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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The Vaccines' Justin Young says Rihanna's music is every bit as important as that of Radiohead.

    His comments came after he was asked why he felt the need to define The Vaccines as a rock band and dress in denim when they released second album 'Come Of Age' earlier this year.

    Speaking to NME, he said: "I just feel bands can be misunderstood, and I think people can over-intellectualise music.

    I think an artist like Rihanna is as important as a band like Radiohead. They serve different purposes, neither is more important. As for us, people might think of us an indie band that got big, but I think of us as a small pop band.Young adds: "I think there is a crucial difference in that we make records for ourselves, but we don't make decisions based on that. We're not scared of selling records and like the idea of it. The idea of getting bigger is desirable as long as you're getting better. I wouldn't want to be big and bad, or water anything down."

    The statement contradicts the band's guitarist Freddie Cowan who earlier this year criticised Rihanna for not being a 'real' musician.

    Cowan said back in August: "Rihanna isn't an artist – she has 15 writers, 15 songwriters and 15 producers all fighting for space on her albums and she's the face of it. I have nothing against it, but I don't want to be associated with it."

    Meanwhile, Young went on to say he was happy with the way the band avoided the trap of merely adding string sections to their second album to make it sound bigger.

    "We could've done that, but I actually think we made a more exciting sounding record. We could’ve moved toward the middle lane, but I think we actually moved further away from it."

    The Vaccines begin their UK tour with a show at Plymouth Pavilions on November 15 and finish up at O2 Academy Bournemouth on November 30.


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    Liam is so lucky I wasn't one of those girls. I believe I would attempt tugging at his jeans and shaking his "one direction" like it's some kind of a tambourine!

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    Noel Gallagher has taken another stab at his brother Liam, calling him a "squeaky toy that swears a lot... in a blazer".

    The High Flying Birds frontman was speaking on BBC 6 Music this morning (November 14) after his show at London's O2 Shepherds Bush Arena last night.

    When asked by host Shaun Keaveny if his mum ever wants to bang their heads together as they fight so much, Noel replied: "I'm 45. He's 40. It's not like me with my two lads – "Give him his Darth Vader mask now!" It's not like that. He's doing his thing. I'm doing mine. We texted each other at Christmas. I saw him at a party after the Olympics – he did the usual which was hurl an insult at me and walk off... nothing new there."

    He added: "He's like a squeaky toy that swears a lot... in a blazer."

    Last month, Noel poked fun at his brothers' band Beady Eye, saying that the band's singer did them a "disservice".

    "The thing with Beady Eye is… their singer does them a great disservice," he said. "By pronouncing that they will eventually be bigger than Oasis? I was just like, 'Oh, dear'. But I think they caught a lot of flak that was quite undeserved, really. It’s only their first album. I think they’ve got a great album in them next time. They need one. They fucking need one, that’s for sure."


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    Sources 1 and 2

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    The Star Wars: Episode VII director search has been whittled down to "a couple of candidates", according to producer Frank Marshall.

    Last month (October 31), Disney announced plans to make a new series of Star Wars films after buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion (£2.5 billion), with Episode VII supposedly earmarked for release in 2015.

    With George Lucas set to serve as "creative consultant" on the new movies but without playing an active role in their development, speculation as to who will helm the new trilogy of movies has been rife.

    However, Marshall, whose wife Kathleen Kennedy is the president of Lucasfilm, has told MTV that he knows the inside scoop on the new Star Wars films and revealed that the director shortlist is now down to "a couple of candidiates".

    He added: "But I can't reveal it, or I won't be alive tomorrow. I'm really excited about this. It's going to be one of the most anticipated blockbusters of all time. I can't wait to see what's next."

    Marshall, who was producer all four Indiana Jones movies for Lucasfilm, also revealed that while 'Indy 5' is likely, it has been "put on the back burner" for the moment while the production company focuses its attention on new Star Wars films.

    This week, it was announced that Toy Story 3's Michael Arndt has now been officially commissioned to script the first film.

