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    From Emmy Award-winning writer/producers Dan Goor and Michael Schur ("Parks and Recreation") and starring Emmy Award winners Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live") and Andre Braugher ("Men of a Certain Age," "Homicide: Life on the Street"), BROOKLYN NINE-NINE is a new single-camera workplace comedy about what happens when a hotshot detective (Samberg) gets a new Captain (Braugher) with a lot to prove.



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    Episode 8



    Teammates are on a platform suspended over water and must jump together from one trapeze to another and swim to the finish line. This challenge is a timed event therefore fasted time = winner.


    Camila & Jemmye

    CT & Wes


    Cooke & Cara Maria


    Jonna & Nany



    There are blindfolds, bells, and sticks involved in a circle.


    Nany & Jonna

    SOURCE + My TV
    frank remains the worst

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    Ricky Martin might be an openly gay celebrity now, but years ago he bullied others just like him while growing up in Puerto Rico.

    The 41-year-old musician appears on the cover of the October 2013 issue of GQ Australia. He discussed life as a closeted young man in San Juan.

    "I was very angry, very rebellious. I used to look at gay men and think, I'm not like that, I don't want to be like that, that's not me. I was ashamed," Martin told the magazine.

    "When you're told you're wrong by everyone, from society, from your faith — my self-esteem was crushed. I took my anger out on those around me."

    "I look back now and realize I would bully people who I knew were gay. I internalized homophobia," he added. "To realize that was confronting to me. I wanted to get away from that."

    Martin came out as a gay man back in 2010. He made the announcement in a post on his website, writing,

    "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

    The following year, he spoke with the Guardian and said that he always hated when people tried to force him to come out of the closet. During that time, Martin continued to question his sexuality.

    "If I had spent a quarter of the time that I spent manipulating my sexuality in front of a piano instead, I would be the most gifted piano player of my lifetime," he said.

    "What people were expecting from me was not who I was, and I forced myself to believe that what they wanted could be my truth, my reality, and I went after it hardcore."

    Since then, Martin has fought for gay rights, including speaking out against hate crimes with the Give A Damn campaign. He was also presented with GLAAD's Vito Russo Award for his work in promoting equality.


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    Host Nick Cannon asked the group about their behind-the-scenes movie This Is Us.

    "I think it's a great chance for the fans to see what they want to see of us backstage and to see what happens behind closed doors," Harry Styles said.

    Zayn Malik added: "There's plenty of topless scenes," to an uproar of screaming fans in the audience.


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    Capitol Couture is using high fashion to boost the "Hunger Games" brand.

    In the past few weeks, citizens of New York City and Los Angeles may have noticed a couple curious billboards advertising a company called Capitol Couture. One features a man wrapped in a burnt-orange-and-white houndstooth body suit and wearing gold wraparound sunglasses; the other features a woman in an abstractly stylized hat and visor staring back at a bottle of perfume labeled “CINNA” with the tagline “L’Essence D’un Champion.

    Neither product is real, but if you’re a serious fan of The Hunger Games, you have already figured that out. These ads are actually part of an ongoing marketing campaign for the second film in Lionsgate’s highly lucrative franchise, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. But rather than straightforward posters and trailers featuring stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the “Capitol Couture” campaign offers an exhaustively detailed dive within the high fashion opulence and ostentation of the main city of the quite fictional nation of Panem.

    Capitol Couture was actually launched last year as a more contained effort in concert with the March 2012 release of The Hunger Games. But Lionsgate’s in-house digital team has vastly expanded both the breadth of content and the complexity of its presentation, redesigning the site within Tumblr as if you are a citizen of the Capitol who is eager to catch up on all the most in vogue fashions of the 75th Annual Hunger Games. It is already one of the most peculiar and elaborate transmedia marketing efforts ever mounted for a feature film franchise, and as more elements from it continue to roll out in advance of Catching Fire’s Nov. 22 release date, here is what you need to know about what’s behind it.

    It is meant for fans, not for newbies.

    Don’t expect any handholding with this campaign — to understand and appreciate it, you must be already well-steeped within the world of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling trilogy of young adult novels, or, at least, the 2012 blockbuster based the first of those books.

