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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The flop doctors!

    Source: Me/TV

    I tried to find a gif of Jon Hamm with a hook for a hand to represent my opinions of these guys, but failed. :(

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    Despite reports to the contrary, hit-maker Dr. Luke will not be joining American Idol as a judge on season 13, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    The songwriter and producer, who's credited on such global smashes as Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and "My Life Would Suck Without You,"Pink's "Who Knew" and Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," among others, was among the last candidates standing after a months-long search for a third judge to join returning panel members Keith Urban andJennifer Lopez (the latter has not officially been announced).

    However, as THR wrote on Aug. 24, Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, was bound to run into a snag with Sony Music. The music giant signed Luke to a lucrative label deal in 2011 (his Kemosabe imprint is home to songwriter-turned-solo artistBonnie Mckee, rapper Juicy J and pop-urban act Becky G, who herself said at last night's MTV Video Music Awards, "I think [Idol] is going to happen" for Luke, but Sony's competitor, Universal Music Group, holds the exclusive rights to American Idol recordings.

    Allowing Luke to spend months of the year judging and nurturing talent then developing said artists for another label makes little business sense for the company that invested so deeply in his own hit-making power. L.A. Reid faced a similar obstacle when he was in the running for the Idol gig prior to season 10. It was, in fact, what helped lead the veteran executive to Fox's other singing competition, X Factor, which has a recording partnership with Sony. Reid left after two years on the show.

    Source: Billboard

    I still think we could use a "producer (music)" tag.

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    A website called the Data Pack just released an incomplete but interesting list of unsearchable hashtags on Instagram. By blocking specific hashtags, Instagram says they're both protecting users and — unlike Tumblr or Twitter, who don't proactively prohibit but do remove offensive content after the fact — steering the culture of the site by refusing to perpetuate pornographic and otherwise offensive or damaging pictures. Apparently Instagram and its Facebook overlords have no desire to see photos of #bubblebutts (really?) or #bigbootyhoes en masse. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for us in the wild, wild web.

    Searches for #thinspiration, #probulimia, and #proanorexia similarly come up with no results and show that the social-media network also has no tolerance for pro-ana culture. Porn-y and otherwise sexist terms like #tipsydumbcunt, #whore, and other sex acts are also prohibited, as is pretty much any variation of #boobs or #dicks.

    Interestlingly enough, the hashtag czars of Instagram also block things they deem "generic" or that don't provide enough "high-end user value." You can't search for #photography, #iphone, or the New York restaurant #beautyandessex (although we'd put that squarely in the offensive category).  Sometimes, as the list reveals, Instagram gets a little prudish: Users can't search for a collection of photos pertaining to the #sexpistols, and if you choose to Instagram while running, you'd better like it, because #fuckrunning is also blocked. On second thought, as much as I hate exercise, I'd hate to see what the #fuckrunning search would turn up. So thanks, Instagram.

    ( SOURCE )

    Well, that was interesting. I'd like to see how this would affect the Instagram accounts of certain celebs *cough*MileyCystrus*cough* who constantly post racy photos. Are you for or against banning certain hashtags on Instagram, ONTD? Also, what hashtags do you commonly search for?

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    Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.03.54 PM

    Miley Cyrus is CORRUPTING the cuddly, innocent reputation of teddy bears -- and she needs to be stopped ASAP ... so says a prominent teddy bear organization (yes, they actually exist).

    In case you've been living under a rock -- Miley's been under fire ever since she bumped, grinded and twerked her crotch through an army of seemingly drugged out teddy bears during her VMA performance.

    Now, a rep for the Teddy Bear Fund -- an org. dedicated to giving out stuffed animals at abuse shelters -- tells TMZ, "Miley made a poor choice to use a universally loved children's teddy bear in an offensive way."

    "There is always good art and bad art -- unfortunately ... this was bad art," the rep adds.

    "Hopefully she might consider reversing this situation by giving lots of teddy bears to children in need of comfort."

    We tried to find a rep for a foam finger organization -- but apparently, that's not really a thing ... yet.

    lol can someone with photoshop skills paste Miley's face on mark's?


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    Kitson, a boutique clothing company based in L.A., released a line of T-shirts called “the designer drugs collection,” angering many for its supposed promotion of drug use.

