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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    YO ONTD. There sure are a lot of superheroes around, aren't there? Oddly, though, there aren't the same amount of supervillains -- or at least memorable ones. For every Joker out there, there's a "Malekith the Cursed" or "Guy Pearce With Bad Teeth"embarrassing their would-be supernemesis with their sheer lameness.

    So which characters were blessed with the greatest bounty of excellent bad guys, and which ones should really be ashamed of themselves for even trying it with their pathetic excuses for villains? The answers may surprise you! But probably not. Onward!


    5. The Fantastic Four

    01 ff

    Really? Yes, really, but 90% of the reason can be explained with one word, and that word is DOOM. Dr. Doom is the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four and also happens to be the quintessential Marvel, if not the quintessential comic, supervillain. His winning personality and constant attempts at world/galactic/dimensional domination keep the entirety of the Marvel universe, not just the Fantastic Four, on their toes. Add in Galactus, devourer of worlds, and various alien races who got their start with Marvel's first family, and weep anew that the MCU will never get to use most of them in future movies.

    Notable Rogues:Doctor Doom, Galactus, Kang the Conqueror, Fing Fang Foom, Kree, Super-Skrull/Skrulls

    Grimdark Pick: Besides the Marvel zombies who got their start trying to snack on the FF, you're going to have to go with (who else?) Dr. Doom, especially when he fixates on saving his mother's soul from Hell and creating armor from his loved ones' flesh and so forth.

    4. Superman

    02 supes

    Actually, Superman has fewer worthy villains than you'd expect from the first superhero ever created, but he has enough to secure himself a place on the list. Especially since he's got Lex Luthor, probably the biggest bad of DC, and tends to be the first to encounter cosmic threats such as Darkseid (the original, non-purple Thanos who will probably now be ironically remembered as a Thanos ripoff).

    Notable Rogues:
    Lex Luthor, General Zod, Cyborg Superman, Bizarro, Brainiac, Metallo, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Lobo, Superboy Prime, Darkseid, Doomsday

    Grimdark Pick: Even though Doomsday is basically just Hulk with bone protrusions, the fact that he famously "killed" Superman after beating the crap out of every other hero in Metroooopliiissss makes him the most enduring (maybe only enduring?) grimdark villain in Superman's gallery.

    3. Spider-Man

    03 spidey

    Definitely the best-endowed (heh heh) of all the Marvel solo heroes. Spider-Man has the annoying habit, common to Marvel, of sharing his baddies with his peers (e.g. Kingpin with Daredevil), so that he gets the lion's share while poor other heroes are left with the dregs. And while his villains are numerous and tend to have cool athletic gimmicks in keeping with Spidey's unique acrobatic fighting style, a lot of them are very samey ("The [Animal Name]"), not to mention 99% male, so not quite interesting enough to make it into the top 2. In addition, Marvel has built up Green Goblin as his arch-nemesis over recent years, in no small part due to poor Gwen Stacy, but fuck them because this is my list and Doc Ock is his arch-nemesis, ok.

    Notable Rogues:Doctor Octopus/The Sinister Six, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demigoblin, Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, Mysterio, Black Cat, Jackal, Shocker, Sandman, Electro, Kingpin, Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, Doppelganger, Morbius, Kaine, Tombstone, Venom, Carnage

    Grimdark Pick
    : Carnage, the villain so horrific that he compels Venom to actually team up with his hated crush Spidey, has yet to be used in a Spider-Man movie -- understandably, because he is over-the-top violent and basically a cheaper Joker in a symbiote suit. Still, he's a fan favorite, especially when it comes to Spider-Man's own expanded universe, so expect him to appear in one of the crappy Sony movies in the future regardless of how much he doesn't fit.

    2. X-Men

    04 x-men

    If the question was solely who has the most interesting and well-rounded villains, the X-Men would definitely win the prize -- primarily because most of their villains have become "good guys" and vice versa over the years. A lot of shades of gray here. Not only do they have Magneto, the best comic book villain of all time, they have something actually approaching gender equality with their enemies (as with their heroes), and often fight teams and organizations made up of varied and interesting characters rather than just one supervillain (though they do that plenty, too). Most other comics could only dream of having even one opponent as memorable and exciting as a random X-Men baddie. Truly an embarrassment of riches.

    Notable Rogues:Magneto/The Brotherhood of (Evil) Mutants, Mystique, Destiny, Sabretooth, Toad, Juggernaut, Blob, Pyro, Azazel, Mr. Sinister, Omega Red, Mastermind, Emma Frost/The Hellfire Club, Lady Deathstrike, Nimrod, Callisto/The Morlocks, Cassandra Nova, The Shi'ar Empire, Reverend Stryker/The Purifiers, Sauron, The Brood, Apocalypse/The Four Horsemen, Onslaught, Legion, Dark Phoenix, Sentinels, Master Mold, Xorn

    Grimdark Pick: The Brood is basically an insect knockoff of the chestbursters from the Aliens franchise, but that makes them no less terrifying or horrible and one of the more memorable threats in an excellently threatening comics universe.

