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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Peaches Geldof might want to give Derek Acorah a call, because it looks like she's got a ghost that needs hunting.

    The socialite shared a photo of herself and son Astala in the bath, but mysteriously a translucent hand of what could be a ghost can be seen just above her shoulder.

    Peaches, 24, posted the spooky selfie on Instagram, and believes the hand belongs to the spirit of a woman who committed suicide 100 years ago after delivering a stillborn baby.

    Geldof - who lives in the property in Kent, South East England, with her husband Thomas Cohen, Astala, and their other son, eight-month-old Phaedra - said: 'The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife. However, his wife had a stillborn baby and was so grief-stricken she went mad. She apparently drowned herself in the bath.'

    She added: 'The presence I feel isn't malignant or angry, rather maternal and friendly - the house has a lovely atmosphere.'

    'Maybe she's just making her presence known because she loves having babies around.'
    Peaches has started to leave her door open when she sleeps at night in case the "ghost comes back".

    The daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates - decided to investigate the history of the house after posting the spooky snap on her Instagram account accompanied with the caption: 'Close up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me in the bath!!'


    Have you ever taken a pic with a ghost, ONTD?!?!?

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  • 12/12/13--15:39: Tom Hardy Post!

  • Tom Hardy is singing "all the time" as he prepares to play Sir Elton John.

    'The Dark Knight Rises' actor will portray the legendary musician in new musical biopic, 'Rocketman', and he admits he has been taking extensive singing lessons to get ready for the film's numerous musical numbers.

    Quizzed whether he's had vocal training, he said: "Oh, all the time. I'm always singing."

    The star also revealed production on the film is still in the early stages but Elton, who is co-producing the feature through his Rocket Films production company, has been in touch.

    Hardy explained to BANG Showbiz: "It's all sort of under the radar at the moment, to be honest, but yes, I am [talking to Elton]."

    'Rocketman', which is being directed by Michael Gracey, will tell the singer's story from young child prodigy to musical icon.

    Elton will re-record some of his classic songs for the film's soundtrack, but it's not yet known whether Hardy's favourite song will make the cut. He added: "My favourite Elton song, I think it's 'Honky Cat'."

    Hardy was speaking at The Sun Military Awards, which took place last night (11.12.13) at the National Maritime Museum in London.

    The ceremony honours the bravery and courage of Britain's servicemen and women and the 36-year-old star is a staunch supporter.

    He said: "I think it's very important to celebrate our soldiers and get behind them and our navy personnel."

    The Sun Military Awards air on Monday, December 16, at 9pm on ITV.

    On the red carpet

    Tom Hardy presented the Best Unit Award to members of the 904 Expeditionary Air Wing Tornado Detachment

    First Official Pictures from Child 44

    Summit has released the first pictures from Child 44, the new film from Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Paddy Considine, Fares Fares and Vincent Cassel.

    Scripted by Richard Price ("The Wire", The Color of Money), the film is based on the first novel in author Tom Rob Smith's best-selling trilogy, telling the story of a man (Hardy) fighting to reclaim his humanity from a system that requires him to sacrifice it in order to survive.



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    Our apologies to Adam Levine (and Maroons 1 through 4), but it's time to relinquish the crown of sexiness.

    Last month, the musician and "The Voice" judge was deemed the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, an honor that has been bestowed upon the likes of Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum and Jude Law in the past. Our readers (who hold the undisputed title of Sexiest Readers Alive, so they know what they're talking about) begged to disagree.

    So with all due respect to People, the people have spoken.

    The true Sexiest Man Alive is Tom Hiddleston. Bam, you got Loki'd.

    In a reader poll, Hiddleston (most recently seen onscreen as the villainish trickster god Loki in "Thor: The Dark World") captured an overwhelming majority, garnering more than 77 percent of the vote for a resounding victory. (Confidential message to runner-up Michael Fassbender: Michael, there's no "Shame" in second place. Get it?)

    Hiddleston's virtues are many, from his British accent, his easy smile, and ability to really work some facial scruff, not to mention his charming personality and killer dance moves.

    Heck, we're even pretty attracted to the guy when he's wearing a helmet, white pancake makeup and greasy-looking lob (long bob, for the uninitiated) wig. See?

    Don't say you disagree.

    And let's talk sibling rivalries for a moment: Hiddleston delivered a whooping in the polls to his onscreen adopted brother, Chris Hemsworth, who captured just 4 percent of the vote. To add insult to injury, Hiddleston didn't even have to take off his shirt in the "Thor" movies to make it happen.

    Hiddleston will next be appearing in "Muppets Most Wanted" as The Great Escapo, as well in our hearts and nightly dreams.

    Source and other picks here

    Gif choices were my own. And color me shocked this wasn't written by a certain Josh Horowitz...

