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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Jamie Dornan walks alongside his co-star Dakota Johnson as they rehearse an upcoming scene for their movie Fifty Shades of Grey on Sunday evening (December 8) in Vancouver, Canada.

    The two co-stars filmed in front of a building that read Grey Enterprises – which is the company that Christian Grey runs in the novel. Dakota and Jamie were surrounded by crew members for the evening shoot.

    Earlier in the day, Dakota was spotted filming some car scenes for the flick, which is set to be released in theaters on February 15, 2015. Be sure to check it out.


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    Detective John Kennex and Dorian respond to a suspicious death at a hospital where - before having a fatal cardiac arrest - a man claimed someone was trying to kill him, and inexplicably knew his exact time of death. As the investigation unfolds, a black market for vital organs is uncovered in which bio-mechanical hearts can be resold and remotely "shut off." As the team fights to find the pulse of this 2048 tech-centric crime, Dorian reconnects with a decommissioned DRN.


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    PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - Louis Williams has been on the streets for 15 years. He could find space inside shelters like the Union Gospel Mission, but he'd rather be outside.

    "I'm claustrophic. I just don't like it. I like to stay outside," he said. "Thirty or 40 degrees ain't too bad. But lately it's been in the teens. Kind of cold." Williams said he stays warm with "just a sleeping bag and thermal underwear and some socks. That's about it."

    On nights like this -- with record cold temperatures predicted and winds making it feel even colder -- the Union Gospel Mission opens up and provides blankets, mats and sleeping bags. Earlier this week, the mission got help from an unlikely source.

    Rap star Drake came to Old Town after his concert on Tuesday. He saw the homeless people and gave the Union Gospel Mission a substantial cash donation to buy more blankets to help more homeless people brave the cold.

    "It lets me know that even famous people got to have hearts for those who are less fortunate," said Dave Willis of the mission, "It brings them back to reality - 'Hey I could be here. I could have been here.'"

    Several shelters and churches in Portland opened their doors and the city is also helping. "People can call 211 to find out where there are spaces at a facility near them," Commissioner Amanda Fritz told KOIN 6 News. "We may, at the end of this week, be opening some of the community centers which I'm in charge of to make sure there's enough space for folks."

    With the cold weather likely to stay around, more people may need it.

    source: KOIN News

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    Well, Nymphomaniac really outdid itself with its new NSFW, 17+ one-sheet. If you thought the "celebrity O-face" one-sheets were something, well, you really ain't seen nothin' yet.

    The newest poster for the two-part Lars von Trier erotic dramedy features Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's reading and eating an apple while Shia ... isn't.


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    Exclusive interview with Sophie Turner
    This interview is newly published, but talks about Season 3. I included some cute quotes about the cast and an interesting one about show!Sansa.

    As a viewer the atmosphere in King's Landing looks horrible, but I imagine that when you're there with Lena Headey or Jack Gleeson it's not quite like that.
    No, we have the most fun ever on set. Jack's just super nice and Lena is hilarious. She always puts on this Somerset accent, I don't know why. We kind of play it back and forth to each other and we have a really good relationship. Everyone is just so light-hearted on set and joking around all the time so nothing ever gets too depressing, even when it looks that way on screen.

    It must be tough for Jack playing one of the most despicable characters on television?
    He's so nice and I just feel for him. But I mean it's a credit to his acting that he gets all this hate because he is the nicest guy and there's not one bad bone in his body. <3333333333

    Who are your best friends on the cast?
    Maisie Williams I hang out with a lot, and then Natalie Dormer and Sibel Kekilli particularly. Every time when I was in Croatia with Sibel she'd say, "Let's go to the pools" so we'd go to the spa together and then we'd go shopping together. We're very close. Sibel is like an older sister and so is Nat Dormer, they're just really lovely people. The boys like Richard Madden and Kit Harrington they've always felt like older brothers to me. They're always giving me advice - like if they're smoking they'll say, "Don't ever smoke! " and things like that. Everyone just has a really good relationship with everyone else and there’s not one person on the cast that I don't like.

