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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Mere days after dropping Super Sunset Analog with bonus digital concert vocal tracks, Allie X continues her musical magnanimity with this video for Science (Analog). OP's wig found in the Milky Way, skin cleared, hope for the future restored.


    Y'all feelingX in 2019?

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    - Looks like Annapurna isn't the only movie studio struggling right now. Lionsgate, best known for The Hunger Games and Twilight films, laid off about 25 employees yesterday.
    - They have also ended their partnership with Codeblack, a division focused on films targeting African-American audiences. Codeblack will continue to operate autonomously.
    - Lionsgate had an underwhelming 2018, with flops like Robin Hood and Kin bringing their box office intake to its lowest level since 2011.
    - 2019 may be more promising. There's another installment of the popular John Wick series,ย the upcoming Hellboy reboot, and the Rian Johnson-directed Knives Out.


    Fave Lionsgate film? Looking through their offerings from this year, I saw they were responsible for both A Simple Favor and The Spy Who Dumped Me, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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    New Line is planning a 're-imagining' of the franchise, which left off at numero 5, and has hired Saw writers, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to write the script.

    They're also known for The Collector, The Collection, and Piranha 3DD and penned the new Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark for CBS films.

    Tony Todd (Candyman) recently came out and said the movies are expensive to shoot and that's probably why we haven't gotten a new one.

    No word on release dates or actors being approached for the project.



    ONTD, what's your fav Final Destination kill?

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  • 01/12/19--16:00: Free For All Saturday

  • Continue to make good choices this weekend!

    Today is National Hot Tea Day!

    No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

    Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):


    1986-1987 (9 episodes)
    Cultures clash humorously between an American and his co-workers at a Japanese car company.

    Opening Intro Sequence

    This is a spin-off of the 1986 movie of the same name. Michael Keaton's character was played by Scott Bakula.

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    Former Summerland actor and teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney returns with the music video for his latest single, โ€œWasted.โ€ The clip shows McCartney dressed as various soap opera characters in โ€œThe Young & the Wasted.โ€ The video was directed by Jason Lester and the budget was whatever change was left over after a PA made a food run at Buca di Beppo for the film crew.

    In other news, no confirmation yet if Jesse returned to voice Roxas in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III due out this month on January 25th.


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    Some photos of KJ and Cole's vacation time in New Zealand. Featuring shirtlessnes, wetness, and rugby


    RAS is catching up on posting script covers again! Only significant because we're getting a string of gimmicky episodes as well as the insulting notion that an episode focused on the supporting cast is "bizarre"

    SAT PREP โ€“ With SATโ€™s around the corner, Falice urge Bughead to stop investigating G&G and start focusing on their SAT prep. However, when Alice takes things one step too far, Betty is forced to visit her dad. Finally, Jughead makes a bold move against the Gargoyle Gang.

    No Archie, Josie, Cheryl, or Toni.

    Directed by Maggie Kiley and written by Brian E. Paterson

    3x11 will be the more noir episode, titled The Red Dahlia

    3x12 is the episode where the core four hopefully fuck off out of the spotlight. But Archie and Josie might also be hooking up this episode based on filming. Also, a gay makeout.

    3x13 sees Archie boxing grown ass men


    Skeet posted the following picture on his IG stories without seeming to realize that a call sheet, which flat out says not to post on any social networks, was right there.


    The listed scenes for episode 3x15 are:

    -A scene in Veronica's bedroom (lol that she's back with her parents) where she says that Gladys is taking over the drug trade, and Betty has to tell Jughead about this new development.

    -FP's birthday party at Veronica's speakeasy where Gladys sings โ€œHappy Birthday,โ€ a cake is served, Jughead gives a speech, and the gang's all there

    Another thing people have observed is that former members of the Gargoyle Gang (a gang dedicated to serving the Gargoyle King and which Joaquin was a member of before being unceremoniously murdered) have been converted into being Serpents.

    Dilton Doiley's bunker, which his classmates eagerly turned into a fuck nook with practically no reflection or sadness about his passing, may be seeing two new occupants as Gina posted a new picture from that set along with Jellybean's actress


    Vanessa posted in her IG stories from a recording booth and while she could just be doing ADR, it's most likely for the musical. Unlike Skeet, Vanessa knows to cover things up, but fans are still trying to figure out what she could be singing as RAS has yet to announce what musical they'll be failing to lipsynch to.

    Netflix teased an image from an upcoming original movie starring Noah Centineo, Camila Mendes, and Laura Marano



    Did you want to know more about Choni's roadtrip of love? Well their road trip will be the focus of an issue of the Riverdale tie-in comic

    RAS is working on it so it'll be more canon than other issues. OP wishes they'd gotten a different artist


    shoutout to writer Devon Turner, who browses ONTD

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    -talks abt crystal deodorants (?)
    -does minimal makeup
    -the whole thing was a plug, i just wanna talk about beauty, etc. tell me what ur morning routine is.


