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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Following Paul Walker's death last month, the future of Fast & Furious 7 became a big question mark. Production on the film, which was ongoing when Walker died in a car crash on Nov. 30, was immediately postponed indefinitely and Universal scrapped the planned July 11, 2014 release date. Now it appears the film is being rewritten to bid Walker's character, Brian O'Conner, farewell, while salvaging what has already been shot for the film.

    That job falls to Chris Morgan, who wrote the original script. Morgan is currently revising the script so that Walker's character can be retired and as much as possible of what's already been shot can be used. Right now, the hope is that the cast will be able to get back to work by late January:

    A Universal source says based on fan reaction, there is support for completing the version of the movie that was underway, even though it is said to contain several car crashes. "What will drive everything is, is there an honorable and sensible way to do this?" says the source, but "there's not really a road map" for the situation.

    However, the possibility remains that Morgan will not be able to make the rewrite work and Universal will have to completely scrap production and start anew. If this happens, it could could be the largest insurance claim in Hollywood's history, according to THR. Universal has reportedly already spent $150 million on Fast & Furious 7 and its insurance company, Fireman's Fund, would have to reimburse the studio in full, should Universal decide that it must completely start the film over.

    Regardless of what happens, we will not be seeing a Fast & Furious movie next summer. There's no word on when Universal is now looking to release the movie, but the suspension of Universal's most profitable franchise is certainly hurting, especially in the week that saw the release of the first trailers for Jupiter Ascending, Godzilla and Edge of Tomorrow, all highly-anticipated summer 2014 Warner Bros. blockbusters.


    Still so sad about Paul

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    The year 2013 was a heck of a year for feminism. Because we're often primed to focus on how far we've got to go, I wanted to give us a reason to celebrate how far we've come. We've had some amazing victories this year, so let's take a minute to soak it all in and celebrate the greatest moments!

    1. Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Women to Love Their Bodies

    After one of her superiors threatened to fire her if she didn't slim down, Jennifer Lawrence was pretty angry. She told Harper's Bazaar UK that "If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I’m like, 'You can go f**k yourself.'" This inspired young women across the country to do the same thing.
    If J-Law can do it, why can't we?

    3. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Made Us Pee Our Pants

    After Seth McFarlane ruined the Oscars and made women across the country check their clocks to make sure the year was 2013 and not 1962, the world really needed someone to host an award show without saying the word "boobs" 17 times. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler came in like a breath of feminist fresh air, and they were so successful that they were immediately booked for the next two Golden Globes, proving once and for all that anyone who still believes  women aren't funny is completely crazy.

    4. Beyoncé Came Out as a Proud Feminist

    In an interview with Vogue UK this May, the star said, "I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I'm just a woman and I love being a woman."

    9. Wendy Davis Performed a Historic Filibuster and Became a Feminist Hero

    After Republicans tried to pass an anti-choice abortion bill that would shut down one-third of abortion clinics in Texas, Davis took it upon herself to filibuster the heck out of that law. More than 200,000 people watched the livestream and, at times, Davis' heroics sparked 1,700 tweets a minute using the #StandWithWendy hashtag. The legislation ended up passing over the summer, but Davis has vowed to run for governor and reverse that bill the minute she gets into office.

    27. "Orange is The New Black" Premiered, Featuring the Amazing Laverne Cox

    Orange is the New Black, a groundbreaking show that premiered in July, was hailed as first-of-its-kind for numerous reasons. It features a huge cast of women who are as complex as they are diverse. There are a lot of reasons to love this show, but our favorite is Laverne Cox, who is the first trans woman of color to have a leading role on a mainstream, scripted television show. The show returns again in January, and we are all pumped!

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    J. Law tells MTV News normally wears bras, but had to forgo them for David O. Russell's 1970s-era film.

    "American Hustle," David O. Russell's latest directorial effort following last year's critically acclaimed "Silver Linings Playbook," is notable not only for its script and performances from the likes of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, but also for its bananas aesthetic. Set in New York and New Jersey of the 1970s, the cast is decked out in the full finery of the era, which means they're often short on supportive undergarments.

    MTV News' Josh Horowitz caught up with the film's stars this weekend in NYC, where Lawrence made it known that she was aware of how memorable her costumes would turn out to be.

    "I normally wear bras," Lawrence deadpanned.
    Asked if she liked being done up in big hair and '70s garb, the Oscar winner was similarly dry: "I wouldn't say that it's ever exciting to see yourself without a bra in a dress that's three sizes too small for you."

    And since the costumes were period-appropriate, she said, she couldn't make character rationalizations that would have her donning an underwire. "Exciting, I don't know," she said of going braless. "It was freeing."

    Of course, since it doesn't count as a conversation with Lawrence unless she gets some goofs in, she ribbed Horowitz when he admitted that in his notes while watching the film, he "wrote 'hair' and I wrote 'boobs'."

