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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Which one is your favourite, ONTD?
    I am loving Bartender, SSA, California, Make Me Better, 2005 and Over so much!

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    -Saban/Lionsgate have a 6 movie arc planned for Power Rangers (the Zordon era lasted 6 seasons)

    -He monitored the series from a distance and thinks that Disney never realized the value of having the Power Rangers rights.

    -If Power Rangers get a sequel they will be of course introducing Tommy Oliver but there may be a catch....

    - Dacre Montgomery revealed that Tommy could be changed to a girl if the character gets introduced on the big screen

    -JDF was kicked out towards the end of the PR movie premiere
    -He attempted to take a video/photo of a certain scene so he could post it sometime in the future
    -Security wasn't having any of it and escorted him out and by the time everything was dealt with, he had missed the ending
    -Claims that there was no policy against using cellphones during hte movie

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    Mr. Steal Your Girl claims, Nicki ain't have **** before 'Bottoms Up.' She got a single with Sean Garrett. After that, she did 'Monster' and then she [blew up]. All before that, it was looks. You was hanging with Wayne. It was the wild girl with wild hair. I love you Nicki. I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you.

    source= https://twitter.com/billboardhiphop/status/845311897410899970

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    In a sketch for Comic Relief, that features pretty much everyone's faves, Blackhole scientist is in need of a new voice and is sent audition tapes from numerous celebrities, Including: John Boyega, Lin Manuel Miranda, Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, Gordon Ramsey, The Real Kylie, Liam Neeson and more.

    If you're in the UK, don't forget to donate!

    source + 1

    If you could have any celebs voice ONTD, who would you pick?

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    Val Kilmer shares his disappointment about not meeting Cate and his subsequent dreams about her

    Have you ever been cockblocked by your crush, only to have them torture you in your dreams, ONTD
    Also, Kilmer does not have a tag?

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    Season 9 - Episode 1

    Challenge Winner

    Nina Bo'nina Brown

    Lip Sync For Your Life

    No One

    The premiere will be continued next week.

    Source: My TV
    Anyone have a favorite yet?

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  • 03/24/17--20:16: The Originals 4x03 Promo

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    Josh & Vincent are the best. I don't know where the witch plot with Vincent is going, but that's so far the thing this season I think could be the most interesting.

    I'm really over how repetitive some of the stuff is. They've been doing this Marcel v. Mikaelsons thing since the pilot episode and I'm just so over it. I also don't see why the writers think they can go back to a Rebekah/Marcel romance after all this has gone down and I know obviously they won't write most of the characters out of NOLA, but they should because it doesn't make any sense for them to ever go back because they're never going to be able to co-exist with Marcel, sometimes relationships are too broken to be fixed.

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    The Hill reports that actresses Blake Lively and Jessica Chastain are among those honored at Variety's annual "Women in Power" luncheon for their humanitarian work and will cover the magazine's upcoming issue. Lively is recognized for her work with the Child Rescue Coalition, an organization that aims to track pedophiles and safeguard children from sexual exploitation; Chastain for her work with Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading resource for sexual and reproductive health care.

    The actresses are joined by Audra McDonald, Gayle King, Shari Redstone and Chelsea Clinton. McDonald will be honored for her work with Covenant House in helping displaced youths, King for serving the hungry and homeless with Bowery Mission, Redstone for her work with Legal Services Corporation in representing low-income individuals in civil litigation, and Clinton for her work with the Clinton Foundation--the choice charity for the world's most anti-women regimes.

    The celebration will take place at the ritzy Cipriani restaurant in midtown Manhattan on April 18.


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    The director, Gareth Edwards, and the editor were in the process of editing the film when they decided to add one more Darth Vader scene. The film was four months away from release and Edwards pitched the idea to Kathleen Kennedy. The scene was shot in three days.


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    In the scene you can see an empty seat in detention with a green jacket and a teacher calling out for 'Tommy Oliver'. Then a explotion happens in the school.


    ONTD, how much did you love the movie? Power Rangers tag?

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    Disney composer Alan Menken revealed that his choice for Ursula for the remake of 'The Little Mermaid'; “I’ve wanted Harvey Fierstein to play Ursula. I would kill for that. We wanted that, and we would love it in a flash.” Fierstein responded on Facebook with “Oh, Alan, no need to kill anyone. Your wish is my command. As for the rest of you… Oh, you poor unfortunate souls!!!!”