    An announcement on the Star Wars website read: "As pre-production of Star Wars: Episode VII begins, Lucasfilm has confirmed that award-winning writer Michael Arndt will write the screenplay for the new Star Wars film. As revealed in the ongoing video series posted here on StarWars.com, (Lucasfilm president) Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas have begun story conferences with Arndt."

    Arndt is a known Star Wars fan with an impressive CV. He won an Oscar in 2007 for his original screenplay to Little Miss Sunshine and went on to script 2010's Toy Story 3, which earned him another Oscar nomination. He has also co-written The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, due next year (2013).

    Meanwhile, Star Wars: Episode VII has yet to lock in a director. X-Men helmer Matthew Vaughn is reportedly in talks for the job, while Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams have publicly ruled themselves out.


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    BTS Video

    There's an awkward moment just as Jessica Chastain and I make our way over to an empty table at a bustling midtown Manhattan café: She catches the eye of a woman across the room and mutters to herself, "I know her." Turns out, the two attended Juilliard together. Chastain, on her lunch break during rehearsals for her Broadway run in The Heiress, weaves around several tables to say hello. As they hug, Chastain asks the woman what she's been up to. She talks of projects here and there. Chastain nods, smiling. And then there is a prolonged pause when the two just stand there, until finally the woman leans in, takes hold of Chastain's arm, and says, "I just want you to know how happy I am for you, for everything that's happened to you." The statement is rife with conflicting feelings — goodwill, envy, longing — and in that instant, I am embarrassed to have witnessed it. Chastain, though, appears visibly moved.

    "Everything that's happened to you" seems an apt way to describe the almost divine fluke of timing that catapulted Chastain from the scrappy life of a working actress to the ultra-rarefied ranks of A-lister, all within the span of a single year. In 2011, she appeared in six films — some had wrapped long before but were delayed for one reason or another — including Terrence Malick's critically acclaimed The Tree of Life and box-office breakaway The Help, for which Chastain nabbed an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actress. ("Someone was teasing me that last year was like the Jessica Chastain Film Festival," she jokes.) The pop! pop! pop! of so many back-to-back movies made her, virtually overnight, the most ubiqui- tous actress no one had ever heard of, a newly minted red-carpet fixture who just a couple of months earlier had been divvying up her earnings in envelopes marked "rent,""groceries," and "laundry.""I didn't have a washer and dryer until two years ago," she says earnestly. "I had to go somewhere and pay with quarters."

    Even more astonishing than Chastain's sudden arrival has been her ability to preserve what can only be described as a normal(ish) life in the face of it all. Though she is, without question, one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses, she pretty much comes and goes as she pleases, minus the hullabaloo of paparazzi long-lenses and looky-loo fans who seem to shadow her contemporaries, like Michelle Williams, her roommate some eight years ago when both appeared in a summer stock production of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard. ("We became like sisters," Chastain says of that period.)

    Chastain is smart enough to know the relative anonymity will be short-lived. This month she stars in the controversial Zero Dark Thirty, about the CIA manhunt for Osama bin Laden, the much-anticipated follow-up by Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow. Shrouded in secrecy, production of the film sparked rampant speculation about how much cooperation Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal received from the White House. Columbia Pictures even pushed back the release date until after the election to mollify Republicans, who slammed the film as pro-Obama propaganda. Chastain, favored again for an Academy Award nomination, won't even talk about the film. "I got into trouble once because at a party, I told someone I didn't know was a journalist that I was going to India [to film the movie]," she says. "And then I got all these e-mails: 'What did you say anything?!'"

    She swears she's not a secretive person by nature, when, in fact, she's guarded about most everything except her movies. She's made a parlor game of her age — yes, actresses still do that — which has been variously reported as anywhere between 30 and 35 (the truth is closer to the latter), and has skillfully kept under wraps the name of her hometown in Northern California, if only because her family — her mom is a chef, her dad a firefighter; she is the eldest of five still lives there and her youngest siblings attend the local high school. "The two of them get to go and have a normal high school experience without people going, 'Oh, your sister is in this movie' or 'Can your sister hook me up with Brad Pitt?'" she explains.