    What one thing about "Game of Thrones" would people not know?
    Oooh, let me think. The wine is disgusting, it's like grape juice and everyone hates it—it's gag worthy. (OP: If you haven't listened to the 'Blackwater' commentary, please do. Peter and Lena go on and on about the grossness of the wine and it's hilarious.) The props people are working on it though so every season it tastes that little bit better. What else? Oh yes, a lot of the candles that you see are actually lit by me. That's a little inside secret: Sophie's wild with a blowtorch.

    Has Sansa hardened up as a result of all she's seen?
    She is tougher but what works for her is pretending and putting on this front. Originally she was this naïve, innocent girl and if she keeps that up then no-one's going to suspect her if she tries to do anything. She's got this little disguise. That gives her something she can use to her advantage.

    New still (with Antonia Clarke) and a short snippet of The Thirteenth Tale

    This March twins realness rn.

    I found her last comment really interesting in terms of how Sansa was written last season. There were some moments where she came across as almost too naive (even compared to book!Sansa), so it's interesting that Sophie sees that as all part of her disguise. Idk if the writers meant it that way, but I'm glad that's her interpretation.

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    History delivers largest audience for simulcast with Lifetime, A&E

    Miniseries “Bonnie and Clyde” averaged 9.8 million viewers in its Sunday debut as a simulcast on A&E, History and Lifetime.

    A+E said the first half of the four-hour mini, which concludes tonight, brought in 4.2 million viewers in the adults 25-54 demographic.

    According to A+E, History had the largest aud with 3.7 million viewers. Lifetime brought in 3.1 million while A&E was right behind at 3 million. Those are solid, if not spectacular, numbers for the cablers.
    A+E emphasized that “Bonnie and Clyde” marked the largest opening for a cable mini behind History’s “The Bible” and “Hatfields & McCoys.” However, those minis were not simulcast across multiple nets.
    “Bonnie and Clyde” marks another win for producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who last week shepherded NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” to boffo numbers.


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    Just saw the "Spice Girls Are Over" post under the Beckham tag and I am in denial.
    I'll just choose to believe that VB meant she's not interested in a reunion at the moment...


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    'The Sound of Music' actress Eleanor Parker dies at 91

    Eleanor Parker, who was nominated for Academy Awards three times for her portrayals of strong-willed women and played a scheming baroness in The Sound of Music, has died at 91.

    Family friend Richard Gale said Parker died Monday morning due to complications from pneumonia. “She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her children at a medical facility near her home in Palm Springs,” Gale added.

    Parker was nominated for Oscars in 1950, 1951, and 1955, but then saw her career begin to wane in the early 1960s. Her last memorable role came in 1965′s The Sound of Music, in which she played the scheming baroness who loses Christopher Plummer to Julie Andrews.

    “Eleanor Parker was and is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever known,” Plummer said in a statement. “Both as a person and as a beauty. I hardly believe the sad news for I was sure she was enchanted and would live forever.”

    Parker worked only infrequently after that, appearing in films and on such TV shows as Fantasy Island, Murder, She Wrote, and The Love Boat. She also starred in the short-lived 1960s TV series Bracken’s World.

    “I’m primarily a character actress,” she said in a 1988 interview, explaining why she never achieved the stardom of so many of her co-stars. “I’ve portrayed so many diverse individuals on the screen that my own personality never emerged.”

    Like William Holden, Robert Preston, Dustin Hoffman, and others, Parker was discovered at the Pasadena Playhouse.

    She was signed to a contract at Warner Bros., where she played only minor roles until the studio recognized her dramatic depth and cast her as Mildred Rogers in the 1946 remake of Of Human Bondage. The Somerset Maugham story had made Bette Davis a star 12 years before. On Parker’s first day of filming, Davis sent her flowers and a note proclaiming, “I hope Mildred does as much for your career as she did for mine.”

    But the film flopped, and Parker was again relegated to mediocre roles until her breakthrough performance as an inmate in a brutal prison in the 1950 film Caged. The role brought Parker her first Oscar nomination, for best actress.