    1. Batman

    05 bats

    There is no competition here. I'm sorry. No competition at all. The World's Greatest Detective has one of the most extensive rogues' gallery in all of fiction let alone comics, a huge percentage of whom have remained iconic since their introduction, and remains unparalleled in public awareness of his villains. True, a lot of it is because Batman himself has been so hugely popular, with endless TV shows, movies, cartoons, radio shows, and books that brought him and his crazy battles to the fore for 75 years, and maybe a lot of it is Gotham City itself, which is basically a supervillain petri dish that spawns them like coat hangers in a closet. The fact remains that Batman has his own hospital (Arkham Asylum) exclusively devoted to housing the endess entertaining nutjobs that he meets on the daily, and that his iconic villains KEEP SPAWNING, whether it's Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series or Grant Morrison's two dozen new weirdos he wrote a few years ago. It's ridiculous. Also someone needs to tell Batman that whatever he's doing really isn't working, js.

    Notable Rogues:Joker (duh), Riddler, Penguin, Two-Face, Catwoman, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Ventriloquist, Ra's al Ghul/The League of Shadows, Talia al Ghul, Bane, Amygdala, Solomon Grundy, Zsasz, Firefly, Man-Bat, Calendar Man, Hush, Dr. Hurt, Black Mask, Lady Shiva, Professor Pyg, Maxie Zeus, Carmine Falcone, Joe Chill, Killer Croc, Red Hood, Harley Quinn

    Grimdark Pick:Victor Zsasz, a serial killer who carves a cut into his skin with every kill and is therefore covered head-to-toe in tiny scars, manages to make an impression among a truly memorable bunch.

    Honorable mentions:Captain America, simply by virtue of having the entirety of Hydra, A.I.M., Red Skull, and Adolf Hitler himself; Teen Titans, who fight much more interesting bad guys than their grown-up counterparts; and Namor, whose enemies are Everyone Else in the World (especially Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther, exceptions given for Sue Storm and Steve Rogers).


    5. Aquaman

    06 aqua

    QUICK, name an Aquaman villain. That's right, you can't (Black Manta is a mulligan). It's not really his fault, though: Aquaman suffers the fate of 90% of C-list-and-under superheroes in that he doesn't even have a proper nemesis to call his own. Still, Aquaman's a particularly sad case in that all his "bad guys" are fish-themed and have names like The Malignant Amoeba and The Human Flying Fish (not kidding). Time to go see what the Justice League is up to, tbh.

    Who tho?:Black Manta... and like... the Fisherman? The Fisherman is an actual Aquaman villain btw. That's sad.

    4. Thor

    07 loki

    This one's bad (a) because of Thor's new prominence in the MCU and (b) because everyone thinks of Tom Hiddleston's Loki when they think of Loki. Sorry to break it to you: comics Loki is one of the dullest, most insipid excuses for a supervillain ever to reach nemesis status, and what Kevin Feige and Tom Hiddleston have made out of him is nothing short of a miracle. (AND DON'T MENTION KID LOKI because Kid Loki was made in the past like ten years and he's also not a villain.) Thor's other bad guys range from nobodies to ill-adapted mythological figures and are guaranteed to put you to sleep. Mjolnir deserves better than this.

    Who tho?:Loki (only interesting when he had boobs btw), Enchantress, that one elf guy, the other elf guy, Fenrir, glass doors

    3. Wonder Woman

    08 wondy

    Fucking unjust. TRULY fucking unjust. The third of DC's holy trinity, the most famous superheroine by far, champion of bustiers everywhere, and most people on this earth can't name a single Wonder Woman villain. DC's been pushing Ares, as in the Greek god of war, for a while as her nemesis, but the truth is that it's historically been this chick known as Cheetah, who is what she sounds like, a cheetah furry. Which at least helps cement the Wonder Woman comic's status as birthplace of every fetish under the sun.

    Who tho?:Cheetah, Ares, Medusa, Hercules, Giganta? for real?

    2. Flash

    09 professor zoom the reverse flash

    Oh, Flash. Now, Flash's rogues' gallery is interesting because they actually call themselves "The Rogues" and take great meta-esque pride in being his villains, but none of that changes how aggressively stupid they all are. Winner of the coveted stupid prize is his "nemesis," PROFESSOR ZOOM THE REVERSE FLASH, who is characterized by wearing a costume with the exact reverse color scheme as the Flash

    Who tho?: Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang, referred to as "Captains Cold and Boomerang"; Mirror Master; Weather Wizard; and ofc Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash (you have to say his whole name every time)

    1. Iron Man

    10 iron

    That's right. Deal with it, RDJ. The most popular superhero in the world right now has the most godawful pathetic collection of "supervillains" ever inked. Iron Man's bad guys are so bad that not even the best attempts of the movies can make them interesting or memorable; his traditional nemesis, The Mandarin, is such a stupid boring racial caricature that one of the best parts of Iron Man 3 was Ben Kingsley revealing that he had just been playing the role of a stupid boring racial caricature. And who else? Not Whiplash or Iron Monger, that's for sure. Not Crimson Dynamo, cause who the hell is that? Not Justin Hammer, who was only vaguely interesting because he was Sam Rockwell. And not Aldrich Killian, who wasn't even a bad guy in the comics, because no one you know remembers any of those dudes' names. Tony Stark couldn't highfoot it to Avengers Tower to be free of their flop asses quick enough. The situation is so dire that Marvel threw Norman Osborn, aka Green Goblin, into his comics in recent years to give their new flagship character someone, ANYONE, to fight. Perhaps they don't want to acknowledge what we know: Iron Man's worst enemy is Johnny. JOHNNY WALKER. And also himself.