    "That was just you zoning out," the star teased Horowitz. "And I bet it said 'boobies,' not even 'boobs.' "

    link 2 the vid since it wont embed

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    This week’s issue of EW is going to feature a lot of T & A.

    That’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you sickos. The two women, who will host the Golden Globes next month for the second year in a row, accepted a one-week job to become guest editors of EW. What does that mean, you ask?

    It means they wrote the Must List and Bullseye, assigned several stories and ran down the hallway screaming things like, “Orphan Black is the new Orange is the New Black!” and “Change all fonts to Comic Sans at once!” Of course, if you’re going to run a national entertainment magazine, you need to have a stunning command of the pop culture landscape. Which is why we asked the pair for their thoughts on how to cover some of 2013′s biggest pop culture topics.

    The Hunger Games
    POEHLER: It is a movie about who’s the most hungry…? Okay. Because I say Jennifer Lawrence is a delight, so I would put her on every page. Josh Hutcherson was really great on SNL.
    FEY: Adorable.
    POEHLER: I’m all for him. The rest of them, they seem great, but at the end of the day, it’s who’s the most hungry. [Pause] I’ve never seen it, and I’ve never read the books, but you know what, I would bet on that franchise.

    Fifty Shades of Grey
    FEY: I think it needs to be more realistic; I want to see them washing dildos in a dishwasher.
    POEHLER: I want to double up on the Ben Wa Balls and maybe pull back on the characters…. How do you not cover it?
    FEY: You gotta cover it.

    Justin Bieber
    FEY: Let that child be. Leave all the children alone.
    POEHLER: Unless they act up, and then bring that child to me, and I’ll put that child over my knee and I will spank that child. Just how we both want it. I want to just give that child what he wants. But I think you gotta cover him! You gotta cover him with a blanket. Everyone needs a nap.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    FEY: You gotta cover them. In every section, because it’s fashion, it’s film, it’s theater! They are an app. They’re everything…. If you look at tabloid magazines, it almost seems like not only are the Kardashians the most important people in the world, they’re the only people. It’s some kind of post-apocalyptic society and only they survived.
    POEHLER: Like that movie I Am Legend. I remember I saw I Am Legend that during the writer’s strike, and I had a panic attack and I had to go lie down in the public bathroom because it was a combination of out of work, too much time, movie in the middle of the day and then spoiler alert, Will Smith has to kill his dog and I was like, “Oh f—!” And then I laid down in a New York movie theater bathroom and an old lady came in and she said, “Are you okay?” And I said, “Oh, god! I Am Legend!” So I Am Legend — that’s current, right? We can cover that!

    Miley Cyrus
    FEY: I think she almost falls into the All Children Left Behind Act.
    POEHLER: She just turned 21.
    FEY: So the window’s closing…. Human sexuality is the new showmanship, so Miley Cyrus is the new Liberace — but of ass grinding. Someday we’ll all be going to Vegas to see her.

    Of course, in addition to simply figuring out which entertainment topics are worthy of coverage, a good editor also has an eye to the future. We asked Poehler and Fey to provide us with a few bold predictions about the world of pop culture in 2014. Here’s what they foresee:

    • Fashion will all be about fresh skin, broken ankles, and a clean, receding gum line.
    • The youngest and skinniest person will continue to be the one who “Wore it Best.”
    • Nielsen ratings will be replaced by a bunch of teenagers who hang outside your check cashing place.
    • iTunes will be available on your eyelids and Netflix will be installed in all newborn babies.

    To find out if Poehler and Fey can indeed predict the pop culture future, tune in to 2014. And to read more from Fey and Poehler, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday.



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    Let me just start by saying I stan for MiMi all day, any day. When Christmas comes around, both Merry Christmas albums are on repeat non-stop. With that being said...

    I was watching the White House Tree Lighting ceremony, where Miss Butterfly performed her 19 year old smash-groove wonder "All I Want for Christmas" and it was shockingly BAD. She JUST performed this at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, and sounded great. But this time.... even SHE asks for a redo (around 4:15). Mariah seemed winded throughout with the worst coming in at 3:24 where her voice CRACKS not once but twice. There is a mortified look on her face after that - the same mortified face I made when I heard it.
    It's a long time coming but, I must admit the Voice is gone. She sure can make a studio song, but when it comes to live performances, there is no amount of vocal rest or hot teas that can bring back the days of yore. I miss you, 1990's Voice MiMi.

    I'm surprised no other outlets picked up on this, maybe they've discovered the art of letting go.


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    They've tackled music, acting and fame, and now brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg are engaged in a new family pursuit – the restaurant biz.

    Also starring in this new venture is their lesser-known but similarly outspoken older brother Paul, who isn't necessarily keen on having the celebrity siblings step into his groove. Check out a first look at A&E's new reality show, Wahlburgers.