    Her second came the following year as Kirk Douglas’ frustrated wife in Detective Story.

    Her career fully blossomed with such follow-up films as Scaramouche with Stewart Granger, Above and Beyond with Robert Taylor, Escape From Fort Bravo with Holden, Valley of the Kings with Taylor, and The Naked Jungle with Charlton Heston.

    She took on one of her most challenging roles in 1955 in Interrupted Melody, portraying opera star Marjorie Lawrence, who continued her career after contracting polio. Faced with having to lip-synch nine arias in three languages, she holed up in a Lake Arrowhead cabin for two weeks and played records eight to 10 hours a day.
    The result: her third Oscar nomination.

    Other notable films included The Man With the Golden Arm and A Hole in the Head (both opposite Frank Sinatra) and The King and Four Queens with Gable.

    Growing up in Cedarsville, Ohio, Parker had yearned to be an actress, and when the family moved to Cleveland, she began taking acting lessons. In the summer, she worked as an apprentice in a Martha’s Vineyard stock company, waiting tables to support herself.

    After moving to Pasadena, she was cast in her first movie role at 19, a bit part in They Died With Their Boots On, starring Errol Flynn.

    Parker’s first three marriages ended in divorce: to Navy dentist Fred L. Losse; producer Bert Friedlob, which resulted in three children, Susan, Sharon, and Richard; and painter Paul Clemens, with whom she had a son, actor Paul Clemens. Her 1966 marriage to Shubert Theater manager Raymond Hirsch ended with his death in 2001.


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    The official Game Of Thrones production diary has been updated with a brand new set snap, and some new info which confirms that we'll revisit Craster's Keep in season 4 of the HBO series - something we didn't do in the source novels. Mild SPOILERS ahead.

    I'm sure you'll all remember the bloodbath that marked the end of our time in the foreboding Craster's Keep back in season 3 of Game Of Thrones. In the books, once the fighting is done and Sam and Gilly move on with the baby, the story doesn't take us back there - but that'll be different in the show. Rast (the vicious man of the Nights Watch who kills Commander Mormont) and a few other remained, and it seems we'll get to find out what they've been up to in season 4. Details are sparse, but over at Winter Is Coming they've confirmed that "Craster’s Keep material will involve both Jon’s and Bran’s storylines".

    Ah, Craster’s Keep. Deep in the woods of a private estate north of Belfast, in at least six feet of mud (OK, inches), is the resilient set of the last wildling outpost before the Wall. It’s a strange set – with semi-permanent snow dressing, you do feel as if the temperature has dropped once you walk into the white-washed trees, even in the rare sun of late summer.

    can we make this into asoiaf fuck, marry, kill post ontd? simply because i'm so bored. ok starting with jaime, stannis, tyrion. i would fuck tyrion, marry jaime and kill stannis oop. what about you guys?

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    Jason Momoa’s first attempt to break out as a blockbuster star didn’t exactly go as planned, with the Marcus Nispel-directed Conan The Barbarian remake failing to do big business at the box office, but now it appears as though Momoa may be getting a big second chance. Variety is reporting that the Game of Thrones actor is now in the middle of negotiations for a part in Zack Snyder’s highly-anticipated Man of Steel sequel.

    Sadly, that’s where the well of information runs dry. The trade’s sources do not know what part Momoa is being considered for, and Warner Bros. had no comment on the story. It’s worth noting that when Gal Gadot was added to the film as Wonder Woman last week it was reported that the production was looking for an actor to play the story’s main villain. At the time it was said Zero Dark Thirty actor Callan Mulvey was in the running for the antagonist role, but Variety doesn’t mention him in the story. Is it possible that they were up for the same part and that Momoa beat him out?

    It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Momoa has been rumored to get into the comic book movie game. Back in February there was a rumor going around that the star was in the running to play Drax The Destroyer in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. That role eventually went to Dave Bautista, who will be starring in the sci-fi action film next summer, so perhaps it was that that motivated Momoa to switch from Team Marvel to Team DC.

