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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    It all started a long time ago in the winter of 2009, with what, as the story goes, Obsidian thought was a prank call.

    "We got this phone call about 'hey do we want to talk to the South Park guys?' and we were like, 'Yeah, right.'" This, out of the blue? It had to be those Red 5 Studios guys upstairs messing around.

    "I call back and it was, 'No, no, we're actually South Park.'

    Parker and Stone wanted to make a game, and Obsidian was on their list.

    "There was one call to make sure we weren't... mutants," he chuckles, and then they arranged a face-to-face.

    Thing is, you never know how celebrities will be behind closed doors. Urquhart is no stranger to actors, to directors, what with being located in Southern California and Obsidian recording hours of voice-overs over the years.

    "We meet people, you know. It's not like we go clubbing in LA and do coke with Snoop Dogg and drink champagne," he jokes, but, all the same, he wondered what Parker and Stone would really be like. "Are they going to be two guys in suits with an entourage?"

    He was briefed by South Park Digital Studios' Greg Kampanis ahead of the meeting. Urquhart was used to presentations but Kampanis had some advice. "You're not going to be telling Trey anything he doesn't already know," he said.

    Urquhart gave the speech. "And it became very obvious very quickly that Trey knows all the games that we've made and probably has played most of them. He put hours and hours and hours into Fallout: New Vegas," he later learned.

    They talked RPG vision, they talked Parker and Stone's "successes and failures in the video game space", and they talked making the South Park game. As the meeting closed, one thing was abundantly clear: if the game didn't look and feel like the TV show, there was no point. "I can remember particularly Matt saying 'absolutely, that's a thing. It has to be the show.'"

    And no, Parker and Stone weren't in suits, with an entourage. "They're totally the guys you see on TV."

    "The best thing about being in a meeting with Matt and Trey," Obsidian creative director Chris Avellone once told me, "is when they start getting really excited about a quest-line, they'll start acting out sequences in the actual character voices.

    "Suddenly they'll be Cartman talking about the quest, and they'll be funny about it, and just seeing that spontaneous burst of humour is just really great. You sit back and let them go and you're like, 'Now I understand how funny this area is going to be.'"

    Parker and Stone's involvement wasn't just for show: Obsidian's relationship with the creators of South Park bordered on unprecedented.

    "They would often give us a lot of time," Urquhart says. "We usually would spend, depending upon the meeting, an hour-and-a-half [to] two-and-a-half hours with Matt and Trey.

    "We flew out to New York when they were finishing up The Book of Mormon," the satirical musical they wrote. "They set aside time so we could fly out there and have meetings with them - a few two-to-three-hour meetings over the course of three-to-four days. They were very involved. This is a very different licensed game to a lot of stuff. They really put the time into it."

    They did more than that: they - their company - financed the game, at least to begin with.

    "Matt and Trey understood that South Park - well everybody understands what South Park is - is going to scare a publisher," Urquhart believes. "If a publisher is putting in their money from dollar-one, they're going to want to control that from dollar-one, and they're going to be conservative. For the big games, it's hard to say that not being conservative pays off.

    "The idea was, once we get it to a certain point then we have something to sell and show, so people get it."

    People got it all right, but getting people to bite was another matter. Friends outside of the deal said things like, "A South Park RPG... really?" Another friend, who runs development at a major developer, said: "I personally want to play that game but I don't know how to sell it internally."

    Then along came THQ with a deal - a deal that turned into a fuller publishing deal when South Park owner Viacom squeezed funding because it was having second thoughts about games.

    "You've been doing this for a while, I've been doing this for a while," Urquhart levels with me, "so talk of THQ having financial difficulty was sort of a normal conversation for years! We knew we were signing up with a publisher that potentially had some issues."

    Those became serious issues when tablet toy uDraw tanked, and THQ execs started talking about taking "a big hit". A slightly more obvious sign things were going belly up was, "Oh, they filed for bankruptcy!"

    But still Obsidian didn't fluster. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is something companies file for all the time, Urquhart informs me - it's the "re-orging" (re-organising) manoeuvre that gets debtors off your back. He gets it. So when THQ boss Jason Rubin got around to calling Urquhart that evening, he was pleasantly surprised. "Holy s***!" Rubin exclaimed. "You're like the first person today who actually has understood that!"

    "And then it got weird," Urquhart says, "I'll have to admit - right after that."

    It was Christmas 2012 when he found out about the impending THQ auction, at which the publishing rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth would be sold. "Holy... what is going on?!" was his reaction, and Christmas came and went in a cacophony of phone calls.

    Urquhart wasn't allowed to the auction himself, but a friend of a friend had gone to the charmingly "underground" occasion, and described it as "the dirtiest... I had to take a shower afterwards, it was horrible". Slimy slippery money eels all wriggling over each other to get their deal.

    Urquhart found out Ubisoft was his game's new owner roughly the same time we did.

    "I would say 'that's such a weird thing to happen', but it's not. Being an independent developer, there are these constant points in time where you are waiting around to know 'am I going to get shot in the head today or not?'"