    "Being in business with my brothers was never the plan," says Paul. Expect squabbling to ensue in this family of nine where matriarch Alma ultimately rules the roost. "It used to be 'Oh, God! Those Wahlberg kids.' Today it's 'Whoa, it's the Wahlbergs!'" their mom says of their notoriety.

    How their Boston restaurant fares is another storyline on the show, as it offers an inside look at the Dorchester family's meager beginnings and exposes a wicked cool cast from their entourage of neighborhood pals, including the real-life "Johnny Drama," all adding some spice to the family's business.

    "Paul, he's the chef. He's the most talented one in the family," brags Mark, who clearly hasn't forgotten his special sibling bond. "It always comes down to family and having each other's back," he adds.

    Wahlburgers premieres Jan. 22 (10:30 p.m. ET) on A&E.


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    It's true! The fitness world has a new power couple, and we couldn't be happier.

    Starting Dec 16, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson will team up in a new fit reality show, The Restart Project. An AOL web series, this show aims not to get women "into their skinny jeans" but rather showcase the stories of amazing women who have healed themselves from the inside out.

    With Gwyneth and Tracy by their sides, they will reveal how they found "what's possible" through health and fitness. Just through the trailer alone, we can tell this show is going to be a tear-jerker and definitely the motivation we need to stay on track throughout the holidays. Will you tune in?


    What are your fitness plans for the new year, ontd?

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    The second interview is easily one of the more awkward interviews I've ever seen (though Aaron handles it incredibly well). The guy just starts randomly talking about twins that he knows and starts asking if Aaron and Shawn drink the same amount of fluids (seriously he won't let this go) and if they pee at the same time.

    Still a little bummed there's no brief Troy cameo in the Veronica Mars movie even if he didn't actually graduate from Neptune High. Hoping that 'I Put A Hit On You' does well at Slamdance though since it was great!

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    In these troubled times, when America is polarized by political rancor and persistent social divisions, only one thing can unite the nation: A time-traveling patriot from the 18th century, and a 21st century cop, banding together to avert the apocalypse.


    Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" is one of the year's biggest hits, and despite its "bonkersawesome" premise -- Revolutionary War spy Ichabod Crane and upstate New York sheriff Abbie Mills battle the Headless Horseman and a host of other supernatural baddies -- the show didn't just coast on special effects and loony developments. Throughout its first season, the show has displayed solid storytelling, er, chops and its two leads, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, have displayed the most crackling chemistry this side of Walter White's meth lab.

    You wouldn't blame Fox for wanting to prolong the Horseman's run, but Mark Goffman, executive producer and showrunner of "Sleepy Hollow," said in an extensive interview with HuffPost TV that the network was steadfast in its commitment to a 13-episode first season. The show will air its next new episode on Jan. 13 and then "Sleepy Hollow" will have its two-hour Season 1 finale Jan. 20. After that, we won't see Moloch or Ichabod or the "Leftenant" (Crane pronounces Abbie's job title in the British way) until Season 2.

    I am not sure what will we do when we can no longer revel in Crane's annoyance at modern life or watch the team converse with a man without a head (this actually happened). But would fans get our heads chopped off if we were to begin to hope for a Season 2 expansion?

    "I don't know. My head would explode," Goffman said with a laugh about a longer second season. A representative for the network said Fox is committed to airing "at least" 13 hours of "Sleepy Hollow" when the show returns, but won't decide about adding to the episode order until next year.

    I'll cross my fingers that Season 2 is longer than 13 hours, but not too much longer. One of the pleasures of Season 1 has been its density, its drive and the momentum it's built as it hurtles to a showdown between Moloch and Team Anti-Apocalypse (which also includes Ichabod's wife, Katrina, who is stuck in a kind of inter-dimensional purgatory. Long story). Twenty-two episodes of bonkersawesome frolics -- headless or otherwise -- would have probably been about six hours too many. As it is, 13 has felt just about right, and there have been some very memorable character moments amid all the beheadings and so forth.

    Regardless of the length of the season, "Sleepy Hollow" would have felt very hollow indeed if Goffman, the writers and the cast hadn't grounded the characters' adventures in real and relatable concerns. Both Ichabod and Abbie know what it's like to be estranged from their families, and they and Abbie's boss, Frank Irving (Orlando Jones), know what it's like to make huge sacrifices in one's personal life for the greater good. Ichabod, Abbie, Frank and Abbie's sister Jenny are lonely, driven people in the process of forming a new family, one that is threatened by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    Before I get to the Q&A with Goffman, I'll just say that a couple of the most welcome developments of Season 1 were the show's willingness to dive into the exciting espionage aspects of the Revolutionary War (some tales of derring-do arose from the writers' historical research into the period, others from Mison's training in swordplay). Even more impressive is "Sleepy Hollow's" disarming willingness to take on matters of politics, class and especially race.