    And that’s exactly the point, explains Steve Coulson, creative director for the transmedia marketing firm Campfire, which has created specialized campaigns for Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (but has no involvement with Capitol Couture). These kinds of complex, “in world” campaigns, says Coulson, are designed specifically to boost the excitement of hardcore fans: “There is less of a likelihood that this kind of medium is going to bring in new audiences than it will engage existing fans and give them something to evangelize.” The more excited you are about the movie, the more likely you are to talk about it with your friends who maybe aren’t as passionate as you are.

    It regularly blurs the line between fiction and reality.

    Throughout the site, major fashion designers and labels from the real world are presented as if they also exist within the movies.“Take a cue from Effie Trinket, District 12 Escort, who upped the ante — as if we ever thought she could look better — in this Alexander McQueen monarch butterfly adorned ensemble,” says one story about Elizabeth Banks’ officious and fashion forward Capitol official.

    Another story on “Cat Power” uses photos from Jean Paul Gaultier’s real Paris fashion show of a woman with leopard-print hair as a pointed wink to a character in Collins’ final Hunger Games book Mockingjay.

    The effect can be quite head-squeezy — and, in its way, a bit provocative, suggesting the Capitol’s extreme wealth and frivolity satirized in Collins’ book is much closer to our own world than we might want to think.

    It’s written with a professional touch, but with a marketer’s eye.

    The profiles of the Catching Fire characters are written with a kind of ornate panache usually seen in high fashion magazines, like this description of the dress worn by Jena Malone’s Johanna Mason: “Constructed of artfully shredded and ruched chiffon and rags, the confection feels like flutters of paper in a gentle breeze.” We also learn that Johanna has been “known to mumble” that she wishes she had Katniss’ stylist Cinna, and that she “has a reputation for being snide with her prep team.” Without the direct involvement of director Francis Lawrence and screenwriters Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt, however, all these details are ultimately driven by promotional, rather than creative, goals.

    “Most of these [campaigns] are not created by the storytellers — the director of the movie or even the writers,” says Coulson. “Predominantly, they are funded by marketing departments. So even though they expand the story world, they’ll have a very specific agenda. And that agenda is really about getting bums in seats.

    Of course, it is also an open question as to how much overlap there is between the core Hunger Games fanbase and those who regularly read Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair. But Coulson thinks the fact that the main site is on Tumblr automatically brings the campaign much closer to the Hunger Games’ fans than a standard marketing effort could. “This is might be a little highbrow for what I suspect who this is aimed for,” he says. “But Tumblr does skew younger. The system is built from the ground up to distribute and share this material. Most people will see this content on their own Tumblr dashboard, instead of going to a Tumblr website. That’s how high school kids use the web. They’re not destination visitors. They’re social visitors.”

    Read the other two points at the ( SOURCE )

    The high fashion angle of "Catching Fire" is definitely a nice way to market the film, and it really shows in the costume design of the film itself. And the fact that Effie is a total Alexander McQueen HBIC is just the perfect couture icing on my style cake.

    What films have you seen that you would consider as "best dressed/styled/costumed", ONTD?

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    Hello everyone.
    I wanted to reach out to my fans out there that continuously support me and have my back relentlessly throughout the years.
    I am so grateful and fortunate for your dedication. Your time & devotion. Your kindness and understanding. Your patience and compassion.
    I continue to work, create and deliver my best to you.

    I wanted to share with you a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of you all and the constant love I am blessed to receive from you over time.

    I am so happy and at peace in life and I only want and wish you all to feel the same and live that way too!
    Looking back, it’s amazing for me to be here now, today, feeling so proud and supported on my entire body of work displayed- both personally & professionally.

    It has been a tremendous gift to have been able to share my work on such a large scale with all of you around the world, who have supported and appreciated my efforts through all I've worked tirelessly in accomplishing, for so many years now.
    You're strength encourages me to continue digging deep and searching within myself to openly offer my heart & soul to you.
    As you have for me at all times and in every stage of my life and career.

    Thanks for giving me a home inside your hearts and within your lives.
    Its my wonderful gift back I get from you.
    Its truly inspiring.
    And I live to be inspired.
    Thank you.
    I may get quiet at times, but when I do have something to say, I mean every word.

    My thoughts are always with you and my creative process always stirring within.

    I decided to share my thoughts with you at length and tell you openly how I feel.

    What a fantastic journey we've been on- full of lessons and anticipating so much more new, exciting and amazing things to look forward to in the future!

