the cavalier heroine of the franchise's early days, but Rise of the Tomb Raider looks like it will be a big step in that direction.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is slated for the 2015 holiday season, and our fingers are crossed for a multiplatform launch.

    Can't wait!


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    “When critics decide its time to pull up the gates and seal us all inside our castle of grown-up things, they cease to be people who deserve being listened to.”

    So writes author John Warner, in his commentary during website The Morning News’s annual Tournament of Books literary bracket, after judge Natasha Vargas-Cooper classified John Green’s breakaway young-adult novel The Fault in Our Stars and Chris Ware’s graphic novel Building Stories (which is not young adult) as “juvenile.”

    “So much of our culture has already been ceded to the grubby hands and blunted tastes of teenagers, I refuse to surrender my reading choices to them as well,” Vargas-Cooper wrote.

    When something takes off the way young adult fiction has in recent years, you’re bound to get backlash. The latest naysayer was Ruth Graham, in her controversial Slate piece “Against YA,” published last week, which argued that adults should be embarrassed to read young adult books.

    Vargas-Cooper and Graham express one of the two arguments I most commonly hear used to dismiss YA as unserious and unworthy. It boils down to, “It’s for children, and I’m not a child.” (The other argument is just “It’s bad,” which is the reductive dismissal of someone who doesn’t read YA but has heard of Twilight.)

    According to this line of thinking, books from the perspective of teenagers are distasteful to mature, grown-up palates. Having entered adulthood, we should now exclusively read books aimed at and written by adults. Which is kind of like moving to France and then deciding you’ll only read French novels.

    As this is far from the first time this argument has come up (and it won’t be the last), there are a couple stock defenses of YA at this point. One is, “Don’t make people feel bad for reading. People should read whatever they want.” And that’s correct. The other is that YA is varied and multifaceted, and if only skeptics did more research, they’d find many great books. This is true, too, although listing examples of great YA books feels a little to me like listing examples of funny women—of course they exist. I shouldn’t have to prove it to you.

    In an article in New York on reading YA as an adult, Jen Doll cites an “undeniable nostalgic lure.” I won’t deny that some of the appeal may lie in reading and remembering what it’s like to be that age, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. I don’t read these books to recapture a lost youth. I read them because the stories are good and meaningful to me now.

    And what, exactly, makes them good and meaningful? One of the great values of literature is its ability to convey experiences different from our own, to let us see inside the heads of characters from different time periods, different countries, different races, classes, and, yes, ages. Every time a grownup reads a YA book, they widen their perspective in important ways.

    I don’t mean to delegitimize young adult books’ primary audience by suggesting their only value is to provide adults with a window into teens’ lives, or that the stories are only good if grownups can like them. What I do mean to say is that things made for teenagers are not inherently less worthy of our time, attention, and critical consideration, simply because they’re for and about teens.

    The best part of a story, to me, has always been watching characters change. And what unites works of YA fiction, whether set on suburban streets or on a spaceship in the future, is how quickly and how dramatically its characters experience change. It makes sense—teenage years are the time of greatest turmoil, of most radical growth. And narratives of change always resonate, even if, as adults, our own changes often happen more subtly. It seems naïve to separate our growth as humans into periods arbitrarily bounded by age. The process of personhood might slow with age, but it doesn’t stop.

    And if the conclusions of YA books are “simple,” as Graham says (debatable), well, are we really so grown up as to be beyond simple lessons? When John Green writes, “What a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than a person,” should we roll our eyes because that straightforward, true sentiment doesn’t totally blow our minds the way it might have when we were younger? In the course of my “adult” reading this year, I came across a quote from Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face, tucked into the afterward of Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams:

    "I used to think truth was eternal, that once I knew, once I saw, it would be with me forever. … I know now that this isn’t so, that most truths are inherently unretainable, that we have to work all our lives to remember the most basic things."

    Just because you learn something once at 16, doesn’t mean you won’t have to re-learn it over and over again throughout your life. The big, important things are often crowded out of our heads by small daily concerns.

    Everyone still has gaps between who they are and who they could be. To help close those gaps, we could stand be reminded now and again of the elemental truths that we first encountered as teenagers. If reading YA as adults makes us feel older and wiser than the characters, if we remember but don’t relate to the people we used to be, it is only an illustration of our capacity for change.


    What are you reading ONTD? I am surprised there's no YA tag since we get a lot of these.

