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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Filmmaker (and director of the film 'Aliens') James Cameron made the following comment with the upcoming 'Alien: Covenant' movie.

    "The franchise has kind of wandered all over the map. Ridley [Scott] did the first film, and he inspired an entire generation of filmmakers and science-fiction fans with that one movie and there have been so many films that stylistically have derived from it, including my own Aliens, which was the legitimate sequel and, I think, the proper heir to his film. I sort of did it as a fanboy. I wanted to honor his film, but also say what I needed to say. After that, I don’t take any responsibility.

    I don’t think it’s worked out terribly well. I think we’ve moved on beyond it. It’s like, okay, we’ve got it, we’ve got the whole Freudian biomechanoid meme. I’ve seen it in 100 horror films since. I think both of those films stand at a certain point in time, as a reference point. But is there any validity to doing another one now? I don’t know. Maybe. Let’s see, jury’s out. Let’s see what Ridley comes up with.

    Let me just add to that — and don’t cut this part off, please — I will stand in line for any Ridley Scott movie, even a not-so-great one, because he is such an artist, he’s such a filmmaker. I always learn from him. And what he does with going back to his own franchise would be fascinating."


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    Conan was contacted by the Church of Scientology prior to his interview with Leah Remini, where she was promoting her show on A&E. During the interview he stated,"We were contacted by the Church of Scientology. Today, they sent us a statement. They're obviously not happy you're on the show and they said in their statement that Leah Remini is doing this because she wants the fame, she wants the money, and she wants the attention. I was thinking today that it was very strange. I don't think I've ever had a document sent to me like that before and I've been doing this over 24 years."

    Remini also said in the interview that "church" is not suing her because she is telling the truth, and they know that she is telling the truth. She also demanded that scientology should pay her $1.5 million in damages for trying to shut down her show and ruin her reputation. A+E President and CEO Nancy Dubuc has also said that Scientology has been harassing her on social media about the show


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    17-year old reigning world champion Evgenia Medvedeva from Russia won the European Figure Skating Championships with a total score of 229.71, beating Yuna Kim's 2010 Olympic winning score of 228.56.

    Evgenia has a controversial long program to the score of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, complete with wailing sirens and screams. Her program was choreographed by Ilia Averbukh, who skated a tribute to 9/11 at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and also choreographed Julia Lipnitskaia's girl in the red dress from Schindler's List, among other Holocaust-themed programs.

    Ageless goddess Carolina will celebrate her 30th birthday in 2 weeks.

    SOURCES 12345677

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    Trailer for Great News on NBC starring Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, Adam Campbell and Nicole Richie

    Premieres April 25th on NBC

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBnlC7oOxk4

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    10. Callie Torres - Grey's Anatomy
    8. Mickey - Shameless
    7. Max Blum - Happy Endings [YASSSS!! Obligatory #BringBackHappyEndings]
    4. Willow Rosenberg - Buffy TVS
    2. Kurt - Glee


    ONTD, any coming out storylines you love?

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    Some of the tweets sampled in article:


    Teen Vogue
    EmmyRossum Twitter
    Jessica Chastain Twitter
    John Legend Twitter
    Yara Shahidi Twitter
    Kumail Nanjiani Twitter
    Ashley Tisdale Twitter
    Uzo Aduba Twitter


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    Salma Hayek
    "My feeling is that we are about to go to war. But be careful that we don’t fall into victimization. I don’t want to be hired because I’m a girl. I want them to see I’m fabulous. Don’t give me a job because I’m a girl. It’s condescending.”

    Shirley Maclaine
    "Trump presented a challenge to each of our inner democracy and everyone needs to explore their core identity.”

    Jessica Williams
    “I have a question for you. My question is: What if you are a person of color, or a transgendered person who — just from how you look — you already are in a conflict?”

    “Right, but change your point of view. Change your point of view of being victimized. I’m saying: Find the democracy inside.”

    "I’m sorry. Can I ask you a question?”

    “Yes, ma’am,”

    “Who are you when you’re not black and you’re not a woman? Who are you and what have you got to give?”

    “A lot. But some days, I’m just black, and I’m just a woman. Like, it’s not my choice. I know who I am. I know I’m Jessica, and I’m the hottest bitch on the planet I know.”

    “No, no, no. Take the time to investigate. That’s the trap! ...There is so much more.”

    “Right. The more is inside.”

    “I think what you’re saying is valid, but I also think that what you’re saying doesn’t apply to all women. I think that’s impossible.”

    “What part of it is impossible? You’re giving attention to how the other one feels.”

    “Because I have to,”

    "If you have to do that, then do that. Then that’s your journey. But I want to inspire other people to know it’s a choice.”

    Dee Rees
    “I don’t see myself a victim. Jessica doesn’t see herself as a victim. But it’s how you're read.”

