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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Actresses Laura Dern (L) and Mindy Kaling attend the Variety Emmy Studio at Palihouse on May 29, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.

    Actors Johnny Galecki, Don Cheadle, Josh Gad, Adam Scott and Jeremy Sisto attend the Variety Emmy Studio at Palihouse on May 29, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.

    Actresses Laura Dern, Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, Kat Dennings, and Jane Levy attend the Variety Emmy Studio at Palihouse on May 29, 2013 in West Hollywood, California.


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    “The Killing” returns from the dead this Sunday night on AMC. The crime show, which infamously ended its first season without revealing who killed Rosie Larsen, was canceled at the end its second season and the resolution of the Larsen murder. (The aunt did it, a factoid that recently came up at a bar, where three out of four people polled failed to remember it.) But then, like one of the zombies on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” “The Killing” lurched back to life for a third season and a fresh start. Or really a ‘fresh’ start. The new season of ‘The Killing,” like the old seasons of “The Killing,” contains rain, sweaters, shoddy police work, endless whispering, and an unerring instinct for pretentiousness, but at least there’s a whole new case, this one involving a serial killer decapitating and raping street kids. It’s an improvement.

    What I’m about to say sounds like an insult— is, basically, an insult— but is not just an insult. If the new season of “The Killing’s” had a motto it would not be, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” it would be “If it is broke, still don’t fix it.” The show’s dedication to not fixing what is broke— creator Veena Sud’s faith that being a bad version of “The Sopranos” is somehow better than being a great version of “CSI”— is remarkable, but, in this new season, also, finally, sort of endearing. No one can say “The Killing” isn’t reliable. You know what you’re going to get. Its formula might not add up to much, but it does add up to something. Even a water-logged clock with a symbolic nicotine addiction is right twice a day.

    The new series picks up about a year after the last left off. Sarah Linden (Mirelle Enos) is now working minimum wage doing security for ferries, having lots of sex with a much younger guy, and smiling. Obviously, this cannot stand. When Linden is doing what she loves, she is miserable. Soon, her old partner Holder (Joel Kinnaman), who has spent the last year being a good and healthy cop (his new girlfriend buys him an electric toothbrush), catches a case— a decapitated 14 year old— that reminds him of one of Linden’s old cases. It just so happens that old case is the exact case that drove Linden crazy many years ago and was mentioned regularly in season two: It involved a small boy being locked in an apartment with the corpse of his dead mother for six days and then compulsively drawing pictures of a copse of trees. Linden is sucked back in. The smoking starts, the smiling stops, she whips out a really fluffy turtleneck, does some basic due diligence and ta-dah: serial killer.

    As sick as I am of serial killers on TV, this is a good choice for “The Killing.” It is finally unshackled, plot wise, from the far better Danish version of the show and should be able to pace itself in a more effective and gripping way than it did it the past. It also means the new season does not involve slogging through Seattle politics or being trapped in the claustrophobic Larsen house, but instead features Peter Sarsgaard as a maniac who is, probably, wrongly on death row and four homeless teenagers who encourage Holder to dig deep on his street slang (and unlike their elders seem to know how to use cellphones). Come for Holder’s diet tips, stay to see Linden’s sweaters, and expect them to mess up the case in a million ways before they finally catch the bad guy at great personal psychological expense.

    And when things do get pompous, at this point, that feels like an expected part of the experience. Linden goes out for a run and it starts to rain. When she takes shelter in an abandoned stable, I started to laugh: since when has Linden — a woman who refuses to wear a rain coat or carry an umbrella even though it is always raining— ever, ever, ever taken shelter from some drizzle? The answer is, when she needs to make a metaphor. The stable is full of abandoned and plagued cattle corpses and one, sickly moaning cow. Sarah goes back home, gets her gun, trudges back through the rain, and shoots the cow in the head. See, sometimes doing the right thing means picking up your gun again; or sometimes doing the right things means killing what’s sweet and cow-eyed; or sometimes doing the right thing means going out in the rain; or invent your own meaning for the sad cow because with “The Killing” poking fun is part of the fun.


    I know people had legit complaints about the plot of the first 2 seasons but it was still better story telling than crap like The Following or Once Upon A Time and I hope people will give it a chance (and of course that it keeps the story to one season). It's worth it just to watch Peter Skaarsgard and Joel Kinnaman. If they pull a Silva & Bond if we're lucky.