    Should Momoa sign on, he will be joining a cast that not only includes Gadot as Wonder Woman, but also Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. Set to reprise their roles from Man of Steel are Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Lawrence Fishburne, but at this stage in the game it’s unknown exactly how they will fit into the story. The first draft of the script was recently completed by screenwriter David S. Goyer, who worked with Snyder developing the new story. Warner Bros. has announced that they will have the movie in theaters on July 17, 2015, and production on the project is gearing to start up early next year.

    If Variety’s story is true and Momoa is indeed up for a part in the untitled Batman vs. Superman, what role do you think he will play? Obviously he’s not exactly a guy who we expect will be shaving his head to play Lex Luthor, but is it possible that Momoa could play the deadly Superman villain Doomsday? If so, do you think he would be a good fit?


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  • 12/09/13--19:42: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!!

  • This is a week you'll never forget as daytime icon Thorsten Kaye comes to The Bold and The Beautiful as the new and improved Ridge Forrester!

    12/9, Liam issues Hope an ultimatum about Wyatt; Quinn shows her appreciation to Eric.

    12/10, Wyatt tries to gain an advantage through charm; Brooke begins to change her stance towards Bill.

    12/11, Quinn looks to Eric to help secure her future; Hope opens up to Brooke.

    12/12, Steffy returns to Los Angeles; Wyatt pleads with Liam.

    12/13, Quinn and Steffy go to Paris; Ridge returns home.

    Here we go again another triangle and gee let me see who could it be? Brooke, Bill and Ridge of course. Let me change that to a quad with Katie in the mix. With Ridge coming back to town and let me say people if you have not see Thorsten Kaye in action it’s time to watch. He is handsome, manly and gosh he even can act. Mr. Bell wants this new Ridge to have a completely new attitude as well, bringing an arrogance and hardness to the character of Ridge that Ronn Moss’s Ridge IMO did not deliver.

    And speaking of triangles don’t think you have seen the last of Liam/Hope/Wyatt TPTB wouldn’t be that smart. The winner of Hope’s heart does get her to the altar but the marriage is not one that will be made in heaven, just the opposite.

    She came, she gave her advice and now she’s gone off to her new show “Party On”, but Woods made it clear she would be back when needed but she’s certainly not ready to give up the Party life for Bold and I can’t say as I blame her.

    We are going to see less and less of Dayzee/Marcus-Rick/Caroline-Carter/Maya for a while. They’ll be popping around here and there but all 6 are going on back burner, due to lack of interest and Lindsey Godfrey becoming a mommy soon don’t look for Rick and Caroline to be having too many scenes after Ridge throws Rick out of the president’s chair. As it stands now, even Adam Gregory won’t be on for many episodes either. It looks to be a B/B/R/K and H/W/L rest of the year, folks, with a little Quinn/Eric/Donna thrown in for good measure.

    12/9, Michael and Lauren celebrate; Christina learns about Paul's part in Nikki's secret.

    12/10, The comfort level between Billy and Kelly surprises Victoria; Jill must deal with Hilary.

    12/11, Dylan seeks information about his father; Jack gets important news from Neil.

    12/12, Nick and Sharon help Chloe; Summer feels tempted.

    12/13, The music box mystery confounds Jill; Adam and Chelsea butt heads.

    Long before he was fast or furious, actor Paul Walker got a big break on Y&R. Walker worked often with Eric Braeden. Walker played Brandon Collins, an employee of Newman’s who also dated the boss’ daughter, in 1992. Braeden heard the sad news via his publicist. He shared his memories of the young star. “[My publicist] knew we worked together,” said Braeden “He knew I worked with Paul. One of the most decent men I’ve ever worked with. He was easy-going, a nice man. Just the nicest man. A kind man.” Braeden was especially touched, but not surprised, that Walker was helping raise money for needy children or victims of the typhoon in the Philippines on the day that would end in tragedy. “He was just so unpretentious,” said Braeden. “An easy-going, Southern California guy. I’ve worked with quite a few young people over the years. But I had a feeling, that he would make it on the big screen.” The two didn’t stay in touch, but Braeden says he did run into Walker a couple of times since Walker was on the show in the early ’90s. “You find very few actors with his basic honesty or sincerity,” Braeden said.