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    It seems weird to me to think that "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" is getting ready to shoot, but of course it is. As we enter this home stretch, there will be some big announcements coming about cast, and I'm curious to see how well the film protects some of its biggest secrets. Bleeding Cool reported a rumor today that Rhodey (Don Cheadle) will play a part in the film, and HitFix can confirm that Col. Rhodes, aka War Machine, has a key role in the conflict with Ultron that is the main focus of the sequel.

    Ultimately, Marvel has to start planning for the future. Robert Downey Jr. will not keep playing Tony Stark forever. I was about to say that Marvel hasn't had to deal with recasting one of their marquee characters yet, but that's not true. They recast Bruce Banner for "The Avengers" because they couldn't come to terms with Ed Norton on what role he'd play in the film creatively, and while I really liked Norton's take on the character, I think Mark Ruffalo absolutely killed it in "The Avengers." With The Hulk, though, because the big green guy is the main attraction, it feels like there's a little more latitude. I'm curious to see what happens when they have to make a decision about Iron Man or Thor or Captain America, since those actors have been such a key part of successfully bringing those characters to life.

    One thing you can count on is that at the end of "Avengers: Age Of Ultron," the group that calls themselves "The Avengers" isn't going to be the same group we saw eating shwarma together at the end of the first film. Major changes are coming for The Avengers, and I've said all along that I full expected the studio to break up the group by the end of the second film specifically to give Phase Three a major narrative arc of trying to get all of the originals back in place to stand against Thanos when he finally comes for Earth. Whether or not Rhodey will be one of those new Avengers standing together at the end of "Age Of Ultron" remains to be seen, but Cheadle's got a few films left on the contract, and I think it would be premature to start predicting his death at this point.


    In an effort to confirm from their own sources that USA Today wasn't making an assumption and that Don Cheadle will indeed reprise his Iron Man 3 role in The Avengers sequel, Bleeding Cool has possibly revealed an additional Age of Ultron cast member and an intriguing major plot point.

    Suggesting first that there's been a lot of info circulating that involves The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bleeding Cool's sources report that English actor Simon McBurney is "in line to take a role." However, they're unable to confirm the current stage of his casting, or the character he'll play. But what they've been told, presumably by another source, is that McBurney will be playing J.A.R.V.I.S. "Not a computer voice Jarvis, mind you, but an actual Butler called Jarvis," the site added.

    J.A.R.V.I.S. is Just A Rather Very Intelligent System created for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and voiced by English actor Paul Bettany. But the character was introduced in the Marvel comics as Edwin Jarvis, Iron Man's actual butler. He notably served as a longtime caretaker of the Avengers Mansion and the Stark Tower, which the closing scenes of The Avengers movie implied will become the Avengers Tower. So it's possible that Joss Whedon plans to utilize that in the sequel. And to an extent, It also fuels the strong beliefs that the A.I. Jarvis will become Ultron.


    yesssss. need more cast news tho.

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    Demi Moore’s divorce from Ashton Kutcher may have only been final for less than a month, but she’s already getting a fresh start by selling her $250,000 engagement ring. Demi sold the ring to a Beverly Hills jeweler, all in the name of starting over. “Ashton broke her heart. Anything that reminds her of him makes her sad, and she wants to be happy,” a source close to Demi says.

    Demi’s certainly well within her rights to claim a new beginning, especially since Ashton’s been dating Mila Kunis for the past 18 months. Besides, it’s been 2 years since Demi and Ashton officially called it quits after their six year marriage. “Demi says she's now at peace with the divorce but she felt she needed to clear her head of any negative energy,” the source adds. "She insists she is fully cleansed of Ashton and is even ready to welcome Mila into her life."


    ONTD:Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings?

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    Check out the mysteriously sexy Avan Jogia in this exclusive photo from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight of the Week series.

    The 21-year-old actor stars in the ABC Family series Twisted, which was a big summer hit and will be returning for the second half of its first season on February 11.

    Avan chatted with us about what to expect on the show, his love for music, his celeb pals like Josh Hutcherson and Ariana Grande, and also his girlfriend Zoey Deutch, who stars in the upcoming film Vampire Academy.

    Just Jared: You’re in the middle of filming Twisted, correct?

    Avan Jogia: Yes, I am.

    JJ: Which episode?

    AJ: We are filming episode 15.

    JJ: Out of?

    AJ: Out of… it would be 19, 20, something like that. Eight more episodes left.

    JJ: Do you know how the whole thing ends?

    AJ: I know a little bit about it. I don’t know a whole sh-t ton. I try to stay in the dark as much as possible. It’s nice, but I like to know what happened previously, back story stuff. But beyond that, I don’t even know what’s happening.

    JJ: Do you make up your own back story or is there already one?

    AJ: Bits and pieces. I make up most of the stuff that happened in juvie, and they helped me know what happened with my aunt and other things like that.