    It's easy to imagine Chastain as something of a loner at Juilliard, where she eschewed the typical post-curtain-call carousing so she could hunker down and study. (She attended on a scholarship underwritten by Robin Williams, an alumnus.) "I never wanted to be a movie star. I wanted to be an actor," she says. "I don't really drink, and I've never been to a rave. I used to cut school to read Shakespeare, not to make out in the park."

    For the full article, pick up the December issue of Marie Claire when it hits newsstands on November 20.

    On how success has not changed her lifestyle:“I used to have a lot of anxiety about how I was going to stay afloat, because as soon as I graduated, I never asked my parents for money. I always supported myself through acting and would make money last a long time. I understand the value of money, and I’m not an impulsive buyer. I bought a new laptop three years ago, and before I bought it, I spent a month thinking about buying it. So my lifestyle hasn’t changed, except my anxiety about paying the rent is gone.”

    On meeting men:“I’m very shy when it comes to guys.” One of her friends said to her, ‘Now that you’re successful, you have to be more overt with men, you have to make it very clear that you’re interested, otherwise they won’t [approach you].’ – “I like to be wooed, but I’ve had to be more outwardly available, I guess.”

    Article | Pics | JJ

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    Back in 2009, we started keeping tabs on the terrible, horrible things that started trundling out on the internet shortly after the peak of Twilight fandom. And as the years passed, the Twilight merchandise only got weirder. Cold sparkle dildos, Edward-shaped body pillows, and now bloody Bella tampon tea. Yep we've seen it all. This weekend the Twilight franchise comes to a conclusion with Breaking Dawn: Part 2, and it's with heavy hearts that we offer up our final installment of The Most Disturbing Twilight Products. Here's our final wrap up of the very best actual things you can buy to celebrate what Edward's penis may (or may not) feel like.

    Here it is, years and years of the best of the worst Twilight products, plus some all-new horrors too. Ready your Vampire Sparkle Lube!

    Actual Breaking Dawn Pillow Case with Sex Tears

    This is the real life Bella and Edward Honeymoon Pillow, stained with makeup and with REAL SEX TEARS. Oh and it's all shredded from Edward's intense passion. He just clawed right through it, because of sex. The real life pillow was on sale at Ebay, here's how the described it.

    This is the pillow used on the bed during the sex scene between Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 1. Tears and rips are visible on the pillow case. Pillow measures 36″ in length and 20″ in width. The pillowcase is a cream white and shows discoloration to show its use. Make up stains from the main actors can be seen on the pillow. Was obtained directly from the filming and production crew from Breaking Dawn Part 1. This pillow includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Hollywood PARTS.

    Item: Edward and Bella's Hero Pillow from Breaking Dawn Sex Scene
    Film: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
    Can be seen on screen during the film
    Material: Feathered Goose Down
    Color: Off White/Cream
    Visible Make-Up Stains
    Claw Marks and Tears on Pillowcase
    Only known one in existence
    Dimensions: 36″ x 20″
    Includes Certificate of Authenticity from Hollywood PARTS
    Own a Piece of Cinema History!

    They were asking for 2,999.99 smackerooos. Which, answers my question about the going price for one sex tear from a Hollywood starlet. REAL SEX TEARS YOU GUYS.

    Twilight Tampon Drink

    We think the title of this art project really says it all, "Why Edward Really Stayed with Bella Twilight Vampire Teabag Cup ADULT Mature Blood Tampon." Because he drank her period blood. Merry Christmas everybody!

    Edward Reminds You To "Be Safe" In Bed

    Get a shadowy Edward Silhouette wall decal to stand guard over your bed and remind you all that you shouldn't have sex until you're married and it kills you — or ride dirt bikes. It's $60, but think of it this way: it's an investment in your sex life. Contraceptives are expensive, but this wall decal will keep everyone out of your bedroom for years.

    Bella's Womb

    Well, it was bound to happen, someone was bound to make a felt version of Bella Swan's womb... wait WHAT. HER WOMB? SOMEONE FELTED HER WOMB? WITH THE MUTATED BLOOD-CRAVING ADULT BABY RENESMEE INSIDE? TELL US WHY. WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THIS??