    Lauralee Bell (Christine) is hoping to use the power of the Internet to make people especially teenagers think before they text while driving. With her new six-part web series, mi promise, “I’m trying not to be Miss Preachy about any of this,” insists the actress-turned-producer/director. “I’m just trying to show them that there’s more to life than being on your phone and texting, and that goes for the adults as well”.

    Now that Billy Miller opted not to resign and David Tom returning, fans has mixed emotions on the love story of Billy and Victoria. Can he pull it off, can’t say, don’t even know what he has been doing since he was on OLTL in 2004 and what he even looks like today. I hope he can bring the same charm and humor that Miller did.

    If you're wondering about the “Who killed Delia” story keep wondering, sources tell me this will not be resolved anytime soon.

    Melissa Egan did post a photo on Twitter with Muhney, Bergman, Hendrickson and her self and it looked like they were in a church. I am hearing it was for Connor’s christening. Are Chloe and Jack the godparents? Y&R tapes about six weeks ahead so the Christening should air the end of January. Makes sense cause there would be no way Chloe and Jack would be in the same room with Adam if it was known he was the one who ran over Delia.

    Summer will have a new BFF and her name is Esmeralda played by Briana Nicole Henry. She will befriend Summer but there are hints that she will also be a bad influence on Summer.

    Monday ("JJ Comes Clean")
    JJ Comes Clean with Jennifer; Theresa reacts to JJ's confession in an unexpected way.

    Tuesday ("JJ is Stunned")
    JJ is shocked by Theresa's revelation; Will demands to know what Kate, Gabi and Sami are hiding.

    Wednesday("Theresa's Plan")
    Theresa blackmails JJ; Kate warns Jordan she won't allow her to hurt Rafe.

    Thursday ("Sonny Eavesdrops")
    Sonny is surprised by what he hears when he eavesdrops on Sami, Kate and Gabil; Eric goes to great lengths to prove his innocence.

    Friday ("Adrienne and Will Bond")
    Theresa has good news for Anne; Adrienne and Will bond.

    Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica, Passions) joins the cast as a new love interest for Lucas.

    Hope receives a phone call from Bo that knocks her for a loop.

    Gabi is stunned when she realizes that Sonny knows what she did.

    Nicole tells an enormous lie to help Eric.

    Abby and EJ talk about her father; meanwhile Adrienne tries to fix Jennifer up with a new man.

    Victor is not happy when he learns that Nicole is staying with Daniel.

    JJ fesses all to Jennifer and Theresa has a surprising reaction.

    Will demands to know what Sami is hiding.

    Heather finds Carly in the shower

    Sonny and Shawn appear at Carlo's door

    The jury is adjourned and later reaches, a shocking decision

    Franco scrambles to hide a body

    Patrick has to sort out his feelings

    Nikolas is conflicted

    Sonny has advice for a grieving Dante

    Spinelli has life-changing news

    The sad news is that we are losing Tristan Rogers to Y&R. That sucks IMO you would think GH could have done something to keep him around!

    So how about that Patrick he has no idea who he wants to be with. Really Patrick? Robin asks Sabrina to let Patrick go and give her family back. Will Sabrina do as Robin asks? Meanwhile, Patrick pours out his heart to Epiphany who reassured him that he isn’t a bad person for being torn between two terrific women. Patrick promises everything will work out by Christmas.

    She’s back! Heather Webber and Carly needs to watch her back. Franco finally gets even with his mother but you haven’t seen the last of Heather and how she digs her way out (literally) of the mess.

    AJ fires Diane and decides to speak for himself and makes an emotional statement to the court. The jury is in deliberation when AJ is about to be returned to his cell, when news comes that the jury has reached a verdict. It’s good news for AJ, not guilty.