    Kitson LA released a “designer drugs collection” of clothing that features the brand names of prescription drugs.

    Most were very unhappy, calling the shirts “shocking” and “disgusting.”

    In response to the outrage, Kitson posted the following statement from the designer of the line, Brian Lichtenberg, on their Facebook page:

    Kristen Johnston, star of the “The Exes” and formerly on “3rd Rock from the Sun,” took note of the shirts.

    The company responded to one of her tweets threatening to get the authorities involved.

    Johnston then said she deleted her comment.

    To which Kitson fired back that they were not responsible for the drug situation in the U.S.

    But at least Lichtenberg still has a fan in Lindsay Lohan.


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  • 08/27/13--22:08: top 10 horror movie twists

  • This week sees the arrival of head-twisting home-invasion horror YOU’RE NEXT. Don’t be fooled in believing Adam Wingard’s brilliant and brutal suspense-driven slasher is only full of the familiar run-of-the-mill stuff. The film is wholly original, fun and certainly boasts a number of surprises – a stand-out out turn from the stunning Sharni Vinson; gut-busting pitch-black humour and one hell of a twist in its tale. It’s given THN some inspiration in putting together our own list of genre favourites that featured another monumental plot curve ball and making them long remembered.

    SCREAM (1996)

    Few do horror better then Wes Craven. The man who gave us the razor-fingered dream demon Freddy Kruger, ultimately eclipsed his signature slasher by going on to give us one of the most iconic movies of the 1990s. Self-referential and satirical teen slasher SCREAM refused to play by the familiar genre rules, thanks in part to a biting and surprisingly funny screenplay by a then-unknown Kevin Williamson. Cutesy TV actress Neve Campbell was made a movie star as the unlucky victim Sidney Prescott, slowly being stalked by a devious (and mysterious) Ghostface killer. Of course, obvious perpetrators (or red-herrings) like the dopey Deputy, classmates and even her father, were all crossed off the list until it was discovered it was indeed her boyfriend, with his demented pal, doing the stabbing. Two killers tag-teaming!

    SAW (2004)

    Strong word of mouth from festival screenings saw unknown Australian director James Wan and acting/writing collaborator Leigh Whannell create a horror phenomenon (and a continuing lucrative career in ‘creep’). Billboards emblazoned with the stark, short title followed by the fantastic, yet simple tag-line “Dare You See Saw” also worked a treat. SAW came out of nowhere and the ambiguity of what the hell it was only aided its success. Two strangers awake handcuffed on opposite ends of a mysterious location, separated only by the grisly corpse in the middle of the floor. Flashbacks show us just how the duo came to this gory predicament but who could be responsible? How about that dead fella on the filthy floor for the whole movie, who ingeniously awakens to show he’s been setting the rules and running the show… and there’s no escape!

    THE SIXTH SENSE (1999)

    His career may now be in the shitter after a string of severe and laughable flops but lets not forget writer/director M. Night Shyamalan scored a critical and commercial hit with sleeper smash THE SIXTH SENSE. The film looked a relatively low-key supernatural thriller with Bruce Willis as a child psychologist attempting get over the attack from a former patient and their subsequent suicide. However, after looking to help troubled youngster Haley Joel Osment, who is claiming, “I see dead people“, the atmospheric chiller pulled a rabbit out of the hat by giving us arguably the greatest cinematic surprise of all-time. Brucey’s actually dead too! Looking back, there are countless clues – the colour pallet at certain points and the fact his wife (Olivia Williams) never speaks a work to Willis after the opening tragic sequence – to hint at these events but if anyone tells you they saw it coming a million miles away, they’re lying bastards! Nicole Kidman’s THE OTHERS also stole the same conclusion a few years later.


    Arguably the most controversial twist on the list. Alexandre Aja’s fantastically gory French horror sees two female friends Marie (Cecile De France) and Alexia (Maiwenn) travelling to the remote home of one their parents for a spot of idyllic sunshine and study. However, a late night knock at the door from a hulking madman unleashes an escalating series of violent events as he kidnaps one, throwing her in the back of his truck, while the other secretly attempts to help her escape by following. The blood-drenched conclusion will not work for all, and is often described as nonsensical or in the extreme “cheating the audience”. However, I lapped up the ferocious finale as Marie is living the events in her own demented mind, obsessed and in love with her friend so much, she’s the one that’s murdered her friend’s family all along.