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    They took down the Hawks, won a gold medal at the Junior Goodwill Games, and humbled the powerful Eden Hall Academy varsity. Honestly, what mountains are left for the Mighty Ducks to climb?

    We’re not sure, but we may be about to find out. In an absolutely riveting oral history of the trilogy, star Joshua Jackson had this to say about a potential sequel:

    “I feel like a fourth film should happen, and if there was space for any of the original kids that come back and have a role, I would be surprised that anybody didn't want to do it, The next generation should have its own version. Not that we need to come back as adults, but I hope my kids grow up and play pickup hockey and I hope that they have their own movies like my generation had those movies. In that way, yeah, of course, I'd be a part of something like that.”

    Please please please let this happen. The same article offers up a suggested movie from producer Jordan Kerner:

    I wanted to license this dark adult play, That Championship Season. It was going to be the death of Gordon Bombay as an older man, and Marty was going to play him. And Goldberg would be played by like Jim Belushi. You know, we were literally going to pair up everybody with a present-day actor, but it was going to be not unlike Chariots of Fire, the sort of look back at a moment in time when their coach came back to them and did something that changed their lives forever.

    So you cut from the present of the kids and they would have been all of 18 or 19, so they would have become the high school seniors. And we probably would have played the third movie that I wanted to make, which would have been that return to the Goodwill Games and losing to Iceland. But it would be set against this thing going on in a bar or restaurant where all the present-day guys grown up talking about what this coach meant to them.

    And we’d see that played out against them as 18-year-olds on the ice and Emilio playing in that and his father playing in a series of scenes where he was dying and they had to say their goodbyes. So I was looking for a really literate and emotional way for all of them to come back together again as men and to say goodbye to the man who meant so much to them. But it wasn’t meant to be.

    There have been a number of times that we have discussed with the studio the idea of either bringing it back and bringing it back possibly with one or two of the guys who are now in their thirties as the coaches, and having a few more of them be their friends in their lives and having the kids come back.

    I’m not going to fuel the rumor mill that it’s going to happen, but I’m saying to you that the studio said to us, “We’d be interested if you come to us with the right story.” And that’s something that we’ve been all thinking about independently and I think that we may be coming closer to having the right idea for that.

    Source, tl;dr: An Oral History of the Mighty Ducks Trilogy

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    As Michael Jackson's estate grows in value, the yearly allowance his children Prince, 17, Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12, share has increased from $5 million to $8 million-and it sounds like they take full advantage of it.

    Page Six talks to sources including former Jackson friend Marc Schaffel, who's now engaged to Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, for details on how the kids spend their money:

    -Prince has spent more than $50,000 on custom-made jewelry for three of his girlfriends, plus $40,000 on a new Ford pick-up truck. He wants to save enough money to buy back his father's Neverland Ranch, currently in control of creditors with an asking price of $35 million.

    -Paris also likes to buy gifts for friends, including shoes and athletic gear. The annual cost for her to stay at a therapeutic boarding school, following last year's suicide attempt, is also in the six figures.

    -Blanket likes to take his cousins to dinners at expensive restaurants; their nights out, which also include trips to the movies, typically come to about $500 plus tips. He also spends $200 an hour for karate lessons and a personal trainer.

    The kids also take three vacations a year, totaling $350,000 including first-class airfare and security-in Hawaii, they stay in a $5,500-per-night suite; in Vegas, they sometimes rent the Bellagio's penthouse suite, which can cost as much as $5,000 per night.

    Even so, "they're not [as bad] as their father" when it comes to spending wildly, one source says. Sources recall crazy stories about MJ, including the time Elizabeth Taylor pointed out jewels she liked in a catalog and Jackson sent two members of his security team on a private jet to Switzerland to buy them. He also spent $90,000 to impress Macaulay Culkin, sources say. Once, he took Culkin "on this expensive gondola-like ride along the ocean and buys Mac's caretaker an expensive necklace and sends her shopping just so he could spend time with him," a source says.


    ONTD, what is your yearly allowa--- ahaha just messin' with you broke hoes. <3

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    Having enjoyed a career as one of the world's highest-paid supermodels, covered countless mags and topped nearly every hot list since the mid-'80s, Cindy Crawford certainly needs no introduction. This past Sunday, the mother of two provided serious fitness inspo at SoulCycle in Malibu, where she and her genetically-blessed clan pedaled alongside a very lucky group of riders to toast her partnership with Cali-based healthy lifestyle brand Urban Remedy. (We can attest that the supe's definitely still got it.)