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    - Black Widow's movie sounds like it's taking the Logan route and they're considering making it an R-Rated movie.
    - Jac Schaeffer was chosen to write the film. She has worked with Marvel before for 'Captain Marvel' and will be the showrunner for 'Vision and Scarlett Witch' limited series. Cate Shortland will direct.
    - The reported 2020 MCU slate features Black Widow (May 1, 2020), Black Panther 2 (July 31, 2020) and The Eternals (Nov. 6, 2020). The Eternals is feeling GOTG Vol. 3 slot, since it's been delayed.


    ONTD, which R-Rated MCU film do you want?

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    Our favourite couple is kaput. We all knew this was coming but Colt-ey has finally filed for divorce from Larissa.

    Interesting tidbits:

    - His mother paid the $299 for the divorce filing.
    - Colt-ey noted that "
    receivedย massive amounts of attention from fans, especially women." (Ew)
    - This comes off the back of Larissa being arrested early Saturday morning at 5AM for misdemeanour battery, domestic violence following another fight. Colt-ey was not arrested.
    - Larissa went on to explain in now deleted posts and vids that the domestic started because Colt-ey had purchased a porn video.
    - "I just scratch him because he was hurt me...I'm really hurt, but he called the police first." Larissa said.
    - Both posted images of themselves with bloody faces.
    - Police determined that Colt-ey could not have scratched Larissa's face because he is a "nail biter".
    - Larissa has been previously arrested for a domestic battery charge last November. Those charges were dropped because the Clark Country District Attorney rejected the case.




    First post, long-time lurker since 2004 - sorry if any of the formatting screws up, mods. Also who is tuning in for 90 Day Finance Tell All Part 2 tomorrow/tonight? (I'm in Australia)

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    Richard Madden, 32, has reportedly been dumped by his girlfriend Ellie Bamber, 21.
    The couple started arguing a lot and then called time on the 18-month romance.
    They reportedly grew apart and were living separate lives by the end.
    She did not attend the Golden Globes with him or get a mention in his acceptance speech.
    Richard previously dated Jenna Colemanย .


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    * The most iconic hip hop duo since OutKast might be calling it quits.
    * Slim Jxmmi, one half of Rae Sremmurd, posted tweets that has fans buzzing about whether the duo are through.
    * Rae Sremmurd comprises of Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee. The group has released three albums, including a triple disk album SR3MM/Swaecation/Jxmtro last year. Rae Sremmurd is best known for their number one hit single "Black Beatles"
    * musicnkisses is sad.


    I talked all that spicy shit about how Swae needed to go solo, but now the time has come and I don't want it ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

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    -refers to him as the "kindest and cutest man Iโ€™ve had the pleasure of spending time with"

    -the two have been on and off since meeting at the 2016 Golden Globes

    -most recently resumed dating in April 2018


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    - the dog ate a mystery poison on a walk,

    - vets could not identify the toxin,

    - Beatrice made the decision to put her 5-year-old dog down,

    - her 3 other dogs are okay.

    source: twitter

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    Kristy Swanson, who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1992 film that spawned the TV series, got upset when comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted that a wall won't do anything about tunnels under the border, and it set off an angry exchange;

    She was widely mocked for the seemingly incoherent tweet ("Sorry for your loss, all three times. Was he...a vampire?"). Griffin shot back:

    Swanson next declared that she was "shocked" to learn Griffin has repeatedly entertained US troops in combat zones:

    Swanson also seemed a little confused about her exact relationship with this Lazarus of the tunnels:

    Then a user named Kristen, after noting that no news articles about army personnel being blown up in a border tunnel could be found, came with some interesting receipts:

    It turned out that Swanson's friend/nephew had earlier said he was injured when a tank rolled over him, not being blown up by a drug cartel:

    People just kept mocking Swanson, eventually leading her to call out the entire U.S. armed forces:

    SOURCES: 1234567

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    * American rapper Lil Uzi Vert has decided to quit music.
    * He posted a concerning snap on the 11th saying he's deleted all of the music he was working on, and just wants to go back to 2013.
    * Lil Uzi Vert is best known for his number one song with Migos "Bad and Boujee", along with his top ten hit "XO Tour Llif3"
    * Rapper Nav chimed in and said if Uzi's done then he's done too.
    * musicnkisses is double sad.

    His snap is depressing, I hope my son is doing well. ๐Ÿ’”
    Two of my favorite acts just went poof.

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    In a series of emails between the two in 2012 Louis C.K. pines for the chef Sarma Melngailis.
    The chef emailed him on June 17 regarding a previous email outburst, stating that she was โ€œupset and freaked out.โ€

    Louis C.K. responded:
    โ€œhey. I understand youโ€™re upset. This kind of shit is tough. I never swore that I was clean. I told you I may or may not have given this to you. Iโ€™m sorry if I did. If you gave it to me, itโ€™s okay. We all share the current human bloodstream, which includes this kind of stuff. I should have worn a condom, you should have made me, we should have a lot of things. we are human. Our generation has this stuff. the next generation will all be inocculated and will have sex with electric glass penises and digital vaginas and theyโ€™ll get software viruses instead. Itโ€™s part of life. โ€

    CK tells Melngailis that he accepts his responsibility โ€œfor our chemistry and exchange,โ€ and wonders whether anyone is โ€œcleanโ€ nowadays.

