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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Even though Taylor Swift can't seem to go anywhere without being trailed by the paps, she has mysteriously vanished from the public eye.  E! news reports that she has only posted birthday tributes to her BFFs, photos from her Super Bowl weekend, and stills from her latest music video with Zayn Malik.  Thanksgiving 2016 is the last time she posted a candid photo.

    E! news also reports, "For someone who seemingly posted candids of her friends fairly regularly, that's a dramatic decrease. In fact, Swift in general has greatly decreased her presence." Is she planning a new album release?  Growing out her bangs?!  Canoodling with Richard Simmons?!?!?!  Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston continues to be bombarded with questions about his wet t-shirt contest at her 4th of July party.

    I guess celebrities can hide from the papparazzi when they truly want to.

    Swift hasn't been seen in public since January 11th, when she was heading to a work out session.

    More at the source ...

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    This week marks the 20th anniversary of "Selena," the biographical feature film that honored the legacy of slain Tejano legend Selena and helped launch J. Lo into superstardom. Over the past few days, several outlets have been showcasing Selena-inspired content — including archival interviews with bb JLo, never-before seen home videos of Selena and a Fine Brothers "Adults React" video — in honor of the film's milestone.

    Check out some of the videos below!

    Also happening this week in the Selena fandom, her wax figure was debuted and the secondthird annual "Fiesta De La Flor" in her honor is happening this weekend!

    I can't believe this movie came out 20 years ago!! I remember going to the theater to see it and being amazed and devastated lol. What is your favorite Selena memory??? Are you at Fiesta De La Flor???

    video sources: Quatro!Tres!Dos!Uno!*la carcacha starts playing*
    FDLF/wax figure source

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    Recently, Tom Hopper spoke to Fathoms Deep podcast.

    Listen or read on if you want to know how Billy went from constantly-confused baby giraffe to revolutionary agitator in four seasons. Also, him not knowing of Silver and Flint's "little affair", making a monster out of Dufresne, and poor imitations of Max's accent.


    Billy comes back from being captured by English, all burned, looked like a real mess and all of the sudden he has all this new jewelry, scrubbed up really quick. S2 Dufresne had secret love for Billy. When he comes back, he hugs him. [Podcasters talk about how Dufresne felt connected to Billy after he gave him a pep talk before boarding and Tom points out that] effectively Billy was responsible for creating a monster out of Dufresne.


    [Dark!Billy.] He wouldn't be in this world if he didn't have things that weren't cinnamon roll-esque [(side note - Tom Hopper actually never had cinnamon roll and had no idea the hell that idiom means)]. Like athlete fighters who are the sweetest, the most loyal people in real life but you put them in the ring and they have this inner animal or darkness that is kinda eating away at them that comes out when they fight. [Which is something Billy has too,] he lost his parents and there's a side of him that's fighting a past. [There is a gradual descent into darkness for him: 'accident' on a boat with Flint, the torture, then he turns on Dufresne.] Billy is fiercely protective of what he believes in and generally he protects the good of brotherhood, what's the best for the crew and his brothers. In S4 he still sees decisions he's making as the ones for the good of his men. Tom doesn't see Billy as power hungry.


    In his mind he is still fighting Flint of half through S3, he hadn't seen the changes Silver has seen. And because he still feels that Silver is his guy, that he can confide in him, he actually didn't realise that all the stuff he's been doing, the guy he's been creating, this legend, the king that has been created for Nassau, is the guy that's going to turn on him. He has no idea Silver has been creating this amazing relationship with Flint, this little affair they had.


    [The Page.] That's what hard for Billy - the worst possible thing he could do is lie to his boys and Flint makes him do it. There are parts of the story where he wants to start to trust Flint again like when he turns on Dufresne, he's going 'Look, at the end of the day Flint is the right guy at this moment to take us where we need to go'. He says it to Vane at the end of S2, 'Whatever you wanna do, it ain't gonna work, Flint is the guy that is gonna get us where we wanna go'. And the turning point is when Flint shot two his guys with no real cause.