    THE ORPHANAGE (2007)

    Directed by J.A. Bayona and executively produced by Guillermo del Toro, THE ORPHANAGE sees Laura and her family return to her childhood home to try help other children like her, only to awaken and find her son Simon befriend the long-forgotten spirit of Tomás, an disfigured orphan boy who once lived at the institution. Soon, with the disappearance of her own son, Laura is forced to confront long forgotten memories of her time there. There is so much more richness in the spooky emotional storytelling and performances but the crux comes when we learn after punishing Simon, during her initial search for him, she inadvertently knocks over a post accessing the secret room in his closet, preventing her son from ever being found, during his attempts in signalling for help and to find another way out he’s killed. Realising her fault, Laura commits suicide for be with her son and the ghostly children forever.

    DON’T LOOK NOW (1973)

    After becoming a father for the first time a few years ago, the stark opening to Nicholas Roeg’s haunting classic, based on Daphne Du Maurier’s novel DON’T LOOK NOW, packs an even more emotional punch for myself. While looking at a mysterious slide image and seeing it ruined, it triggers an eerie warning for Donald Sutherland as he rushes to fish his lifeless daughter’s young body from the pond near their home. The harrowing scene is only the beginning of his and wife Julie Christie’s wretched journey and going to Venice to try and come to terms with their grief may not the best solution when they meet an elderly psychic. Could his daughter have come back when Sutherland sees visions of a red-coated child-like image weaving through the confined streets? Sadly not and when eventually catching up with the hooded figure, he becomes the latest victim of this dwarf-like psychopath holding the city in the grip of fear.

    rest @ source. CREEPY POST TIME!

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    Currently the only picture of these two rap deities in existence,
    but surely more will follow this joyous union.

    After tormenting the Twitterverse with her twerking routine at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus went right into the studio with Kanye West to record a remix of his song “Black Skinhead,” Page Six has exclusively learned. Cyrus skipped her own VMA after-party at No. 8 and went into the studio for what her reps described as a late-night, “top- secret” collaboration, which sources said was with none other than West. The “Yeezus” rapper was one of the few artists not spotted out at Jay Z and Diddy’s bash in New York, which went into the early hours of Monday. West was also said to have headed straight to the studio after the MTV event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. We hear Cyrus will appear with West on a remix of “Black Skinhead,” due to be part of a remix EP that will be released later this year. West was due to perform “Skinhead” at the VMAs, but reportedly changed his mind at the last minute to perform the haunting track “Blood on the Leaves,” at which time viewers only saw his enlarged shadow rapping against a backdrop of a forest.

    Read it and seethe.

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    BROOKLYN, New York — Remember that music video that A$AP Rocky and Rihanna were spotted filming in New York just a few weeks ago? Well, they weren't filming a video at all — if you're willing to take Rocky's word for it.

    "Nah, we weren't filming no video, we were just chillin'" Lord Flacko told MTV News of the August 15 photos, despite the presence of cameras, lighting equipment and plenty of extras on what appears to be a video set.

    In one pic, Rocky wears a backward snapback and a black varsity jacket, while Rihanna appears in two different outfits, one of which is a pretty fancy zebra-print gown. The pair look quite cozy on the streets of New York City. But if they weren't snapped together for professional reasons, could the paps have caught them getting close offscreen?

    Again, when we spoke to him on the Video Music Awards red carpet, Rocky denied rumors of any romance, saying, "People crazy. You know people say a lot. At last year's VMAs, Rocky joined Rihanna onstage, where he made headlines for squeezing her rear at the end of the opening set. The Harlem rapper then joined Rih on her Diamonds Tour.

    "She has a lot of style, and I think that's what she saw in me and what she liked, because she saw that I was eclectic with the way I did my music and my style was different," he told us in December of his tourmate. "I really think it was more she admired me as an artist, and the fact that I'm handsome helped," he joked.