    JJ: Are there any teasers you can give us?

    AJ: There’s some stuff from juvie coming back, to haunt my character. The first two episodes are really insane, they’re insane episodes.

    JJ: A lot of stunts, or…?

    AJ: A lot of stunts, a lot of working night shoots in the forest, crazy. Some people come back. It will be very, very exciting.

    JJ: What’s your favorite on set memory?

    AJ: Just recently, I shot nights. Shooting in the forest and doing a bunch of these hi-tech stunts with ropes and harnesses attached to me. It was kind of fun. There’s some blue screen stuff so it was acting to nothing. It was kind of cool, it was like weird, weirder stuff that I’ve never done before so that was kind of cool.

    JJ: Is there a difference between blue screen or green screen, or is that the same?

    AJ: I have no idea. I think it’s the same idea. Well I don’t know why we stopped using green screen. But then we do use green screen for when it’s full, and the whole thing is green. But if it’s just a plate, like an insert, we use blue. I don’t know, man. Dude, it’s crazy. I’ve no idea.

    JJ: Just go with the flow?

    AJ: It’s not my area.

    JJ: Could you describe your style? Who do you look up to for fashion?

    AJ: I think I’ve always like musicians. I’ve always liked Iggy Pop and older musicians. Iggy Pop, the Rolling Stones, stuff like that. There was a point in my life where I would’ve liked to be a musician.

    JJ: Do you have any musical talent?

    AJ: I play guitar, piano, and accordion. So yeah, a little bit.

    JJ: All self-taught or did you have lessons?

    AJ: Self-taught, yeah. I mean, my parents got me lessons when I was like ten. And they got me a guitar and everything, me and my brother, they got us a guitar and a piano. We both alternated learning, and we just had no patience for it. We were just running around, jumping, not wanting to listen. Then a couple years later, the guitar was lying around and so I just picked it up and started learning myself because by fourteen, thirteen, that was cool. So it was cool to pick up a guitar and learn to play. I got a band in high school.

    JJ: Called?

    AJ: The band was called Sister Fister.

    JJ: Who was the fister?

    AJ: It was a punk band. It’s exactly what you think it is.

    JJ: You’ve had long hair pretty much, what your whole life?

    AJ: Yes.

    JJ: Have you ever cut it? What was the shortest it’s ever been?

    AJ: The shortest it’s ever been, I was fourteen years old. It was kind of like a fauxhawk kind of thing. And ever since then, I’ve just been growing it, ’cause I like it. It keeps me warm. It’s such a polarizing subject. People are like, “You’ve gotta cut your hair.” They get so upset. They’re like “cut your hair, cut your hair.” And then all the people who defend me, they’re like, “Do what you want, man. He’s his own person.” I’m like, this is a lot of conversation about hair. This is too much, too much passion.

    JJ: Would you ever shave it all off?

    AJ: Oh yeah. I like my hair, but I’m not attached to it.[I WOULD FUCKING KILL HIM] If I was doing a movie or something, and I thought it made sense to do that, I’d cut it off. I think I’d just do it for me, but not until there’s a role where I feel it would be inappropriate to have long hair, then I’ll do it.

    JJ: How long were you acting before you came to LA?

    AJ: I started acting when I was fifteen.

    JJ: Doing what?

    AJ: I did commercials in Vancouver. I did a couple Lifetime movies. With Mercedes Ruehl and Agnieszka Holland. Then I was doing acting and going back to school, and when I was at school, I was really attending so I kind of dropped out around sixteen. My principal was like, “Look, what are you doing? Go do something else.” And then my parents, who are the best people in the world, were like, “Okay, so if you’re not going to go to school, go to acting school.” So I went to acting school for a little bit. And they’re like, “Okay, if you want to do this properly, go down to LA for six months. If you get a job, that’s great, that’s what you’re doing now, you’re an actor. If you don’t get a job, you have to come back to high school, and at least get your high school diploma.” So, I was like, well I’m going to LA, there’s no way I’m risking that, and I’m like I have to get a job. So then I booked Victorious, and I was like I’m taking this, because I’m not going back to high school.

    JJ: So you’re a high school drop out?

    AJ: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.

    JJ: Would you ever finish your degree?

    AJ: Um, I would…. I’m going to take some courses at UCLA and stuff. I like learning, I just hated high school.

    JJ: Speaking of Victorious, you’ve known Ariana [Grande] since then, what was she like then, and what do you think of her music now?

    AJ: She was great then. It was such a family, that show. All of us were very, very, very close. Then the show stopped, and we all stayed very close. I kind of always thought she was going to be a big deal. She has a great voice and she’s dedicated. She’s who she wants to [be]… she wanted it. It’s always nice to see somebody who wants their dreams, and then their dreams are realized. She always wanted to do this so it’s kind of a good thing. She’s kind of excited about that.