    Billy believes in pirate ranking so it's Silver's job as a quartermaster to challenge the captain. It became such a weird kind of triangle between Billy, Silver and Flint and through S4 even more so, it became some bizarre love triangle with them kind of fighting for Silver's affection. When Silver turns on him there's that heartbreak. [Director of the episode asked Tom what he reckons of it and Billy considers Silver his brother, his best friends so Tom goes for heartbreak.] But at the same time this kind of narrow-mindedness on the whole Flint thing and the way he thinks about Flint, he almost convinced himself that he convinced Silver but haven't taken into account the relationship that Flint and Silver have. Haven't thought for a second he would turn on him, utter shock and heartbreak.


    He hasn't got this power trip to him but he has got carried away with being in charge of men. He's very protective of the men and what decisions are made around, what happens to them. And when all that stuff happens at plantation it's just a very defining moment of 'Hell no, not anymore. This is just not gonna happen'. He's just fed up with Flint making these decisions. And also they're not on the boat anymore, they're not on the ship! This is about the lives of men and what happens to Nassau. It's a real defining moment on plantation because he's so much more than a boatswain now.


    Maybe because of the route he's taken in the piracy world, the leadership role and how close he's become to these guys has blinded him, maybe he has lost his moral compass there. He's become very narrow-minded. [Billy trying to convince Silver] Billy is so set on this, he's not even asking questions of Silver. It's a very dangerous place to be, you can't see outside the box at all. He's not able to take a step back and see a bigger picture. And that ultimately screws him because he hasn't seen what was actually going on around which is Silver and Flint are much closer than he believes.


    The thing he always says about Billy - he's had morals, he's a great warrior, he's a great crewman, he's a brother - but he's not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to relationships and how dynamics work.


    [What would've happened if Billy saw Silver and Flint's relationship] It would definitely affect his choice of making Silver king.

    The last thing the discussed together is how they gonna get rid of Flint. And in Billy's mind that's where they left it.


    The thing about the costume change, the beard, Billy's just looking generally darker shows the damage he's gone through. They wanted to fill that he’s seen some serious shit during this period, fighting in the resistance. [The guys hanging in front of Miranda's house are Billy's doing.] Flint sees a real change in Billy at that point, Billy is almost blaze about the fact he's hang these two guys, very matter of fact. They wanted it to hit home for the audience and for Flint, almost seeing it through Flint's eyes, this damage that happened, that's the epitome of what's been going on. Billy's been dealing with potential traitors and having to punish them severely. They've been at war. Billy maybe sees that Flint and Silver have been out in the sea and he just feels like it's nothing to what they've been dealing with. All he can look forward to is to get Nassau back and look after his men. And this whole thing is created for Silver, he's hanging onto that, to get him there. And he panics when he sees Silver is not fully onboard. And he has no plan B unlike Silver.


    Fully believes if Flint would actually take Billy aside and tell him the truth, Billy would understand. He wouldn't necessarily like him for decisions he's made but it woyldn't get so extreme. If you don't communicate, things go badly wrong, things explode. Communication is the key. Billy only saw the bad stuff Flint did. He only saw him killing his men, putting the crew in complete peril, he only sees Flint coming in and trying to take over and screwing up Billy's whole plan. He's only seeing this one sided part of Flint. It doesn't surprise he wants him gone. At the same time, Billy should've been the one to say something, maybe should've gone to Flint and said 'What the hell is going on'. but because there always had been that kind of divide, they were never able to have that talk. [Speaking of Gates, Billy understands]


    [Tom suggests no one listens to Max because everyone hypnotized by her French accent and I think he tries to imitate it. Spoiler alert - it doesn't come anywhere near as good as Jack's.]


    [Billy and Vane, the hanging scene.] Billy couldn't have more respect for the guy at that point, he knows that Vane wants to do this, has to do this for the good of the pirate oath, for what it means for Nassau. And Billy feels massive weight on his shoulders to carry this on. He started it for him. Vane in silent monologue says 'I'm giving you the opportunity, finish it, make sure it gets done'. Billy has the visual of Vane hanging there and knowing what it means unlike others who only heard about it but didn't get to experience. In S4 after everything that happened he feels like he's failed, he had something he wanted to finish and he hasn't been able to do it.