    After discovering Cali-based acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist Neka Pasquale in 2012, the iconic face has since turned to the Urban Remedy founder for her "food is medicine" philosophy and holistic approach to wellness. "It is confusing to decipher between diet fads, ingredient trends and true expertise, and—like everyone—I was overwhelmed until I met Neka," Crawford revealed to us.

    "In [Neka], I have found a credible and trustworthy healthy living expert who is creating innovative products that are the very best for me and my family," Crawford says. "I feel it important to share her wisdom with others to help demystify healthy nutrition and trigger change."



    Source: http://la.racked.com/archives/2014/06/09/the_cali_health_guru_that_supermodel_cindy_crawford_swears_by.php#more

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    Spoilers through Hannibal: Season 2 follow...

    I freely admit to being one of those people who thought that making a TV show based on Hannibal Lecter was a bad idea. Even more so given that it was to air on NBC. I mean, what good would it be to do a Hannibal series if you didn't couldn't coat it in the TV-MA content that a cable channel, or a premium cable channel, could allow?

    Two seasons later and here I am eating my words. With fava beans and a [edit: sentence deleted under "Hack Movie Reference Law #26].

    No, you can't hear cuss words on Hannibal. Nor can you see butts, nips, peeps, shlurps, or jib jabs. But the show still somehow manages to stand tall as a stunning testimony to what you can do on network TV (given the timeslot and a certain level of haggling). See, the trick is to hide all your gore and carnage within a pristine baroque palate of gorgeousness. And then make people want to vomit.

    I'm serious about the puke part. Even the twisted task of writing this feature caused certain feelings to, um, bubble back up. Because some of this is wicked rancid. Blech. And the kicker here is that all this potent disturbia is mixed in with amazing, poetic imagery and delectable looking gourmet meals. Sure, most of the meals are made out of human parts, but - dammit! - they still look heavenly.

    Want to know how disgusting this show can be? One episode featured a murdered judge hanging from the ceiling with his brain cut out. And it's not on the list. Another moment featured a guy being forced to eat his own leg. Not here. This show is so nasty it'll make you want to slap your butcher. Which isn't really a saying. Or a euphemism. Just a expression of shock and and anger toward someone whose job it is to slice up dead, processed animals.

    Here are eight and a half extremely disturbing Hannibal moments...

    Cello Goodbye

    One standout moment from Season 1 happened when a fellow serial killer, Tobias - who shared Hannibal's disdain for inept musicians - wandered into to Dr. Lecter's orbit and got taken out. It was a furious battle between two killers with a passion for elaborate tableaus. Though Tobias' staged sets were a bit "on the nose" given that he ran a stringed instrument shop. Hence...Cello Man!!!

    And Will, being Will, naturally imagine-i-fied that he was the guy playing the human cello. Graciously providing us with Reason #200 for not going to the symphony. Because not only would we spend the whole time intermittently jerking our head up while fighting sleepy lids, there's a good chance we'd offend some snobbish murderer in the crowd and then get turned into a some sort of half-man/half-bassoon monstrosity.

    To this day though, I still torn about which was creepier: Charlie McCello or the image of Hobbs in the seats giving Will a slow clap.

    That's a Wrap

    Right at the beginning of Season 2 came one of the most vile, revolting things that anyone's ever seen with their eyeballs. So foul. Another one of those "It would have been waaaay better to have just died" moments. Because unlike everyone else in the savage silo filled with intertwining, sewn-together human bodies, this poor dude didn't peacefully drift off into death from a heroin overdose. He actually woke up. And then immediately regretted his body's stubborn decision to live.

    From there, he tore himself free. Yes, tore. As in, ripped himself off of the people he was stitched too. To this day, I still can't look at my cat, Patches.

    To Spite the Face

    It's pretty spectacular that Hannibal, as a show, can provide us with a punishment so ugly and repugnant that we can be all like "I know Mason Verger's a soulless, masochistic pedophile, but maybe - just maybe - this is going too far."