    Thank you for listening to my words.
    Opening your hearts.
    Giving back love.
    Seeing beneath the surface.
    Searching for the truth.
    Digging deep. Within yourselves & within your minds.
    Feeling and sharing with me your own stories, your own life struggles.
    And how my music may have touched you along the way.
    Overcoming the hurdles and staying true to yourselves and beliefs.
    You're my inspiration and a constant reminder why I continue to give my very best and open up my heart and mind so vulnerably to you and with the best of intentions.
    Thank you for appreciating the body of work I'm creating over time.

    Recent and new creativity has been freshly infused and inspired in me, and I can't wait to share with you all of my new personal growth and discoveries.
    I'm writing a lot these days. Inspired thoughts overflowing first thing in the morning, onset at the Voice, and on into the night.
    Pen & paper always at my side. Like an old best friend- eager and ready to take it all in.

    I like to be thoughtful and take my time. I can never force anything or rush something not ready. Quality has always mattered to me over quantity.

    Living in peace and contentment is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

    Thank you for filling my soul with melody and song...lyrics and love...and giving me a safe place I feel comforted in being brave enough to always bare my soul and come from an honest and genuine place.

    It does my heart proud to have such spirited, passionate people in my corner and for so long.
    We stand the test of time.
    We brave every storm and overcome.
    You with me. We are one as a team.
    I love my fans deeply.

    And will remind you more often. ;)

    I've heard you guys go to bat for me, speak volumes and continue to defend and encourage what I do as an individual.
    You're so strong and I do the same for those I truly care about & believe in.
    Always remember...

    Greatness and quality speaks for itself.
    I never feel the need to defend my own work or myself. Or my purpose behind it.
    We all serve our own purpose in our own unique way, and don't always need to explain why we are who we are, love what we love and do what we do.
    Having nothing to prove to anyone.
    Just having contentment and peace within ourselves. That's all that's really necessary.
    And feeling good about knowing we're making the right decisions for ourselves, giving our best in all we do and can do, within the moment.
    The most important judge of that, can only be yourself.

    Music for me at its core, lives in a place rooted in an existence all of its own.
    It’s an extension of someone’s inner raw emotion and imagination.
    An honest and brave place of self-expression and connection to who they are as an individual.
    It can be a form of escape, an outlet for an emotion...and a place where we can all come together and connect as one. It provides a kind of home in one way or another for us.
    That's the beauty of it.
    It’s why we're drawn in and inspired by it in the first place.

    It’s easy over time to get sucked into the mental "business aspect" of it all and sad that we sometimes forget the true purpose and nature of it to begin with.
    Music and an artist’s truth & identity cannot be defined on a chart or a 'review' or with an award.
    So don't be disappointed or think in vain if things like that don't happen.
    It’s good to care, but being rewarded by material things, isn't why I remain in this business.

    Money and fame have never been the sole driving force of motivation for me to achieve what I have.
    It’s the love of creating, expressing & connecting with myself and others alike through music that has always spoke to my passion and drive to be in this business.

    It’s a beautiful and special thing, getting to meet who you do along the way...other writers, talented vocalists and creative beings who share the same love of being inspired as artists- inspiring each other.
    Simply because we can't live without it in our lives.

    To any aspiring artists out there, just remember that judgment systems where creativity is concerned, cannot truly define what's actually good or bad or better than something or someone else.
    It can be fun and entertaining at times, but everyone has their own identity and reason to be heard. It’s good for people to have opinions and a stance on art. Everyone's story and intention is different.
    But you can't let someone else’s interpretation of it define who you are and how you feel about it.
    Or break your spirit if it’s not heard or understood at the exact moment you want it to be.

    I grew up being a work horse and entering this business- earning money since I was 7, having had many successes and always priding myself on my hard work ethic.
    It was always embedded in me and was all that I knew growing up.
    And now that I've gained a deeper understanding of myself and what I want out of life moving forward...I've learned what's important to me is "not to be defined by my work ethic, but by the person I am and become through my work efforts".

    I know firsthand that having success alone, is not going to fill you up.
    Looking back, I recall a few career highlights that are wonderful to have had the experience of, but at the end of the day, weren't my happiest stages in life.

    I am enjoying life now more than ever before.
    And discovering new things and ideas every day. Just enjoying myself, my life and appreciating all my hard work up to this point.