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    The documentrary's 3.6 million viewers set an all-time record for the cable network.

    There might not be many substantiated facts behind Animal Planet’s recent special “Mermaids: The New Evidence,” but the special that examined the plausibility of the existence of the mythological creatures — drew 3.6 million viewers, an all-time record for the cable network.

    The show also drove Animal Planet to the No. 1 slot in the key demographic among 25- to 54-year-olds.

    And the ripple effect is being felt across social media platforms, where “Mermaids” was a trending topic. One and a half million streams of Mermaids-related video has surfaced online since Sunday’s telecast, according to the network’s figures.

    The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration subsequently released a statement saying, “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

    Even days after the "New Evidence" broadcast, the subject continues to trend across social media, where users have engaged in ongoing debates about the veracity of Mermaid claims.

    “What's so convincing is the consistency of how they look. in all of the images and videos we've seen they look the same #mermaids,” one Twitter user wrote. “Think about it there are so many things on this earth that we don't know about #mermaids may be one of them,” another wrote.

    “The phenomenon of 'Mermaids' has truly been a watershed — and a watercooler — moment for Animal Planet," Marjorie Kaplan, Animal Planet president, said in a statement.“These extraordinary television specials have electrified, challenged and entertained television audiences and online fans alike."

    The program’s producer Charlie Foley posited that humans’ strong fascination with mermaids comes from their own evolution. “They are a reflection not only of our psyche but also our evolutionary selves,” he told Mother Nature Network. “[They represent] a direction we might have gone, and a direction, if you believe the legends and our conjecture in the film, that one branch of our family tree may very well have gone.”

    But not everyone thought that the program’s impact was necessarily positive. LA Times writer and “TV Skeptic” Ed Stockly wrote, "It's remarkable how well this fake documentary mimics actual programs claiming to reveal actual creatures. Substitute Mermaids for Bigfoot, Chupacabra, the Loch Ness monster, ghosts and aliens, and it's hard to make a distinction between what's real but faked, and what's really fake.”


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    Somebody should make sure The Game  is up on his game, or at least his current events. The Compton rapper was stopped on the way to his vehicle in New York City by TMZ, for a quick soundbite on the Amanda Bynes saga and he immediately confused the embattled former child star with Jodi Arias, the condemned killer who was recently found guilty for murdering her ex-boyfriend.

    “F--- Amanda Bynes, isn’t she the killer?” Game asked. “She the person that killed somebody or something?”

    After that the cameraman corrected the Jesus Piece MC, explaining that he was asking about the Nickelodeon alum. To be fair, though, Bynes did say on Twitter that she wanted Drake to "murder her vagina." Maybe that's what confused the "Hate It or Love It" rapper.

    “Man you f---in’ confusing me, man,” Game said. As he was collecting his thoughts, Game’s homie filled him in on Bynes’ recent troubles, which includes her Twitter beefs, drug arrest and allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window when police came to apprehend her.

    “Yo, her street cred is on point,” Game said. “she can be a rapper.”


    Parody video under the cut

    You got me..I just really wanted to talk about the trial..I've been hooked. So glad she was found guilty!!

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    Paul Dano looks like a guy who would turn out to be a pervert.

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    There's a fine line between interesting and TMI — and Sunrise Coigney, wife to Mark Ruffalo, may have crossed it. The 40-year-old mom of three (the couple are parents to son Keen and daughters Bella and Odette) spoke to Allure at the NYC premiere of her husband's new movie, Now You See Me, on May 21 about becoming a brunette and ended up (over)sharing Ruffalo's naughty response to the hair color change.

    "I'm normally a blonde, but after 17 years, you have to shake it up a bit," the French-American actress told Allure. "I just felt like I was too blonde. I turned 40 and I thought, I need some changes."Fortunately, the Kids Are All Right actor approved. "Mark has always been asking me to do it," she said. "He'd say, 'Just do it!' His initial reaction? 'Now the curtains match the carpet!'"