    As recently as April, Rocky was denying that anything was going on between the two even as Internet rumors persisted. "Man, dudes be tryin' to front like they tappin' Rihanna's [anatomy] and all that, but they don't be hittin' it," he said. "I aint hittin' it either — I'm just cool with her. I don't even look at her like that. She's sexy, but I'm good."


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    Robin Thicke's wife might be cool with Miley Cyrus gyrating on her hubby but she wasn't always so secure. Paula Patton said love made her "crazy".

    The American actor has told Celebrity Wire that she once hid in the bushes outside the singer-songwriter's house and spied on him through the window because she suspected he was cheating.

    The American actor, who married Thicke in 2005, said "love can sometimes make you crazy".

    When a friend suggested Thicke might be cheating, she went to great lengths to find out if it was true.

    "Before my husband was my husband - I don't know what got in my head, love makes you crazy - I drove all the way to his house and I was in his bushes trying to look through the window," she said.

    "I totally got caught! Thank God I was wrong."

    Patton, 37, and Thicke, 36, began dating in high school and they now have a child together.

    Thicke, the son of actor Alan Thicke and actor Gloria Loring, once told Essence magazine that the secret to a successful marriage was respect.

    "You have to respect that person, and that way you'll listen to them and you'll care about what they're saying," he said.

    According to TMZ, Patton was unfazed by Miley Cyrus gyrating against her hubby at the 013 MTV VMAs.


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    Harry Styles has responded to Taylor Swift's MTV VMAs award acceptance speech.

    The One Direction singer commented on Swift's sense of humor, after appearing to make reference to Styles during the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 ceremony.

    On collecting the 'Best Female Video' award for 'I Knew You Were Trouble', Swift said: "I also want to thank the person who inspired this song, who knows exactly who he is, because now I got one of these."

    Speaking to Extra at the group's This Is Us New York premiere, Styles said: "It's alright, she likes a joke. I like a joke as much as the next guy, so it's all good."

    When asked about being pictured with Swift at an after party, the 19-year-old replied: "Yeah, I went for a drink with Ed and some friends. It was good."

    Fellow bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have already jumped to Styles's defense, calling the remark unnecessary.

    The singer also praised Miley Cyrus's performance, adding: "I thought it was vanilla. I would feel comfortable watching it with my grandma."


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    All actors have their failures, there’s no disputing that, but some actors have failed so prolifically that there’s only one term to use to describe them – “box office poison”.

    It’s something no actor wants to be labelled as, for it indicates a general lack of popularity with audiences – either because they’ve become tired of the actor, or never liked them in the first place – and makes them increasingly less likely to be offered A-list work in the future (hence why several on this list are currently edging towards the straight-to-video duldrums).

    These 10 actors, regardless of whether they or their films are actually any good, just can’t seem to catch a break, and one thing’s for sure; if you cast any of them in your movie, there is a substantial chance that it is going to be a box office flop…

    10. Taylor Kitsch
    Notable Flops: John Carter ($282.7m against $250m budget), Battleship ($303m against $209m), and Savages (fared slightly better, with $82.9m against $45m).

    Kitsch is the latest in a long line of actors being insisted upon audiences at the moment, despite evidence suggesting that people just don’t like him all that much. With two major box office blows in the same year, it’s safe to say that the headlining roles aren’t exactly rolling in for the guy, regardless of how talented he proved himself in Friday Night Lights.

    Upcoming Projects: His best bet to bounce back is Peter Berg’s upcoming action thriller, Lone Survivor. Kitsch plays a supporting role opposite Mark Wahlberg, and given Wahlberg’s comparative popularity, it’s likely that this one will score a modest hit for the actor.

    9. Ryan Reynolds
    Notable Flops: Green Lantern ($219.8m against $200m), The Change-Up ($75.4m against $52m), R.I.P.D. ($59.1m against $130m), and Turbo ($142m against $135m).

    Though Reynolds is an eminently popular, likable actor, he just isn’t getting the caliber projects that his talent should dictate; suffering two crushing flops in quick succession with R.I.P.D. and Turbo has surely dealt a good deal of damage to his future prospects, as studios come to realise that, despite his good looks and cocky swagger, he’s really not all that bankable, which is genuinely surprising.