    Goffman said a future Season 1 episode addresses, somewhat in passing, the Second Amendment -- the right to bear arms -- and in previous episodes, the characters have discussed race, slavery and other thorny topics that don't seem quite as thorny when Ichabod Crane brings them up.

    "I do think there's something innocent about the way that Ichabod Crane can approach it, because he is not from our culture," Goffman said. "So he can ask these questions out of a genuine curiosity, and they're not as loaded."

    Below is a shortened version of my Q&A with Goffman, in which we discussed whether whether John Noble's Sin Eater figures into the show's future, whether Ichabod's newly discovered son Jeremy figures into the ongoing mythology and what Revolutionary War stories Ichabod and the Horseman might have up their sleeves. For the whole interview, check out the most recent Talking TV podcast, which has my entire conversation with Goffman and a discussion of the show between myself and Ryan McGee.

    The first question is about Jeremy. Could he be revived or he can somehow still interact with the characters that we know? Is that a possibility?

    Yeah. One of the great things about this show is that dead doesn't always mean gone. The important thing in this episode for us was really for Ichabod to have closure with what happened to his son. In the episode prior, it was the first time that he ever learned that he had a son. And I think it was really about, for us, all of the feelings it had stirred up in him, knowing that he and his wife did have a son, this family that he had always dreamed of.

    There will be a lot more opportunity to do flashbacks where we get to see other pieces of [Jeremy's] life and how that related to Katrina and Ichabod, and how he factored into everything that was happening after the war ended. We placed Ichabod's suspension in 1781, which is toward the end of the Revolutionary War, and part of that is so that we can play some of the aftermath. I think we'll find out a lot more about that in future seasons.

    The coven that exiled Katrina -- are they going to come back into play in the present day? Will they necessarily have the same agenda as Ichabod and Abbie?

    Well, it remains to be seen just how many of the witches are still around. The Revolutionary War took a major toll on the coven and a lot of the supernatural forces that were around. In this episode, we saw that the Four Who Speak of as One still had been around but they were in hiding, in a way. In the pilot, we saw Reverend Knapp, who was around during the Revolutionary War. He was another warlock who was killed protecting the secret of the Headless Horseman's head. Unfortunately they're a dying breed, but we'll see how they get to interact and how many more of them are around.

    It's interesting to me that the show is exploring this era in history because it seems like there's kind of a hunger to know more about that time. From what I understand, you studied history and public policy -- is it a dream come true to be able to unleash your history fixations on the world?

    Yeah, it's a blast. You never really know where life's going to take you. I got a master's in public policy from Harvard and had planned on becoming a speechwriter, and actually did a bit of speechwriting, and I've always loved Washington D.C. I lived abroad a couple of years working in government and public service. And then I got to write for "The West Wing" for a while, so I definitely have a background in all that, and a real love of history and government and our founding fathers.

    This show offers a really great opportunity to dig into the world of revolutionary times and recast it [as part of an apocalyptic scenario]. Having Ichabod Crane as this character who can comment on both what we were fighting for back then, and who gets to look at America and look at how our society works today and give us the point of view of our founding fathers is really exciting and fun to write.

    One of the things that grounds the show is the aspirational quality of trying to save the world, and the sincerity of the core characters too. Was that one of your goals -- to try to keep it as grounded in individual human beings as possible?

    Yeah. It's part of the tightrope walk of the show. But one of the really fun aspects is to, as much as possible, put ourselves in their shoes. And yeah, it opens us up to being able to relate to these characters. Both Ichabod and Abbie are flawed in certain ways and very human. And the two of them together -- they complete each other in a certain way. They're both witnesses, they both have these major voids in their lives. Abbie's family was really wrecked through no fault of her own and she grew up in the foster-care system. And Ichabod, to wake up 200 some years later is an impossibility to try to fathom.

    There are moments when the show is doing something I just don't see a lot of, or I haven't seen elsewhere. Like them talking about slavery in the midst of trying to trap the Headless Horseman. There's a combination you're pulling off in some of those scenes that can be really enjoyable.

    Well, we feel like there is a way to talk about these things in a grounded, real, modern way and we don't have to shy away from it. There's an upcoming discussion about the Second Amendment -- it's brief, but I'm curious what Ichabod Crane had to say about that. We know that [the Second Amendment came about] because British soldiers were quartering themselves in the homes of Americans. So what were those discussions like at that time? And what would they think about where we are today? And whichever side you're on on that argument, I think it's fascinating to know the truth and have these characters just have a little bit of a conversation about it.

    It's really interesting that the show addresses race. It doesn't shy away from it. Having this somewhat fantastical premise -- maybe that's what gives you the license to go to these areas that many other shows avoid?