    Tracy and Luke celebrate their victories. Luke having delivered the cure to Sean Donnelly successfully and Tracy thinking AJ is being found guilty, but later to Tracy’s dismay, AJ walks into the Quartermaine mansion a free man.

    Sam makes mention to Carly she said the name Lucas accidentally to Julian, while Ava and Julian ponder the name and who it might be.

    Robert tells Anna he has dealt with Faison but is Faison really dead?

    Dante and Lulu decide to try for another child and go and seek the leftover embryos, when they inform Ellie of their plans, she discovers the embryos are gone. Lets hope this story finally gets moving.

    Lesley brings Spencer to visit his Uncle Sonny, who gives his nephew an early Christmas present: boxing gloves. Lesley and Olivia watch Sonny teach Spencer to spar, clearly making up for the time he lost with Dante in a rare heartfelt moment.

    Victor Cassadine is back!

    Soap Opera Digest has learned — and GH confirms — that Thaao Penghlis, who portrayed DAYS's popular Tony DiMera (and Andre) for the better part of the last three decades, is headed back to Port Charles as Victor Cassadine, a role he originally played in 1981. The actor will be back on set early next year and his first air date is tentatively set for January 30, 2014.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    The Greenland husky heard but not seen in box office hit Gravity has received two prizes at a London awards ceremony devoted to canine excellence on screen.

    Naanak, whom Sandra Bullock's astronaut hears barking as she makes a distress call from space, was crowned best in world at Sunday's Fido awards.

    The dog, who has since featured in the Gravity companion short Aningaaq, also received the blockbuster bowser prize.

    A fluffy white dog named Suki was on hand to accept Naanak's trophy collar at Sunday's lunchtime ceremony, held at the Cinema Museum in south London.

    Other winners at the glamorous awards ceremony for THE FIDOS – FOR INCREDIBLE DOGS ON SCREEN included:-

    RomCom Rover – The new age Chihuahua and friends in The Bling Ring

    Mutt Moment – Ripley for his family friendly turn in How I Live Now

    Historical Hound – The bordello lapdog in The Great Gatsby

    Comedy Canine – Nugget, the talking pooch from Small Apartments

    Blockbuster Bowser & Best In World – Naanak, the husky heard barking off screen in Gravity and seen in companion short Aningaaq

    Source 1 + Source 2

    And none for cats. Which canine do you think gave the best performance this year?

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    If you thought the Carolina Panthers lacked a certain magical spark during their Sunday night loss to the New Orleans Saints, you aren't alone. Just don't go blaming Greg Hardy, a Panthers player who apparently picked up his unique blend of magic at Hogwarts. Yes, that Hogwarts (are there any others?), as in J.K Rowling's "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

    Hardy made the lighthearted claim during an intro of the Panthers' defensive line on NBC's "Sunday Night Football." While other players simply stated their names and their alma mater, Hardy introduced himself as "Kraken," an alumnus of "Hogwarts." The stunt earned Hardy a briefly updated Wikipedia page Sunday night after enterprising fans apparently altered his college information:

    Kraken, as in the deadly sea monsters of fictional yore? Hmmm, he must have been in Slytherin. It's unclear if Hardy's "Kraken" is related to the giant squid that inhabits the lake near Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, or if it's just a serendipitous nickname stemming from his apparent love of fantastic sea creatures. The Charlotte Observer reports Hardy's coined mythical nicknames for several of his teammates, including "Charles “The Loch Ness Monster” Johnson, Kawaan “Minotaur” Short, Star “Hydra” Lotulelei and Dwan “Phoenix” Edwards."

    And for the record, Hardy officially is an alumnus of the University of Mississippi.

    NFL/fantasy football post? Im still in my feelings about Carolina's loss, but overall, Sunday was a crazy day for football.

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    It's been three years since Jesse McCartney prepped his final effort on Hollywood Records, but the pop singer-songwriter is finally returning with a new label and a fresh, throwback sound. On Dec. 10, McCartney will release "In Technicolor Part 1," a new four-song EP highlighted by the previously released single "Back Together," Billboard can exclusively reveal.