    JJ: How did you and Josh Hutcherson meet?

    AJ: We met at a Variety Power of Youth event when I first got out here, when I was 17, 16 years old. We met then and we just kind of hit it off. We’ve been friends ever since. He’s a great friend. It’s one of those things where you like, we see each other maybe once every couple months, because we’re both so busy. I’m shooting, and he’s shooting, but when we get back, it’s like old friends. It’s nice to have friends who have known you for a really long time. For me almost like five or six years.

    JJ: What’s your favorite memory of him?

    AJ: The Oakwood Apartments. I don’t know if you know what those are but that’s like a place where all the actor kids go to live, and he was living there. I wasn’t living there. I was living in a trailer behind someone’s house. When I first moved out here, I was living in a trailer behind this old guy’s house. And I used to hang out at his place, we used to drive around the Oakwood Apartments, and we thought we were
    very cool driving around the Oakwood Apartments, being like, “Yeah. We can drive.” And just being dicks. Yeah, that’s like my fondest memories.

    JJ: Did you ever watch The Hollywood Complex, the documentary about the Oakwood Apartments? It’s really good.

    AJ: No. Is it really good? It’s scary in there. It’s terrifying. I guess it’s the place where people have to live because, you know, where else are you going to go? It’s a place where everyone does live but it’s like, it’s too creepy in there.

    JJ: Do you speak more than one language?

    AJ: I speak a little bit of French and a little bit of Gujarati.

    JJ: What’s Gujarati?

    AJ: Gujarati is an Indian language. My father speaks that. So yeah. I speak French because of school. So I speak restaurant French, I can order glasses of wine, that kind of thing. And Gujarati, I speak mostly food related things as well ’cause my grandparents are like, “food?” and I’m like “yeah I know what you’re saying.” And then I speak English pretty poorly actually.

    JJ: Would you want to learn other languages?

    AJ: Yeah. I want to become fluent in French. And that’s maybe one of the courses I’ll take at UCLA or something like that. But the problem is, to me, you really have to be immersed in the culture to learn the language. And I’m filming in Los Angeles. But I feel like I’m not going to live here for my whole life, I don’t think.

    JJ: Random questions. What’s your favorite kind of tea?

    AJ: PG Tips.

    JJ: Black tea?

    AJ: Black tea, milk and sugar, English. Proper tea. Like my father and my mother made. I grew up on them. I used to actually do a couple cups of tea a day. It was like, it’s a big deal.

    JJ: For the caffeine jolt?

    AJ: For the caffeine jolt and also it’s just like, it’s comforting. I don’t know, a cup of tea is just like, it’s lovely. Something good about a cup of tea.

    JJ: What is your dream home, and does it happen to be a giant English manor?

    AJ: It does happen to be a giant English manor. That’s some information.

    JJ: How coincidental.

    AJ: It’s coincidental that you know that. I wonder why. Yes. A giant English manor with greyhounds and horses. I would sit around in a big dining hall and just, I don’t know.

    JJ: Opulence.

    AJ: Just live like, but opulence in the very old, the old sense of opulence. I think it’s pretty funny.

    JJ: What is your “Wolf Religion” and WTF does that mean?

    AJ: My wolf religion is, wow, good. I just, I do a lot of research with wolves. I just think wolves are really cool and I think their pack mentality is very interesting. We kind of deny our animal instinct as humans. I just think it’s like, “We don’t have those, I have an iPhone. What are you talking about, I’m not an animal.” But it’s interesting to look at that. Basically I want to live with some wolves, but that’s never gonna, I mean, I probably shouldn’t do that. It’s probably not healthy. I think wolves are incredibly interesting.

    JJ: Can you tell us about your middle school experience?

    AJ: I was homeschooled in middle school. My parents were nice enough to remove me from middle school, because that’s where all the evil is. All you learn in middle school is to just be evil. Right? (laughs) That’s the worst time. So my parents were like, “Let’s just not even do this.” So I got out of middle school and instead hung out and learned the guitar, and learned. I did a lot of research on Rome. I just explored stuff that I was interested in, which was fun.

    JJ: What qualities about your father do you like the most?

    AJ: He’s just a really reliable, loving, caring guy. I’m very lucky to have such a good father. He was just so good to me and taught me what being a man is.
    It’s good to have somebody that you know, it’s a good point of reference for me.

    JJ: How many kids of your own would you want?

    AJ: Lots. I want a brood. I want like…

    JJ: A pack? (laughs)

    AJ: Yeah, I want a wolf pack of kids. Eight or nine, I don’t know. I think reasonably, three or four. But if I was with somebody who wanted to have some extra kids, I wouldn’t be against it. And eventually they start raising themselves. I mean, you only have to get the first two right and then they start like.. that’s that pack mentality, that’s what I think.

    JJ: Do you enjoy your girlfriend [Zoey Deutch]‘s cooking?