    Source: Wikipedia and my all-seeing Eye of AgaMatto

    And what do you think of that?

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    Natural Hair Post

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    "On a recent trip to the VIBE headquarters in New York City, Danity Kane sat down in the hot seat to share some valuable lessons the girls learned while making their way in the music industry. From amateur singers to superstars, Dawn, Shannon and Aubrey have been through a lifetime's worth of ups and downs. In this exclusive interview, listen to what DK has picked up while navigating through life's mazes."

    Lessons Learned from Social Media
    Queen Shannon: "Don't read everything, don't read the comments. It'll just sit in your soul. It'll drive you crazy."
    Dawn: "Don't get on it."
    Aubrey: "If you don't like what the haters say, don't be one yourself."

    From Success:
    Shannon: "It's the journey."
    Dawn: "Success is a state of mind."
    Aubrey: "Trust yourself. Everybody has an opinion in our industry, and everybody thinks that they know what "it" is and "it" is whatever you want it to be."

    From Failure:
    Shannon: "Not to be afraid of it; everyone's going to fail - that's the process. And, that's up to you to choose if it's going to make you better, or if you're going to give up."
    Dawn: "Failure is needed to appreciate what greatness feels like."
    Aubrey: "How to love myself; failure is the easiest way to figure out who you are, what you are, what you want."

    From Being in a Girl Group:
    Shannon: "We all have our own lanes, and it's all about communication. Having a successful relationship is communicating it. It's really easy in this industry to just assume and guess, and get on the defensive of things, but really listening to each other, being respectful of where another is coming from [...] Being patient in all circumstances and being sympathetic."

    Dawn: "Never put your expectations on anyone else. I can't expect her to be 'Dawn'; I cannot expect her to over exceed in the craft that I love, the way that I am. I can expect her to be 'Aubrey' [...] That's a lot of the time why girl groups break up, because they're not doing their part, but maybe they are doing their part [...] They're doing their part. Just not the part you want them to play."

    Aubrey: "This time around it's becoming so clear. You can't change who people are [...] You have to be so understanding in life when you're in groups. It's just like family --- like you're not going to make somebody you. We understand life so differently. The second that I think that I know these two [Shannon, Dawn] or the other two [Aundrea, D. Woods] that are no longer here was when I was failing. And the best thing that I ever learned is to keep your mind open and always try to see the best in everybody's thoughts, even though you don't understand the process."

    From "The Industry":
    Shannon: "Don't expect anyone to do it [anything] for you."

    Dawn: "Hollywood" in the music industry is just a "mistress" in life. It'll never be your wife; long-term husband or wife, it'll never stay with you and be with you in the worst of times or best of times. Your art will, and your passion will."

    Aubrey: "Align with what Dawn said; one of the biggest managers in the industry [that represented DK] said from the very beginning how "disposable" we were. And I think the only reason we've been able to come back after 5 years is because we all did continue to go on with our art. All three of us here have released solo albums that went #1 [Interviewer: And you all have your own fan-bases outside of DK].

    [...] We continued on creating.

    DK3's new single "Lemonade" is available on iTunes&Amazon.

    Source: VIBE

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  • 06/10/14--18:15: Meet the Von Grey Sisters
  • von Grey---0

    "Mumford and Daughters": That's how Conan O'Brien describes Atlanta-based American quartet von Grey. The four teenage sisters -- Kathyrn, 19, Annika, 18, Fiona, 16, and Petra, 14 -- have been raking in praises for their pristine harmonies and precise instrumentation. Along with their managers (aka Mom and Dad), von Grey has been busy touring, playing Late Show with David Letterman and opening for the Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, and Lindsey Stiling. The group's six song debut EP, Awakening, arrived in January.

    Early Inspiration: When the kids were young(er), the lived in India for several months. All classically trained musicians, the girls began dabbling in Celtic and Bluegrass and playing with Indian musicians who play Western Rock. When they returned to Atlanta, the girls start writing their own brand of Americana and rock.

    Their classical training, however, has helped distinguish them from other young hopefuls. Annika (violin, banjo, guitar, keyboard) shares songwriting duties with Fiona (guitar, violin, percussion). Petra plays keyboard, lap steel guitar and percussion, while Kathryn handles cellp, bass pedals, mandolin, and keyboard.

    What About School? The von Grey sisters are as tight-knit as the von Trapp kids. They're homeschooled, studying in their van between gigs. Even when they do have time off from each other, they hang out together. How do they not kill each other in such close quarters? "We've always been homeschooled, so we're used to each other", say Annika.

    Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2014/06/03/studioa-meet-americana-group-von-grey/9777957/

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    Producer teases: That might not have been Link in the Wii U Zelda trailer

    That trailer for the new The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U sure looked great, didn’t it? But what was up with Link? He wasn’t wearing his iconic green tunic or hat. Why did Link look so weird?