    I do think there's something innocent about the way that Ichabod Crane can approach it, because he is not from our culture. So he can ask these questions out of a genuine curiosity, and they're not as loaded. But I think that the cast of the show and the casting of the show makes it very organic to both either talk about race, or not talk about race, and it feels natural. I think that's great. In any of our daily lives, sometimes you talk about race and sometimes it doesn't matter at all, and that's sort of our approach in the storytelling.

    Are there a lot of other Revolutionary War stories -- real people and events -- that you want to draw upon?

    Absolutely. The Revolutionary War lasted seven years. We set up that Crane's been in the country for about 10 years, so he was there before the revolution started. There are just incredible events, and we like to start from the premise of what we know or things we may have heard about, like Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. And then we tell part of the true story, [as with] Roanoke, and we get to give the "Sleepy Hollow" version of what happened next. Whether it's the Liberty Bell or the Boston Tea Party, there's some really terrific events in the Revolutionary War that I'm excited to get to play out.

    We already saw a little bit of the Boston Tea Party, are we going to see more of that?

    I think there's more to that event, and there's more to see in Boston -- the Boston Massacre and several other events that led up to the war, to "the shot heard around the world."

    The Liberty Bell, we haven't seen that yet, but that's coming?

    Yes. There will be something with that. I can't say which season, but that's something we're planning. We do a lot of research on the war and we have biographies of a lot of the founding fathers. And there are actually some really interesting true facts that are going to come to light about George Washington. [He was famous] not just for being a cartographer, but for being a leader in spycraft in the time, and he started something called the Culper Ring, which had spies all throughout Manhattan during the war.

    How do you all go about making this show grounded when so many bonkers things are happening?

    We've definitely embraced the bonkersawesome mantra, and we talk a lot in the writers' room about the elements of an episode that people are going to find difficult to believe. We're always straddling that line. We work hard to make the impossible seem possible, and it is hard, but I think that's where we have a lot of fun.

    How do you make a Headless Horseman talk? That was a conversation for a long time, because we knew we wanted to capture him. We knew we wanted to interrogate him. We went through a lot of iterations before we landed on the Necromancer, and then it really seemed to make sense and felt right.

    Obviously Ichabod and Abbie obviously have a deep connection that they're still just figuring out, and obviously the fans enormously respond to that relationship in many different creative ways. I spend hours on Tumblr just looking at "Sleepy Hollow" fan art and photos and things.

    Oh yeah. It's inspiring, actually.

    They're so creative. But I just wonder, does it have to go in the direction of a romantic relationship? I mean obviously Ichabod is still married in his wife in his mind …

    In his wife's mind too, I think.

    Do you think at this point, Ichabod and Abbie's relationship as friends, colleagues and witnesses is really all that you want to focus on, and the idea of something beyond that just doesn't enter into your thinking? I mean, is there going be a love triangle? Where is your thinking on all of that?

    Well, I think we really have to first identify that we're in the middle of -- or not even in the middle, we're at the very early stages of an apocalyptic reality for these characters. They are dealing with an incredible amount of change in their lives and in the possible change of life as we know it. And so I think romance, to some extent, takes a back burner to that.

    In addition, we still have Ichabod, who's madly, deeply in love with his wife, trying to understand who she really was, now that it's come out that she's a witch and she had a number of secrets that she had to keep from him. There's a lot of reconciliation that needs to [happen] there.

    Right now [Ichabod and Abbie] are there for each other in this incredibly heightened time in their lives. And that's most important, because look, they're also very different people and I think as they get to know each other, we're going to get to see that they have a lot of differences as well as similarities in value systems, cultures, the worlds that they come from. And so all that I think is going to be great to explore. It's going to be hopefully a long time that these two characters get to know each other better and we get to experience all of their trials with them and see what happens with Katrina. Abbie even has a former love interest. So I think there's still a long way to go.

    At this point, Ichabod just wants his wife to exist on this physical plane -- that's job one, probably.

    But even with that, as important and as critical that is for him, he also knows that there's a larger picture. We're constantly pitting those competing goals against each other. I think we saw in this episode, the simple fact of going to visit her for his need for information [about Jeremy] had very real consequences on our world. And that challenge, that problem isn't going go away, and now he's seen very real consequences from his actions, and that's going to make him think twice about doing anything that dangerous again.

    Just briefly to touch on John Noble -- is he in the last three hours of the season?

    He is just phenomenal. He's in at least two of the three coming up in January. He's definitely in the finale. It's a great character, really fun to write and just a fantastic actor. So hopefully there's a lot more of him. [Note: Goffman also said we'd see Sheriff Corbin again in a January episode.]