    As it turns out, Michael Pitt would have actually made a hell of a Joker if he'd been given the chance - as his enjoyable lavish and over-the-top performance as Mason allowed us to see him in a psychopathic supervillain light for the first time. In the end though, he wound up as Two-Face. What with Hannibal wiring him up with a powerful psychotropic drug and then coercing him to slice off his own face one prized piece at a time. Pieces that were then fed to Will's hungry hounds.

    Oh, and for second breakfast, Hannibal convinced Mason to chop off his own nose and eat it. Blerg. So grody. It's enough to almost put me off noses. Almost.

    Who's Shroomin' Who?

    There were these people...who were alive...and in the ground...and

    F*** it! They have f***ing mushrooms growing out of them! IT'S TERRIBLE! DAMMIT! MOVING ON!

    House of a Thousand Corpses

    At the end of Season 2, this series was all like "you want to see what kind of finale a show that's perpetually on the cancellation bubble can do?" And so we wound up with manor full of mutilation. With all of our heroes in various crucial states of bleeding to death all over the place.

    And mirroring the pilot episode, Will did his best to try and stop Abigail's carotid hemorrhaging. But there was too much blood. And he himself was leaking crimson from his own gut. Which thusly turned Hannibal's kitchen floor into a sort of a sopping Will-bigail stew. It was pretty much the worst.

    And we won't get to see the fallout from this splatter show for another nine months or so. Another reason why this show is going to psychological grind me down into a fine powder.


    Smh @ the author for not including the bees...

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    I've gone on record at least a few times to say that I can be kind of snoopy. I mean—who doesn't like knowing what other women do to stay healthy during their very busy lives?

    So when Haute Living Los Angeles asked Alessandra Ambrosio for an hour-by-hour look into her day, well...yeah, I was naturally curious to know how a Victoria's Secret model eats, exercises, and...you know, lives. It turns out that Alessandra is fan of big breakfasts, plenty of coffee, Pilates, and Japanese food. Take a look:

    7:30 A.M. "I wake up, brush my teeth and then kiss my fiance and two kids good morning before heading down to my kitchen for some time to myself before everyone wakes up. I like to check my emails and go over what’s new for Ale by Alessandra while the house is still quiet."

    8:00 A.M. "I wake up my kids and we have a healthy breakfast of eggs, English muffins, fruit, and coffee (for me) before getting my daughter ready for school."

    9:00 A.M. "I drop my daughter, Anja, off at school and my son, Noah, off at his playgroup. I hate being away from them, but it gives me a few hours to get some work done."

    9:30 A.M. "Off to Pilates class, where I meet a friend and get in some girl time. It’s important to break a sweat every day, and I love the way Pilates makes me feel long and lean."

    10:45 A.M. "I stop into a cafe after class and pick up a cup of coffee, then head home to shower and get dressed for the day. While at home, I check back into my emails and make a few phone calls to my agent and publicist to go over upcoming jobs and events."

    12:30 P.M. "I pick Noah up at his playgroup, and then we take a trip to Planet Blue to check on Ale by Alessandra (and maybe sneak in a little shopping for myself). We then grab a quick lunch before continuing on with our day."

    1:45 P.M. "Noah and I go to his music class. I love watching him explore and interact with the other kids. It’s crazy how fast kids grow!"

    3:00 P.M. "I pick Anja up from school and then take her and Noah for an after-school treat at Pinkberry followed by some playtime at the park. I try to encourage my kids to be outside as much as possible and to just enjoy being young and carefree."

    5:00 P.M. "I get the kids showered and cleaned up before preparing dinner for them. Tonight I’m making a chicken and veggie stir-fry with brown rice. I always pick at the kids’ meals even though I’ll be going for my own dinner in a bit."

    7:00 P.M. "I pop in a movie for the kids (they’re obsessed with Frozen, so it’s usually that lately) while I get myself cleaned up and ready for my own dinner out."

    8:30 P.M. "I tuck the kids into bed, kiss them goodnight, and then make sure the sitter is all set before heading out with my fiance to meet some friends."

    9:00 P.M. "We have dinner at Katsuya in L.A. I have a serious weakness for Japanese food, and Katsuya is one of my favorites!"

    11:00 P.M. "I head home for the night. I have to head to bed early because I have an early call time in the morning!"


    fitness post~!

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    “22 Jump Street” hits theaters on June 13, and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum definitely need some music to soundtrack their antics in the film. Producers have tapped Detroit rapper, Angel Haze, for the movie’s title track, “22 Jump Street,” which includes a feature from Ludacris.