    Upcoming Projects: His biggest chance for a hit is Tarsem Singh’s Selfless, due out next year, though short of his Deadpool movie ever actually getting made, there’s not a whole lot on the horizon that could bring the actor surging to the top of the box office.

    7. Katherine Heigl
    Notable Flops: Killers ($98.1m against $75m), One for the Money (ironically titled, it pulled in just $36.8m against a $40m budget), and The Big Wedding ($35.7m against a $32m budget).

    This one’s actually pretty easy to work out; Heigl has unfortunately not done herself many favours by simply coming across as so unlikable in interviews, criticising Judd Apatow despite him being the prime reason for her fame (by casting her in Knocked Up), and complaining about her work on Grey’s Anatomy. Unlike most actors on this list – and it might sound childish to say it – this is one who many might actually take a little pleasure in seeing fail.

    Upcoming Projects: Animated flick The Nub Job is her best effort at scoring a box office win, yet though its budget is only $45m, this will likely be reflected in a rudimentary animation style, which could turn kids off. A modest hit is possible, but a lack of A-list names (other than Liam Neeson) could severely hold this one back.

    2. Lindsay Lohan
    Notable Flops: Now, here’s where things start getting really interesting. Lohan’s long list of flops include Chapter 27 ($187.4K against roughly $5m), Georgia Rule ($24.9m against $20m), I Know Who Killed Me ($9.6m against $12m), Labour Pains (not even released in the US, grossed $1.7 in UAE, Lebanon and Russia), InAPPropriate Comedy ($228k against an undisclosed budget), and The Canyons ($43.4k against $250k).

    Even with her low-fi projects, Lohan just can’t seem to make a movie these days that turns a profit, and given her tawdry public profile, is it much of a surprise that audiences don’t really want to see her anymore? It’s a shame, as the fresh-faced youngster from Mean Girls had so much potential…

    Upcoming Projects: Nothing, nada, zip. Lohan has absolutely nothing lined up for release or shooting, so it’s safe to say that things aren’t looking good. Though there are enough jokes about her eventually resorting to porn, the fact that her last film was shot for a mere $250k suggests that this might not be too far from the truth…

    1. Clive Owen
    Notable Flops: Elizabeth: The Golden Age ($74.2m against $60m), Shoot ‘Em Up ($26.8m against $39m), The International ($60.1m against $50m), Duplicity ($78.1m against $60m), The Boys Are Back ($3.1m against $16m), Trust ($120k against $4m), Killer Elite ($56.3m against $35m), Intruders ($3m against $13m) and Shadow Dancer ($330k against roughly $6-7m).

    Despite being a talented and likable actor, Owen just doesn’t seem to be able to light up the box office; even when working with exceptionally talented writers, directors and co-stars, everything he’s in just seems to flounder financially, and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense (to me, at least). The fact that he’s weathered so many flops and continues to get work, then, is undeniably impressive.

    Upcoming Projects: Crime drama Blood Ties is his most commercial prospect (it’s pretty decent), while action adventure flick The Last Knights will benefit from the presence of Morgan Freeman alongside him (hopefully), and then there’s Steven Soderbergh’s TV project The Knick, which depending on your view of the TV medium, will either be a good or bad thing for the actor. Still, there’s nothing huge on the horizon for the actor, and that’s a little worrying.


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    Bong Joon-Ho shot down online reports earlier this month that Harvey Weinstein forced the "Snowpiercer" director to heavily edit his record breaking new film before his company would distribute it internationally, at a press event in France on Tuesday. The director is currently in the process of editing "Snowpiercer" an action-thriller about a group of people advancing to the front of a train, which sold 4 million tickets faster than any South Korean film in history, for US release.

    "I came here after [working on] editing for the American version," Bong said, according to eNEWS. "I've never produced a new version for overseas premieres, and this is the first time I′m making a new version."

    The director denied reports that after signing a distribution deal with Weinstein Company, he had been forced to heavily edit his film. "Weinstein is actually being pretty soft toward editing, probably because it's noticed how critics have praised the film and know how angry movie fans get over new edits," Bong said. "They even asked me which parts I want to include in the film," he said.