    Jasper Dean

    This is Jasper Dean the offspring of Jasper and Alice. He is $115.00 bucks. At night he comes to life and stand over your throat, holding a knife.

    Twi Shower

    Nothing says "early morning heart attack" quite like a greeting from a giant, brooding, floating vampire head in your bathroom. It's the Twilight shower curtain, and it's only $60.

    Cullen Crest bra

    The jury's still out on whether or not this one is real, but if so, you had better be a well endowed girl who doesn't mind showing off that space where cleavage usually goes. If you're good with that, then show off this crest of a family you'll never belong to! Because they're fake! And not real! HEAR ME? IT'S A MOVIE, PEOPLE.

    The Vamp: The Sparkly Dildo

    If nothing else on this slightly disturbing list can help you get as close to Edward as you'd like, please consider Tantus's sparkly The Vamp dildo in its cool pink color. Back when we showed you it was available, don't forget to throw it in the fridge before using it though, so you're sure to get that cold, lifeless feeling a real vamp's sparkly cock would be sure to have.

    Official Description:"Yes the The Vamp retains hot and cold temperature. Toss it in the fridge for that authentic experience. The Vamp is a realistic form dildo based appropriately on our Sire’s design but with a deathly pale flesh tone reminiscent of the moon’s soft glow."

    Glitter Lube

    Once sold at Hot Topic, this lovely sparkly lube is actually Robert Pattinson's favorite terrible thing to come out of his Twilight movies.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Twilight Panty Party

    Ever since the release of the horrifying Edward crotch-mouth Twilight Panties, the underwear market has been hot, hot, hot for some cold, cold vampire lovin. Behold the best of the Twilight Panty Party — our favorite is the Cullen baseball team briefs, because it's obscure enough that you might not get shamed in the locker room for putting a Cullen on your cooter.

    UPDATE: "Team Edward" panties are for girls. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

    Edward Body Pillows

    Yep, there are more than one. Choose from the Edward body pillow that you can straddle, or the one with manilla pillow arms. Never sleep alone again.

    Edward Tampon Case

    Crack open Edward's felt head and shove your lady goods down his neck — it's a Twilight tampon case! Hey at least it's not as bad as the reusable menstrual pad where the wearer physically bleeds all over some random vampires abs.

    Twilight Embryo Ornaments

    Because, fuck your God!

    Jacob Black's Ashes

    Carry around the cremated remains of your favorite shirtless werewolf. From the seller AnimaeGirl's Etsy Account:

    Here's something every Twihard or even those friends of Twihards need, a little bit of Jake in a bottle. His ashes plush fur fills this little glass bottle and the bottle has been adorned with a sealed label along with a spirit wolf charm. This pendant is hung on waxed linen with two bone beads and the catch is a lobster claw design.

    The best part, they're only $8.00. Poor Jacob. They also sell Edward and Bella's ashes, which have sparkles in them, obviously.


    No problem with the porn part, we just think the title is completely inspired. And apparently so did everyone else because now it's a porn web series (trailer above, don't worry it's PG rated). Well done Twinks of Forks.

    To watch it visit Twinklight The Movie's website

    Vampire Fleshlight

    Possibly inspired by the Twilight craze a few years back, we're bummed we didn't get this sex toy in our first post. But, then again any good Twihard knows that these vampires do not have fangs. Still the timing of the sex toy was uncanny (HA!).

    Other random merchandise:

    Based on the upcoming movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn. The Quileute and the Volturi close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses different threats to the wolf pack and vampire coven. This is the Prop replica Bella's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band set, as see in the Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie.

    Twilight Breaking Dawn Necklace Prop Replica - Volturis Gift Necklace

    Cullen-branded toilet lid

    Twilight Vinyl Family Member Car Stickers

    Hot Topic version of Bella's Birthday Dress

    Twilight Eclipse Party Supplies

    Description: Quench your thirst for spell binding romance in the toasty Twilight Jacket by BB Dakota by Jack! You’ve followed Bella through it all, now wear her exact same jacket from the movie Twilight! This sturdy dark blue jacket features pleated button tab pockets and roomy distressed pockets with decorative zippers. Jacket sports a comfy drawstring hoody and ribbed cuffs. A brass zipper secures the center and fleece lining keeps you warm even in your darkest hour!