    He was "very happy" it was Ubisoft, though, because of the company's heft and strong presence abroad, outside of the US. "Of course we were not looking forward to the uPlay conversation," he giggles.

    Ubisoft took over, took stock and in September 2013 delayed the game to December. Then, a month before it was due out, another delay, this time to South Park's eventual release date in March 2014. Ubisoft North America's president Laurent Detoc said the game had required a "major overhaul" after it picked it up. "Within three weeks after acquiring the game, we sadly realised we had to turn this thing upside down if we hoped to deliver the experience everybody wanted,” Detoc said at the time. "It's been such a major overhaul to get to the point where we are that we couldn't let it go, even if that meant missing December."

    I remember being concerned that something was very wrong. But what was really going on behind the scenes?

    "I..." there's a pause, and Urquhart reluctantly clams shut, telling me he can't talk about it. He tells me nothing he'd say would conflict with "stuff that was coming out about those things, it's just hard to go into any detail".

    I press: Did the game change considerably when Ubisoft took over?

    "I can't answer that one either. Sorry."

    Whatever Ubisoft ordered done, worked - South Park lived up to the licence.

    "People can make guesses about how much of it was made and then re-made, and then made and then re-made," he says, but the things the team outlined at the beginning as important "were validated in the end". Most importantly, the South Park game looked and felt like the TV show.

    That's thanks to Parker and Stone's tireless commitment to the game, Urquhart praises. "They spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours helping to get the game finished, up until probably two weeks before we submitted. They were on it almost until the bitter end.

    "That's why in the end," he says, "the one thing you see in all the reviews, and all the people playing the game, is that it is South Park."

    That's not to say things couldn't have been better - things can always be better. "We're friggin' perfectionists," Urquhart tells me, but then everyone is - it's the conditions that matter.

    South Park: The Stick of Truth was a strange project for the studio in many ways. It was 2D, and it had to offer something other than "you're talking or you're killing", which is what, he titters, Obsidian's work tends to boil down to.

    Having outsiders scrutinise Obsidian's methods was new and at times challenging as well. But as as Urquhart the wise man reflects, "We only get better as game developers when we open ourselves up more to criticism.

    "Four years is a long time," Urquhart thinks aloud, considering the game's future. He says there weren't many plans beyond "let's get it out".

    "I know there are people online asking for DLC and 'put it on PS4', and that kind of stuff, and we'll see. Once the smoke clears, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a conversation. But we'll see."

    Even hazier are plans for a sequel. "Well we don't have the money and we don't have the licence, so..." you probably have as much idea as he does, he jokes. "I don't want to say we're the last guys to know, but we would happily do it if it was on the cards."

    There is one certainty about the future, as far as South Park is concerned, and that's his unwavering enthusiasm to work with Trey Parker and Matt Stone again. "Absolutely," he says, without a moment's hesitation. "Oh absolutely. They're awesome guys! Trey in particular, he plays the games we play, I play, and it's awesome to have a guy who is the licence but also you can talk games with.

    "We would absolutely work with them again."

    Did anyone else play the game on here?

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    Pretty Little Liars mastermind Marlene King tells TVLine that Tuesday’s episode (8/7c, ABC Family) is the “biggest” and “most secretive” season finale in the show’s history – and she’s not exaggerating.

    Among other things, Tuesday’s finale will finally reveal who buried Alison’s body and what really went on between Ali and Ezra; but the finale isn’t the only thing on King’s mind.

    Keep scrolling for her thoughts on Caleb’s return to Rosewood, the show’s next possible death and how/when she’ll decide to “pull the plug” on Pretty Little Liars altogether.

    TVLINE | Let’s start with that scene where Hanna’s holding the gun. Is that how the episode ends?
    I can’t tell you if that’s the last scene, because that might be too big a spoiler, but I love that scene. It took us a whole day to shoot it, and we were like, “This is PLL: the action movie.” … We loved seeing Hanna with a gun in her hand because, of course, Ashley [Benson] did a lot of gun wielding in Spring Breakers. So we were like, “Let’s give Hanna the gun.” And when Spencer screams, “Take off your mask!” and they all scream, “Now!” I was like, “OK, you guys are so badass.” I love it.

    TVLINE | One of the bigger mysteries is who tried to kill Ali. Will we find that out in the finale?
    We definitely explore that in the finale, and part of it may be a question we’ll still need to answer. But what you do find out in the finale is who buried Ali.

    TVLINE | What about crazy Mrs. D? What role will she play in the finale?
    We find out pretty early on that word is spreading in Rosewood that Alison DiLaurentis is alive. The police know that and Mrs. D will soon find that out. You’ll find out a lot. She’s a part of what happened the night Ali went missing as well as the the present-day story.

    TVLINE | Judging by Alison’s clothes in the promo shots with Ezra, it looks like their scenes will take place the night she disappeared. True?
    Yes, that’s always a giveaway. Thank God for that yellow top! We’ve made, like, 20 of those tops because you can’t buy them anymore. I think we have 20 of them now, but we’ve gone through several dozen, I’m sure.