    In an interview with Men's Journal, Ruffalo, 45, talked about how he met Coigney: literally on the street."[I] saw her and was like, I'm going to marry that girl," he said. "All I had was my decency, wit, and charm -- I didn't have anything. When I met her, she was like, 'You don't have a driver's license, you don't have a credit card. What is wrong with you, dude? I can't be with you!' I was living in a converted garage, and she was there for that, she was game. She believed in me. She was like, 'I know you're a really good actor,' and I was like, 'You haven't really seen me act yet.' And she was like, 'I just know it, I can tell.'"

    SOURCE http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-beauty/news/mark-ruffalo-on-wifes-new-hair-color-now-the-curtains-match-the-carpet-2013305

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    Smell ya later, Rob! The ‘Twilight’ mega-star is rumored to be the next face of Dior Men’s Fragrances. The deal is reportedly a huge one that could net Rob as much as $12 million over three years!
    Coming off the finale of the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is looking to diversify. Reports say that the actor has filmed a new advertisement for French fashion house Dior’s Men’s Fragrances. While Rob has been rumored to be the new face of Dior’s Men’s Fragrances since October of 2012, it seems the rumor is gaining even more steam.
    The British-born Twilight star has allegedly filmed a new advertisement for Christian Dior as the new face of the fashion line’s male fragrances. While rumors of Rob being the next face of Dior have been swirling since October of 2012, new reports seem to indicate that the rumor is now a concrete reality. At the Cannes Film Festival on May 22, the movie All is Lost provided a press kit to attendees, in which cinematographer Peter Zuccarini’s bio mentioned that he was recently the Director of Photography on a new advertisement for Dior Men’s Fragrances starring none other than Rob.

    The endorsement deal could be worth around $12 million over three years for Rob. That’s more than the reported $7 million Brad Pitt netted for his recent and much talked-about Chanel No. 5 campaign. Not bad, Rob!


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    These two look quite friendly! In a behind-the-scenes video from the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, Selena is spotted tenderly hugging Austin and then asking him to come get dinner with her. What a lucky guy!

    Austin Mahone must have been on cloud nine at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19, because before he even got into the show to present an award, Selena Gomez asked him out to dinner!

    Selena Gomez Invites Austin Mahone To Dinner

    A behind-the-scenes video captured the whole moment. Austin and Selena bump into each other on the carpet and hug and exchange the usual pleasantries, and then Selena drops the bomb. “I guess we’re having dinner together tonight,” she says excitedly.

    This awesome dinner date appears to be news to Austin and totally catches him off guard. “Oh yeah,” he asks. “Sounds good. I’ll see you there.” Even he, the big Youtube sensation, seems a little starstruck by Selena!

    Austin Mahone Dines With Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift & More

    The dinner ended up being less of a date and more of a group thing, as Taylor Swift told Billboard.com that after the award show she, Selena, Austin and many more hit up Nobu for a fun meal. “We had a giant dinner at Nobu for all my bandmates, dancers, and friends,” Tay Tay said. “It seemed like everyone was there. Ed [Sheeran], Selena, Austin Mahone… We were all just laughing together and rejoicing in a really fun evening.”

    Austin opened for Taylor during her “Red” tour, so it’s likely that Taylor was the one who set up the dinner, Selena was just the messenger.

    Either way, Austin’s definitely part of the crew now (or the “A Team,” if you ask Ed Sheeran) — he must be thrilled. What do you think of Austin and Selena’s encounter? Watch it below (fast-forward to about 0:41)!


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    Chris Pine Gets No Love From New Gal Pal’s Fam

    Chris Pine may be used to the deafening screams of fangirls everywhere, but don’t count on his new girlfriend’s family to be on his list of admirers.

    His new bikini model gal pal Amanda Frances doesn’t quite get two thumbs up from her mom. In fact, this mama bear's got some fighting words for the Star Trek Into Darkness star.

    “I never heard of him before,” Pamela DiPietro told Celebuzz.

    “If he broke my daughter’s heart, they’ll be hell to pay. A little Italian mom coming out there and kick his a**,” she added, with a chuckle.

    In fact, (insert surprise face here) she doesn't quite see where this leading man gets his Hollywood hunk status.

    “I didn’t think he was that good looking. He’s got too much hair on his face and big eyebrows," she laughed.

    “But I guess nobody is really good enough for her."

    DiPietro admits that she saw the photo of Pine -- who just called it quits with Sport Illustrated model Dominique Piek -- and Frances holding hands while strolling out of Hollywood hotspot Bootsy Bellows May 24, but she had no clue her 23-year-old daughter was dating the superstar. (Mostly because she says her daughter knows she wouldn’t approve.)