    As an artist and music lover myself, I enjoy that music & song is appreciated and felt a different way by each individual who listens to and digests it.

    Sure, it’s nice to hear when it is appreciated or understood.
    Awards and accolades can be enjoyable "moments" in time. And I've been fortunate to have had many great ones over the course of mine thus far.
    They look nice on a shelf. And is fun to celebrate with those you love on memorable nights.

    But as an inspired artist, it is also ok by me and I welcome others to question my work, be disturbed by it, sometimes offended or turned off.
    People have opinions. It’s life. No matter what field you may be in.
    Especially in an artistic, creative subjective format- where everyone sees art with different views.
    It’s great and ok to not agree on everything.
    That's what makes creative work so exciting.
    To be able to inspire and open up debatable conversation.
    That's what being a true artist is about.

    I started that mission, creating Stripped and never looked back.
    I had to be & express who I needed to be, regardless of what anyone thought or said.
    And I still have stayed true to that belief and to myself.
    As I hope for all of you out there as well.
    Be fearless in owning who you are. No matter what.

    You have to put yourself out there and take risks. Sink or swim.
    You have to give things a try.
    Provoke thought. Speak from your heart.
    Live in the moment.
    Experience and discover the growth within yourself that challenges in life gives you.
    And appreciate that gift that's only given through times of struggle and hardship.

    Be patient. And good to yourself.
    We spend too much time critiquing ourselves and beating ourselves up.
    For the things we may not have, or simply haven't happened "yet".
    And sometimes aren't able to even be realized or recognized at this present time. But will.
    Everything that's meant to happen, does.

    Appreciate the courage it takes to give yourself and put yourself out there in the forefront.
    Not everyone can do that.

    It’s easier to judge others from the shadows, projecting one’s own negativity within themselves, than to live out loud in the spotlight, taking on whatever may come your way in the moment.
    May that be successful or not.
    At least you can say you did it, and was courageous enough to live through it!

    Be fearless enough to be a conversation piece.
    Come from genuine intentions.
    Speak your own truth.

    Understand and appreciate your own journey- that only you yourself can, in your shoes alone.

    I've never been one to shy away from anything I set out to do or feel instinctively in my life, based off of any outside public opinion.

    Every great legend that I personally admire and has motivated me throughout history, has been fearless to stir noise and create some controversy along the way- but they survive the good and bad times.
    They're spirit never dies. And lives on.
    For future generations yet to come along and appreciate.
    Music never dies. We keep it alive in us.

    My voice, I appreciate as a gift that allows me to help others sometimes find theirs.
    That's reward enough for me.
    Makes the journey worthwhile.
    And honesty to myself and who I am, all the validation I need.
    Music is a blessing. Let's remember that.
    It is a complicated and rare multifaceted art form.
    Inspired by purest of intention and emotion.

    As always, thank you for accepting me for who I am. Being human- flaws and all.
    We're all made up of beautiful imperfections.

    And many times much stronger than we think or allow ourselves to believe in the moment.

    While commentary is only temporary.
    The noise fades, while my song remains the same.
    One to remember and I quote...
    "We are beautiful. No matter what they say."

    Sending everyone an abundance of warm light.
    Feel me in your hearts, as I feel you in mine.
    Together, we brightly shine.

    We stand the test of time.
    Always have. Always will.

    * An extra side note for the fans in facing certain obstacles life may throw your way...remember this.

    The mirror in front of hatred, is always an ugly reflection of one’s inner self.
    It’s a projection that stems from a place of one’s own issues with themselves.
    But that's not our battle. Others have to figure that out on their own. It’s not for us to take on.

    Live life in peace and enjoy what you love.
    Seek the good things that make you happy.
    Listen to the people and music that make you smile.
    What it is that inspires you to sing, laugh and dance.
    Tune out what doesn't, and the negative people along the way. They'll always be there.
    That energy is a waste of time. Life is too short to allow a second of it to slip away that's not enjoyed. Surround yourself and apply your energy to the people who REALLY matter around you and to you.
    Every day, we all have a greater and bigger purpose to live and good things to receive.
    It’s our responsibility to those we care about and who care about us, to stay open and keep discovering the new adventures that await us.
    I love you all.
    Christina/ X.


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    Pop star Cheryl Cole has defended her decision to have a giant tattoo of English roses inked on her bottom and lower back after her artist posted an image of the design online.