    TVLINE | And will we learn anything new about Ali and Ezra’s relationship?
    Oh yes. The girls have really only been speculating on what that relationship was from the manuscript and the clues Alison left behind. The finale will reveal how and where they met, and what their relationship really was. … There’s something that happens when they meet that makes it very interesting. You may be surprised by who the hunter was and who the hunted was.

    TVLINE | Another relationship, Emily and Paige’s, was left hanging. Will there be any resolution?
    The last we saw the girls, they were on their way to Philadelphia to see Ali, and they don’t make it back to Rosewood in the finale. So those emotional stories involving the girls’ boyfriends and girlfriends are put on hold for a bit.

    TVLINE | Does that mean the girls will see Noel in Philly as well?
    Well, even though the girls are in Philadelphia, Alison does recount a lot about what happened the night she went missing and that story is told in Rosewood. So he could be in either place.

    TVLINE | I understand Melissa appears in the finale. Will that be in a flashback or present day?
    Both! Melissa comes home from London [and she's in flashbacks.]

    TVLINE | Speaking of people coming home, it was recently confirmed that Caleb will be back in Season 5. Was that a no-brainer for you?
    Yes, we’re so happy to welcome him home. We were very sad about the loss of Ravenswood, but we always knew we wanted him back in our world if that show went away.

    TVLINE | Any chance you’ll use PLL to answer some of the lingering questions from the Ravenswood finale?
    We’re talking about that, yes. We haven’t gotten that far yet, but we’re certainly talking about taking advantage of that opportunity.

    TVLINE | I imagine Caleb can’t just come back and say, ‘Hey guys, nothing happened in Ravenswood.’
    Yeah, he comes back a very changed person. He lived 10 episodes of life-and-death stakes in Ravenswood, and he made some great friends there, too.

    TVLINE | How might his return affect Hanna’s relationships with other guys like, say, Travis?
    Well, I love Hanna and Caleb together, and I think their last moment in Ravenswood really summed up where they were at the time. It was so bittersweet, that lovely kiss. They knew they couldn’t be together then, but that was then.

    TVLINE | The finale is episode 95. Has it sunk in that you’re about to hit 100?
    Well, we’re breaking episode 100 right now. I’m going to write that one. We’re having a lot of fun with it, deciding which stories to hit and what to tell. It’s not a premiere or a finale, but we still want it to feel like a very special episode.

    TVLINE | Can you say whether the Season 5 premiere picks up right where the finale ends?
    Actually, I can. It’s very much a two-parter. The summer premiere feels like part of the finale. Both episodes are big and bold, and while our premieres usually are, they feel like the beginning of something, but the Season 5 premiere feels like a finale, we’re having so much fun with it.

    TVLINE | Will any lives be hanging in the balance between episodes? Any possible deaths?
    Yes… I think. You really don’t want to live in Rosewood. You’re not going to stick around for too long.

    TVLINE | Speaking of sticking around, no ABC Family show has gone beyond five seasons. Do you have an idea in mind for how/when Pretty Little Liars might end?
    We know the ending of the show, and it’s not in Season 5. I know the show does not end in Season 5, even though we don’t have a Season 6 pickup. The end of Season 5 definitely launches us into a Season 6. I think, as soon as they tell us [the end date], we will write to that. We know the ending and we’re prepared to get there, but we need a 12-episode notice to get there.

    TVLINE | I’m sure they’d give you, like, six more seasons if you asked for them.
    Well, we want to go out with the show maintaining its integrity and staying smart, and so far, we feel we’re still accomplishing that goal. When it feels like we’re not doing that anymore, that’s when I think it’ll be time to pull the plug.


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    Final Fantasy X -Will-
    Major spoilers ahead, of course.

    Chuami: Seventeen years old, highly opinionated and aggressive, claiming to be Auron's daughter. Member of the Spira Council, Kurgum's assistant (but is totally the one in charge).
    Kurgum: Chuami's childhood friend and a fellow member of the Spira Council. He is a sender and admires Yuna and her legendary guardians.
    Baralai: Chancellor of the Spira Council
    Tidus: Blitzball star, legendary guardian, living in Bevelle.
    Lulu: Mayor of Besaid
    Wakka: Lulu's bitch, a bit more level-headed than what we're used to.
    Yuna: Legendary (literally tho), flawless, well-spoken, polite but no longer shy, confident woman who is finally the person she was meant to be. Lives in Besaid and is a priestess of the Yevoners.


    Chuami and Kurgum (who is Chuami's closest friend), are being sent to Besaid by Baralai to search for Yuna
    . They meet Tidus at the Bevelle Stadium that is under construction. Tidus is a blitzball star but Chuami notices he's injured and has little energy, although he is trying to hide it. Reaching Besaid, Chuami and Kurgum meet Lulu and Wakka, who take them to Yuna. Yuna has returned to the mannerisms and dress style of her summoner days.