    A drag version of Ursula could be a reference to Divine who was the main inspiration for the character in the original. In addition, Fierstein wore drag as Edna Turnblad in the 2002 Broadway adaptation of “Hairspray,” for which he received a Tony award.


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    I've fallen into a LMM hole and I never want to get out. How did I last this long?

    ONTD, when was the last time you acknowledged the mortals around you?

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    - Seyfried gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl
    - Seyfried announced she was pregnant in November and the couple got married recently this month


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    - Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to direct Universal’s R-rated musical comedy Wingsmen (he'd already been attached to star alongside Channing Tatum)
    - the story is about two pilots who crash into Las Vegas where it will be a "Pitch Perfect” meets “Book of Mormon" adventure and cover Billboard Top 100 type hits
    - Before Gordon-Levitt, the studio courted Seth Gordon, James Bobin, and “Book of Mormon” director Casey Nicholaw
    - The duo previously were in Havoc (2005), Stop-Loss (2008), G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009), and Gordon-Levitt directorial debut Don Jon (2013)
    - Production on the movie won't be starting soon since Tatum is about shoot the Paramount action-thriller “Triple Frontier” opposite Tom Hardy


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    "I'm going to be annoying right now. Because I want to talk about something that a lot of people don't want to talk about."

    (She recently witnessed two men at a bar talking about a beautiful "girl sitting at the bar.")

    "When we use words to describe adult women that are typically used to describe children, it changes the way we view women, even unconsciously, so that we don't equate them with adult men. In fact, it implies that they are inferior to men."
    "People don't typically refer to men as 'boys' because it's demeaning and emasculating."

    "And are there women who don't mind being seen as diminutive because they think that men should be in charge and that they should be tender and delicate? Of course. And there are all kinds of men and women and I promise, that's okay. But to these women I would say the following: There is a thing that happens when we grow up in the kind of male-centered culture that we live in. We start to believe that the way things are is the way they have to be."

    "The terms we're using for women are outdated and insensitive and they assume a structure of power where men are on the top and women are on the bottom. It's up to us to change this narrative. To those of you who call women 'girls,' I say this: I know your intentions are probably good, but I hope you can learn to see the unintended and negative impact your words can have."

    "Women need to correct people when they are referred to as 'girls'."

    "Maybe if we start using language that elevates women and doesn't equate them with sweet, small, cuddly, tender things, we'll start treating them as more than that as well,"

    sources : youtube. transcript

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    "I've had an eating disorder since I was 14."

    "I think we can feed certain ideas of what beauty is and what success is, and I just feel there has to come a time where those aren't the rules any more, then we can have a mature conversation about what that is about and about depression."
    The actress is currently appearing in a theatre production of Hamlet, which "explores a lot about mental health"

    "If you are lucky enough to speak and be heard, it might be something that could be useful to others. The more we have brave discussions like that, the easier it is to talk about things, and the less alone we can feel. It's certainly made me feel less alone."

    "I felt so alone for so long, and I just hid. And then I started talking and held my head up and instead of saying 'sorry' decided to tell myself that I matter."

    after having therapy "looking at myself and deciding I was going to help myself feel safe and good and healthy, and talking about it".

    "I'm not going to be a better actor if I'm a dress size smaller".


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    Who do you think is #14?

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    CBS has cast two white actors (Poppy Montgomery and David Giuntoli) as the leads of a sci-fi pilot “Mission Control." Both roles were originally written for people of color (a bilingual Latina actor and a black actor, respectively). CBS claims they originally offered the roles to actors of color and those actors turned down the roles so they revamped the show. This is obviously bullshit, says this OP.

    Montgomery will be playing Julie Towne, who was originally written as biracial (white and Latina) and bilingual, frequently speaking Spanish in the pilot. Montgomery will no longer be speaking Spanish on the show. Giuntoli will be playing Malik Stevenson, a NASA commander explicitly written as African American in the script.

    CBS and the scriptwriter had no comment, but it is noted there are Latino and Nigerian-born actors in supporting roles because that makes it all better.

    In October 2016, CBS launched a Drama Diversity Casting Initiative to diversify their shows. However, the majority of their 2017 shows are starring white actors.


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