    "I've been busy, but I'm finally ready to release some new music," McCartney tells Billboard. "More than anything, [the EP] is just a preview of what the full-length is going to be next year. I want to put something out for the fans -- they've been more than patient. And I wanted to give them a taste of [new music], because the style of the new album is so different from the previous album."

    Over the course of a decade-long solo career, the 26-year-old vocalist has collected 8 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including the Top 10 single "Leavin'," which went to No. 10. Following a quick detour into the acting world after 2010's "Have It All" -- which never actually made it to retail -- McCartney returned last August with "Back Together," a stylish, Motown-influenced new single that has sold 24,000 downloads to date according to Nielsen SoundScan and introduced a more adult sound to his longtime fans.

    McCartney says that "In Technicolor Part 1" will expand upon the sonic vibe and romantic undertones of "Back Together." "In my mind, we're all on this planet for one reason, and that's to find somebody to share your life with, that sees you for what you're worth," he says. "I feel like that's what colors your world, and everything else is black and white. When 'In Technicolor' was written, it sounded like a really strong title that would set up the rest of the songs on the album, which really deal with the ins and outs of my relationships with women."

    That album, which McCartney hopes to release "in April or May" of next year, will rely heavily on live instrumentation and will draw inspiration from Michael Jackson and Kool & The Gang. "We wanted to make it sound like an authentic 70s disco-pop record," McCartney shares. The as-yet-untitled release will be McCartney's first on his own label, Eight0Eight Records, which will issue the full-length in partnership with INGrooves distribution.

    "It's been amazing and very liberating," says McCartney of his new label set-up. "I enjoyed being with Hollywood Records -- I was with them for 10 years, and I made a lot of amazing relationships -- but at this point in my career, it just felt like it made a lot more sense to do it all in-house and on my own."

    In a few weeks, McCartney will whittle down the final track list and select the first single to his next album. Until then, the singer will support "In Technicolor Part 1" with a performance at the 2013 American Music Awards pre-show on Nov. 24, after performing on the Backstreet Boys' 'In A World Like This' tour earlier this year.


    In Technicolor Part 1 comes out tomorrow!

    Source 1Source 2Source 3

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    It seems Amy Adams is turned into a Chastainer, like us all.
    Reading a bit of her Vanity Fair covershoot interview, she did a brief mention on Jessica, naming her“One of the most amazing actress”. Now, on her most recent interview to New York Times, she was more specific:
    Mammoth superhero franchises aside, if she had her choice of future projects, she’d collaborate with the actor Jessica Chastain, whom she said she adores.
    “I want to find something where we can play sisters,” she said. “We can do a chain thing: You write one scene, I’ll write another, and we’ll send it back and forth while I’m doing ‘Superman.’ ”

    I am here for these Oscar nominated queens doing a movie together, maybe even a comedy, what about you?

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    The British hunk is best known for playing ladies' man Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, where he romanced Leighton Meester's character Blair Waldorf.

    While he has plenty of female fans, the 26-year-old is currently still on the market.

    "I am [single], much to the disappointment of my mother, who I'm sure would love to see me settled down soon," the eligible bachelor laughed to the latest edition of British InStyle.

    "I'm a massive foodie but not the greatest chef. I need a girlfriend to cook for."

    One of Ed's latest projects is Romeo and Juliet, where he stars as Tybalt alongside Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth.

    The actor had a rather unusual way of getting to know his 21-year-old co-star Douglas, which involved challenging him to a dual in the early hours of the morning.

    "We had been for dinner in this very quiet square in Italy during filming, and where we were staying was similar in architecture to where we were going to shoot a scene, so I leapt out of the taxi and started rehearsing," he laughed.

    "I think Douglas was a bit caught off guard but then we both totally got into it. It was a nice way to break the ice."

    Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for the Shakespeare adaptation and is also behind hit series Downton Abbey.

    Ed is keen to work with him again.

    "He's been talking about creating an American show set in the '20s/'30s between the east and west coast, so I'd love to be involved in something like that. I love anything 'period'," he explained.