    Kurgum shows Yuna a movie sphere with a recording of two shoopufs at the Moonflow. The shoopuf was the last of its kind after the female was killed by Sin thirty years ago, but it mysteriously reappeared one morning, causing Yuna to believe the shoopuf had been "called".

    Kurgum tells Yuna she must accompany him and Chuami back to Bevelle and address the Spiran Council. When Yuna refuses, Chuami tells her about the injured Tidus compelling Yuna to take action. When Lulu hears Chuami mention being Auron's daughter, Lulu confronts her, saying that she doesn't look like him and that many people claim to be children of Auron, Jecht, and Braska. Chuami says she takes after her mother who wouldn't lie to her, but Lulu says Auron would have mentioned having children since he wasn't the type of person to hide such a thing.

    Narration: Anyway, we - I mean, Yuna, Kurgum, the caretaker Wakka and I - decided to stop by the Moonflow before going to Bevelle. The banks of the Moonflow were packed with people wanting to see the new shoopuf.

    Yuna: Half the people here are illusions. The Moonflow energy is responding to the will of the living. It's as if we're in the Farplane.

    As Chuami, Kurgum, Yuna and Wakka pass over the Moonflow on an airship, they see the shoopufs and a crowd of onlookers, where half of the people are illusions created by the pyreflies. They see a father and daughter with the illusion of the girl's mother who answers her request for them to go home together, which stuns the group, since the illusions normally can't hear or speak.

    Chuami: I've never been on a Farplane pilgrimage, but is it always this... vivid?

    Yuna: Not quite... It's true, this almost seems too...

    Kurgum: Lady Yuna... could this be...

    Yuna: Unbelievable...

    Kurgum: A beckoned illusion doesn't speak. More accurately, only the "beckoner" can hear the voice.

    Chuami: So, what...? If it's not an illusion, we call that "real", right?

    Kurgum insists the illusions should be sent to the Farplane, but Yuna says they don't have the right to interfere with the reunion. Returning to Bevelle, they find Sin has been reactivated, possibly called by someone's wish, and Yuna rushes to meet with Tidus. Yuna had previously told Chuami that Tidus is her boyfriend, but when Chuami and Kurgum eavesdrop on the conversation between the two, it seems they are breaking up. Yuna is jealous of Tidus's friend, Marfi, but soon tells him she doesn't care anymore, and has already got another person she likes. Tidus asks who it is, but Yuna tells him it's someone he doesn't know and leaves.


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    Arrow is expanding deeper and deeper into the world of DC comics each and every week. Whether it is a reference to The Blue Beetle or a full appearance from The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, 'Arrow’s' roster has quite the range. Now that Ollie’s old island buddy Slade Wilson has shown his darker side as Deathstroke, his son Jericho might be coming to Starling City. Now The Green Arrow might need a little help from Nightwing. Could the Teen Titans be the next team to show up?

    There was no new episode of Arrow on this week, but Stephen Amell made up for it by holding a Q and A with fans during the repeat episode. Amell addressed the rumors that Nightwing was going to be showing up on the series sometime in the near future, claiming:

    “You gotta love the internet. should start tweeting Shonda Rhimes that I want to play Kerry Washington’s long lost brother on Scandal just to see how quickly the rumor will take hold.”

    Amell was, of course, referring to Steven McQueen, tweeting about wanting to play Dick Grayson on the show. McQueen made no secret of his ambitions when he wrote the following tweets:

    “Nightwing training @ARROWwriters @GBerlanti @KyleDHiggins @RapaportCasting.”
    “Had some superhero conversations with the executives this weekend @ARROWwriters.”

    Nightwing’s arch enemy is of course none other than Deathstroke himself.

    During a recent Ask Ausiello Q and A column on TV Line, the subject of Slade Wilson’s son, Joe “Jericho” Wilson appearing on Arrow, to which the columnist answered:

    “Though Joe has only been alluded to on occasion on the CW series, Manu Bennett mentions that relationship when discussing why Slade took Shado’s death so hard. ‘You have to remember, Slade Wilson has also got an ex-partnership and a son out in the world there somewhere. And the son’s potentially got siblings in some scenario that hasn’t yet evolved into the storyline,’ he says. ‘People have to think about more than the layers of what is being shown in each episode. They have to find clues in the DC Comics history, to maybe even piece together more of what Slade is festering upon.’


    Do people really care about Joe? If we get a Slade offspring I want Rose!

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    Four main actors have not yet closed deals; director Josh Trank deletes his Twitter account

    For what it’s worth, we spoke to some high-level studio sources who flatly denied the below report and stated it’s “not at all” true. Filming is still scheduled to begin on April 21 and Trank himself is on set right now.

    The ‘Fantastic Four‘ movie has not been without its hiccups, but few superhero movies are. We didn’t think much of the troubles and when the cast was finally announced – Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell – we assumed it would be a fairly smooth ride to the start of production this summer. But, according to a shocking new report, Fox is looking to reboot it’s reboot: they reportedly have fired director Josh Trank, thrown out the existing script and are looking to recast the movie.