    ( SOURCE )

    war_machine_rox, my virgin sacrifices prayers have been answered and this calls for a Tail Section celebration! <3

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    Miley Cyrus' twerk-filled performance at this year's Video Music Awards has become the most talked-about, polarizing few minutes in a show that saw a 'N Sync reunion and costume-filled Lady Gaga opener. More than one thinkpiece has accused Cyrus of appropriating and exploiting black culture for her own benefit at the detriment of its pioneers.

    New Orleans musician and "Queen of Bounce" Big Freedia is equally frustrated by the level of attention given to Cyrus and twerking's "new" phenomenon. (The actual dance is more than 20 years old.) Freedia hopped on the phone from the Big Easy to critique Cyrus' performance, give a few pointers and explain why we're giving credit to the wrong person.

    What did you think of Miley's performance?

    She was going too far. She's trying to twerk and but don't know how to twerk. It's become offensive to a lot of people who've been twerking and shaking their asses for years, especially in the black culture. But it's also helpful because it's putting twerking on the map around the world. I've been transforming twerking for the last three years around the world and for her to just come out of the blue and just start twerking, a lot of people are very offended by it, especially in New Orleans. When something get hot, everybody want to jump on the bandwagon and act like they created it. That's totally understandable but they have to give credit where credit is due.

    Were you personally offended or just found it offensive in general?

    In general; not to me. She may be familiar with me, but she don't know I'm the Queen of Twerking. But it's offensive to black culture and black women who've been twerking for years. Every time we do something, people want to snatch it and run with it and put their name on it. And they still don't even have the moves down yet. Just get me and Miley together so I could give her ass some lessons.

    You used the phrase "trying to twerk" instead of "twerk."

    Yeah. When you have my dancers, they're professionals. They're from New Orleans and know what they're doing . When they started dancing, it was original twerking. Miley's dancers were prop dancers. None of them were professional dancers. So yeah, she was trying to twerk.

    What specifically about the dance did she do wrong?

    For one thing, we have a dance in bounce music called "exercising" where you just open your legs and shake your butt a little bit from side to side—that part where she did in front of Robin Thicke—she still didn't even get that right because she didn't have any butt control. She needs more practice.

    Some critics have pointed to the performance's racial overtones. Vulture called it a "minstrel show." Do you think she should've been more sensitive to that?

    Most definitely. It should've been someone else having those dancers up there and not Miley. We want to empower women of all walks of life to express themselves through dance music. I definitely push that at a Big Freedia show and I have a lot of white fans who get up there and really twerk. I have some amazing white dancers who would get up there and shut Miley down. They could've used girls from New Orleans, even if they were not black, who knew what they're doing. They're just using anybody possible just to get that buzz since twerking is hot now. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that…I knew the twerking thing was really taking off but I didn't know it would blow up like this.

    What did you think of "Twerk," the Miley Cyrus/Justin Bieber song that just came out?

    See what I'm saying? They're still going to take it too far. What the hell's next? It was okay, but it still don't relate to the real side of bounce twerking.

    Twerking's been around for more than 20 years. Is it weird to see it blow up in the past few years or did you expect that?

    I expected it would happen, but by me working so hard, I didn’t think it would happen that way. That's why I'm working so hard; for it to happen on my end, not on the end of someone who's not even familiar with the culture. That's what so offensive, when you've been doing it for so many years and then someone who just jump off the porch try to do it.

    Tell me about your upcoming song "Twerk It."

    With all the buzz, I decided last week to go to the studio to record a new song to let people know where it come from and that it's been in the vocabulary of bounce music for a long time. One of the [old-school] lines was "Twerk something/Twerk something/If you're real with it," and I brought that back in a sample for my song. We decided to create a new track to shock the world with. It's definitely going to get everybody moving. Miley did her twerking on the hip hop side of things, but mine is strictly bounce that's gonna get people shaking their asses the way it originally started. It'll be out any day now.

    DJ Jubilee is credited as kickstarting the dance with 1993's "Do the Jubilee All." Is that song the dance's pivotal moment?

    It was Ground Zero. It was happening way before him, but he took it to a whole 'nother level once he started making the videos. In all of the middle school and high school dances, you could not go anywhere without hearing a Jubilee track or seeing him and his dancers cutting it up at a concert. He was the King of Bounce. All of his songs are New Orleans classics. As a kid, you just wanted to dance to it.