    Today's notes were graciously provided by fibu

    Crew, could you bench-press a man o'war? And have you ever antagonized your boss?

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    - says his biggest financial regret is not starting a line of credit until 28

    - he was super paranoid about going into debt so he avoided it

    - his dad had to help him mortgage his first apartment because he had no credit

    - credit is super important guys!!!


    i got my first credit card a few months ago and i'm super paranoid about going into debt too. i use it once or twice and pay it off ASAP.

    ONTD, what's your credit score?

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    Power Rangers, the first blockbuster to feature LGBTQI and autistic superheroes [1], is in theaters this weekend, and to celebrate Saban has unleashed Power Rangers Legacy Wars. The real-time, multiplayer, mobile game features warriors from every era and is free to download on the iTunes App Store and wherever it is they keep Android software.

    After all the Beauty and the Beast hoopla, the Power Rangers; movie has been cleared for release in Malaysia.

    Sources: @ComicBookNow. YouTube. @TOI.

    Power Rangers tag? Someone start a GoFundMe to raise 100 RangerCoins™ to start an ONTD alliance.

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    martha stewart weddings got the exclusive behind the ceremony and photos, so full read at the source, but basically, the couple met while Samira portrayed Poussey Washington and Lauren was a writer for the series.

    They got married today, March 25th. Samira's gown and Lauren's jumpsuit were designed by Christian Siriano.

    Congrats to the happy couple!

    Sources 1, 2

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    She says it was a hard decision to join the show because she is part of the Asian community, so she understands the conversation.
    She says an Asian American superhero can happen because sci-fi/fantasy is more opened to different ethnicities.
    She says Collen Wing is an ordinary person who fights people with superpowers.

    Jessica Henwick Responds To Iron Fist CoCreators Use Of Term Oriental

    source; source

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  • 03/26/17--08:07: Landry Allbright Engaged

  • Landry Allbright, whom you might remember as Nicolas Cages daughter from Con Air, announced her engagement to producer Liz Zwiebel on Instagram.

    Liz put the proposal up on her Instagram, she suprised Landry at an audition and it is literally the sweetest.

    Source 1
    Source 2

    My very first ONTD post, thought we all could use some good news.

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    source. love actually the sequel

    discussion post !