    “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

    That’s what Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma told me when I asked him about Link’s, — or whomever it is — new appearance during an interview at Nintendo’s E3 booth. He said this with a smile and a laugh. Could the bow-wielding hero we just saw not be Link, the star of every game in the series history?

    Earlier in the interview, Aonuma told me that he was always looking for ways to shake up Zelda’s conventions. We saw this in the recent A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS, which let you explore dungeons in any order you wanted while renting items from a store. But a Zelda game without Link as the main hero? That would be a huge strike at the series’ long-standing tradition.

    So, who is that in the trailer? The outfit actually looks like the same one Link wore in the beginning of The Wind Waker. Aonuma himself smiled when I brought up this connection. Could this new entry be tied to that universe? Of course, that doesn’t explain why this wouldn’t be Link. Maybe it’s a child of a Link we already played as, like the one from Wind Waker or Skyward Sword.

    Let the speculation begin.


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    Two of the most powerful men in British football – Greg Dyke and David Gill – have told Fifa’s president, Sepp Blatter, he must quit next year and should abandon any plans to stand for a fifth term of office at an organisation whose image he is damaging.

    Dyke, the Football Association chairman, told Blatter to his face at a meeting of Uefa’s national associations that he was polluting Fifa’s reputation, but it was after he and FA vice-chairman Gill emerged from the associations’ pre-World Cup conference that they delivered their staunchest attack on Blatter.

    Dyke was scathing in his criticism of Blatter’s first public response, on Monday, to media allegations of bribery ahead of Qatar being awarded the 2020 World Cup. “What Mr Blatter said yesterday I found offensive. I said [to him], ‘I regard the comments you made about the allegations in the British media in which you described them as racist as totally unacceptable.

    “The allegations being made have nothing to do with racism, they are allegations about corruption within Fifa. These allegations need to be properly investigated and properly answered. Mr Blatter, many of us are deeply troubled by your reaction to these allegations, it’s time for Fifa to stop attacking the messenger and instead consider and understand the message.”

    Dyke said that Blatter must go if the allegations of bribery over the Qatar 2022 World Cup are proved to have foundation by Fifa’s head of ethics, the American lawyer Michael Garcia. But Gill offered an unqualified assessment that Blatter must stand aside for a better president next year. He is clearly even more indignant than Dyke about the way the Swiss is damaging the integrity of the governing body and football in general.

    Gill said: “This wasn’t about [racism], it was about issues being raised quite rightly in the British media. It doesn’t matter which media does it; it was raised in the media, and it must be addressed by the governing body of world football. To attempt to portray it as a racial or discriminatory attack is… totally unacceptable.”

    Gill added: “It was a responsible [newspaper] investigation. It wasn’t done irresponsibly. It wasn’t done with any other agenda. We can’t have football being the No 1 game in the world, growing year by year, without having that responsibility around it.”

    Gill said he was “surprised” that Blatter had gone back on his own suggestion – made last year – that he would make his fourth term of office his last.

    “I think the very fact in 2011 he was clear that it was for four years. I think that should’ve been the situation. To have him change his mind is disappointing.” Asked if Blatter should go, he said: “Personally, yes. I think we need to move on. But what I do think we need is a fully, frank and honest debate. That’s just my personal opinion. There are 209 countries voting for the new president [next year] and what I would like to see is a full, frank, open debate about what Fifa need, who the candidates are in order to fill those objectives, then we can move it forward.”

    Gill said it was “irrelevant” that Blatter had not voted for the Qatar 2022 bid. “He should, as a chief executive effectively of the organisation, [be in control.] The World Cup is their biggest product; this is the one that generates all the income for Fifa every four years. It is the most important competition in world football so if I was the chief executive of it then I should be very concerned.

    “If I was the chief executive and I had these allegations and these concerns I wouldn’t look at them negatively and blame people for bringing them forward – I would say, is there something there, how do I investigate them properly how do I get myself comfortable on the process? That would be my concern.”

    The head of the Dutch FA, Michael van Praag, later added his criticism: “I took the floor [at the meeting] and I said [to Blatter]:‘This is nothing personal but if you look at the reputation Fifa has built over the last seven or eight years, with accusations of corruptions, bribery and all kinds of old-boys network things: Fifa has an executive president and that means you are responsible. You don’t make it easy on yourself because you said Qatar was the wrong choice. All these problems occurred when you were president so I believe that you should not run any more’.”


    follow up to this post

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    They have been close pals for some time, however Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn stepped their friendship up a gear on Monday.
    After shooting their latest DKNY campaign together in New York City, the supermodels headed straight for the famous Bang Bang tattoo parlour to get matching inkings.
    The stunning pair later posted snaps of their entwined 'DD', presumably representing their surnames, while making a heart sign with their hands.

    London-born Jourdan, 23, wrote on Instagram: 'Throw some D's on that... @bangbangnyc @caradelevingne #DDs'.
    While her 21-year-old companion added: 'So happy we got our DDs! Thank you @bangbangnyc #throwsomedsonthat #DDs4life'.
    The stars were later spotted returning to their hotel in SoHo after a busy day on set, when they both opted for shiny, on-trend bomber jackets.