    Going back to Miley, let's say you were the choreographer and saw her performance as a dress rehearsal. What specific tips would you have given her?

    Don't do it.

    source: http://www.fuse.tv/2013/08/big-freedia-miley-cyrus-twerk?campaign=scl|otr|cst

    I thought Big Freedia was both defiant and a bit wistful in this interview. As funny as some parts of it were, it's devastating that those who have been twerking for years are being denied the exposure that Miley automatically received. I hope these artists can be incorporated into its mainstream success if they wish to be.

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    The former home of celebrated author Charles Dickens is to be opened to the public for the first time since the great novelist’s death in 1870.

    Current owner Gad’s Hill Independent School is opening the Grade One listed Georgian Gads Hill Place in Higham, near Rochester, following the completion of the first phase of a major multi-million pound project to build two new schools in the grounds of the old house.

    Gads Hill Place, where Dickens penned classics including Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities, has been used by the school for teaching since the 1920s.

    But headmaster David Craggs said the fragile 18th century building can no longer keep up with the “demands of modern day education” and instead students will be taught in the two new state-of-the-art schools.

    “Ninety years ago John Burt brought Gad’s Hill Place to convert it into a residential school,” said Mr Craggs.

    “Since then, thousands of children have had the rare honour of being able to learn English in what was Charles Dickens’ bedroom.

    “While I will miss the unique privilege of running a school from the great man’s own study, I feel that we have built a new school of the highest quality and standard that the 21st century can provide, which is only right for our truly outstanding students.

    “I feel certain that in 90 years time, everyone involved in the school will look back and be proud of the values and the building they have inherited.”

    The John Melville Building - named after the school’s chair of governors - will be officially opened on September 4 by Marion Dickens, Dickens’ great-great-granddaughter and trustee of the charity due to take over Gad’s Hill Place, and Dickens’ great-great-great-grandson Harry Lloyd, who starred as Viserys Targaryen in hit show Game of Thrones.

    Marion Dickens will work through the charity on a series of refurbishment projects on Gad’s Hill Place.

    “Since the house was turned into a school, public access to it has been very limited,” she said.

    “Now, for the first time, people who love the books will be able to visit his home.”

    The new school will span two floors and boast a sports hall, theatre and dining area, as well as performance spaces.

    Chairman of the board of governors, John Melville, said: “This school which we have been building over the last few years is having a major impact on the community it serves.

    “You only have to see the delight of pupils, parents and staff to understand why we invested so much in improving facilities and buildings at Gad’s Hill.

    “Gad’s is committed to teaching our young people in buildings fit for the 21st century.

    “This is a wonderful time for the pupils and staff at Gad’s and I wish them many happy years in their state-of-the-art new school.”

    Excuse for a Harry Lloyd post AND Charles Dickens/authors discussion bestofbothworlds.mp3


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    A new trailer for the upcoming film Captain Phillips features Tom Hanks starring as Captain Richard Phillips, and Barkhad Abdi as Muse, the Somali pirate who leads a group aboard the U.S. cargo ship.

    Abdi’s compelling performance during the two-and-a-half-minute trailer puts him on par with two-time Academy Award winner Hanks, causing some to speculate that he could be a potential best supporting actor nomination in 2014.

    The film is based on the book A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, about the 2009 true story of an American container ship, the Maersk Alabama, that was seized by Somali pirates off the coast of the Horn of Africa.

    Abdi, as well as Faysal Ahmed, Barkhad Abdirahman and Mahat M. Ali, who portray the Somali pirates, are all first-time Somali actors.

    Directed by Paul Greengrass, Captain Phillips will make its world premiere during this year’s Opening Night Gala at the 51st New York Film Festival.

    Past NYFF opening night films have included future Academy Award winners, including: Pulp Fiction (1994), The Social Network (2010) and Life of Pi (2012).

    Sony Pictures’ Captain Phillips is set to hit theaters October 11.