    Angel Haze has been earning a name for herself in the rap underground, but this new release takes her well outside of her normal output. Her vocals are almost unrecognizable on the frenetic dance-track. Either way, this is a big look for the 22-year-old, and she was proud to share it with fans. Listen to the track above.


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    Today at the Wargaming.net E3 panel, we got our first extended look at the Brad Pitt World War II movie Fury. The featurette sets up the world of the movie, a tale about a war-weary band of five men on a dangerous tank mission behind enemy lines. It stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, and Scott Eastwood and is directed by David Ayer (End of Watch). The film will release November 14, 2014.

    Ayer, Producer Bill Block and Co-producer Alex Ott were on hand to showcase the footage. They also announced that Sony Pictures and Wargaming.net are cross-promoting Fury and World of Tanks leading up the the film's release, including developing some in-game content for World of Tanks that ties into Fury. World of Tanks has over 85 million registered users worldwide.

    For more about Fury, here is a quick look at the film's synopsis: In Fury, it is April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.


    also the trailer is going to come out with Transformers

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    Aviva's 76-year-old father George Teichner surprised the cast and viewers on the May 27 episode when he proposed to his never-before-seen girlfriend Dana Lavette Cody, who is only 25-years-old. Now, after much speculation, Teichner is clearing the air about their relationship.

    The startling age gap between the fiancees had all the cast members weighing in. When it came to Drescher, however, she was understanding. The blonde even threw the couple an engagement party at The Museum of Sex on the June 3 episode.

    Other cast members didn't agree as much. Especially Ramona Singer, who ended up making Cody cry by bringing up her deceased parents at the engagement bash and telling Teichner no mother wants her daughter marrying a 76-year-old.

    Teicher, for his part, dispelled rumors and confirmed to Us Weekly that he and Cody are still engaged. “Soon come the wedding," Teichner tells Us.

    "Our relationship is a mysterious power from which the worlds around me have originated upon meeting Cody, and is the base on which my all rests and moves. The power of our together is so mysterious that words that attempt to describe it turn back defeated."

    "As to my love for Cody: all things rise from her, exist in her, and merge into our relationship," he continued of his significantly younger fiancee, while slamming their critics. "As to the naysayers, jealous women, and just plain Stoopids," says Teichner, "I emphasize to such now: things that are not definable, that cannot be delineated, are usually dismissed as false."

    He concluded: "The joy and bliss which Cody and I experience together daily does not have form. Same is experience-based, not sense-based. Not concerned with being seen by the eyes of others, but seen with our vision of clarified and purified love."

    Bethenny's Custody Battle For Daughter Finished!

    Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel was locked in a bitter custody battle with her estranged husband Jason Hoppy last week, in which she claimed hoppy was out to “destroy” her.

    Now the couple have settled out of court and both are happy with the outcome.

    “She’s thrilled this is settled,” Frankel’s lawyer said. “Bethenny never wanted to take it this far, never wanted this to be dragged out in court.”

    A lawyers for Hoppy were just as conciliatory, saying “My client is delighted . … The parties’ child will have the benefit of being raised by both parents.”

    Ladies All Turning Against Each Other Over Boring Season & Low Ratings!

    Cat fight in the Big Apple!?

    As the ratings for the Real Housewives of New York City continue to plummet each week RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the woman have all turned against each other and even though filming is finished they’re fighting with each other non-stop.

    “All of the ladies are blaming each other for the dismal season,” a source close to the situation told Radar.

    “The ratings are low and fans just don’t seem to care about any of the fights. Not Aviva and Carole in ‘Bookgate’ or that ‘glass’ being thrown in Kristen’s face by Ramona. Nothing is working to keep people interested and the viewers are just turning out. It’s been boring.”

    While Brandi Glanville’s racist comments and outrageous actions on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills helped boost the ratings for that Bravo franchise, the source said the east coast women are feeling the heat from the low numbers.

    “The ladies are blaming each other for the problems. Everyone is mad at Aviva for being so boring, Ramona don’t have any of her juicy personal drama in the show, Sonja just gossips about the other ladies and LuAnn is tired of the story lines,” the source told Radar.

    So they’ve been trying to drum up some excitement to entice viewers to watch, but the source says that is only leading to bickering amongst themselves.