    AJ: I do. Her cooking is good. I feel like these questions come from her, no?

    JJ: How many meals a week does she cook?

    AJ: Hmm… a lot actually. We’re at her house a lot so she, she’s like a wizard with the pasta. And she makes her own tomato sauce, which is crazy to me, because I’m just not a cook. It’s not my thing. I’m like, “How did you make the sauce?? Sauces come in jars, what are you talking about?” And she’s told me frequently that they don’t come in jars, in fact. You can cut up tomatoes and put your own base. I didn’t even know what a base was. I don’t know. I’ve learned a lot.

    JJ: How much chocolate do you consume a week, on average?

    AJ: A good amount. I have proper English chocolate though. I’ll have a flake or Cadburys. And I probably have it three times a week.

    JJ: Do you consider yourself romantic?

    AJ: Yes, very. I think in all aspects, not just in romance. I’m romantic when it comes to washing my car. I just like to do things, in a way that makes me happy. What makes me happy is like doing an ornate or complicated way of doing it. And especially when it comes to dating or going on dates, I like to do a big deal. And also you do a big deal because you care about the person you’re going on a date with. So I’ll do crazy sh-t.

    JJ: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

    AJ: I got a Mariachi band once, just to follow my girlfriend around, at her house. I did that.

    JJ: Were you home for that?

    AJ: No, I was out of town. I was in New York actually. I was in New York in Sandy. I was pretty impressed with myself. I was in Sandy so we had sh-tty reception and I got a Mariachi band to her house for her birthday.

    JJ: Did she open up the door and let these strangers in?

    AJ: Yeah, I don’t know why she did that. Now that I’m thinking about it, I just asked four guys to come to her house on her birthday. That’s not exactly a birthday present, but yeah.

    JJ: Soft or crispy bacon?

    AJ: Oh soft bacon, soft bacon. It’s so crispy and then it breaks apart in your mouth. I just feel like it tastes burnt to me.

    JJ: What’s the most frustrating thing about working on a television show without any creative control?

    AJ: You have to balance what you want to do as an actor to honor the character, and with knowing where you are or what the medium is. And you’re shooting seven days a week and everyone is trying to do the best job that they can and come up with the story lines. I think the most thing you can do is try to collaborate with people and try to cope as much as you can. And I think that as an actor, you just have to come up with your own answers for things, even if you’re not going to get an answer. You have to come up with your own answers so you don’t do a disservice to the character. Basically all I got into this job to do is never disserve the character, always just tell the story and tell the character’s story and do the best job you’ve got. It becomes hard when there’s so many people involved in that. But you just do the best you can and come up with the excuses for yourself.

    JJ: And now you’re going to be having your own control and you’re producing your own stuff.

    AJ: Yeah, I started producing. I think in this world, actors… If you really like what you do, and I love making movies and telling stories, you have to take the reigns yourself a little bit, especially in this world where studios are falling apart. Big institutions of the last 75 years are having trouble making movies. So I think it’s kind of like the wild west. You’ve got to take the reigns and find something that works for you.

    JJ: One last question. Do you like being late to things?

    AJ: No. I hate being late to things. It makes me anxious. I’m a real asshole if I’m late. And anyone who’s around me, like with me, if I need to go somewhere, I become irritable.

    JJ: Do you get irritable when other people are late?

    AJ: No. Actually funnily enough, I don’t. I just don’t. I mean it’s fine, they’re late, whatever. But when I’m late, I feel like, I just see them all waiting around for me and it just drives me insane. (laughs)

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    Up-and-coming Australian actress Courtney Eaton has nabbed the female lead in Summit’s epic fantasy Gods of Egypt.

    Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites and Geoffrey Rush are the males leads in the story, which is set in motion when a ruling god named Set (Butler) kills another, Osiris.

    When Osiris' son Horus (Coster-Waldau) fails in his attempt to get revenge and has his eyed plucked out, it's up to a young human thief, played by Thwaites, in love with a slave, to help defeat the mad god. Eaton will play the slave girl.

    Eaton’s fellow Australian Alex Proyas is directing the project, which will shoot Down Under. Proyas wrote the script with Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Basil Iwanyk is producing via his Thunder Road Productions banner, along with Proyas via his Mystery Clock Cinema banner.

    The casting is a major coup for Eaton, who only has one acting credit so far: Mad Max: Fury Road, a movie that isn’t due to be released until May 2015.

    Eaton was discovered by a local modeling scout in her hometown of Perth. When Fury Road began casting a wide net for actresses, producers reached out to modeling agencies in the country. The girl had no acting experience but the tape she made got her an audition with director George Miller and then several screen tests to win over studio execs. She eventually nabbed a role opposite Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

    By this time, Eaton had a manager (Nils Larsen at Principato-Young Entertainment) and she then flew to Los Angeles where, after being pursued by the major talent agencies, she signed with CAA. When she returned to Australia, she then booked Egypt.