    Bleeding Cool, who’ve had their share of success breaking superhero news, is reporting that a “well-connected source” tells them that just a few months before filming was set to begin on ‘Fantastic Four,’ Fox is planning some radical changes. Apparently unhappy with how pre-production was going, the site reports that both Trank and the script he developed with Simon Kinberg are both out. This is in addition to “casting issues” that could lead to some, or all, of the announced cast being replaced.

    The last we heard, the four main actors hadn’t yet closed deals to star in ‘Fantastic Four’ and were in final negotiations. That would mean that, while unorthodox, Fox could potentially cut any one of them loose with little-to-no financial repercussions. It’s unclear whether Trank or Kinberg had pay-or-play deals, but whatever issue may have led to their departure seems to have been worth whatever financial burden Fox would be responsible for.

    Of course, at this point, there is no confirmation that Trank is out and only this report. Trank, who at one point was active on Twitter, denying online rumors about the film, has deleted his account.

    We have reached out to Fox for comment and have not yet heard back.


    This movie is already a mess and they haven't started filming yet

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    Soul queens Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle stood in the same room last week, as both were invited to perform for an audience at the White House for the latest In Performance At the White House, celebrating Women of Soul.

    Yes, these reigning divas may have been in the same room, but that does not mean they had to acknowledge each other’s presence. In the clip below, watch Aretha Franklin enter the room to a standing ovation and throw the most legendary shade of all, snatching her hand away from the outward reach of Miss Patti Labelle.

    This makes anything Beyonce has ever done to Kelly look like child’s play. Truly epic.

    According to Madame Noire, they eventually embraced:

    While Aretha shut down the concert with an amazing performance, Patti sang along to Franklin’s song “I Never Loved A Man” and afterward Aretha greeted Patti with a big hug (perhaps the Lord spoke to her while she sang).



    paging geraldine_blank

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    Rising Compton rapper YG will release his debut album My Krazy Life on March 18th, and New York DJ Funkmaster Flex recently premiered the album's latest cut, the gritty "Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)" featuring fellow SoCal rapper Kendrick Lamar.

    Propelled at first by a sparse, bubbling bass line and exhausted exhales, the beat grows into a hypnotic banger, though neither YG nor Kendrick stoop to partying platitudes. Instead, YG rhymes about using intoxicants as a coping mechanism for the harsh realities of life, while Lamar delivers a breathless, croaking verse that jumps between his rising star reality and the lingering sorrows of the past.

    In a recent chat with Rolling Stone, YG spoke about his debut and bringing his music to the world: "I want motherfuckers to respect me on some artist shit. I write about the lifestyle, the culture, where I'm from. If you ain't too familiar you probably won't get half the shit I rap about. It just probably sound like some other shit, but I'm really talking about the culture the whole time. I just want people to respect that… I bring the lifestyle, the L.A. lifestyle. The Bompton, all that."

    Along with Lamar, My Krazy Life features a slew of guests including Drake, Jeezy, Schoolboy Q, Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan and Jay Rock.


    The album leaked. What are your opinions ONTD?

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    Christina Hendricks says she's not sure if she's ready to film the final scenes of her hit series Mad Men, but she's also enjoying spending quality time with her husband as she gets a month-long mini-break from the set.

    Hendricks, 38, joined other celebs including Jaime King and Ellen Pompeo at a design party in Los Angeles Thursday for online retailer One King's Lane, which launched its new vintage decor line Hunters Alley.

    "It's scary. But we had a really good run," Hendricks, who plays flame-haired and sexy office manager Joan Holloway, told PEOPLE as the clock ticks on shooting Mad Men's final seven shows. "You want to quit when you're still on top. I think [series creator] Matt [Weiner] is ready to move on. It's going to be hard … I don't feel ready."

    But as the show is nearly over, one happy constant in her life is her marriage to actor Geoffrey Arend. The couple, wed since 2009, get to spend a fair amount of time together and may be taking their life bi-coastal as he's currently shooting a pilot for a N.Y.C.-based series. She'll happily tag along if everything works out.

    "We've been really lucky. We are mostly always in the same city," she says of their work-life juggle as actors. "When one of us isn't, we travel together as much as we can. We have a two week rule. We try not to be away from each other no longer than two weeks."

    Hendricks, who got her decor fix on, said she's currently collecting Majolica and hopes to put her latest purchase – a colorful lobster platter – on her kitchen wall.

    Home time with her hubby is precious and her idea of a perfect date-night with him is low-key, Hendricks shared.

    "Probably go to a beautiful cocktail bar with beautiful ambience," she tells PEOPLE. "Go have dinner at a new amazing restaurant. Then go home, watch a movie and snuggle up with my husband."


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    she's literally too cute and perfect

    I got disco Kylie. Take the quiz here! Post your results!!

    KISS ME ONCE in stores this upcoming Tuesday, March 18th!!