    “I don’t want her seeing him. I don’t want her to date celebrities. I’m not happy about it,” she said.

    “We're really close. I just want her to come home,” she said of her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. “I’m worried about that kind of lifestyle, I want her to live a normal life and not be a celebrity."  -- Because Chris is a wild dude.... stupid puta

    Her mom says Frances has been asked out by quite a few celebs, but this is the first time she got caught in the hand-holding act.

    “She’s very picky. She only had one boyfriend in high school. So she’s dating this guy, he must be okay," said DiPietro.

    “It doesn’t surprise me, but I hope it dies down fast."

    She adds that her daughter mingles in celebrity circles, but she’s not looking to capitalize off Pine's fame.

    “She just wants to be a model, she doesn’t want to be famous," she said. “She’s a smart girl. She's very grounded. I always say she’s an Asian wise man reincarnated."

    Well, that's good news, considering the sexy actor recently opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about his single status and his perfect woman: "Sensitive, beauty and sense of humor," he said. "You have to be abe to carry a conversation. When lust dies down there has to be the thing that engages you."

    But like many Hollywood romances, this young love may end just as quickly as it started. Pine could very well be pining for his new girl from afar -- given that she’s planning on studying in Spain for six months, according to her mom.

    “She’s only 23 and he’s 32," she said, "and it looks like he dates a lot, from one supermodel to the next.”

    Here's the backstracking:

    this bitch is so damn stupid. Going on Celebuzz to talk about her daughter and Chris yet she says her daughter doesn't want fame? lol ok stupid puta now for sure Chris will dump your daughter's ass real soon and you will all go back to being nobodies.
    Chris papi chulo it's time you realized that the only woman for you is me. U + ME = US

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    The Blind Side actress couldn't help but smile and dote over her little man as he ambled along in the heavy costume.

    Laughing at her little man as he tried desperately to look menacing in the outfit, Sandra appeared happier than ever spending time with the apple of her eye.

    Louis was seen enthusiastically running ahead of the Speed star in his attire, his cape billowing in the wind.

    Trailing behind him, the Oscar winning actress was low key in a pair of ripped and cuffed light denim jeans and a black and white striped T-shirt.

    The 48-year-old accessorized with plain black flats and shielded her face from the sun with a Panama hat.

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    Source: Amanda Bynes isn't crazy, will likely get professional help soon

    From donning crazy wigs in court to engaging in nonsensical twitter rants to allegedly tossing bongs from her high-rise Manhattan apartment, Amanda Bynes’ bizarre behavior has been in the headlines for months now. But according to an insider who has been in close communication with the former child star in recent days, she’s not always acting crazy.
    “Amanda is actually very coherent and very together, she can easily chat about ‘normal’ things,”a source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “She doesn’t have a drug problem; we won’t be seeing her OD. She knows there are others issues that she is willing to start addressing.”

    Bynes, 28, was arrested last Thursday after cops claimed she threw a bong from her New York apartment. The actress later took to twitter with the bold proclamation that she was “sexually harassed” by an NYPD officer. However, we’re told that the whole experience has in some ways pulled her into line.

    “Having to take a mug shot really scared her straight. You can’t take mug shots or go to jail with a wig, and she didn’t like not being in control,” explained the source. “Part of this whole thing has been an act, part of it a narcissistic plea for attention.”

    According to our insider, full psychiatric evaluations were also performed on Bynes at the time, but it was determined by medical professionals that she was neither a danger to herself or society, and that no drugs were detected.

    “Don’t be surprised if Amanda checks into a rehab facility on the down-low sometime soon to deal with her anxiety and anger issues. She hasn’t quite hit that point yet, but she is open to accepting some help,” added the source. “And when Amanda decides she is really ready to come back and exceed in whatever business she wants to, she absolutely will.”


    Pictures of Amanda trampolining at Sky Zone

    Amanda Bynes is ADAMANT ... photos taken at a trampoline facility last night in Buffalo, NY are NOT her -- but multiple witnesses think the woman DEFINITELY was the alleged bong-chucker.