    “Each woman is complaining that the others are making up their problems or pretend fighting but the problem is the viewers can see through the fake and they know that nothing exciting is happening. Carole and Heather have nothing nice to say either. They are all fed up with how bad the show is doing and they pretend like all the others are to blame. No one is taking any responsibility for the crappy season.”

    LuAnn Calls Her Friendship With Sonja A Facade!

    It looks like there is another Real Housewives of New York feud heating up as LuAnn De Lesseps is slamming her co-star Sonja Morgan for not supporting her recent clothing launch. The leggy New York socialite is adding fuel to the fire by saying that her friendship with Sonja feels like a "façade" for the television cameras.

    "I was hurt that Sonja not only did not do anything for me, she put something out on her own style and fashion," LuAnn told Radar Online in an interview, "I felt bad. I felt like this isn't the friend that I know."

    While other Real Housewives of New York stars such as Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon were on hand for LuAnn's ShopHQ clothing launch in May, she says she was very surprised that Sonja was the only person who was a no-show at the event.

    "Sonja and I have always been really close and I have always been there for her," she adds. "So I was just surprised that she was not supportive of this big day for me."

    The Peoples Couch Slam Teresa's Legal Drama!

    The People’s Couch enters the living rooms of households and films real people including some Bravolebrities watching and commenting on popular shows and news from the past week. The half-hour, unscripted series delivers the buzziest watercooler moments of the television season by showcasing avid TV watchers in their homes, as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp, and scream at their TVs. Each diverse group of viewers will bring their hilarious, unique commentary about TV’s hottest moments to the small screen.

    The families looked cozy on their couches and or beds as they delivered hilarious, snarky, and outrageous reactions to the Giudice's legal drama.

    Watch the video below.


    sources: USmagazine, TIME, RadarOnline, enstarz, allaboutthetea

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    Shedding for the wedding?! Ashley Tisdale chopped inches off her hair on June 9, revealing in an Instagram pic a new shorter 'do.

    In the photo, Tisdale is wearing a leather jacket and gray T-shirt, her face hidden behind her new layered bob haircut. The former Disney star's blonde cut adds her to the growing list of celebs going shorter for summer; Kaley Cuoco, Minka Kelly, Hilary Duff, Whitney Port and more have also recently cut their hair.

    "@nikkilee901 cut my hair off! #summerready," the 28-year-old singer and actress captioned the pic.

    Tisdale is gearing up for her upcoming nuptials to musician Christopher French. The High School Musical alum recently celebrated her bachelorette party in Miami, Fla., with close pals like Vanessa Hudgens.

    "Weekend with my girls," Tisdale captioned a pic of herself wearing a "bachelorette" sash, along with the hashtag "#turnup4TIZ."

    French popped the question back in August 2013, on the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building in NYC.


    What do you think?

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    Lady Gaga shows some love for 1980s band Skid Row while stepping out of her apartment on Tuesday (June 10) in New York City.

    “Rivington Rebel #LESlady #rocknroll #jazzcat #ProfessionalTramp,” the 28-year-old entertainer wrote on Instagram the day before with a pic of herself.


    Gaga is currently taking a break from her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour and will continue with the tour on Thursday, June 26 at Marcus Amphitheater Summerfest in Milwaukee, Win. We can’t wait!


    June 9th - Leaving Studio

    June 6th - Leaving Hotel

    Source 1 | Source 2

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    It’s been ten years since Napoleon Dynamite danced his way to the forefront of American pop culture. In the alternate universe of Preston, Idaho, Pedro might be running for Mayor, and Napoleon has probably shot, like, two hundred wolverines. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the 2004 sleeper hit has been commemorated with a statue on the Fox studios lot.

    On Monday, the cast of Napoleon Dynamite — including Jon Heder (Napoleon), Efren Ramirez (Pedro) and Tina Majorino (Deb) — reunited for the unveiling of the statue, a bronze Napoleon holding a tetherball and wearing his iconic “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt. Heder, 36, posed proudly for photographs next to his likeness, which Fox Searchlight described on Twitter as “possibly the only bronze statue ever to sport moon boots.”

    Along with revealing the statue, Fox hosted a Q&A with the actors and writer-director Jared Hess. Other cast members who showed up for the occasion included Diedrich Bader (Rex), Haylie Duff (Summer), Sandy Martin (Grandma), Shondrella Avery (Lafawnduh) and Carmen Brady (Starla). Even Tina the llama made an appearance, having apparently forgiven Jon Heder for calling her a “fat lard” on camera.