    “I also feel like the word ‘victim’ — I feel like it has bothered me. When I talk about feminism, sometimes I feel like being a black woman is cast aside. I always feel like I’m warring with my womanhood and wanting the world to be better, and with my blackness — which is the opposite of whiteness.”

    Jill Soloway (Transparent creator)
    “With intersectional feminism, it’s our responsibility as white women to recognize that when there are people of color or people who are queer — we need to prioritize your voices and let you speak the loudest and learn from your experience, because we haven’t been listening. So please, Jessica, finish your thoughts.”

    “I think we need to not speak over black women, not assign them labels.”

    “What does this mean, ‘speak over?"

    “To project your ideas on me. I think there is a fear that if we present an idea that, ‘Hey, maybe [black women] have it a little bit harder in this country’ — because we do; black women and trans women do — if we’re having it a little bit harder, it doesn’t invalidate your experience. I really am begging you to not take it personally.”
    "Four out of five women who use their services (Planned Parenthood) are women of color."

    “So when you say women of color. Jessica, do you mind if I look at your eyes?”

    Cora (celebrity chef)
    “Wouldn’t it solve it if women just all had each other’s backs in general?”

    “Sure. The thing is this, yes, all women can work together, but we have to acknowledge that black women have a different experience. She’s here struggling and we keep shutting her down.”

    “I don’t think anybody here shut her down,”

    “Can I interrupt, because I feel misunderstood. It’s not shutting you up. I feel misunderstood on one point: We should be also curious about our brain. By being the best that you can be. That’s what I was trying to say to you. Let’s not just spend all the time in the anger, but in the investigation.”
    “Baby, I’m Mexican and Arab. I’m from another generation, baby, when this was not even a possibility. My generation, they said, ‘Go back to Mexico. You’ll never be anything other than a maid in this country.’ By the head​s ​of studios! There was no movement. Latino women were not even anywhere near where you guys are. I was the first one. I’m 50 years old. So I understand.”

    “You don't understand,”

    Celebration of women filmmakers


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    - the FBI has classified "Juggalos" as a gang.
    - “Over the past five years, our legal team has heard testimonies and reports from Juggalos all over the nation who have lost custody of their children, been fired from jobs, denied access into the armed forces, and the most common consequence — being officially labeled as a gang member by law enforcement agencies for wearing Juggalo related clothing or brandishing one or more Juggalo tattoos.” says ICP on their website.
    - In 2014, The Insane Clown Posse lost a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan to have the designation removed.
    - The march is to show that they are not a gang but "a family that is united by a shared love of music and fellowship.""We may be the outsiders, the misfits, the weirdos, and the underdogs of the mainstream world, but as a result we have created our own world — one built on a rock-solid foundation of community, creativity, joy, and love."
    - The march is scheduled for noon on Sept. 16 at the Lincoln Memorial.


    have you ever been mistaken for a gang member?

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    Famous director, SLB, who has directed popular movies like Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani was attacked by members of a fringe right-wing group called Karni Sena. The attack happened on the sets of his new movie Rani Padmavati, starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. The movie is supposed to be on the story of Rani Padmavati (Deepika) who was a Rajput princess coveted by Alauddin Khilji, the famous military general and ruler of Delhi Sultanate dynasty. According to the story based on Malik Mohamed Jayasi's medieval poem Padmavat, Khilji (to be played by Ranveer Singh) defeated the husband of Padmavati (Shahid Kapoor) and when they heard of the loss suffered by their king, the Rajput women led by Padmavati, to protect their honor, committed jauhar (self-immolation). However this story has been communalized by many right-wing Hindu individuals and groups and has now crossed over from fiction to fact. Karni Sena, which is supposedly a Rajput-interest group think (unfortunately they are not alone; many believe in this completely) this is real history and have vandalized the sets of the movie and attacked the filmmaker. In a video taken by one of the goons, we can see Bhansali being beaten, slapped, shoved and his hair being pulled. The reason for this attack is an unsubstantiated rumor that there is a dream sequence depicting intimate scenes between Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji which has since been denied by the production house. Supporters and members of the party claim that this scene is an insult to the memory of Padmavati and claim this is historical distortion (even though legitimate historians have denied claims of the existence of this story).

    Bhansali has not filed a complaint yet and 5 people who were held for vandalism were released on bail on Saturday. He has stopped the shoot and has left Jaipur, Rajasthan where the assualt took place on Friday.
    Bollywood has come to the support of SLB and the team of Rani Padmavati. Anurag Kashyap (who is getting a lot of hate right now for rightly calling out right wing Hindus), Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar, Deepika, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahid Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Rishi Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Mahesh Bhatt, Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan are among some of the people who have spoken out. Attaching a few tweets:

    It is not even shocking. I expect no justice to be served in this country. Repeated and emboldened attacks by various right wing Hindu outfits have been a regular feature since the election of the present ruling party which provides them impunity. Those who follow Bollywood will remember the right-wing attacks against Aamir (against his comments about intolerance in India and for PK's satire on religion) and SRK (for intolerance comment, general existence, and now a trumped up controversy about Raees) and many others (KJo etc), the most notable was of course the 'ban' on Pakistani actors and the most ludicrous was the "controversy" over Kareena and Saif's baby's name. Increasingly there's a vile cohort of people online who attack Bollywood for being anti-Hindu (LOL) and hate Muslims for just existing. They are infuriated by the dominance of the three Khans (so, they pathetically support Hrithik and Akshay) and tweet nonsense at these celebs from various sock puppet accounts. Just take a look at the replies to each of those tweets I linked to. This is really sickening....for once, Bollywood has found its backbone (should have happened when these goons threatened Pakistani actors).