    It's pretty bizarre ... pics surfaced of Amanda wearing a brown wig at the upstate Sky Zone ... and she went BANANAS on Twitter, cussing out bloggers who posted them.

    "THAT'S NOT ME!" she tweeted, adding: "I've never been to SkyZone! That looks nothing like me!"

    But TMZ spoke with several Sky Zone employees and patrons -- and they're 100% convinced it was her. What's more ... Amanda left a paper trail.

    "Amanda had to sign a waiver," Sky Zone owner Rhonda See tells TMZ. "She has the same DOB and same tattoos ... she checked in using her middle name and same last name. She did not use 'Amanda.'"

    Witnesses say Amanda was disheveled, frantic and distracted when she arrived around 7:15PM, asking guests to delete pictures and bumbling around during the tutorial.

    "She wasn't really listening," fellow patron Christopher Zukas tells TMZ. "She kept leaving the group to go set stuff down and would come back. During the jumping she wasn't able to follow the rules and was even knocked over by a fitness instructor teaching a class."

    Other witnesses say she calmed down after 20 minutes and happily bounced for about an hour -- seemed to be having fun -- then left in a waiting car.

    Amanda got pretty detailed in her Twitter rant/denial ... going so far as to assert: "I don't own a brown wig!"

    Just one little problem with that story ...


    I think the reason she's lying saying it isn't her is because she's not allowed to leave Manhattan and told the judge she wouldn't.

    Amanda Bynes Parents Saving Her Bizarre Twitter Rants, Would Use As Evidence In Potential Case To Get Legal Control Over Her

    Amanda Bynes‘ parents, Rick & Lynn, are saving their troubled daughter’s bizarre Twitter rants as potential evidence of her deteriorating mental health, should they decide to seek a conservatorship of the actress, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

    Bynes’ parents, “have been saving all of Amanda’s Twitter rants. Every single Tweet she has ever posted has been carefully archived should they formally decide to get a conservatorship of Amanda. Her social media activity deeply saddens her family,” a source told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

    Bynes’ tweets are “disturbing,” to her parents, the source told Radar. Those tweets include the actress accusing the NYPD of slapping her vagina (after Bynes’ latest arrest last week),l ashing out at Rihanna by saying that the singer wasn’t pretty enough and that’s why Chris Brown beat her, revealing she was going to get a new nose job and become a singer/rapper, plus much more.

    As previously reported, the 27-year-old’s parents recently consulted with several lawyers in hopes of getting a conservatorship for their troubled daughter, but were told they’d be unsuccessful because the actress didn’t meet the strict criteria.

    “Rick & Lynn have met with several lawyers that handle conservatorships in the past month, because they want to get a conservatorship of their daughter,” a source previously told us. “They have been advised that even as disturbing as Amanda’s behavior is, it’s very unlikely that a judge would sign off on a temporary conservatorship.

    “Conservatorships are very hard to get, and being mentally ill and addicted to drugs isn’t enough. Amanda has never been to rehab or ever agreed to see a mental health professional. Her parents are absolutely powerless to do anything at this point.”

    The insider told RadarOnline.com that when Amanda’s parents previously confronted her with their concerns, “She bolted from Los Angeles and moved to New York,” leaving their relationship extremely strained.

    Bynes’ escalating disturbing behavior has been fueled by drugs with the former star smoking a large amount of pot, but according to one source, “It makes her more paranoid instead of mellowing her out.”


    I included a bunch of posts in one because people were complaining about the oversaturation of Amanda Bynes posts. If you don't like these posts, please just scroll on by. A lot of people do like these posts.

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    Michael Lohan has blasted Samantha Ronson for taking advantage of Lindsay Lohan.
    The 'Mean Girls' actress dated the DJ on and off from 2008 until 2009 but Lindsay's dad believes Samantha was using her for fame and treated her badly.
    Speaking on Nik Richie's radio show, he said: ''I pity her. Lindsay was in a pretty OK place at the time--until she got involved with Samantha.''Samantha got Lindsay at a very vulnerable time in her life. When her mom and dad were going through a divorce and Lindsay started drinking and partying and didn't know where to go.....Samantha got her when she was down.''Samantha dragged her to the level which is below the barrel."