    Eaton is also repped by Sloane Offer and by Viviens Model Management in Australia.

    source: hollywoodreporter

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    Get ready to outwit, outplay and outlast some more "Survivor."

    CBS has renewed the reality competition series for two more cycles, to air during the 2014-2015 season.

    For those keeping count, these will be the 29th and 30th iterations of "Survivor."

    The network also signed a new agreement with Jeff Probst, bringing the Emmy-winner back as host and executive producer of the show. He's hosted "Survivor" since it premiered in 2000.

    "'Survivor' has been blessed with incredibly loyal fans,” said Probst. "We make this show for them and I am thrilled that we get to do it again."

    Executive producer Mark Burnett added, "I am thrilled that our fans get to continue their love affair with 'Survivor' on CBS through 2015. This current season has become one of the most-loved seasons ever and I promise our fans to make season 29 and 30 even better."

    The current "Survivor" season, "Blood vs. Water," will come to an end Sunday with a two-hour finale beginning at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, followed by a one-hour live reunion show hosted by Probst.

    Tell us: Are you glad "Survivor" will be back?


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    Alex & Sierra/ Jeff Gutt top 2 pls


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    Buy the Better Together EP here: http://smarturl.it/bettertogether

    are you ready for this pop slayage?

    sources: ally x backstage x show x power96.1 x mmo

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    Bruce Jenner is flattening his Adam's Apple ... TMZ has learned.

    Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the Olympian met with a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon today for a consultation for a procedure called a Laryngeal Shave -- which smooths out the Adam's Apple.

    The procedure is typically done on patients who are in the first stage of gender reassignment, but Bruce tells TMZ that is NOT the case with him.  He says, "I just never liked my trachea."

    We know this is Bruce's second visit to the office.

    The doctor took photographs today and sources tell us surgery has been scheduled for early next year, but Bruce insists no surgery has been set yet -- it was just a consultation.

    We got video of Bruce earlier today leaving the doctor's office.


    never forget...

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    New Zealand singer Lorde recently ignited a war of words with her supposed BFF Selena Gomez, after calling one of her songs anti-feminist.

    But that hasn't stopped country music songstress Taylor Swift from hanging out with controversial Royals star.

    The two girls were seen heading out to dinner in Melbourne on Thursday evening to celebrate Taylor's 24th birthday.

    With Australia being 18 hours ahead of the US, it will be a two day celebration for the Red star, who is currently touring Down Under.

    Joined by an entourage of pals, the new friends headed to Hibatchi Japanese Grill in the city's CBD.

    Sipping on a glass of what appeared to be white wine, Taylor seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the company of the 17-year-old star, with the pair smiling and laughing throughout the meal.

    The blonde beauty looked lovely and ladylike for the outing, wearing a festive red low-cut dress, embroidered with flowers and accessorized with a red leather handbag.

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    As the sequel to the hugely successful first film starts shooting on Australia's Gold Coast, here's a reminder of the sex-crazed characters' funniest ever scenes.

    On its release in 2011, The Inbetweeners Movie swiftly became the highest-grossing British comedy film of all time, taking $81m – astonishing for a spin-off from a TV series. So despite the fact that the four lead actors are getting a bit old to play sex-crazed teenagers, it's no surprise that they have returned for one last hurrah.
    What is, perhaps, a surprise is that they've decided to set it in Australia. Filming started at the weekend on the Gold Coast, where the image above was shot, and is set to continue until the end of January. The film will be released in August.
    Co-creator and writer Iain Morris said on the series's E4 Facebook page: "We can’t say too much as we don’t want to spoil the jokes for you but what we can exclusively reveal is there will be kangaroos and Australians and possibly koalas."
    So for those Australians who aren't up to speed with the many humiliating mishaps of Will, Simon, Neil and Jay in their desperate quest for "clunge", here are the best moments from the three TV series and the first film.

    1. The fashion show

    Carly, the object of Simon's lust, has organised a charity fashion show (or "gasharama" as Neil puts it) at school. The finale comes when Simon struts down the catwalk in a pair of extremely tight briefs – but there's a showstopping wardrobe malfunction.

    2. Bus wankers

    When Jay randomly shouts "bus wankers!" at people waiting at the bus stop as the four lads cruise past in Simon's car, the Inbetweeners wet themselves laughing. Unfortunately, the second time he does it, the car drives straight into a traffic jam ...

    4. Neil punches a fish

    A disastrous boat trip culminates in Will somehow catching a fish and pulling it into the boat. As it desperately flaps around, freaking out our heroes, Jay lets off a distress flair, and there's only one thing Neil can think of which will, er, rescue the situation.