    Nikko Hurtado, who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in Hesperia, California, put the image on his Instagram page on Saturday. Within hours, fans of the 30-year-old singer had posted their opinion of the tattoo on the star's Twitter page.

    Cole confirmed the image was of her bottom and said she had been hiding the design for eight months before it was detailed. She wrote: "People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I've never really concerned myself with other people's body parts! I've had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I'm now done!"

    She added that the tattoo took around 15 hours to complete and she chose English roses as they are her favourite flowers.


    y'all ain't ready for what Cheryl is bringing....

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    West Coast femcee Lil Debbie speaks out about the concept for her "Ratchets" video, and believes that Miley Cyrus was inspired for her "We Can't Stop" video. She also speaks about artists like Rihanna asking questions about her style, while she thinks that other artists are going behind her back to jack her style.


    lmfaoooo @ "My thirst isn't THAT real" come on

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    Coming out of the closet is a long, confusing, and often repetitive process that isn’t always as simple as you plan it to be. No one knows this better than Alden Peters, a film student at at New York University’s Tisch School. He captured a year of his life on film as he came out to friends and family, in what turned out to be his first full-length documentary "Coming Out".

    It was the suicide of Tyler Clementi, in the fall of 2010, that pushed Alden to finally come out. The filmmaker told Mashable: "As I was going through [coming out], one of the things I was really looking at was YouTube videos of people coming out. I wanted to see more than that—more than just hearing somebody tell a story. I wanted to know what it was like."

    Peters not only recorded his coming out to various loved ones, but he revisited them a year later for follow up interviews. The film touches upon how the internet and cyberbullying affect people as they come out, or are forced out, of the closet. Peters had friends read homophobic conversations taken from various social networks. He wanted to show the difference between what’s normally said in person, and what is said from the safety of the internet. Peters spoke with BuzzFeed about his extensive project.

    BuzzFeed: Did anyone react negatively to your coming out?

    Alden Peters: Most of the negative reactions to my coming out had to do with the camera. The camera itself was invasive. In one case specifically, it was a disaster. The person I told was shocked that I was coming out, and was made more upset that it was being recorded. The footage was deleted on the spot, and we no longer speak, unfortunately. That one took me a while to get over, because I was the one who caused the negative reaction. Had it been a regular conversation, I think coming out would have been fine.

    My friends and family were completely supportive. What you see in the film are the positive reactions, because those people were willing to be in the film.

    Looking back on when you just started this project, did you ever envision this would be the final product?

    AP: When I started, all I wanted to do was make the film that I wanted to watch. One of the first things I did when I was thinking about coming out was watch coming out stories on YouTube. It was helpful, but I still wanted more. I wanted to see it. If I had seen something like this film when I was 13 or 14, maybe I would have come out to myself sooner.

    The analysis of how social media and our digital lives affect being in the closet, coming out, and finding community—the framework around my personal story—all came later. It wasn’t planned, but it quickly became obvious that there was a huge digital component to the experience, so we looked into that. It’s more than just coming out on Facebook, which you see in the trailer. There’s more to it than that.

    Do you have any advice for people coming out to their family/friends?

    AP: It’s impossible to give general advice, especially about such a personal process. Everyone’s situation is so unique I’d have to know him or her before putting in my two cents. Though, I would tell people to realize that everyone has a different opinion or piece of advice, and you have to decide yourself how and when and whether to come out. You’re the expert on your own life.

    SOURCES ( UN ) ( DEUX ) et ( TROIS )

    This one's for my fellow LGBT peeps here! Do you remember the first time you came out to your friends and family, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders of ONTD?

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    Anastasia + Christian Grey ("Fifty Shades of Grey")
    There is S&M, and there's abuse. It's difficult to categorize the "Fifty Shades" relationship, but since Anastasia admits that she's afraid of the guy, and ends up leaving him eventually, and he seems like a creepy, gross stalker for most of the books, we're leaning towards the latter for this. When someone is young and immature enough to say "Geez" constantly and they've never even kissed a boy before, they're probably not ready to make the decision of entering into a dom/sub relationship.

    Jaime + Cersei ("Song of Ice and Fire" series)
    Well, they ARE brother and sister, so there's that. But also, they're both super evil. They push a child out a window so he doesn't confess that he saw them having sex. That's pretty messed up (we realize that Jaime is a pretty dynamic character and changes a lot to be not-so-evil, but he sure is a "bad boy" at the beginning).