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 1 Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $88,347,000 -49.4% 4,210 - $20,985 $316,952,887 $160 2
    2 N Power Rangers (2017) LGF $40,500,000 - 3,693 - $10,967 $40,500,000 $100 1
    3 2 Kong: Skull Island WB $14,425,000 -48.2% 3,666 -180 $3,935 $133,502,238 $185 3
    4 N Life (2017) Sony $12,600,000 - 3,146 - $4,005 $12,600,000 $58 1
    5 3 Logan Fox $10,145,000 -43.1% 3,163 -524 $3,207 $201,455,596 $97 4
    6 4 Get Out Uni. $8,681,010 -35.4% 2,474 -505 $3,509 $147,499,045 $4.5 5
    7 N CHiPs WB $7,600,000 - 2,464 - $3,084 $7,600,000 $25 1
    8 5 The Shack LG/S $3,785,000 -37.0% 2,330 -495 $1,624 $49,072,044 - 4
    9 6 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $1,970,000 -57.2% 1,638 -1,097 $1,203 $170,841,252 $80 7
    10 7 The Belko Experiment BH Tilt $1,807,000 -56.3% 1,341 - $1,348 $7,577,565 $5 2
    11 N Slamma Jamma RivR $1,687,000 - 502 - $3,361 $1,687,000 - 1
    12 8 Hidden Figures Fox $785,000 -46.8% 640 -522 $1,227 $167,046,872 $25 14
    13 27 The Last Word BST $520,802 +163.3% 380 +286 $1,371 $971,866 - 4
    14 14 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $469,000 -6.7% 267 +88 $1,757 $531,336,499 $200 15
    15 9 John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $465,000 -60.7% 403 -662 $1,154 $90,859,007 - 7
    16 11 Lion Wein. $383,000 -47.8% 320 -301 $1,197 $50,724,840 - 18
    17 29 T2: Trainspotting TriS $380,000 +122.8% 59 +54 $6,441 $612,274 $18 2
    18 N Wilson FoxS $330,000 - 310 - $1,065 $330,000 - 1
    19 15 The Sense of an Ending CBS $270,000 -43.8% 235 -47 $1,149 $1,024,474 - 3
    20 N Phillauri FIP $265,000 - 74 - $3,581 $265,000 - 1
    21 16 A Dog's Purpose Uni. $232,940 -51.3% 299 -295 $779 $63,372,170 $22 9
    22 30 Personal Shopper IFC $225,235 +47.7% 107 +72 $2,105 $553,980 - 3
    23 20 Moana BV $221,000 -35.5% 212 -52 $1,042 $248,380,355 - 18
    24 21 Sing Uni. $212,815 -33.8% 228 -50 $933 $269,691,125 $75 14
    25 24 Kedi Osci. $205,000 -28.6% 107 -23 $1,916 $1,759,625 - 7
    26 12 La La Land LG/S $200,000 -62.4% 212 -373 $943 $150,233,687 $30 16
    27 10 Before I Fall ORF $198,518 -79.9% 351 -1,200 $566 $11,906,308 - 4
    28 13 Split Uni. $188,340 -62.7% 262 -342 $719 $137,254,130 $9 10
    29 22 A United Kingdom FoxS $185,000 -39.1% 159 -98 $1,164 $3,519,172 - 7
    30 19 Badrinath Ki Dulhania FIP $150,000 -64.1% 93 -63 $1,613 $1,898,558 - 3
    31 38 Song to Song BG $142,005 +180.9% 80 +76 $1,775 $213,580 - 2
    32 18 Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $132,085 -70.9% 189 -418 $699 $114,377,010 $55 7
    33 23 The Great Wall Uni. $88,470 -70.5% 158 -281 $560 $45,002,750 $150 6
    34 26 Moonlight (2016) A24 $82,200 -66.2% 62 -218 $1,326 $27,694,670 - 23
    35 34 Fences Par. $75,000 +15.4% 111 +17 $676 $57,641,868 $24 15
    36 39 Raw (2017) FCW $74,000 +52.7% 27 +18 $2,741 $186,709 - 3
    37 25 Rock Dog LG/S $56,000 -77.6% 122 -322 $459 $9,230,344 - 5
    38 40 Paterson BST $48,647 +1.0% 36 -3 $1,351 $2,055,878 - 13
    39 32 The Salesman Cohen $46,485 -52.0% 35 -40 $1,328 $2,295,569 - 9
    40 43 Land of Mine SPC $34,283 -9.6% 26 -12 $1,319 $298,567 - 15
    41 56 The Red Turtle SPC $31,032 +119.2% 127 +105 $244 $826,807 - 10
    42 41 The Founder Wein. $28,000 -40.6% 57 -45 $491 $12,708,542 - 10
    43 N I Called Him Morgan SD $14,154 - 1 - $14,154 $14,154 - 1
    44 45 Manchester by the Sea RAtt. $11,150 -61.0% 23 -24 $485 $47,658,644 - 19
    45 73 Tim Timmerman, Hope of America Purd. $658 -77.5% 2 -5 $329 $87,220 - 4
    TOTAL (45 MOVIES): $198,297,829 -24.0% 34,401 +965 $5,764
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    Promotional pictures for 2X10, synopsis from the link: 'Holden leads his crew through the war-torn station on Ganymede.'

    Inside the Expanse 2X09:


    * Bobbie has been given a version of the story by her superiors, Earth is pushing to hear the story closer to her experience, but if se tells it, she'll damage the Martians' side. Bobbie is now extremely vulnerable and not as stoic as she was earlier in the season; Frankie is a really gifted physical actress and you can see on her face her struggle with lying.