    ''Where's Samantha now? Do you see Samantha in the press? Do you see her getting press? No! Because she's not with Lindsay anymore, that's pretty pathetic!
    ''Samantha was always spinning for $500 at a club, after she met Lindsay she would get in excess of $25,000. People use Lindsay like that, she's very susceptible.''
    Michael also denied Lindsay was gay, claiming her relationship with Samantha was just an experiment.When asked how he felt when she ''became a lesbian', Michael replied: ''When she became a lesbian? [You mean] when she experimented. She's with guys now.''She met Samantha and then she went back to being with guys again.''

    SOURCE http://www.contactmusic.com/news/michael-lohan-blasts-samantha-ronson_3694901

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    Sophie Turner and Nathalie Emmanuel at the Audi Polo Challenge

    The reason for this post, lbr:


    Yeah, so I totally just made this post to post that pic of Princess Sophie and Matt Lewis Sansa Stark and Neville Longbottom. Also, how preeetttyyy is Nathalie Emmanuel? /ineedanicon

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    The porn star lashed out against the father of her twin boys on the social media site, after he was granted primary custody of their children earlier this month.

    "My ex took my poor children away from me for NO reason," and she goes on to allege that "He did drugs and faked drug tests for UFC. I [spent] all my time with my babies, he partied."

    "And I have proof!" she continued "You didn't even show your face while the boys grew, now you want to beat me up????" But that was just the beginning.

    Jameson added, "If you don't like what I'm saying, sue me for my home your living in, sue me for furniture YOU have, sue me for my Phantom! Keep up your lies," and she even went on to claim that Tito was a drug user, and posted photos of what she said was his stash that he would use before fights.

    She also further alleged that "Soon the story of how he almost killed me in February will be public," before asking:

    "What man takes the kids away from a good mother? Our kids will question you when they are old enough...I watch them cry non stop when they have to leave me. I've been bullied long enough. I only want my kids."

    However, this battle was pretty much one-sided, since Ortiz didn't engage much in the conversation.

    In response to some people's tweets about Jameson's claims, Ortiz simply wrote, "lies," and proceeded to post an Instagram photo of the kids playing in a pool with the caption, "Summer is here. Love the heat. #positive." And that was that.

    during happier times on the Stern show


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    Actress Jessica Biel spends her afternoon strolling through New York City, New York.

    Love her whole look! Esp her jeans / sandals!


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    +1 photo from "Slow Down" music video


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  • 05/30/13--20:16: Hannibal 1.11 "Rôti" Promo


    Still stoked about Hannibal being renewed.

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    (^Click to play at source)
    Madonna's "Virgin Tour” 1985 – the debut concert tour by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee – kicked off at Seattle's Paramount Theatre with the Beastie Boys as her opening act.

    The KIRO 7 web team dug deep into the treasure trove of archived tape to find a snippet of Madonna's performance from 1985 – a clip that hasn't been broadcast since the night of Aug. 10, 1985. It shows nearly a minute of "Dress You Up," which was the first song she performed that night.

    Before the Seattle debut of The Virgin Tour, Madonna played New York clubs and performed with Prince in Los Angeles. But that first performance in 1985 on a Wednesday night in Seattle was the start of her major concert dates.

    According to Internet reviews of The Virgin Tour Wikipedia page, Madonna took to the triangular stage, surrounded by four giant screens, backed by two dancers and performing for the first time with a live band.

    During a 2009 interview with Rolling Stone, Madonna reminisced about that starting point of what became a star-studded career.

    "That whole tour was crazy, because I went from playing CBGB and the Mudd Club to playing sporting arenas," she told the magazine. "I played a small theater in Seattle, and the girls had flap skirts on and the tights cut off below their knees and lace gloves and rosaries and bows in their hair and big hoop earrings. I was like, 'This is insane!' After Seattle, all of the shows were moved to arenas."

    Madonna had three shows in Seattle – April 10, 12 and 13 – and all three were sellouts by the time she took the stage that first night. The Beastie Boys weren't well received by the pro-Madonna crowd. The show was a year before "Licensed to Ill" was released

    Their 30-minute set got off to a bad start when one of the Beastie Boys declared himself King of the Paramount, and generally made the pro-Madonna audience feel like a swarm of hillbillies, P-I pop music critic Gene Stout wrote in his review.

    "Dressed in what looked like a Boy George outfit, she looked reluctant, almost scared, and kept her eyes on the ground as she and her small entourage swept past a modest gathering of fans," Stout wrote.