    Full Article at io9
    Other sources: 1|2|3

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    With the twinkle in his eye and his apple-pie smile, not to mention that fat-free torso, Ryan Lochte is fully-equipped to get anybody's attention. Still, a little extra never hurt.

    Meet Carter, a 5-year-old Doberman pinscher and the Olympic swimmer's lady magnet.

    "He is a good wingman because he's a beautiful dog," Lochte tells PEOPLE. "Girls come up to me and go, 'Oh my god, where's Carter? He's so good looking!'"

    Carter joined Lochte for his Sexiest Man Alive shoot, in which Lochte showed off his flawless physique while lying on the sand.

    "He's my best friend and I love him," Lochte says. "I just need to take him wherever I go and I'll be set."


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    Exclusive 'Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones' Trailer: Watch Now!

    There is a world hidden within our own, unseen by Mundane eyes. But come August 23, 2013, all will be revealed when the supernatural romance "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" hits theaters.

    Based on the best-selling young-adult novel by Cassandra Clare, "City of Bones" follows seemingly average teen Clary Fray (played by Lily Collins), whom upon her mother's disappearance is plunged into the secret universe of the Shadowhunters — a half-human, half-angel race tasked with protecting the world from dangerous demons.

    Clary's ally within this society is the impossibly beautiful, yet incredibly snarky, Jace Wayland (played by Jamie Campbell Bower). It's in Pandemonium night club that the two improbably meet in the opening moments of the trailer — improbable because Jace has used his Shadowhunter powers to make himself invisible to Mundanes (i.e. humans). But Clary does see him, hinting there is more to her than meets the eye.

    Set to John Murphy's epic "Kaneda's Death, Pt. 1," the first look hurdles through Clary's introduction to this brave new world and her fight to find her mother, as vampires, demons and all manner of frightening foes stand in her way.

    Click play on the trailer above to watch the entire "City of Bones" teaser trailer, and be sure to stick around after the clip, because the following video features an expert commentary from none other than author Cassandra Clare.

    Co-starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jared Harris and Lena Headey, and directed by Harald Zwart, "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," hits theaters August 23, 2013.



    Cassandra Clare Commentary Here


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  • 11/14/12--20:42: SAVE LYRIC 145 YALL

  • Lyric 145 had what may have been their first live blemish on Wednesday night's episode of "The X Factor."

    Hopefully, viewers of the show are still behind them; they can call 1 (855) THE XF05 or visit TheXFactorUSA.com to vote.

    On Thursday, two contestants of the show will be eliminated.

    On the latest episode of the show, the Top 12 contestants performed songs under the theme of "Diva Week."

    Cowell said that Lyric 145's song choice—a rap version of Queen's "We Will Rock You"—was finally decided at midnight, and that they only had hours to perfect it.

    The performance was reminiscent of Run-DMC's "Walk This Way" collaboration with Aerosmith, which is seen as one of the hit songs that defines the genre.

    Three of the celebrity judges panned the performance.

    Music executive L.A. Reid said that the performance was better than last week's, but that the group has "lost [its] way."

    Britney Spears said, "They're a hip-hop group, and they should be doing hip-hop tracks."

    Demi Lovato said that she "didn't get it," but her feedback was cut short by Lyric Da Queen interrupting her performance.

    "We love you too!" she smiled.

    Cowell gave the group positive feedback.

    "I think everyone at home 'got it,'" he said, "and you have an energy that the show needs."

    Some Twitter users dismissed the move as rude, while others praised it as showcasing the diva attitude of the stars who made the night's songs so popular.

    Highlights included rousing performance of "Halo" by teenager Diamond White, Tina Turner's "Rolling On A River" by Jennel Garcia, and Tate Stevens' performance of "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain.