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    You'd think modern Hollywood would have a much higher level of gender equality than that of the 1940s. But a new study by Martha M. Lauzen, executive director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, has revealed that when it comes to equality, we're actually beating the pre-Mad Men era by a only few percentage points.

    According to Lauzen's findings, which looked at more than 2,300 characters appearing in the top 100 grossing domestic films of 2013, the number of female-speaking roles has barely changed over the past 70 years. Women totaled just 30% of all speaking roles in 2013 (and this number "includes major and minor characters"). And only half of these speaking parts were as leading characters.

    In other words, in a year when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Frozen and Gravity were the first, third and sixth top grossing films, respectively, movies with leading female characters are still an exception to the Hollywood rule.

    "We think of Hollywood as a very progressive place and a bastion of liberal thought," Lauzen told the New York Times. "But when you look at the numbers and the representation of women onscreen, that's absolutely not the case. The film industry does not like change." Clearly.

    In the '40s, the numbers averaged only about 5% to 2% less than today's totals. Today's figures fluctuate — female-speaking roles in 2013 were down 3% from 2011, up 2% from 2002 — but the story remains the same, and is a case of gender inertia laid bare.

    These static totals are found across race and, importantly, in behind-the-scenes roles as well: Women lag far behind men as writers, directors and producers. Since 1998, the number of women in these positions has stagnated at around 17%.

    These findings come in the wake of recent outspoken critiques by actresses of Hollywood sexism. At the Oscars, Cate Blanchett challenged and chastised "those of us in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that female films, with women at the center, are niche experiences." And Olivia Wilde also slammed Hollywood's practice of sidelining women into less important roles on screen at a "State of Female Justice" panel.

    Given that female-focused films have proven they can make plenty of money — look no further than Frozen's recent crossing of the $1 billion mark, the first film directed by a woman to do so, no less — we need to continue to call out Hollywood's seriously unequal representation.

    Keep seeing films with and, especially, by women, and hopefully we will finally see this number begin to change.


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    Rob Beschizza at 1:17 am Wed, Mar 12, 2014

    It's so easy to find things wrong with 1994's Street Fighter movie, I thought that Chris Plante's epic feature about the flick wouldn't have any surprises. But it's wonderfully well-written, and packed with all sorts of morbid detail. Moroever, I feel like I understand something important about the mad thinking behind that whole early wave of Hollywood game-films, right down to the overpolished "blue steel" aesthetic they had.

    Van Damme is shooting guns, causing all sorts of mayhem, and he shouts to Chun-Li and Balrog: "Go, go, I'll catch you later." Here's what Van Damme said the first time: "Go, go, I'll catch you later — cut, cut, cut!"

    It's unusual for an actor to call cut; that's the director's role, but Van Damme was sure he'd said "ladder" instead of "later" and he demanded they do it over. [Director Steven E.] De Souza, stunned, noted the crew would need to rematch the bullet holes, rerig the actors who fell from catwalks back on their wires, clean off the costume and replace the blood packs. But Van Damme ordered another take. While the crew reset everything, Van Damme listened to the audio and realized he'd had it right. De Souza — vindicated, albeit after losing time and resources — decided to shoot the scene again for backup. Van Damme got in position. De Souza called action.

    "Go, go," shouted Van Damme, "I'll catch you ladder!"

    So much went wrong that it's a credit to De Souza that he managed to make it to the end. Even so, the palpable disinterest in the source material starts at the very beginning. Days into filming, the director and his stars stand around and realize that no-one on set, least of all themselves, know how to pronounce the name "Ryu."


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    It's the game many Americans wanted to see: USA facing off with Russia on the ice for a gold medal in Sochi. And it's happening today at the Paralympic Games, where the U.S. is the defending champion in sled hockey. And it's happening today at the Paralympic Games, where the U.S. is the defending champion in sled hockey.

    In the sport many call "murder ball on ice," Russia had earlier defeated the U.S. in a preliminary round. But Saturday they're playing for gold. Despite intense interest from their fans, hockey teams from both the host country and the U.S. left Sochi without an Olympic medal last month.

    Update at 1:45 p.m. ET: USA Wins Gold Medal

    The U.S. defeated Russia 1-0, in a hard-fought match that was decided by a second-period goal. The Americans become the first team in Paralympic history to repeat as gold medalists. The bronze medal goes to Canada.

    American Josh Sweeney scored the decisive goal on a breakaway. The Russians had chances to even it with two power plays, but they couldn't get the puck past a tough U.S. defense and goalie.

    After the medal ceremony, all the players stayed on the ice, receiving a loud standing ovation that the audience sustained for several minutes at Shayba Arena. The teams posed for photos on the ice, as horns blared and the crowd chanted for the Russian team.

    The U.S. sled hockey team roster includes several military veterans, as NPR's Quil Lawrence reported last week. The team's story was recently featured on PBS, in a documentary titled "Ice Warriors."