    Source: thegrioyoutube
    YAS SOMALI PEOPLE MAKIN WAVES. i was at first very uncomfortable about the movie when i heard the synopsis but the extended trailer makes it seem like it's also about humanizing the pirates and telling why they had to do the things they did. instead of making it a "kill the evil black people!!" movie like black hawk down. AND THEY HAVE REAL SOMALI ACTORS INSTEAD OF RANDOM PEOPLE WHO DON'T LOOK SOMALI LIKE BLACK HAWK DOWN. i'm excited tbh.

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    In the description of the video:

    9PM GMT
    4PM EST
    1PM PST


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    Tom Hiddleston had to play down his "irritating optimism" to get into his latest role of a "melancholy" vampire.

    The "Thor" star plays Adam, alongside Tilda Swinton's Eve, in "Only Lovers Left Alive", and playing the reclusive musician was a "big stretch" for him, he said.

    Speaking about his character at an event at the British Film Institute on London's South Bank looking ahead to the Toronto and Venice film festivals, he said: "He is romantic, and melancholy, and poetic, and sensitive, deeply creative, and nostalgic for a pre-digital age where creativity was more of an endeavour... and he's a vampire."

    Tom said he could see similarities between himself and Adam, but added that he is a much more optimistic and happy person.

    "There's a lot of me in Adam for sure, but Adam is also darker than I am.

    "John Hurt is in the film and Adam is described by his character as a 'suicidally romantic scoundrel'. I have probably an irritating optimism sometimes in myself and I had to turn the volume on that down."

    Tom described working with Tilda as "amazing", adding: "She's an extraordinary, extraordinary artist. It really felt like a dance in a strange way because Adam and Eve became alive as much as we invested in them."

    In the tale about the relationship between the two vampires, the London-born actor said Swinton's character in the film complemented Adam.

    "In a way her breadth can hold Adam's complexity, and it's really a love story between these two fine and delicate creatures of the night," he said.

    ( SOURCE )

    Jesus fucking Christ, my body is so fucking ready for Hiddleswinton! This is most definitely a much better vampire love story than "Twatlight". Bella and Edward hew?

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    "Drizzy Drake, the Lionel Richie of Hip Hop. I'm very proud of him. He reps the light skinned n*ggas. Great music. awesome f*cking music. I like the music. I respect his drive. I thought he was just going to be a flash in the pan. But clearly he has lasted the test of time."

    "There's a lot of cats that have come up since Drake's arrival that are talented. You got this f*cking idiot J. Cole. He's making some noise. You got the batty boy Frank Ocean in the game."

    Thanks to Wikipedia:
    Batty Boy
    In Jamaican culture, a batty boy (also spelled batty bwoy; other terms include batty man and chi chi boy/man) is a man considered to be gay, bisexual, or effeminate. The term, coming from a Jamaican Patois abbreviation of the word bottom, is considered pejorative, as homosexuality is often condemned in Caribbean cultures, partially as a result of mainly conservative Christian and Rastafarian beliefs. Jamaica is seen as one of the most violent towards gay men in particular and, in 2006, Time noted it likely was the worst place in the Americas for LGBT people and one of the most homophobic places in the world


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    Here’s a healthy dose of ick for you.

    Steve Ward, best known for his likeable bro schtick on VH1 reality show Tough Love may use the totally scientific method of matchmaking to help lost souls achieve a better life on TV, but in real life, his methods are somehow even less ethical.

    But how, you ask? Oh, he’s just accused of offering a spot on his show to an escort in exchange for her services.

    In an audio clip obtained by TheDirty, a man who is presumed to be Steve is heard soliciting sex from a prostitute and going into explicit detail about the ins and outs (so to speak) of their transaction.

    “I am angling here,” admitted Steve. “You’re in the business of sex so I am going to make you an offer.”


    I will promise to do my very best to get you on my show and put you at the very front of the line to be on my show if you f--k me, right now,” Steve tells the woman on the recording. “I think [the producers] would love it. I think they’d f--king love it. I think they would eat it up. I think you would be a star. I really do.”

    The woman tells RadarOnline that she and Steve did end up having sex, although he neither paid nor held up his end of the deal.

    “She made it up to the top 10 but then got dropped,” an insider for the show claims.

    “She did what he wanted, gave him what he wanted and he never lived up to his end of the bargain.”

    The recording of the convo is at the SOURCE

    The new season of Tough Love Coed airs tonight..... I have nothing else to say lol

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