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  • 12/11/13--17:26: Why did Britney Jean flop?
  • britney-jean-color

    There's just no getting around it, Britney Spears' latest, Britney Jean has failed to launch. The singer's eighth studio album hit the Billboard 200 album charts with a whisper this week, landing
 at an all-time-low #4 with the softest first-week numbers in Spears' career at 107,000 copies, according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan.
    That marks only the second time Britney has not shot straight to #1 and it bests her previous first week low, set in 1999 by her debut, ...Baby One More Time, which moved 121,000.
    So, what happened? MTV News spoke to some experts to dissect why Spears' loyal fans sat on their hands during week one.
    "There are a couple of things here that are out of her control," said Jeff Rabhan, chairman of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University and former manager for artists ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Jennifer Lopez. "There's such a glut of female pop stars right now with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and pop radio is dominated by solo female artists, which is has been for several years. Culturally, people are getting a bit tired of it and they're looking for other stars."
    But perhaps the bigger problem for Spears, 32, he said, is that after nearly 15 years in the spotlight, her audience is not necessarily one that has grown with her, and, perhaps, has moved on to other music, if they're buying music at all. "Who is her demographic now? It's very hard to say," Rabhan said. But, in an age where MTV's Artist of the Year
, Miley Cyrus, mostly M.IA , has set the new standard for tireless promotion, it also didn't help that Spears was mostly M.IA. before the album came out. "Except for some morning show appearances, she just hasn't been that visible," said Rabhan, noting that shows like "Ellen" and "Good Morning America" appeal to a demo that is probably outside Spears' sweet spot.
    "[Back in the day] nobody would promote like she would," he said of Spears' early career, likening her stamina to that of Beyoncé's legendary PR fortitude."But if Britney's not out there, people will not be paying attention. Career-wise she's in a different place where she's more reliant on promotion to make noise and she just didn't do that."

    Part of the reason could be that Spears, a working mother of two young boys, is in intense rehearsals for the upcoming opening of her two-year Las Vegas residency and just might not be in the mood to do six weeks of intense late show and radio promo. "She's making a s----ton of money from that residency, so her model has changed," he said of Spears' reportedly multi-million dollar payday.
    A simpler factor is that the album's first single, "Work Bitch," just didn't seem to connect at radio or retail, according to Entertainment Weekly music writer Kyle Anderson. "It didn't help that even hardcore Britney apologists were just okay with [the song]," said Anderson of the track that failed to hit the top 10.
    "You kind of live and die by the first single and people decided early on that the album wouldn't work if that was the first single." Spears might get a second shot with the just-released "Perfume,"
 which Anderson said was a much stronger candidate. You can't really blame her for gearing most of the promotion toward the Vegas show, he said, noting that the money is in Sin City now and that her long timeline of paydays with her residency is more reliable than the shakier album sales model. Timing might also be a factor. After the herculean promo push for Gaga's ARTPOP and the equally strong efforts from Perry and Cyrus, it's possible that Britney's bid just came too late in the season. "We already got these full-court presses from [those three women] and Britney's was not nearly as large as any of them and it came at the very end of the year. It may just be de facto diva exhaustion."
    Rabhan said he's not so sure Britney's team didn't know going in that Jean was not the kind of hit machine she's produced in the past and he suspects radio was not a huge part of their plan to begin with. "They probably figured they'd make their money [on the residency] and use the record to get people to Vegas," he said. "It's like Celine Dion or Elton John, you get your fans to come to you and use the record as a business card to get people in the door."
    Either way, both said what's indisputable is that Spears is one of the leading heritage artists of her generation and even if album sales don't reach their previous highs there will always be people willing to pay money to have Britney hit them one more time.

    Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1718903/britney-spears-britney-jean-worst-debut.jhtml

    Why did Britney Jean flop ONTD? Did it ever stand a chance?

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    After a decade of marriage, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel have separated, PEOPLE has learned.

    "Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs have jointly decided to separate at this time," reps for the couple tell PEOPLE. "Their primary focus and concern is for their son. We ask that you respect their privacy during this time."

    Diggs and Menzel, both 42, met as costars in the original production of the Broadway musical Rent in the mid-1990s. They married in 2003 and had a son, Walker, in 2009.

    Menzel, a Tony Award winner for Wicked, spoke to PEOPLE about the marriage earlier this year, saying it wasn't always smooth sailing.

    "We work at it," she said. "I'm not going to glamorize it or glorify it – we go through tough times like everybody else, but we love each other very much. We try not to be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time, and we try to find new ways to


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    Watch out, Michael Fassbender! There’s a new sexy Irish actor baring it all in town. Jamie Dornan will go full-frontal for his role as the kinky billionaire Christian Grey, in an effort to make the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie as steamy as the book that inspired it.

    Jamie Dornan, 31, is definitely not afraid to flaunt everything he’s got. The sexy Irish actor will go full-frontal for his starring role in Fifty Shades of Grey, which is gearing up to be the naughtiest film you’ve ever been forced to awkwardly discuss with your mom. Read below for more details!