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    Does Kelly Rowland have new reason to be jumpin’, jumpin’, jumpin’ for joy?

    The singer and her new husband Tim Witherspoon seem to be expecting their first child, based on an Instagram photo the singer posted Tuesday evening.

    “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy…” Rowland captioned a photo of Air Jordans with a matching infant pair alongside.

    Weeks after tying the knot, the couple were spotted at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood on May 27, shopping for baby buys.

    Clad in boyfriend jeans, sunglasses and a baggy white tee, Rowland, 33, and Witherspoon “checked out the furniture and strollers on the second floor and walked around downstairs,” an onlooker says.

    People Magazine
    The true gay icon :')

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    From host to Sugar Daddy! Neil Patrick Harris changed out of his Tony Awards tux on Sunday, June 8, into something much more punk rock. After walking the red carpet with longtime partner David Burtka, Harris, 40, changed into platform boots, a jean skirt and top, and a massive long blonde wig to play his character Hedwig from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, singing the song “Sugar Daddy.”

    During the performance, the multi-talented star left the stage, surprising A-Listers like Orlando Bloom, Sting, and Samuel L. Jackson in the audience with his flashy moves.

    After years of working with the Broadway community, Harris picked up his first Tony Award (for Best Actor in a Musical) for his role in the revival.

    “To my family, David Burtka, I love you so much, and I am so happy that we’ve gotten to do this,” Harris said as Burtka cheered from the audience. “Thank you for your sacrifices and for putting up with me during all of this. To my kids Harper and Gideon, I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to spend as much time with you as I wish I could given the show. I promise as soon as this is done I’ll be able to read books to you and put you to sleep.”


    0 0


    It was a mere three years ago we first reported that SPECTRAL had been picked up by Legendary Pictures for development and today we’ve got further news of casting and a little more on this New York-based ghost thriller!

    With the GHOSTBUSTERS 30th Anniversary in full swing, it’s the perfect time for this announcement that’s described as a ‘grittier’ ghost-busting tale and ‘a supernatural BLACK HAWN DOWN‘ that’s been taken on by first-time feature director Nic Matthieu.

    Max Martini of PACIFIC RIM, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and CAPTAIN PHILLIPS fame is the second big name to be added, after James Badge Dale was already confirmed. The screenplay was by Ian Fried, with the script was by George Nolfi (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) and now a rewrite by John Gatins.

    We’re guessing that this is going to be exactly as they describe, with a possible mix of found-footage and war-style photography but – then again – I could be wrong. More news as we get it for SPECTRAL.

    imdb synopsis:
    A sci-fi/thriller story centered on a special-ops team that is dispatched to fight supernatural beings that have taken over New York City.


    here for all of this

    0 0

    This weekend, The New York Times ran a hilarious article about DigiFest NYC, a YouTube festival in CitiField that sold 12,500 tickets to an audience of mostly screaming teenage girls. The “performers” on DigiFest were a fresh-faced bunch of Disney Channel-ready teens, boys and girls who look to be about 14. Ryan Seacrest, who’s invested money in the venture, is quoted as saying that this tour “has successfully translated these popular small-screen experiences into live, large-scale events that are fun, accessible and brilliantly authentic.”

    It was headlined by a “crew” of dudes who call themselves Our 2nd Life, or O2L for short, cute young men who film themselves doing “weekly challenges.” The resulting videos get ardent, fan-fiction-like responses. Another one of the Instagram stars of this tour, Cameron Dallas, is known for his good looks, and he did a Q&A during this show.

    A member of O2L has a perspective on this hysteria: “We had to build five to 10 minutes into the start of the show where we just let them scream and scream,” he said. “I’m kind of shocked anyone wants to meet me,” he added. “I like to say that we’re talented in that we have no talent.”

    The tour is put on by DigiTour Media, co-run by Meredith Valiando Rojas, who started the company with her husband. They spent time in the record business, but a switch towards YouTube was a switch towards what the teens want. “I’m constantly on the prowl for the crème de la meme,” she said.

    Articles like this — and New York‘s recent issue on “Internet Celebrity” — may come off as cute and funny, and that’s very much because the average, non-14-year-old reader will have no idea about this phenomenon. Even if you’re close in age to these YouTubers, their ardent fanbases create a sort of gigantic micro-generation gap. The idea of following some stranger’s hyper YouTube presence just feels foreign.

    However, knowing what’s going on the world of YouTube may start to be an asset in the real world. Look at the success of The Fault in Our Stars this weekend. An “industry”-based website like Deadline was mostly surprised that it ended up making more money then the new Tom Cruise film. People acted as if you couldn’t see it coming… but you could. On YouTube.

    Currently, YouTube is running large advertisements for itself, featuring Michelle Phan (makeup), Bethany Mota (hauls, lifestyle), and Rosanna Pansino (baking). All three women are attractive, self-made 20-somethings, and that’s great, but when you think about it too much… they’re not really pushing the envelope, and they’re steeped in the gender norms of the Internet. But they are creating something.