    Madonna started the show with "Dress You Up," followed with "Holiday," and performed "Borderline" for the first time live as her seventh song. Madonna ended by debuting "Material Girl" as her encore.
    30 years later, she did well for an American girl from the Mid-West

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    Having ditched his teen heart-throb status and established himself as one of the world’s leading character actors, Leonardo Dicaprio’s starring role in The Great Gatsby is the cinematic event of the year. He talks GQ Australia through his inspirations, aspirations and the immersive power of filming in 3D.

    Talk about a wild ride. Baz Luhrmann, Australia’s larger-than-life director, was first linked to The Great Gatsby as far back as 2008. It was a risky idea – giving the keys to the Great American Novel to the man who made Ewan McGregor sing Elton John and put a plus sign between Romeo and Juliet. But the conceit was too wild to ignore and the project became a serious talent magnet. Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman were all talked about for the role of Daisy Buchanan, a sometimes-cynical socialite and the object of Jay Gatsby’s affections (Carey Mulligan eventually won the derby). Intending to shoot in New York, Luhrmann even re-located his family to the States in 2010.

    But nothing is ever as it seems in the land of Baz, and as the production was inching towards the start line, The Great Gatsby shifted back to Sydney. The new schedule forced Ben Affleck to relinquish a pivotal role. Then came reports that Luhrmann was considering shooting in (wait for it) 3D. The Great Gatsby was budgeted at US$125m, with filming to begin in September 2011. A December 2012 release date came and went, and reports surfaced that Luhrmann was personally trying to raise cash to finance re-shoots. When pressed to explain the delay last year, Luhrmann told New York magazine, cryptically: “I’m just very nourished by just working on it. I’m just thrilled.” The man just protest too much? When the magazine pressed him further on the delay, he said, “Right now I’m working on music. You can imagine how involved I am in the music alone.” Which brings us to the most unlikely element of his take on The Great Gatsby: a score by Jay-Z, with contributions by Kanye West, Jack White and even a Beyoncé cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black.”

    Throughout this circus, the one thing that seemed to make sense about Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby was the casting of Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, a mysterious bachelor who lives in a mansion on Long Island and famous for the revelry that surrounds him. And yet, this is exactly the kind of role 38-year-old DiCaprio has been running from in recent years. Blond and absurdly handsome, he’s intent on reminding viewers that he’s a character actor trapped in the chassis of a leading man. He once called Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle his professional “wet dream”, and it wasn’t idle chit-chat – just look at his CV. Last year, DiCaprio played the villainous Calvin Candie in Django Unchained, with rotten teeth and loose morals – looking like he was having the time of his life. He played FBI director 
J Edgar Hoover (the most feared man of his time) for Clint Eastwood. Even in Revolutionary Road, DiCaprio subverted his image, playing a Norman Rockwell-era suburban hero trapped in a waking nightmare, as the promise of his birth proved to be one big disappointment.

    But you can only run from fate for so long. DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby? It’s like two icons from across time shaking hands. Talking to DiCaprio today, with the film finally about to open in cinemas, it’s clear he found it a daunting prospect. “To take on this iconic character is not an easy thing to wrap your head around,” he says, slowly and deliberately. “The Great Gatsby is sewn into the fabric of the American Dream. To fall flat on your face trying to interpret this novel in the right way is scary.” He knows, after all, that casting is only half the battle; even a 1974 version featuring Robert Redford couldn’t get it right. “I remember watching that movie in high school. I loved Redford’s performance but I don’t know how 
I felt about the film. There have been five interpretations of Gatsby through the years, going all the way back to the ’30s.” He pauses, formulating a diplomatic way to point out that none of them quite nailed it. “I thought there was a way to take it on again.” There is. But with 3D glasses?

    For DiCaprio, the road to Gatsby started 20 years ago. As a fresh-faced child actor, he flew to Australia to test for the lead in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, which re-imagined Shakespeare’s tragedy as a Venice Beach fever dream. “Oh boy,” he says of that first trip. “I remember being there for about a week and I had my first scuba-diving experience on the Great Barrier Reef. I remember entering an entire Dr Seuss world. I hadn’t seen anything like that and it’s burned into my imagination forever.”

    Read the full article in GQ's June.July 2013 issue.


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