    Jamie Dornan Will Bare It All In ‘Fifty Shades’
    Christian Grey spends a lot of time naked, so it’s no surprise that Jamie will strip down during his time in the Red Room of Pain — after all, his co-star Dakota Johnson is set to show off her goodies. And why should the guys have all the fun? According to Star, the film’s producers decided to show off Jamie’s, ahem, assets once they realized that fans wanted the movie to be just as X-rated as the book that inspired it.

    “Fifty Shades of Grey producers know they have to make the screen version just as steamy as the novel to make it a success,” a source told the mag. “They can’t turn it into a Disney movie.”

    Not if they want to sell any tickets, at least.

    ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Will Release Two Version
    If the thought of Jamie Dornan’s member makes you uncomfortable, you can breathe a sigh of relief — Fifty producer Dana Brunetti says that the studio will release two versions of the film to satiate a wider range of fans.

    “We could release the R-rated version, which everyone will enjoy, and then for those fans who want to get a little gritty we could release an NC-17 version a few weeks later,” Dana explained. FYI, we’re guessing Jamie’s goodies will be making their appearance in the latter.


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    The Hundred Trailer :

    Star-Crossed Trailer :

    Source 1 and 2

    So what do you think of the trailers ONTD? Will you be tuning in?

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    MTV.com can confirm that Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom 2” is expecting a child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith this summer. The 21-year-old spoke with us exclusively about the big news, saying she’s “feeling good about it” despite a ’round-the-clock case of morning sickness.“I’ve been exhausted this whole first trimester,” she shared.

    Evans is also mother to 4-year-old Jace, who’s currently under the custody of his grandmother, Barbara. She and Griffith met in June on a dating app and bonded immediately over their similar parenting struggles (Griffith has a 2-year-old daughter named Emery).

    “His ex-wife’s parents have guardianship [of Emery], kind of like the situation I’m in,” Jenelle explained. “He was like, ‘No one understands the situation I’m in and that I deal with,’ and I said that I could relate to him. We both have to deal with our parents to deal with our children.”

    Jenelle recalled that the father of her future child almost didn’t give her a chance because of her recognizable name. “He thought that I was Catfishing him, and he wouldn’t meet me in person,” she revealed. “Eventually he came around, though, and the two had an instant connection. So much so that they began to seriously discuss trying for a baby a few months into their relationship.

    “We just want a child of our own that we can raise together as a family, and we want a stable relationship for Jace and his daughter,”
    she said. “We just want to settle down.”

    Evans, who’s struggled with drug abuse for years, seems confident that she and Nathan have a shot at going the distance, especially since, according to her, he doesn’t party like her exes.“It works because he doesn’t like drugs, barely drinks, nothing like that,” she proudly declared. They plan to tie the knot sometime next summer, after the baby is born. “I have to get divorced first, of course,” she said of her short-lived marriage to Courtland Rogers, who’s serving jail time until January.“I haven’t spoken to him since he got arrested last April, actually.”

    Things seem to be looking up for Jenelle, and she assured us she’s ready for the huge turn her life is about to take. “I think it would scare me more if I was in the situation I was when I had Jace,” she reasoned. “Now I’m in a stable relationship and I have my own place, my own car, a job…I can pay my bills. I’m just happy with my life right now.”

    Of course, Jenelle’s no stranger to public criticism, and she’s fully prepared for any backlash about the pregnancy that may fill her Twitter feed. Much has changed since people watched her succumb to the grips of heroin addiction on Season 4 of “Teen Mom 2,” which was filmed over one year ago, and she’s eager for others to take notice of how far she’s come.

    “I’ve got my life together now, and I’m a different person from what they’ve seen,” she said. “I just can’t wait for them to see how much I’ve bettered my life. I understand if they judge me now, but they won’t judge me soon.”


    Did we ever find out if she was really pregnant earlier this year?

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    should've been the cover ^

    more pics at the source


    First televised performance!


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    One Direction wave to their fans from a balcony at the Principe di Savoia hotel on Thursday afternoon (December 12) in Milan, Italy.

    The guys — Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan — got fans riled up and snapped pics from their phones of the huge crowd waiting across the street.
    “Milan is nuts today! u guys don’t mess around do u?” Niall tweeted.

    He added later on, after getting stuck in a lift, “Needed a few minutes to myself ! 8 of us got stuck in a tiny lift ! Well I was freakin out! My heart is still thumping now! That wasn’t fun! Claustrophobia is a terrible thing! and people tellin ya t calm down is worse hahha.”


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    Just a little booze will do! Lizzy Caplan may strip down like it's no problem in Showtime's Masters of Sex with Michael Sheen, but the 31-year-old actress admits she's previously had to drink to calm her nerves before getting naked for the small screen. During an appearance on Chelsea Lately Tuesday night, the star revealed that she turned to vodka to prep for a sex scene during her guest-starring role on True Blood in 2008.