    Charles Ryder + Sebastian Flyte ("Brideshead Revisited")
    Some people don't think Ryder and Flyte were romantically involved (we think those people are stupid). Flyte was a crazy alcoholic, Ryder was an obsessive social climber. Flyte also never seems to reconcile his strict Catholicism with his sexuality. He is extremely depressed and reclusive. And then throw in the fact that it wasn't socially acceptable to be gay back then: a relationship doomed before it even began.

    Anna + Karenin ("Anna Karenina")
    When a book begins with “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," you know you're going to have a lot of dysfunction going on.The book is about Anna's loud, public affair with Vronsky. She tells her husband openly that she doesn't love him close to the beginning of the book. She is pretty much a train wreck (pardon our metaphor), and things do not end well for the couple (or for Anna).

    Oedipus + Jocasta ("Oedipus")
    Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. Upon learning that they have done this, Jocasta kills herself and Oedipus gouges his eyes out. Yikes.

    The rest at the source

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    MasterChef judges Joe Bastianich, Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay are intimidating to contestants on the show, but tonight we see a softer side of them when their sons come to work.

    They're little Chef MIni-mes!

    Ramsay tells son Jack, 13: "You're incredibly competitive. You're an amazing soccer player, so you're full of energy and you're quite spicy. You remind me of the perfect American hamburger, that's packed with spice, loaded with chili, jalapenos everywhere, and doused in this hot sauce. Smothered with the most amazing cheddar, because it's just you all over."

    And Jack seems quite happy with that assessment.

    Note: There are two hours of MasterChef tonight. At 8 p.m., we see the kids and dads.

    At 9 p.m. the show features Paula Deen in action. According to the Los Angeles Times, show execs considered trying to edit her out of the episode, which taped in March before the celeb chef's world exploded. But that didn't make sense. So she's on the show, helping to determine who'll move on to be in the Final Four of the competition.

    Episode 21
    Episode 22

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    One of Hollywood’s brightest stars is shining on Main Street Fort Macleod.

    Matthew McConaughey is in town today (Wednesday, Aug. 28) to film a scene from his new movie “Interstellar.”

    “Interstellar,” or “Flora’s Letter” as the movie is also known, is described as a science fiction movie about explorers who travel through a worm hole into another dimension.

    Set in the future, the movie details the toll climate change has taken on agriculture, with corn the last crop to be cultivated.

    The scientists embark on a journey through a worm hole into other dimensions in search of somewhere other crops can be grown.

    Contains spoilerific images/description especially if you have read the script and don't want to know who's playing who. You have been warned.

    The scene involves McConaughey’s character driving a truck along Main Street Fort Macleod in the midst of a dust storm.

    Crews were in Fort Macleod on Tuesday to set the stage, distributing sand along main street in preparation for the scene.

    As the pickup driven by McConaughey with actor John Lithgow as a passenger drove down Main Street, the movie crew used large fans to stir up a dust storm that seriously reduced visibility.

    A large cloud of dust can be seen hanging over Main Street when the cameras are rolling.
    Businesses on Main Street remained open all day and pedestrian traffic is allowed during breaks between filming.

    Mayor Shawn Patience welcome the presence of the movie crew in Fort Macleod.

    “I think it’s a good thing,” Patience said. “Any way to get our name out there.”

    Filming is only scheduled in Fort Macleod on Wednesday, with some crew members remaining Thursday to finish the clean-up.

    “Interstellar” also stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck.

    The movie is to be released in November 2014.


    holy shit that jacket

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    Zac Efron posed with a kitten named Camo on the set of the Are We Officially Dating? poster shoot Wednesday, August 28. The actor was joined by his co-stars in the upcoming film, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Rated R "for sexual content and language," the film is set to hit theaters in January.

    apparently the girl was a stand in, possibly for Imogen Poots

    Shooting some promo


    Around 1:14

    1, 2

    he looks so good ∩(︶▽︶)∩

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    Outbreak is to be remade as a television series on NBC.

    The 1995 film starred Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman and focused on a viral outbreak that spread from Africa to the US.

    NBC has given a pilot order to the remake, which will be co-written by ER's John Wells and Jack Orman, Deadline reports.