    6. Simon is sick

    Simon and Will are helping Carly to babysit her little brother. Simon asks her to "pleasure herself" in front of him after being refused a kiss, and Will tells his young charge that his parents are "dead for ever". Yet the evening hasn't quite reached its nadir ...

    10. The dance scene

    Two recent films have prominently featured Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP's We Speak No Americano. One is the Italian art film La Grande Bellezza. The other is The Inbetweeners Movie, in which the four take to the floor in the world's worst nightclub. Same song, somewhat different results.</lj-template>

    The rest (in non-slideshow fashion) at the source

    I know there are a few Inbetweeners fans on ONTD. What are you favorite scenes/quotes? I wish they had included the "friend" scene.

    I think I got it this time. Hopefully it's the right videos and not some Eli Roth clip.

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    Dear Zack Snyder:

    I see you've cast The Fast and the Furious' Gal Gadot as Diana of the Amazons, aka Wonder Woman.

    I see, also, that the Internet has reacted as it can be counted upon to do, when such casting announcements occur. Namely, with fulsome, fulminating nerd rage.

    I am here to tell you, Zack Snyder: Keep your head down. Ignore it. Make your movie.

    And not because it's all just more of the tiresome, predictable, reflexive carping that has come to serve as the static hiss, the universal background radiation, of comics culture, though it is that. And I know whereof I speak, here, as the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman in the very same movie led me to tiresomely, predictably and reflexively carp about it in this space.

    (Point of order: My hand-wringing in the Batfleck case was and is born of my conviction that the past is prologue — that we've already seen the guy play a grim vigilante who haunts the shadows of the urban night — albeit one more given to red pleather than black Kevlar — and be hilariously, jaw-droppingly, savagely lousy at it.)

    Gadot is different. We haven't seen her in a role similar to Wonder Woman, because the role of Wonder Woman is so singular. More on that in a second.

    Much of the criticism directed at this casting choice — too much — has revolved around Gadot's physicality. She's too thin, too wispy, too short, goes the argument, when Wonder Woman is a badass. She's a kicker of butts, so you need someone with some meat on her bones and a proven track record of butt-kicking, like fellow Fast & Furious alumnae Michelle Rodriguez and ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano.

    (Full disclosure: Ever since Joss Whedon's Firefly first aired back in 2002, I've been boring friends with my abiding conviction that Gina Torres was born for the role. And those who reacted to this casting announcement by noting that the mythical nature of Wonder Woman's ethnicity — Amazonian — means you ignored a perfect opportunity to put a woman of color in a landmark role? ... OK, yeah, they've got a point.)

    But this focus on the musculature of the actor in question is a dead end, where Wonder Woman is concerned. Christian Bale bulked up for the role in Nolan's Batman, true, but Bruce Wayne's a mere mortal. We need to see that he's trained his body for his mission.

    Diana, on the other hand, is creature of myth and fantasy. Her physical strength is an important aspect of her character, but it is not a function of her lean body mass. Whether or not Gadot will make an interesting, let alone convincing, Wonder Woman has nothing to do with the size of her biceps.

    No, Wonder Woman is a presence, a figure of mingled strength and compassion. There's one and only one thing that Gadot needs to project, the moment she comes on-screen:

    "I got this."

    Call it gravitas, or regality, or plain old ordinary conviction. Wonder Woman may or not be large, but she's always, always, always in charge.

    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Diana?

    As you know, several factors have kept Wonder Woman off the big screen thus far, and one of them — the most-cited, in industry circles — is completely bogus: the notion that a female character can't open a blockbuster.

    The era of studios being able to point to the failures of Catwoman and Elektra as proof that female superhero properties are nonstarters — as opposed to proof that Hollywood can make terrible movies — is over. It was always false, but now, in a post-Hunger Games reality, it's demonstrably so.

    But there's another, deeper reason, and it has to do with who Wonder Woman is, at her core.

    Her most essential self is an abiding contradiction, an oxymoronic riddle:

    She is a Warrior ... for Peace.

    She fights ... to stop us from fighting.

    At first, it made sense. Because unlike Superman and Batman, who appeared before America entered World War II and who kept themselves stateside throughout the conflict, Wonder Woman was created expressly to go toe-toe with the Axis threat. She served as America's star-spangled ally in the war against a great and unambiguous evil — an evil that, she avowed, must be defeated utterly, if there was ever to be peace.

    Historically, her greatest foe has been the God of War (referred to variously as Mars or Ares) — a powerfully evil figure who glories in the violence and chaos of armed conflict, and who was depicted pulling the Nazis' strings.

    Wonder Woman's patrons, on the other hand, have included the Goddess of Love (Aprhrodite/Venus) and, more recently, the Goddess Minerva/Athena, a deity of battlefield strategy and honor.

    When the war ended, her driving principle — "Stop fighting or I'll beat you up!" — grew harder to sell. She's been many things, over the years — a depowered globe-trotting kung-fu adventuress/fashion boutique owner, a Goddess of Truth, an Amazonian ambassador (complete with a colorful embassy staff), dead.