    "On True Blood -- I've never told anybody this -- but I was so nervous and then I was so drunk that after I shot the scene I was going up to the crew members -- I had just met all these people the day before -- and I was going up to all of them like, 'You got a boner! You do! You've got one!' It was horrible," she said, laughing, to Handler. "Horrible!"


    ONTD, have you ever gotten hammered before shooting a sex scene?

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    Awards shows can seem like interminable events, but Susan Sarandon has apparently found a way to make all those dreary speeches seem a lot more fun: by being stoned!

    The Oscar-winning actress, 67, seemed downright casual about her penchant for getting high on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday.

    When host Andy Cohen asked her to name one major Hollywood event she showed up to stoned, Sarandon replied, "Only one?" and slapped her knee as the two shared a hearty laugh.

    "I would say almost all except the Oscars," she replied.

    That adds up to an awful lot of time in public baked: She has racked up eight Golden Globes and four Emmy nominations during her 43-year career, not to mention five Oscar nods.

    We already knew Sarandon had a sense of humor (look no further than her appearance in Motherlover on Saturday Night Live for proof). Now we know how she manages to find things so funny.

    Video at the Source

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    His reaction
    "We just started screaming. We had to calm down so we wouldn't wake the neighbors.

    I was up all night waiting for this, and it's just amazing. It's surreal, honestly. I did not expect to be nominated.

    Everyone was talking about it, so I was like, 'It might be a possibility,' so that was the only thing. It was just shocking to me when I got nominated.

    I am really honored to be part of those five that were nominated. That was not part of my plan. It wasn't something I prepared for, so I'm really happy right now, honestly."

    "I'm just beyond excited. It's really an honor. It was a big role for me. It was challenging, but I took it day by day. Tom [Hanks] helped me and so did" director Paul Greengrass.

    What do you think this nomination will mean to Somalia?
    "A negative light has been shed on Somalia for a long time, and this [nomination] will be a positive light. Hopefully peace will come to Somalia one day .... As a Somali it was a good thing to do. I love acting but this was a true story."

    source 1
    source 2

    YASSSSS WALAALO!!! ontd somalis where yall at???

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    Jumping right into the aftermath of last week's humongous cliffhanger, "Three Ghosts" kicks off with Barry Allen working alongside Felicity and Diggle in an attempt to save the life of his hero and mentor. Although Oliver is initially very upset that Barry now knows his secret identity, he quickly comes to terms with the fact that the Central City native could be of some assistance in taking down super-man Cyrus Gold. Here are all of the highlights from this week's episode of "Arrow":

    I See Dead People
    While initially we're led to believe that Oliver is seeing ghosts from his past due to the rat poison Barry injected into his system, eventually we learn that it's just a terrible case of survivor's guilt effecting his psyche. In other words, he's actually starting to feel bad about the people that he's gotten killed. We've already seen Oliver deciding not to kill people anymore earlier this season, but this is a whole other level of heroism.

    Roy Just Wants to Help
    After The Vigilante shot an arrow into his leg last week, Roy Harper is still hellbent on finding out the truth about Sin's mysterious dead friend. While tracking down a lead, Roy is taken by Brother Blood and injected with the Mirakuru serum that gave Cyrus Gold his super-strength. Could this mean Roy Harper is now one step closer to becoming the Green Arrow sidekick Arsenal?

    Born on a Monday
    Upon breaking into Cyrus Gold's apartment, Diggle finds a book about Solomon Grundy. As those of you hardcore DC comic fans know, Cyrus Gold is the name of the gangster who eventually is transformed into Solomon Grundy. Now that Gold has been defeated and has had acid poured all over his face, could he be returning to life as the zombie supervillain from DC comic book lore?

    Angry Doctor Ivo
    In the flashback portion of this week's episode, Ivo and his men take hold of Oliver, Shado, and Sarah and forces Oliver to choose between the two women. Slade wakes up on the submarine feeling better than new thanks to the Mirakuru serum injected into his system. But with Ivo shooting Shado dead, it's only a matter of time now before Oliver and Slade Wilson become mortal enemies.

    Slade's Throwing Shade
    Not only did Slade Wilson appear in present day Starling City in the form of one of Oliver Queen's hallucinations, but we also got a glimpse of him sitting at a desk with Brother Blood quivering at his feet. Obviously, Slade's DNA is where Brother Blood has been deriving his version of the Mirakuru serum but to what gain? One thing is for sure though, Slade Wilson really wants to drive an arrow through Oliver Queen's eyeball.

    The Flash
    At the end of the episode, Barry Allen is struck by a huge lightning bolt, as a result of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator blowing up across town and thrown headfirst into a shelf full of unstable chemicals. With the quick surge of electricity that pulses through Barry's face, it's quite clear that he is now the scarlet speedster known as the Flash. Next time we see Mr. Allen, here's hoping he's wearing that classic red and yellow costume!



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