    Outbreak - which also starred Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland and Rene Russo - was a box-office hit in early 1995, grossing $190m on a $50m budget.

    The film was helmed by Air Force One's Wolfgang Petersen and produced by Gail Katz, who is also expected to be involved with the TV adaptation.

    Other new series in the works at NBC include a TV remake of 1968 film horror Rosemary's Baby, a futuristic prison drama from Arrow exec Greg Berlanti and a sitcom about a mermaid.


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    Natalia Kills shows her incredible versatility on recently surfaced Trouble track “Outta Time”. The gorgeous Jeff Bhasker-produced anthem finds the former electro-pop practitioner dabbling in Phil Spector-esque retro-soul. On paper it’s an odd fit but the decision to explore this new musical terrain is absolutely inspired.

    While the track is a pastiche of sounds from different eras, it never sounds lazy or derivative. “Outta Time” owes a huge debt to Bhasker’s multi-layered, shimmery production but Natalia rises to the occasion. There’s an unexpected rawness to her vocal that recalls Dusty Springfield (a huge compliment) and the chorus is an absolute monster. Listen after the jump.


    I'm so excited for her new album, I feel like this album is really going to top her 1st one!

    EDIT: She just posted a snippet of "Stop Me"

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    Paramore star Hayley Williams has sparked a new pop feud by taking aim at Miley Cyrus for her controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25Aug13).

    The former child star split fans and peers with her provocative routine, during which she thrust her backside into stage partner Robin Thicke's crotch, while sticking her tongue out at the audience. Williams insists she wasn't bothered by Miley's naughty act, but she was offended by the fact the 20 year old appeared to adopt moves that are popular in African-American culture as her own.

    The Paramore singer rages, "It seems like more people are focusing on the trashiness or the dancing, the clothes. But I, actually, am uncomfortable with the racial aspect of it. I feel like she’s sort of taking a culture that isn’t really hers and sort of using it as an accessory, and that actually bothers me more...

    "I feel like maybe someone needs to go to her and sort of explain the race issue.

    "I’m not going to be the artist that goes around throwing accusations that other artists are racist. I’m not gonna go there. I do think it’s a little insensitive, and it definitely seems as though there were black women onstage with her that... kinda felt like accessories more than anything else. I felt uncomfortable about that.

    "I think Miley’s a 20-year-old girl who’s going to experience, or try to experience, new things for the first time, and that does include partying and wearing certain things that people aren’t going to feel comfortable with, and that, to me, is the lesser of any of the evils. That part doesn’t make me as uncomfortable."


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    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are taking their love to new heights…literally!

    The Hollywood couple took time out of their jam-packed schedules for a little adventure in Beijing. Before they climbed the Great Wall of China, the adorable twosome shared some PDA with one final hug in the misty streets.

    The couple's trip comes at a busy time for both of the actors. While Kutcher continues to promote Jobs, Kunis is busy shooting Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum. But despite work schedules, this couple always seems to find a way to reconnect all over the world.

    Earlier this summer, the two enjoyed a romantic trip to St. Tropez. They also shared some quality time together in London with Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark.

    Looks like long distance is not a problem for this couple. Kudos to them!

    source, 2
    in other news, homeboy is still legally married.

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    On August 25th, G-Dragon finally saw the fruition of his hard and collaborative work with Missy Elliott. In a performance set to air via MNET's special, "M! Countdown: What's Up LA?", the YG Entertainment star revealed his next track, "Niliria" or "New Era" which will feature the famous and respected female rapper. He's been waiting for this as he had been tweeting about it prior to the performance.

    The audience of about 20,000+ in the Los Angeles Sports Arena then just also became witnesses to an historic event, with the big names of K-pop and American music joining forces in one track on one stage. As the pair's performance was the closing act of the event, it definitely allowed a feverish cap to the already powerful line-up of performances that night.

    Missy Elliott set the stage and dropped the hint for the collaboration stage, as she performed 'Get Ur Freak On' shortly after SM Entertainment EXO's 3-song stage. With one last K-pop artist still to perform that night, G-Dragon, fans could only expect that they were about to see the much anticipated work from the two big stars. As G-Dragon brought the arena to high excitement with his own 3-song set of "One of A Kind", "MichiGo" and "Crayon", the atmosphere was properly preheated as what the collab stage would deserve.