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    - a new song from karla has leaked online and it's going to be ontd's new jam
    - the new song, titled "love incredible," will be part of producer cashmere cat's new album


    are you ready for karla's full-length debut album??

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    • ACLU is an organization that provides legal assistance when civil liberties are at risk. They are suing Trump for his immigration ban.

    • Celebrities are requesting others to send receipts of your donations and will be matching them. Chris Sacca originally said that he will match up to $25k, but because of the enormous amount of replies and donations is now matching up to $150k. Sia is matching up to $100k. Judd Apatow decided to follow Sia's lead and will be matching donations as well.

    • CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) is a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group that will be attempting to sue the Trump administration as well.

    • Grimes will match CAIR donations up to $10k.

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    Sleepy Hollow's actress Jessica Camacho is scheduled to debut as the DC Comics character Gypsy in the January 31 episode of the CW's The Flash, but for some people her arrival will come with some unwanted connotations.

    The term "Gypsy" itself is for many people a derogatory word with stereotypical associations and is considered a racial slur against Romani people.


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    Would you get a reduction?

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    Harold and Kumar actor Kal Penn responded to a racist social media comment he received by starting a fundraising page for Syrian refugees in the name of the guy who posted the comment.

    Penn (who was born in New Jersey, btw) blocked out the name of the person who sent him the message, but other users quickly found the original comment and identified him as one Mitch Nachtman (mnachtman42). Nachtman has since deleted his comment and made his Instagram account private.

    Although Penn set the original fundraising goal at $2,500, the page had already passed $175,000 within 18 hours of being created. He has since raised the goal to $250,000.


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    The Stranger Things cast attends the Entertainment Weekly Celebration of SAG Award Nominees at Chateau Marmont on January 28th, 2017

    Maisie Williams

    Emily Wickersham

    Jessica Parker Kennedy

    Lyndie Greenwood

    Shannon Purser

    Kaley Cuoco

    Marcus Scribner

    Bethany Joy Lenz

    Natalia Dyer

    Finn Wolfhard

    Caleb McLaughlin

    Bitsie Tulloch

    D'Arcy Carden

    Claire Foy and Matt Smith

    Russell Hornsby

    Joe Morton

    Sam Richardson

    Manny Jacinto

    Gaius Charles

    Bridget Regan

    Sarah Rafferty

    Kelly McCreary

    Miles Brown

    Tamara Taylor

    Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellasario

    Sophia Bush and Jaime King

    Chrissy Metz

    Hannah Kasulka

    Candice Patton

    Marsai Martin

    Mamrie Hart

    Jason George

    Dan Bucatinsky

    Taryn Manning

    Malin Akerman

    Rico Rodriguez

    Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

    Hilary Duff

    Zachary Levi

    Katie Cassidy

    Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford

    Aldis Hodge

    Tahj Mowry

    Colton Haynes

    Lucy Hale

    Yara Shahidi

    Laverne Cox


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    Video by Looper and is 10:29 in length.


    Val Kilmer: Childish / impossible / rude / abrasive.

    Shia LaBoeuf: Got in two different fist fights on set, one with Tom Hardy, another with Brad Pitt

    Chevy Chase: "One of the meanest men in showbiz". Got in fist fight w/ Bill Murray on SNL. Suggested a weekly segment where fellow SNL cast mate Terry Sweeney get weighed "to see if he's contracted AIDS yet" .

    Mike Myers: Penelope Spheeris says he's "emotionally needy and difficult". Once stormed off set because catering didn't have any margarine out for his bagel.

    Bruce Willis: Kevin Smith described him as "f***ing soul crushing" to work with on Cop Out.

    Others on the list: GOOP, Patrick Dempsey, Katherine Heigl, Mandy Patinkin, Teri Hatcher, Steven Seagal. Watch the video to see what they've done.


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    Liam added to his ever-growing collection of tattoos, by adding an eye to a gap in his left sleeve.

    He already has one matching tattoo with Cheryl - the three roses on his hand, which are supposed to be a replica of her infamous back/butt cover up tattoo.

    ONTD, would you ever get a significant others body part tattooed?

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    She posted about the single on her Instagram this morning too.

    sources: 123456

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