    Here's how one member of the team, Joshua Sweeney, told his story on All Things Considered recently:
    "I grew up playing hockey in Phoenix, Arizona. I started out roller hockey in junior high and then moved on to ice hockey in high school. Shortly after high school, I joined the Marine Corps and I was injured in 2009. And I had the privilege to go down to San Antonio, Texas for rehab. And while I was there, they had a local sled hockey team that was an all-veteran team and they invited me out to play. And as soon as I saw them on the ice and saw the way they were moving and just the freedom that they had, I knew that I was going to be playing hockey again."

    Beyond the traditional rivalry, today's game has many compelling storylines. Among them is the outstanding play by two U.S. teenagers. Here are highlights from a preview at the Paralympics site:
    "American goaltender Steve Cash has nearly been a brick wall at the last two Paralympics. Until Russia defeated the USA 2-1 in the preliminary round earlier this week, Cash had gone 313 minutes of Paralympic play without allowing a single goal. That is why they nickname him 'Money.'

    "Two American youngsters – 15-year-old Brody Roybal and 16-year-old Declan Farmer – have unexpectedly played out of their minds thus far in Sochi on the USA's first line. They have played more than 67 and 71 minutes on the ice, respectively, with Farmer tied with Nikko Landeros to lead the team with five points (three goals, two assists).

    "Vladimir Kamantcev has been one of the biggest surprises of the Sochi 2014 ice sledge hockey competition so far, playing 135 minutes in the net for Russia and recording a save percentage of 97.37. He has racked up 37 saves, allowing the puck pasts the posts just once, and Russia have won all three games he has played in."

    Organizers also tells us, "Do not forget about the USA's power forward, Josh Pauls, and his superstitions. He has five good-luck charms during major tournaments, with his most famous being facing his Mr. Potatohead figure toward his opponents' locker room."

    If you're new to sled hockey — or "sledge hockey," as it's known in much of the world, here's a quick primer, from the U.S. Paralympics site:
    "Just as in ice hockey, sled hockey is played with six players (including a goalie) at a time. Players propel themselves on their sledge by use of spikes on the ends of two three-foot-long sticks, enabling a player to push himself as well as shoot and pass ambidextrously. Rinks and goals are regulation Olympic-size, and games consist of three 15-minute stop-time periods."

    Preview for PBS documentary Ice Warriors

    U.S. residents can watch the full documentary on the PBS website.

    sources: NPR, PBS

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    The episode title popped up on HBO’s schedule for Sunday, May 4th. The fifth episode of season 4 will be called, “First of His Name.”

    Game of Thrones episode titles often have multiple meanings and this could be one of them. There are a few possibilities as to whom the title could refer to, as “First of His Name” is often appended to a ruler’s name and there are several men across Westeros and Essos defending and scrambling for thrones.


    well,its pretty obvious who this title is referring to...

    so dont enter if you dont want to be ~spoiled~

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    Another new movie is coming to Lifetime this weekend. On March 14, Boston shared about this upcoming movie "The Grim Sleeper" which will air on March 15 on Lifetime. It is based on a true story of a serial killer.
    This killer actually went over young women and a lot of them were prostitutes. Journalist Christine Pelisek actually helped make sure that these crimes ended up being talked about and that everyone knew about these victims. She was actually used to help make the true crime movie.
    The movie will actually follow the reporter who helped put the crimes together and figure out what was going on. The killings started in the 1980s and went on into the 2000s. They did finally arrest someone but he has actually plead not guilty and has not had to go to trial yet.
    Don't miss "The Grim Sleeper" on March 15 on Lifetime. After the movie, don't miss "Beyond the Headlines" which will show the true story behind the movie.


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    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in InStyle UK, April 2014

    Kit Harington Men's Health UK Outtakes

    Pedro Pascal in ACCESS DirecTV Magazine

    Mods, tumblr is the source of the Nikolaj scans.
    I am officially hf Nikolaj's short hair.

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    Mexico City, Mar 14 (EFE).- A film inspired by the eventful life of singer Gloria Trevi will premiere next Sept. 5 in more than 1,000 movie theaters around Mexico, the producers said.

    While Trevi has expressed unhappiness over the "Gloria" project, producer Matthias Ehrenberg told a press conference that the screenplay is based on interviews she gave to journalist and playwright Sabina Berman and seeks above all to pay tribute to the singer.

    "It's an impartial story with no yellow journalism in it. Basically it's about Gloria the celebrity, her rise to fame, what happened to her, things that go out of control and the consequences," Ehrenberg said.

    Taking the story to the screen are Sofia Espinosa as Trevi and Marco Perez in the role of her manager Sergio Andrade.

    The film includes several of Trevi's songs because the production company acquired the rights, and will be sung by Espinosa, Ehrenberg said.

    "Gloria" will screen in theaters around Mexico starting Sept. 5, Mauricio Duran Ortega, vice president of marketing and distribution at Universal Pictures in Latin America, said.

    Gloria Trevi was arrested in Brazil in the year 2000, accused by a Mexican court of the kidnapping, sexual abuse and corruption of minors, together with Andrade and one of her backup singers.