    Napoleon Dynamite is one of the biggest and most unlikely hits in independent film history. Shot by a then-unknown director on a budget of $400,000, the movie went on to gross over $44 million and inspired an animated TV series. In 2005, the State Legislature of Idaho officially commended the filmmakers “for their cinematic talents by which they have increased the nation’s awareness of Idaho.”


    Obligatory "I feel old as fuq" comment.  Also how did I never realize that was Haylie.

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    CBS' monster hit Under the Dome is losing one of its key players.

    Writer/executive producer Brian K. Vaughan has exited the summer sci-fi series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    Vaughan was handpicked by exec producer Steven Spielberg to adapt Stephen King's best-seller when Dome was in development at Showtime. When the premium cable network passed on it and the sci-fi show about a town trapped under a mysterious dome was picked up straight to series at CBS, ER alum Neal Baer was brought in as showrunner.

    Sources tell THR that it was Vaughan's decision to exit the series; he arced out season two with Baer before his departure. Vaughan penned the pilot episode as well as two other installments, including the season finale, which he co-wrote with Scott Gold. Vaughan's decision to exit the series was described as amicable, with the veteran comics scribe said to be more interested in spending time with his family and returning to focus on his graphic novel roots. Dome was Vaughan's first TV gig since he served as producer, writer and exec story editor on ABC's Lost.

    On the comics side, Vaughan launched his newest comic, the critically praised Saga, in 2012. His credits include the acclaimed Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina and Runaways.

    "Right after we finished season one of Under the Dome, our showrunner Neal Baer and I had the amazing honor of working with Stephen King himself to help plot the new direction of our second season. It was one of the best experiences of my creative life, but it was also a really long time to be apart from my family, who I've seen way too little of since I started helping to develop Dome years ago, so I decided to step away from the show," Vaughan said in a statement."I really miss the cast and crew, but it's awesome to get to see my kids again and catch up on my comic-book deadlines. I'm very grateful that CBS and Amblin gave me this opportunity to help adapt one of the best novels ever by my lifelong hero, and I'm excited to watch all of my friends' hard work come to life in a few weeks."

    Dome was a breakout hit for CBS last summer. The drama, which was billed as a limited "event" series, launched to a summer best with a 3.2 rating among adults 18-49 and 13.1 million total viewers, ranking as the biggest audience for a drama launch in the past year. CBS touted Dome during May's upfront presentation as the 2013-14 TV season's most-watched new broadcast series and one of the three most-watched dramas in the world (joining NCIS and CSI). Vaughan, who spoke regularly about the series, was not among the panelists at CBS' Summer Press Day in May, where Baer was the lone producer on the panel.

    In a September interview with THR following the critically maligned season-one finale, Vaughan said he was "proud" of what the series had accomplished and vowed that its sophomore run would be different. Asked if there was anything he would have done differently creatively, Vaughan said: "I think there are always things -- the speed that you'd put together a new show with and the fact that we had 13 episodes just about completed in their entirety before one had even aired. Looking back, sure, there are always things you'd do differently. For the most part, we concentrate on the parts of the show that we really liked and challenge ourselves to do something new next season."

    Season two of Under the Dome kicks off Monday, June 30. King, who has a cameo in the premiere, penned the return episode and continues to be an exec producer.

    who's still watching?

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    She woke up like that! Kim Kardashian proved she doesn’t always need her makeup in a selfie with friend Blac Chyna posted on June 6.

    In the pic, the newlywed reality star looked flawless sans makeup as she posed in a car with Chyna.
    With her hair in a messy bun and a black zip-up sweatshirt, the 33-year-old looked effortlessly content while hanging with her friend. Chyna captioned the pic: "Yay day with my main @kimkardashian."


    make up post?

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    Justin Thorne -- from now-defunct boy band NLT -- has released a music video for new single "The Heartbroken" that is believed to feature footage in the beginning of him in bed with ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson. The two supposedly hit it off when she was in the NLT video for "That Girl" but later broke up when she cheated on him with J-Beeb's assistant Ryan Good. Video behind the cut.

    source (youtube)

    personally? i think the camera is way too shaky or intentionally blurred to tell if it is in fact her but i did notice that they used the same teen vogue cover that she was on, just changed the picture with the video model's and removed the headline about her so there's that. what do you think?

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