    Being able to figure out what has legs on YouTube gives you an interesting, real-time look into the teenage world as it currently stands. So far, it seems like it’s creating a lot of specialized niches which reach passionate fanbases, but there’s no chance of a YouTube Madonna rising from one of them. (Well, there was, at one point: Justin Bieber. But he was discovered on YouTube, which is an important distinction.)

    So, will the “creme de la meme” have legs? Is YouTube becoming its own little star factory, like a Disney Channel that’s sort of self-driven? Perhaps — think of one of YouTube’s biggest hits, the helium-voiced child Fred, which became a Nickelodeon property for its 20-year-old creator, Lucas Cruikshank. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries used YouTube’s platform to update Pride and Prejudice for a ravenous audience. Even a one-and-done meme like a Rebecca Black is still going. She still gets views in the six figures for her videos.

    How YouTube popularity will translate into the real world, beyond the cozy confines of the Internet, remains to be seen. But when it comes to seemingly out-of-nowhere fame, YouTube is slowly becoming the engine behind these surprises. It may be worth taking seriously… or it may just be the platform giving teens the power to replace reality television with their own mundane visions.


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    A Kim Kardashian look-alike has been creating quite the buzz on social media, but it’s not because of her voluptuous beauty or photos imitating the reality star. It’s because she is considered one of the most dangerous women in Mexico.

    Claudia Ochoa Felix is reportedly the new leader of “Los Antrax,” an elite killing squad used by the ruthless Sinaloa cartel to do their bidding.

    The 27-year-old mother of three, nicknamed the “Empress of Antrax,” uses her social media accounts to brag about her lifestyle, posting pictures dressing and posing like Kardashian, all the while wielding a personalized pink AKA-47.

    According to Mexico’s Proceso, in one shot, her toddler son is seen sitting on top of a wad of cash. The photo has since been removed.

    Another shows Ochoa Felix in a formal gown showing off a gold-plated assault rifle with a mounted scope resting on her exposed thigh.

    Ochoa Felix received the notoriety after widespread speculation that she was the intended target during the murder of Yuriana Castillo, a young woman who had ties to the Sinaloa Cartel and was gunned down last month. Both women reportedly looked very similar and allegedly have connections to cartels.

    The Kim-K wannabe is said to have taken over Los Antrax after its leader (and her lover), Jose Rodrigo Archiga Gamboa, was arrested earlier this year.

    According Proceso, local prosecutors have not even begun to investigate the allegations against her.

    For her part, Ochoa Felix has denied being part of the hit squad, calling out Mexican media via Twitter and Facebook for their “lies” and “slander.”


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    Though details on the leak are still extremely murky, it appears that Nickelodeon’s affiliate in Mexico, MundoNick, accidentally released several early episodes some time on Saturday. The episodes of “Book 3: Change” are dubbed in Spanish, and were presumably not meant to be disseminated to the public until a much later date.

    The news of the leak is rather ironic, given that co-creator Mike DiMartino only recently announced that all work had recently been completed on The Legend of Korra season 3. Otherwise, there is little news about when the highly-anticipated season will air (in a legal and legitimate fashion) on Nickelodeon.

    But fans of the Avatar universe are an eagle-eyed bunch, and the leaked episodes were rapidly consumed by enterprising fans. Though the incriminating links have apparently been removed from the internet, a breathtaking number of inexpressibly spoilerific screenshots have been taken from these early episodes of The Legend of Korra season 3. Other Spanish-speaking fans have translated and summarized the events of the leaked episodes. We caution any and all curious fans to proceed cautiously with any material from The Legend of Korra season 3.

    Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of The Legend of Korra & Avatar: The Last Airbender:

    "Howdy, friends. As you have likely already heard, four episodes from Book 3 were leaked this past weekend. It is bad enough that it happened at all, but it would have been a little less of a disaster had it at least been the first four episodes of the season. Instead, the third through the sixth episodes popped out online, causing confusion and, at least on our end of things, frustration. As you all know, these episodes take a ton of concerted effort from scores of individuals. We craft these continuous storylines and the animation as best we can, and hope that they are presented in a way that allows everyone to enjoy them to the fullest. But when leaks happen, the work we meticulously prepared for the audience is fumbled unceremoniously.

    Nickelodeon is obviously a massive corporation with outlets all over the world. These outlets get the episodes in advance so they can translate and dub them for their markets. We typically deliver the episodes to the network quite close to their U.S. premieres, but in the case of Book 3, we have actually already finished the entire season as of last week. The network has some plans in the works for it and needs to wait on its release, so we have been keeping quiet while keeping our noses to the Book 4 grindstone. Unfortunately, the longer the episodes sit on all these shelves all over the world, the probability of leaks increases.

    So, yeah… It is unfortunate it played out this way. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before Book 3 is released properly and with respect to all the people who worked hard to make it and to the audience who wants to watch it."

    Titles of the first six episodes of Book 3:

    Episode 1: “A Breath of Fresh Air”
    Episode 2: “Rebirth”
    Episode 3: “The Earth Queen
    Episode 4: “In Harm’s Way”
    Episode 5: “The Metal Clans”
    Episode 6: “Old Wounds”

    Guess who's back?