    * Holden is doing what he needs to do to get the job done and make sure Eros doesn't happen anywhere else. You see the real change in him, even when someone dies on that ship, it doesn't really matter to him. It takes a toll on him, you see it in his cold, jaded way of behaving to get the job done.

    Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X09 (featuring special guest star Dr. Phil Plait from 'Bad Astronomy'. Expect a lot of science)

    Highlights from the podcast:

    * We'll see the 'Weeping Somnambulist' ship again this season, so they needed to make them memorable within a small amount of screen time. The name of the ship is a reference to the experience of going through soul crushing grief, how it feels like.

    * There's a parallel between Holden and Bobbie where they've both had very simple narratives about the world and they're in the process of getting those narratives complicated for them. On the show they showed who Bobbie was before Ganymede, unlike in the book where they started her story with Ganymede. The idea of her being more of a hawk, more invested in a violent solution to things, which gives her a place to grow in the arc of the story. It's also different being in someone's head than following them on camera, you have to tell the story differently. All Martians are agoraphobic due to living in a dome and the sun is about half as bright on Mars as it is on Earth, hence the sunglasses.

    * There's lower gravity data from going into space, but there's no long-term higher gravity experiments, though we've seen what happens to Astronauts who were in space for a while and then come back and experience higher gravity. There's also high acceleration, like fighter pilots, that experience higher gravity frequently. Long term effects are probably stress on your bones/muscles, your heart having to work harder to pump blood, you might see heart condition/failure.

    * Right now it takes about 6 months to get from Earth to Mars (Mars' orbit is on an ellipse unlike our circular orbit). We're limited to chemical rockets (burns really hard for a short period of time, then you want to coast), we're working on other kinds of drive, like Ion drive which has very low thrust but can run for months, which is used for satellites. Fastest way to get anywhere: Accelerate as long as you can, turn around and decelerate the rest of the way (a 'flip and burn').

    * In Phil's opinion you need to be internally consistent in Sci-Fi- in Star Trek they'll say 'you can't go faster than Warp 5 or it will destroy the fabric of space', then the next episode they'll go Warp 9. He likes the new Doctor Who- they break all the rules, but there's a funny internal consistency to it, which he likes. The Expanse has an internal consistency that adheres to science as best we know it, there are some things we don't have yet (fusion drive, 'juice'), but also some of the trappings of science fiction shows- there will be a soundtrack and sounds in space, because you want the audience to be enveloped in the show. .

    * Phil loved the scene in 1X04 where Holden and Naomi are on the Donnager, running across the gantry towards what will be known as the Rocinante. The ship is thrusting and they cut off the engines so the two are suddenly floating in zero gravity. Holden is behind Naomi, he throws a rope to her and pushes her away at an angle that pushes him down so he can activate his magnetic boots and yank her down too. They got the science right and it was also an important part of the plot. Phil yearns for the science in science-fiction, it's one of the reasons he really likes the show. Sci-fi should have limitations, you shouldn't be able to fix everything like magic, it makes things more interesting and adds drama. Ty and Daniel know what the proto-molecule can and can't do- it hasn't beaten entropy (because Eros heats up), it hasn't beaten light speed, etc.

    Twitter roundup:

    (Where's the lie?)

    My guess: Errinwright isn't behind the proto-molecule on Ganymede, wasn't aware of it and now realized Mao stepped out on him and went to someone else- Admiral Nguyen? Mars?

    More Birthdays, this time Steven Strait

    Ty posted a few tweets about Iron Fist...

    SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4
    TWEETS: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7#8, #9, #10

    Can't wait for more Bobbie-Avasarala; why the hell is everyone including gif makers sleeping on this show? The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on the SyFy channel.

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    The April 13 installment will mark the 100th episode of the Shonda Rhimes political soap, the show will go back to its very start — with a twist.