    But these have all felt to me like iterations, imitations, off-brand avatars of her true self, who will forever be most at home punching Nazis in their collective schnoz.

    Lately, in the pages of DC's recently relaunched Wonder Woman comic, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang have come up with a fresh take that's opening up new sides to the character. In their book, they've lifted her out of the superhero world and returned her to her mythic roots, as a woman caught up in the machinations of a fractious and violent mafia family fueled by bile, guile and long-nursed grudges — who just so happen to be Greek gods. Think Bullfinch's Mythology by way of The Sopranos, and you begin to get the idea. I'd suggest, Mr. Snyder, that you read up on the version of the character in those pages, to get a sense of what I'm talking about.

    (You can probably skip the more generic version of Wonder Woman now appearing in DC's Justice League book, and the book that chronicles her romance with Superman, for that matter.)

    Anyway. I'll let you go, as you've got a lot of work to do, what with this sequel being rushed into production and all. If I had more time, I'd raise some of my concerns about your ability to understand and create compelling stories about women, but that would mean I'd have to bring up your film Sucker Punch, and ... well.

    I don't want to talk about that. You don't want to talk about that.

    Yours in cautiously pessimistic hope, or its closest analogue,

    Glen Weldon


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    Daniel Bruhl hopes more people now see 'Rush'

    Talk about thrilled. "I don't even know what time it is," says Daniel Bruhl, who was nominated for his first Golden Globe this morning, after his SAG nomination yesterday. "I'm in Vienna jumping up and down. People call me Niki Lauda here. They don't call me Daniel."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The star takes on the infamous Lauda in racing movie Rush, and the two became friends during production. "I can't wait to call him," says Bruhl. "He's such a competitive guy. I think he will be happy and pleased that I got a nomination."

    It's been a big year for Bruhl, who is gaining international fame with Rush and also starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in The Fifth Estate."It's been a roller coaster really," he says. "I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with my mom and my girlfriend in Spain and analyze and digest it all, because it's been so intense. For me, it's the first time that I've been offered important parts in American movies."

    While Rush recouped its investment, it failed to dominate the box office in the U.S. Bruhl hopes that the Globes attention helps attract more of an audience to Ron Howard's '70s racing story of the intense rivalry between Lauda and British driver James Hunt.

    "These nominations of course give me hope that more Americans will see the movie," he says. "Maybe people at first were not interested because they didn't know the story, but once people see it, they love it, and it makes me very happy. Especially for Ron, because he did the best job with it. I would say it's one of the best films in that genre ever."


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    I love him so much <3

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    Stephen King has been on Twitter for all of four days, and he seems — oddly! — at a loss for words.

    The prolific novelist, who has penned something like 29 million words in his lifetime, has managed only four little missives thus far: two on the launch of his account (“no longer a virgin. Be gentle!”) and two on things he is reading and watching (Benjamin Percy’s “Red Moon,” and the French zombie drama “The Returned”). That lack of output hasn’t stopped @StephenKing from running up nearly 190,000 followers within its first days online and earning hundreds of retweets and replies to every little dribble of thought he allows out.

    This is, intriguingly, a paradox that many novelists have found themselves in before; Thomas Beller, the essayist and author of “The Sleep-Over Artist,” (and, it must be said, a pretty regular tweeter himself), posited in the New Yorker last June that Twitter — with its insistence we “think in public” — alternately paralyzes and empowers writers, who are so accustomed to the privacy of their own brains:

    I sometimes wonder how the great writers of the past would handle the Twitter predicament. Would they ignore it or engage and go down the rabbit hole?…

    Writing on Twitter brings the energy of a début to every phrase. You could say it imbues writing with a sense of performance, though writing has always involved performance in the sense of performance anxiety. The question for the writer who is leaving multiple pages crumpled on the floor—literally or figuratively—is for whom is that line, or paragraph, unsatisfactory? Who is the appraiser of one’s own unpublished, or even unwritten, work?

    Of course, many writers have gotten over it. A few weeks into her Twitter career, the tireless Joyce Carol Oates wrote the whole thing off as “an interesting experience” that she planned to discontinue; 14 months later, she’s still serving her wacky, occasionally beautiful observations on everything from her cat to the last movie she saw. Salman Rushdie likewise dipped a toe into the Twitter waters “with some trepidation” — “don’t know how long I’ll stay … we shall see,” he followed up. Rushdie is now, per The Telegraph, one of the most prolific writers on Twitter.

    One steadfast literary hold-out against social media’s seductive pull? Jonathan Franzen, technophobe extraordinaire, who has panned tweeting writers as one of the great horrors of the modern world. Maybe that could be fodder for King’s next novel … when he gets the hang of this whole Twitter thing.


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