    After a long legal battle in Brazil, the singer was extradited to her country in 2002 and pardoned by a Mexican court two years later, after which she returned to show business.


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    At this point, the rumored Soundgarden/Nine Inch Nails tour seems to be one of the worst-kept secrets in the music business: As compiled by Antiquiet: An announcement for an August 17 Dallas date for the two bands apparently leaked; fans found a link for an auction for a meet-and-greet with Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and tickets for an August 25 Hollywood Bowl date for both acts; and least subtle of all, the two bands recently released teaser videos hinting broadly at summer dates that are almost comically similar.

    So in an interview with Cornell, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd before the band's Superunknown 20th anniversary set at the iTunes festival at South by Southwest, we popped the question: Are they or aren't they? The results are entertaining, although maybe not conclusive ...

    It's confirmed in my inbox. Member presales begin Monday, public sale March 21st! Check out tour dates at the source!!


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    In a recent episode of "The Wendy Williams Show," host Wendy Williams and a panel of other media personalities discussed some hot-button issues, including a lawsuit filed by a transgender athlete who claims CrossFit discriminated against her, the Huffington Post reports.

    Last week it was reported that Chloie Jonsson, 34, from Northern California, said CrossFit violated her rights under state law that bans discrimination based on gender identity. According to her complaint, Jonsson, a personal trainer, was born a male but has been living as a woman since a teen and underwent sex reassignment surgery eight years ago. Additionally, her birth certificate and other official documents all state she is female.

    CrossFit allegedly refused Jonsson to participate in the women’s division of an upcoming CrossFit event, even though her documents state she is a woman. CrossFit allegedly denied the personal trainer because she was "born as a male" and, according her lawyer, CrossFit "said she has an advantage over other women because of the sex she was born with, and that is completely untrue, scientifically."

    Jonsson is suing CrossFit for $2.5 millon.

    When discussing the issue on her talk show, Williams said she agrees that Jonsson shouldn’t be allowed to compete against other women in the CrossFit event because, "this is an unfair advantage... you can take away female parts or male parts or whatever -- it’s like Chaz Bono! You know Chaz is a man now, but I bet she [sic] still fights like a girl like the rest of us and she’s [sic] not as strong as a man who was born a man," Williams said according to HuffPo, which also writes that members of the audience "appear to enthusiastically back up Williams’ claims that Jonsson should not be allowed to compete."

    Judge Lynn Toler of "Divorce Court" was a member of the panel and offered her legal advise in defense of Jonsson, saying she has the right to compete against other women. Joe Paradavila of "The Todd Show," however, had a different view.

    "Think about it. You look inside -- she’s got all guy muscles, and the juices! You know, I’m not a doctor or anything but inside her that’s all there," he’s quoted as saying.

    As HuffPo notes, the clip of the discussion has been removed from "The Wendy Williams Show."

    Since the episode aired, both Williams and Paradavila have responded criticism via Twitter.

    Williams tweeted to HuffPo and Queerty and wrote: "Chloie Jonsson’s lawsuit issue has clearly split public opinion & needs more visibility."

    She later wrote to her 1.3 million followers, "Didn’t mean to offend when discussing transgender topic. I’m a long LGBT ally & @GLAAD supporter & will use this 2b better educated on the T."

    Paradavila replied to a Twitter user who wrote to him "Cue eyeroll at cis ppl @WendyWilliams @joepardavila @RealJudgeLynn who know nada abt #trans ppl," linking to the HuffPo article.

    "@Andy_Marra I’m an idiot. Please accept my sincere and humble apologies for my comments," he replied.


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    Looking to capitalize on the success of its adaptation of the incest classic Flowers in the Attic, Lifetime is investing in the V.C. Andrews backlist. The cable channel has already announced that it’s moving forward with the sequel to the Andrews’ Gothic horror novel, Petals on the Wind, which is filming now.

    But, according to a source at the network, Lifetime is developing two more books in the Dollanganger series, If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday. (That would leave Garden of Shadows, the series’ prequel, as the sole Dollanganger title remaining.) On top of that, Lifetime will also develop Andrews’ lurid, Oedipal novel, My Sweet Audrina. Because it’s early going, the timeline of when the movies will air is not yet clear.

    Flowers in the Attic aired on Lifetime in January and, in addition to getting a lot of nostalgic attention, it drew a robust 6.1 million viewers — the channel’s biggest success since Oct. 2012. Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn have already signed up to reprise their Flowers roles for Petals on the Wind, and the Dollanganger kids’ parts have been recast with older actors — Rose McIver will play the adult Cathy (Kiernan Shipka in Flowers), Bailey Buntain (of Bunheads) has been cast as Carrie (Ava Telek in Flowers), and Wyatt Nash will be Christopher (Mason Dye in Flowers). The casting for the third and fourth Dollanganger movies is not yet set.

    If There Be Thorns is being adapted by Andy Cochran (Siberia), Seeds of Yesterday will be by Darren Stein (Jawbreaker, G.B.F.), and My Sweet Audrina will be by Scarlett Lacey.


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