    Source: Youtube and

    I know ONTD hates him and pretty much anyone that isnt Sky Ferriera (who he has a song with) but IDGAF. It's Missy Elliot Damnit! Appreciate the greatness that is Missy!!!

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    Fitness will be an important facet of gameplay in The Sims 4, which allows its virtual inhabitants, known as Sims, to change their body shape through living experiences. This element is known as fitness modeling and has an actual impact on gameplay well beyond aesthetics.

    “Sims can naturally change over time in the game. If they overeat they’ll become overweight. If they never exercise, they might become overweight. But if you eat healthily or eat properly or you exercise, your sims will lose weight,” said Maxis’s Grant Rodiek in an interview with PCGamesN.

    Interestingly, or perhaps troublingly, Sims will react emotionally to changes in their body.

    “We have the ability for them to be unhappy about their weight. It’s tricky with the emotional state being based on people’s weight. We want to make sure we’re not making a statement or telling people what’s right or wrong, but you can tell a story with those tools,” he said.

    “We give you all the pieces you need to tell that story if you want to do that.”

    “Your sims might react, like, when they get bigger you’ll notice they’ll look at themselves and react. How well we change their emotional state based on it, we don’t want to make a statement about things like that because that’s not our place to do that.”

    At this point in time, it’s unknown what mechanisms the developer will be implementing into The Sims 4′s fitness modeling system. It wouldn’t bode well for gameplay if Sims suffered from perpetually low self-esteem if they weren’t deemed “fit” by the game.

    The Sims 4 is slated for a 2014 release on the PC and Mac.


    i hope there's a 'concerned' moodlet

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    by Matt Singer

    At The Digital Bits, editor Bill Hunt writes about an alarming innovation in the world of Blu-rays. The standard disc for Star Trek Into Darkness includes seven featurettes about the making of the film, but if you want the full breadth of extras that Paramount produced, you won’t find them there, or in any one place. Instead, they’ve spread around the supplements, including a J.J. Abrams commentary track, to numerous retailer exclusive editions. Target got a few on a bonus disc, Best Buy got a couple others, and iTunes got the exclusive on the Abrams commentary. To buy those three editions alone would set you back $70.

    Hunt says Paramount’s plan is a major problem:

    “Now… I’m sure this plan looked great from a studio marketing standpoint. ‘Let’s do something exciting to make our retail partners feel special.’ But how about doing something to make your customers feel special? Look, I get the occasional exclusive Bonus Disc on catalog titles. But taking fully half or more of the special features created for a major Blu-ray release and casting them to the winds as retailer exclusives, thus forcing your customers to go on an expensive scavenger hunt–if they even know about the exclusives at all–is, I’m sorry, absolutely outrageous.

    Spreading incentives around to different retailers is already widespread in the world of videogames (where pre-orders sales are boosted through the use of exclusive character skins and bonus missions), and it’s been used occasionally in the past for movies as well; a few years ago, I spent a couple of weeks visiting every Best Buy in my area searching for a copy of their exclusive “Rich Mahogany Edition” of Anchorman, which included a second disc, a pack of trading cards, and a Ron Burgundy journal you couldn’t get anywhere else at the time. The practice of producing multiple editions of movies for DVD or Blu-ray isn’t new; forcing customers to “double dip” by releasing a bare-bones disc first and a supplements -aden “special edition” later has been the norm for years.

    We should never forget that DVDs and Blu-rays, like all aspects of the movie business, are just that: a business. After years of extreme profitability, the physical media market has shrunk. The money lost by customers fleeing to streaming media, online rentals, and video on demand has to be recouped somewhere. Theoretically, that’s fine.

    What makes this Star Trek Into Darkness example so bad is that it combines all the studio’s worst money-making schemes into a perfect storm of consumer exploitation; multiple retailer exclusives and double (or triple or quadruple) dipping, all on expensive discs with suggested retail prices of $20 or more. Plus they did it for a Star Trek movie, a product aimed at a fanbase so insanely devoted they’re likely to actually shell out for multiple versions of the movie just to own them all.

    Decisions like this one may boost sales in the short term, but they will almost certainly hasten the long-term abandonment of physical media in favor of cloud-based services. If the crew of the Enterprise think they’re trekking into darkness now, just imagine how bleak things will get when customers get so sick of these sorts of treasure hunts that they stop buying Blu-rays completely.


    This is pretty ridic.

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