    Source, Bryan Konietzko's tumblr

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    Colbie Caillat has released the lyric video for her new song ‘Try,’ the single from her EP ‘Gypsy Heart Side A.’ The five song EP is the first half of her upcoming album, ‘Gypsy Heart,’ due out later this year.

    For the ‘Try’ lyric video, Caillat enlisted the help of some celebrity friends. The video opens with the following message from the singer-songwriter:

    This lyric video is filled with photos of friends, fellow musicians, entertainers and my amazing fans. I asked everyone to shoot themselves wearing little to no makeup – whatever they were most comfortable with. Myself included. – CC

    Some of the friends pictured include Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, Kelly Osbourne, Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield, Ingrid Michaelson, Christina Perri, Katharine McPhee, Amy Smart and Hayden Panettiere.

    a little cliche, but still a nice & cute song imo :)

    Free Download: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewMultiRoom?cc=us&fcId=496598350


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    From a good spy to a "bad" girl, from World War II France to the dodgy, present-day suburbs of Las Vegas, 2014's recommended summer reading list reaches wide and deep. Staffers at Houston's high-profile independent bookstores - Blue Willow Bookshop, Brazos Bookstore and Murder By The Book - weighed in on new novels, thrillers, mysteries, nonfiction and books for teens and younger readers. I added a few titles, too, because I'm partial to dads (see No. 3) and because it's not every day you get to explore a Norwegian childhood in such painstaking detail (see No. 11).

    The grand total is 21 books, with just one overlap: "The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair," by Joël Dicker, recommended by Brazos Bookstore and Murder By The Book. Titles are listed in alphabetical order, with the bookstore's initials in parentheses. Happy reading!

    1. "All the Light We Cannot See," by Anthony Doerr (Scribner). This exquisite World War II novel combines the story of a young French woman in German-occupied Saint-Malo, France, and a German soldier whose particular talent has brought him to the same town. Their stories will grip you from the first page. (BWB)

    2. "The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics," by Daniel James Brown (Penguin). A rousing underdog story and terrific historical account of the infamous 1936 Olympiad that will have you cheering as you read. Now out in paperback. (BB)

    3. "Do Fathers Matter? What Science Is Telling Us About the Parent We've Overlooked," by Paul Raeburn (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). Just in time for Father's Day, Raeburn gathers the most recent research about fathers - social, genetic, psychological, socio-economic, etc. - and weaves it into a personal story about how dads connect with their kids. (Bookish)

    4. "The Fever," by Megan Abbott (Little, Brown and Co.; to be released June 17). After one teenage girl in a small town has a seizure in school, other girls start to get sick. Terrified parents, teachers and students scramble for answers. (MBTB)

    5. "Flying Shoes," by Lisa Howorth (Bloomsbury, June 17). Based on a real childhood tragedy involving the author's stepbrother, this debut novel is rich with wonderful voices and a compelling narrative. Thirty years after a horrible crime, a reporter forces a reluctant woman to confront her family. (BWB)

    the rest at the source

    What are you reading/planning to read this summer, ONTD?

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    There have been nerdgasms abound since Rockstar announced that GTA V will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in the autumn this morning, as the graphical improvements of the port start to be picked up on.

    The internet has busied itself finding comparisons between past gen and current gen/next gen (depending on what you're running) locations as shown in trailers for the game today, and there appears to be a sizable difference in terms of texture and lighting.

    Rockstar said in a blog post that the new version will feature"across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolution".

    Some of these elements are clear in the GIFs below, which show comparisons of dirt bike track and railyard locations:

    A certain amount of management of expectations should be exercised with these, given that environments as depicted in trailers often difer quite a lot when it comes to actual gameplay, but the prospect of seeing Los Santos in even greater detail than it is already is an exciting one.

    Rockstar also promised that there will be "new details to discover" (in the actual game) along with new wildlife and weather and damage effects, with the game's makeover extending into GTA Online.

    who did you find to be the hottest out of the three main characters, ontd?

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    As the new anime will be based on the manga, we are to expect more romance, which means - more kissing! Here are the 5 BEST and the 5 WORST kisses in the Sailor Moon anime.



    Surprisingly, not a Usagi/Mamoru one, but the light, fleeting kiss that Seiya gives Usagi is both a declaration and acceptance of his ill-fated love for Usagi. He wishes her well, and that she be happy with her boyfriend, remarking that he wished he had only met her a little sooner.


    As Usagi leaves for battle, she takes a moment to comfort Mamoru, who has his body wracked with pain due to the enemy invasion of the realm he is physically connected to. The kiss they share follows Usagi's sentiment that his pain is her pain, and she will use his suffering as a reminder to do what she has to do.


    When Mamoru leaves to study abroad, he presents Usagi with a promise ring. The kiss they share in the airport before he departs is especially unique, as it is one of the only times they openly kiss in public. The couple have not a care in the world as people mill about them in the busy terminal.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    As Sailor Moon lies comatose, sapped of her will to live after Tuxedo Mask's douche move in breaking up with her, he FINALLY does her right by awakening her with a kiss. This symbol of their love breaks the enchanted sleep Sailor Moon was put in, as she is literally revived by the power of love.