    Judges called Arin Ray's performance of Madonna's "Crazy For You" as "boring," and Cowell said that CeCe Frey's performance of Celine Dion's "All By Myself" was "vary cabaret with the wind blowing your hair, and all the gimmicks."


    Hew do you want out? Hew did you vote for?

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    The desire to dress up in skimpy sci-fi costumes is strong in AnnaLynne McCord. The Insider.com posted a curious photo gallery of the 90210 actress in a number of odd get-ups from the show, including a shot from next week's episode in which she dresses up in a replica of the famous metallic bikini that Carrie Fisher wore in Return of the Jedi.

    According to the site, McCord, who plays Naomi, dons the costume for a trip to a comic convention where her nerd husband Max is selling a video game. It's good timing for McCord and the producers given that fanboys and girls and the media are all atwitter over Disney's plans to bring Star Wars Episode VII to the big screen in 2015.

    Who knows, if the right person is watching, McCord could land a walk-on as a Twi'lek Jedi or some other role that calls for a barely-there costume and a toothy smile.

    Apparently, it's not the first time that McCord has channeled her inner geek. In another gallery photo, she appears to be dressed as an Avatar Na'vi, sporting blue skin and a tail and a similarly hued cut-out dress.

    Source: 12

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    On December 11th, Skylar Grey will release "C'Mon Let Me Ride," the lead single from her debut album Don't Look Down. The playful pop tune, which Grey calls "an X-rated kids' song," features Eminem singing a famous refrain: the hook of Queen's "Bicycle Race."

    She started out in 2006 as Holly Brook singing on Fort Minor's Where'd You Go.

    She released an album that went nowhere so she changed her name to Skylar Grey and found success writing Rihanna's verses on Eminem's Love The Way You Lie.  She then tried to release another album with a new Emo sound and look:

    The singles went nowhere so the album was scrapped and reworked with Eminem as Executive Producer and I'm guessing they're really desperate for sells:

    More important though is why in the world is Eminem producing a singer's album? Remember when he used to make fun of pop stars?


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    In true Kristen Stewart fashion, it didn't take long before the Twilight beauty ditched her sexy lace bodysuit for something more comfortable at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 London premiere Wednesday.

    After making it down the red carpet in the scandalous Zuhair Murad ensemble at Odeon Leicester Square, the 22-year-old actress changed into her beloved jeans and sneakers. Stewart, walked beside boyfriend Robert Pattinson, 26, who opted not to change out of his stylish suit, while heading to the film's after party.

    To complete her casual ensemble, Stewart covered up in a bomber jackets, which said "God Loves Ugly" on the back.

    "I just so wholeheartedly disagree with people who don't like what I wear," she recently told the Sunday Times Style magazine via Daily Mail. And Stewart doesn't like actresses who are "more concerned about looking pretty in your heels, and so you're walking slowly down the line. Put a pair of sneakers on."


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    Fans of the singer Lady Gaga who arrived early to reserve a good spot in front of the stage set up at Fiergs, in Porto Alegre, began  Tues musical acts from 18:30. On stage after that will be occupied by the pop diva will rise gaucho DJ Fabricio Pecanha, the English rock band The Darkness and musical partner of Gaga and DJ Lady Starlight also. Before the show, the organization announced the setlista the main attraction.
    With just a few changes in the order of the setlist previous shows in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Lady Gaga should start your presentation around 21pm. The American singer will open the show with "Highway Unicorn" and closing the show with "Marry The Night", both tracks from his latest album "Born This Way".
    Until now, the audience is still small on site. There are still tickets available at the box office. According to the organizers, the prediction is that the movement of fans in the region will increase in the coming hours. The organization urges the public to leave the car at home because there is no parking on site.

    Out and about in Argentina





    1 2 3

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    Jared Leto cross dresses while getting in character for his first day of work on The Dallas Buyers Club on Thursday (November 15) in New Orleans, La. The 40-year-old actor is playing a cross-dressing AIDS patient who meets Matthew McConaughey's character in the hospital. 