    Titled "The Decision," it will be a "What-If"-themed episode similar to what Grey's Anatomy did in season eight with its alternate reality hour "If/Then."

    grass is green, water is wet, the sky is blue ... Shonda Rhimes is a liar

    source. source

    0 0

    The actual panel hasn't been uploaded yet, but the cast did an interview on the red carpet, talking about their favorite lines, what movies they'd like the show to parody, and played a game of "Who Said That" and failing miserably.

    Some highlights:
    - When asked if he was ever recognized by people due to his voice, John Roberts (Linda) said, "No...I'm usually under the radar. So, y'know, I'm still on Grindr, is what I'm saying"♥ Oh Linda
    - Kristen Schaal (Louise) loves signing posters and meeting fans the most from these events, because she gets to have a personal moment with each of them
    - Dan Mintz was recognized when he called a customer service line to complain, but after the person on the other line said they loved the show he felt he couldn't properly complain anymore
    - H. Jon Benjamin (Bob) wants the show to do an Inception parody, Eugene (Gene) was happy they did Die Hard but his second choice is Gene as Jason Bourne
    - Larry Murphy's favorite line of Teddy's is "Don't feed a guy a sponge, Bobby."

    "Oh, you know what else your project needs?""Science?"

    The Bob's Burgers album is available May 12! Can see the entire tracklist here I love that it includes the Bob's Buskers covers as well.
    Can not wait to get the album, especially if there is a full version of "Jingle in the Jungle". Also, tonight is a double-ep feature : "Aquaticism" When Tina learns that the aquarium is in danger of closing, the Belcher children devise a scheme to keep it running. Meanwhile, Bob realizes that he could learn a thing or two from Linda's customer service skills. and "Aint Miss Debatin'" When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected success and an even more unexpected relationship. Meanwhile, Louise and Gene convince their parents to help fund a stop-motion movie focusing on a surprising subject matter.

    How are you liking the season so far? And finally, who else is sending complaints to Netflix for removing all the seasons on April 1st

    EDIT Thank you corroded_tears for this suggestion : "FYI. In addition to sending complaints to Netflix. Go to their "show suggestion" submission box and request the show as many times as you want/as possible." Let's do this!


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    Tomi Lahren was recently announced to be "temporarily suspended" after she declared she was pro-choice. It is now reported that the ban is permanent.

    An insider at TheBlaze told The New York Post that Founder Glenn Beck is "reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites."


    0 0

    He did not know that women and minorities had more difficulty than white men to get their stuff read.
    He did not know that white men can make mediocre movies and keep getting another chance.
    He says that Hollywood is a meritocracy and that he was not aware of Hollywood's diversity problem.

    Someone told him he was confusing "meritocracy" with meretricious".
    He tried his best to change the subject.

    He did not know that a woman or a POC have to work harder, be excellent to get another chance in Hollywod.

    He asked what he could do to help with the situation, because for him : ‘If you write it, they will come.’


    0 0
  • 03/26/17--12:13: The Good Fight 1x08 Promo

  • Founding partner, Carl Reddick, makes a surprise return to the firm. A renowned local pastor needs the firm's help in a legal matter that threatens to ruin his legacy. Lucca unexpectedly meets Colin's parents. Meanwhile, Henry attempts to reconnect with Maia. Louis Gossett Jr., Andrea Martin and Fisher Stevens guest star on an all new episode of The Good Fight streaming Sunday, April 2nd exclusively on CBS All Access.


    unblocked link: https://www.youpak.com/watch?v=w6pzauJPwSU

    0 0

    I stopped watching this show in season 1, but my Mercy Street bae is going to be in this (in the MESSIEST storyline, yikes), so I figure I'll check it out. Oblig gif where whatshisface actually looks good:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    This was part of the 'Game Of Thrones: A Live Concert Experience' event.


    0 0

    10. Nicholas Cage Loses It - “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” (2012)
    8. The Bar Scene - “Suicide Squad” (2016)
    7. I Am the Law! - “Judge Dredd” (1995)
    4. The Playground Scene - “Daredevil” (2003)
    2. Emo Peter Parker - “Spider-Man 3” (2007)


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