    Following Usagi's Silver Crystal shattering, she seemingly dies, having saved Tuxedo Mask and the Senshi at the cost of her own life. Tuxedo Mask saves her by transferring the nectar from the Flower of Life to her via a kiss, helping ensure that Usagi kept her promise to protect everyone - in body, mind and heart.



    This entire episode revolves around An's thirsty self trying to kiss Mamoru in a production of Snow White. The play is ruined before the big kiss scene, but she still ALMOST manages to snag a rather painful one from her 'Prince'.


    Though this happens only in Wiseman's psychic projection, the fact that he was able to pull out an image of Usagi's adult daughter kissing her FATHER is pretty darn bizarre. And disgusting.

    3.) DUDE, SHE'S 14

    So, Prince Demande kidnaps Sailor Moon, undresses her as she's unconscious, mentally forces her to submit, then physically tries to force himself onto her. A 14 year old girl.


    The intent of this scene was probably supposed to be romantic and wistful. However, Tuxedo Mask waits until Usagi is drunk before taking her to the balcony, and as she's drifting in and out of consciousness, kisses her while she's got no clue what's happening. It's clear she doesn't remember this kiss, as a later episode where Usagi asks about their first kiss confirms this. Mamoru there had the decency to look ashamed, at least.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    They tried so hard not to make this creepy, but the fact still stands - Chibiusa went in for that kiss BEFORE she knew Pegasus was actually a human boy. I don't know how they do stuff in the 30th century, but that shit's not okay here.

    When was your first kiss, ONTD?

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    Just how far will Robin Thicke go to win back Paula Patton? The “Blurred Lines” crooner is proving that his love has no limit by naming his upcoming album after his estranged wife.

    Paula will be the title of Thicke’s seventh album, Rap-Up.com has exclusively learned. The follow-up to last year’s chart-topper Blurred Lines was written and produced entirely by Thicke and is set to arrive on July 1 via Star Trak/Interscope Records.

    He debuted the first single, “Get Her Back,” at the Billboard Music Awards last month. The heartfelt tribute was written about Patton, his wife of nine years and the mother of his son Julian.

    The high school sweethearts announced their split in February. Thicke has been trying for months to mend their relationship, even dedicating “Lost Without U” to Patton at his recent shows.

    On June 29, the singer will perform some of his new material at the 2014 BET Awards in L.A.

    rap up

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    Could this be the end of the world as The 100 know it?

    In “We Are Grounders – Part II”, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) pleads with Bellamy (Bob Morley) to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head.

    Bellamy forces Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) to make a difficult decision.

    Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Jasper (Devon Bostick) work against time and Finn (Thomas McDonell) makes a bold move.

    Meanwhile, the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion.

    This episode is as cinematic as anything airing in theaters right now. There is a battle and it is phenomenal from both a visual and emotional standpoint. The choreography, the action shots, the intensity– it is all flawlessly rendered.

    Prepare yourselves for some serious surprises along the way. Whatever you are expecting to happen tonight will probably not happen. The 100 remains true to its risk-taking spirit right until the very end (and trust me, you will be writing The CW thank you notes for season two by the time the credits roll because if it had not been renewed the final 15 minutes would have launched an instant Kickstarter campaign).

    “We Are Grounders – Part II” airs TONIGHT

    On Monday, The CW posted a live interview with producers Dean White and Jason Rothenberg who mentioned what's about to come, which will likely be epic. They mentioned that not everybody's going to make it through the grounder attack as well as what will happen between Clarke and Finn.

    "Clarke and Finn are desperately warning the others that they have to leave because they know what's coming and what's coming is an insurmountable force led by a monster of a grounder named Tristan," Rothenberg said.

    "This is a show where anybody can die at any time, we really have sort of prided ourselves on that," the producer added. "And so who knows what's going to happen?"

    The clip shows more scenes from the series, including the group holding their weapons as they prepare for attack. This will likely create some conflict for the next season, which will reportedly move into a different kind of story.

    "There really is a whole another world of The 100 Season 2 completely different from what we've been doing for 13 episodes this season," White said.

    we need a The 100 (cw) tag, like for real.

    for real.

    sources: enstarz, justjaredjr

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    News that Ubisoft scuttled plans for including female playable characters in the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity was met by scorn and derision by many video game commentators last night. Now, Kotaku has an official statement from Ubisoft on the controversy.

    The reasoning behind the decision—that it would've been too expensive to animate female character models—felt flimsy to some. Ubisoft's comment doesn't touch on that thinking, focusing instead on what they've done in the past:

    We recognize the valid concern around diversity in video game narrative. Assassin's Creed is developed by a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs and we hope this attention to diversity is reflected in the settings of our games and our characters.

    Assassin's Creed Unity is focused on the story of the lead character, Arno. Whether playing by yourself or with the co-op Shared Experiences, you the gamer will always be playing as Arno, complete with his broad range of gear and skill sets that will make you feel unique.

    With regard to diversity in our playable Assassins, we've featured Aveline, Connor, Adewale and Altair in Assassin's Creed games and we continue to look at showcasing diverse characters. We look forward to introducing you to some of the strong female characters in Assassin's Creed Unity.


    still doesn't fix shit but I hope they are now aware of their idiocy

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