    No special effects there -- his eyebrows are gone with the rest of his body hair:

    Jared's Instagram

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    That's how you say "congratulations" in Dutch, because Lara Stone is pregnant! The Dutch model, 28, is expecting her first child with her husband, British comedian and "Britain's Got Talent" judge David Walliams.

    The proud papa-to-be announced the news on Twitter, tweeting, "Some wonderful news. My beautiful wife Lara is pregnant. We are having a baby! It is due next year and we both couldn't be happier. Dx."

    According to our pals at HuffPost UK, the couple also released a formal statement: "We're very excited to announce we are expecting our first child. We're both absolutely thrilled but ask you to please respect our privacy during this precious time."

    Guess we won't be seeing any topless pregnant photo shoots from Lara à la Alessandra Ambrosio or Mariacarla Boscono...

    Congrats to the happy couple!


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    One Direction Gets Felt Up

    One Direction Performs 'What Makes You Beautiful'

    One Direction Performs 'Live While We're Young'

    Exclusive! One Direction Backstage Pass

    Exclusive! Thrown Onstage at One Direction

    One Direction Talk Dating

    Exclusive! Ellen and One Direction Commercial Break

    Niall is the best with that booty and the willingness to use it.

    Sources:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
    I screencapped the pictures myself so there is no source for them.

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    9:00PM EST November 15. 2012 - Tension was thick. Performers were jittery. Beatrice Miller looked like she might burst into tears at any moment. Even Simon Cowell tweeted that he was "feeling a little nervous."

    Which two acts would be sent home, shutting down any chance of that big $5 million X Factor prize?

    "Let's get right to it," said host Mario Lopez on Thursday's show. "The first act going home..." But then he pulled an old American Idol trick. "...will be revealed after the break!"

    The crowd moaned.

    First to be booted, based on votes: Lyric 145, Simon Cowell's hip hop group, made up of Jemelle Joseph, Julien Joseph and Lyric Da Queen.

    Said Khloe Kardashian Odom: "We're sad to see you guys go."

    Said Lyric Da Queen: "I felt like we didn't get the opportunity to show what we really had. We had original lyrics, We had a hip hop song that got snatched away from us at the last minute. We're just taking the good with the bad right now."

    Taylor Swift took the stage to sing State of Grace.

    And then a surprise: Arin Ray is safe!

    Also through: Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Tate Stevens, Emblem3, Beatrice Miller (who finally smiled).

    And another surprise: Cece Frey is safe!

    Fifth Harmony, Simon's group of five teen girls, was also deemed safe.

    Jennel Garcia performs on Wednesday's show.(Photo: Ray Mickshaw, Fox)
    It came down to a sing-off between two of Demi Lovato's Young Adults — Paige Thomas, 22, and Jennel Garcia, 18.

    Jennel, nearly crying on stage, sang I Just Want You To Know. Paige Thomas, looking fierce and in command, sang Coldplay's Paradise.

    L.A. Reid said his "unpleasant decision" was to send home Jennel.

    Britney said "both" are "amazing performers," but she voted to send Jennel home.

    Simon then refused to cast a vote, wanting Demi to do it. "Mr. Cowell!" said Mario. Then he gave in and turned to Demi to get her decision.

    "The act that I'm sending home tonight is..." and she turned it back to Simon.

    Mario said, "Demi, we really need an answer on who you're sending home tonight."

    Finally, she said, "Paige."

    So it came back to Simon. "The act I believe has got the best star potential... The act I'm going to send home is Jennel."

    She was really sad. "I'm happy I came so far," she managed to utter, followed by, "Thank you." She cried on Demi's shoulder as clips of her X Factor journey showed on the big screens behind the stage. Teary Demi said, "I think you have a future ahead of you. ... I really, really believe in you."

    Next week: The Top 10 take the stage. Here's the leaderboard, according to votes.

    Tate Stevens (again)
    Carly Rose Sonenclar
    Vino Alan
    Cece Frey
    Fifth Harmony
    Diamond White
    Beatrice Miller
    Arin Ray
    Paige Thomas

    RIP LYRIC 145 and Janelle aka Demi's clone/lover

    quick sauce

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