    โ€œIโ€™ve been told the same thing, that thereโ€™s no good tests for guys and even that condoms donโ€™t stop shit. i donโ€™t know. Itโ€™s a mess. I hope youโ€™re okay. i think you will be. And I am sorry. โ€ฆI still look back tenderly and happily on our time together. And that night. It was really wonderful, even though it never happened again and it seemed to be sort of a stopping point for us, unfortunately.โ€


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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 N The Upside STX $19,590,000 - 3,080 - $6,360 $19,590,000 $37.5 1
    2 1 Aquaman WB $17,265,000 -44.3% 3,863 -321 $4,469 $287,861,781 - 4
    3 N A Dog's Way Home Sony $11,300,000 - 3,090 - $3,657 $11,300,000 $18 1
    4 5 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Sony $9,000,000 -31.4% 3,029 -390 $2,971 $147,775,445 $90 5
    5 2 Escape Room Sony $8,900,000 -51.2% 2,717 - $3,276 $32,432,931 $9 2
    6 3 Mary Poppins Returns BV $7,215,000 -54.5% 3,253 -837 $2,218 $150,656,985 $130 4
    7 4 Bumblebee Par. $6,775,000 -48.7% 3,303 -294 $2,051 $108,469,977 $135 4
    8 16 On the Basis of Sex Focus $6,227,000 +286.9% 1,923 +1,811 $3,238 $10,557,847 - 3
    9 6 The Mule WB $5,545,000 -39.1% 3,329 +117 $1,666 $90,578,396 $50 5
    10 7 Vice Annapurna $3,278,644 -42.8% 1,724 -810 $1,902 $35,936,486 - 3
    11 11 Bohemian Rhapsody Fox $3,200,000 +35.1% 1,334 +254 $2,399 $198,496,306 $52 11
    12 N Replicas ENTMP $2,500,000 - 2,329 - $1,073 $2,500,000 - 1
    13 14 If Beale Street Could Talk Annapurna $2,388,953 +29.6% 1,018 +683 $2,347 $7,688,378 - 5
    14 9 Ralph Breaks the Internet BV $2,214,000 -52.6% 1,554 -496 $1,425 $190,449,603 $175 8
    15 15 Green Book Uni. $2,098,000 +16.1% 742 +176 $2,827 $38,559,706 $23 9
    16 8 Second Act STX $1,630,000 -65.7% 1,681 -842 $970 $36,343,871 $16 4
    17 22 A Star is Born (2018) WB $1,132,000 +78.5% 394 +126 $2,873 $203,588,149 $36 15
    18 13 The Favourite FoxS $1,125,000 -40.9% 512 -259 $2,197 $21,498,182 - 8
    19 12 Mary Queen of Scots Focus $847,000 -60.5% 829 -223 $1,022 $15,223,875 - 6
    20 29 Free Solo NGE $812,741 +576.1% 154 +93 $5,278 $12,323,531 - 16
    21 10 Holmes and Watson Sony $555,000 -83.2% 1,013 -1,767 $548 $30,025,153 $42 3
    22 N Perfect Strangers PNT $425,000 - 132 - $3,220 $425,000 - 1
    23 19 Creed II MGM $291,651 -68.4% 355 -538 $822 $114,890,384 $50 8
    24 20 Instant Family Par. $250,000 -64.4% 324 -280 $772 $66,679,272 $48 9
    25 31 Destroyer Annapurna $151,745 +54.4% 27 +21 $5,620 $426,264 - 3
    26 54 The Wife SPC $115,715 +1,677.5% 156 +146 $742 $8,333,348 - 22
    27 35 Stan & Ollie SPC $88,808 +1.7% 13 +5 $6,831 $358,476 - 3
    28 33 Cold War (2018) Amazon $87,552 -3.5% 10 +4 $8,755 $400,976 - 4
    29 42 Capernaum SPC $48,078 +47.6% 15 +5 $3,205 $237,726 - 5
    30 32 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms BV $36,000 -60.4% 110 -62 $327 $54,807,620 $120 11
    31 47 The World Before Your Feet Greenwich $15,100 -29.6% 11 +1 $1,373 $166,662 - 8
    32 N The Aspern Papers Cohen $9,277 - 10 - $928 $9,277 - 1
    TOTAL (32 MOVIES): $115,117,264 -17.1% 42,034 -1,243 $2,739
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    Arie Luyendyk Jr., 37, and Lauren Burnham, 27, wed on Saturday in Maui. For those who can't remember, this was the guy who chose Becca Kufrin during last year's season finale, before dumping her on camera, and proposing to runner-up Lauren at the "After the Final Rose" show. The couple are also expecting a baby girl later this year.


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  • 01/13/19--10:34: What is the Pixar Moment?

  • What is the Pixar Moment? In every Pixar film, there's that scene - it's the one that brings us to tears, when the lies we tell ourselves melt away. Watch our take on the Pixar moment and how we can find it in our own lives


    favorite Pixar moment??

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    Source: emmastoneweb

    she looks so goodย 

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