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    2013 wasn’t exactly the year of gripping romance. A lot of television shows this year featured couples that left us feeling uncomfortable, disgusted, horrified, or confused – instead of the cutesy warm and fuzzies we probably should be getting from on-screen love affairs. Or maybe we’re just soulless and jaded, we don’t know. Either way, here’s a list of our top ten worst TV couples of 2013.

    1. Olivia and Fitz, Scandal

    And our anti-Olitz campaign continues, mainly because the couple in question continues to be terrible.

    Yes, there’s no denying that Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have sizzling on-screen chemistry, but that doesn’t erase the fact that not only is this relationship emotionally abusive, but it’s gotten incredibly tedious, as well. How many more phone calls, with the couple’s theme song playing in the background and with Olivia and Fitz talking to each other but not really saying anything, are we going to have to endure this season? How many more times is Olivia going to yell, “you do not summon me!” before inevitably being carted off somewhere by the Secret Service? How many times is Olivia going to tell Fitz, “no” before he does whatever he wants anyways?

    Let’s not forget that Fitz spends more time sulking in his office, mooning over Olivia, than actually being the president of the United States. And that Olivia could date way better guys (and we’re not talking about Jake, who is yet another killing machine like Huck), but chooses not to.

    2. Cyrus and James, Scandal

    Seriously, Cyrus? Seriously? First he tries to order a hit on his own husband (which thankfully he canceled, but still, those were the most nerve-wracking 30 seconds of television ever), and then he pimped James out to Vice President Sally’s secretly gay husband, Daniel Douglas Langston (Jack Coleman). Cyrus is constantly demeaning, manipulative, and condescending to the would-be reporter, so it’s not a surprise when James actually does end up sleeping with Daniel as a little piece of payback. Revenge is served ice, ice cold.

    Now what James really needs to do is grab his baby that Cyrus barely even cares about, hightail it out of that toxic marriage, write a tell-all book about all the shit that goes on behind-the-scenes of the White House, and become extremely rich.

    3. Ichabod and Katrina, Sleepy Hollow

    We can totally sympathize with Katrina being stuck in limbo, but so far Sleepy Hollow has failed at selling Katrina and Ichabod as an epic, time-traveling, soul-transcending couple to us. Ichabod’s main driving motivation throughout the show, besides stopping the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from riding and saving the world, is to rescue his wife from purgatory. With a story like that, you’d think their love would feel as tragically undying as it sounds, right? Nope.

    All the flashbacks to Ichabod’s former life with Katrina, as well as their present-day meetings (Katrina appears in Ichabod’s dreams, tells him something cryptic and ominous about the bad-guy-of-the-week, conveniently leaves out any useful details and then screams “ICHABOD!” or “YOU MUST STOP THEM!” before being pulled away) make it abundantly clear that these two have zero chemistry with one another. Their interactions feel stiff and awkward – not the adjectives you want to associate with a relationship that’s meant to be “true soul mates forever” type love.

    These two are interesting enough characters on their own, just… not all that interesting when they’re together.

    4. Schmidt and Cece, New Girl

    This season of New Girl started off with Schmidt (Max Greenfield) two-timing Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever) – the low point of a relationship that’s been in a downward slide since almost the very beginning. Desperate for “more time to make a decision” on who he was in more in love with, Schmidt strung the women along for multiple episodes, reaching new heights of insanity to keep his lying and cheating a secret. Once the truth came out, he even had the nerve to get mad at Nick and Jess for the resulting blow up. Own up to your mistakes, you douchebag.

    And it’s not even just this season where Schmidt was being all kinds of awful with Cece; after they broke up the first time, he kept desperately trying to ruin her new relationships and stalked her to an Indian marriage convention where he wore a bedazzled turban so he could “fit in.” It’s not even all that clear that this couple loves, or loved, each other. For the most part, their relationship has been about the sex – how it’s so good that they can’t stay away, as Cece stated once before switching their on-and-off relationship back to “on.” And while it’s fine to just be fuck-buddies, we’d rather not have this couple pushed onto us as anything other than that.


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