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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 03/09/13--16:46: Walking Post

  • Jessica Alba, Rose McGowan, Selma Blair, Nicole Richie, January Jones, Hayden Christensen and Julie Benz are the celebrities spotted out and about.

    In Santa Monica Model/Actress Jessica Alba was all smiles that resulted from a mistake she made in recognizing her own car as she confidently went toward a stranger’s with her fix of Starbucks coffee in her hand but realized it just in time. Feeling the focus of the cameras at her she couldn’t help but break into a smile that in turn brightened our day.

    “Charmed” actress Rose McGowan wore a transparent draping for some reason not quite apparent to us as she stepped out on Beverly Hills to visit a hair salon. As always the 39 year old star looked fresh and energized though she did drop the file she held in her hand which makes me wonder is she felt sleepy. Just a conjecture!

    Anger Management actress Selma Blair got her usual shopping done from Decades Inc in West Hollywood looking cool as usual. Here is a single mom who focuses more on the comfort and quality of her attire than the glamour.

    Socialite Nicole Richie is almost like Kim Kardashian when it comes to sticking to a colour choice as like Kim she also shares a liking for the colour black and is rarely seen in any other colour. This time she wore a fluffy black winter jacket with fake fur for the lapels and sleek leather pants as she stepped out in New York City.

    Mad Men actress January Jones was dressed in casuals with a smart jean jacket as she arrived on a flight at LAX. The 35 year old star is reportedly in a fling with Miley’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth and I wonder if the sunglasses have a role to play here or she is just shading her eyes from the camera glare.

    “Jumper” actor Hayden Christensen looked all relaxed and rejuvenated as he left a massage parlour in Studio City he visited with a friend. He got in to his luxurious car that stood right outside passing a smile in the direction of the cameras.

    “Defiance” actress Julie Benz stepped out of her hotel in Vancouver to take her pet pooch to do its business which it did and she gladly cleaned up after it. I really respect the fact that she was in her best clothes and still made a point to pick up the stuff off the street.


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    Episode 8x17 Stills
    goodbye-stranger3-e1362689315552(Busty Asian Beauties?)

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    ‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: What Famous Angel Is on Its Way?
    ‘Supernatural‘s’ March 20 return episode “Goodbye Stranger” will feature the returns of some major supernatural forces, but with a ninth season of the long-running CW drama guaranteed, the show is setting up some major mythology pieces for next year. New reports suggest that a famous angel will soon enter the mix with a possibility to turn recurring, but who is this mystery player with whom Sam and Dean Winchester come in contact?

    With ‘Supernatural’s’ eighth year firmly rooted in the mythology of angels and demons, the Winchester boys were bound to make some new friends and enemies alike. Whether or not their new friends are on the side of the angels remains to be seen, but SpoilerTV managed to uncover some interesting spoilers for a new recurring role to begin among the final season 8 episodes.

    SpoilerTV reports that ‘Supernatural’s’ producers have begun casting the role of one of the most famed angels of all, that of the “Metatron,” to appear in the final three episodes of the season, and potentially recur into the ninth. The character is described as an older angel, the scribe of God and one present before the time of Adam and Eve. To Dean’s would-be delight no doubt, Metatron is seen as a cross between  Obi-Wan Kenobi and ‘The Usual Suspect’ character Verbal Kint/Keyser Söze.

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    Welcome to your weekly Kourtney Kardashian Fashian and News Post. Under the kut you will find this week's pics of my Kween as well as an article from US Weekly on how Lord Disick wants the already sexy & slender momma to lose even more weight.


    For some QT in Miami with Penelope Scotland and Lord Disick, Kourtney paired a sweet denim dress with some tan Louboutins, a orange Hermes bag and a wide belt to accentuate her curves.  Jealous of those shoes, tbh.

    My Kween also spent some time this week basking on the beach in a hot little Agent Provocateur bikini. She's been working so hard to lose her pregnancy weight and by the look of these photos she clearly has. She looks better than ever, girl betta werk, etc, etc.

    Kim aka the Kardashian no one really kurr about, posted this pic of Kourtney to her blog this week. Look at the stunning radiance of my Kween!

    Some random pics Kween Kourtney posted to her blog this week also include her klowning around with Khloe...

    ...a snapshot of her look of the day which included leather shorts paired with a sweatshirt and a Chanel chain that I am supremely jealous of...

    And a pic of her getting glam in her jammies. Love the romantic side braid.

    The Kalabasas Kween topped off the week by getting banged. Below are some "After" pics she posted of the mini-makeover.

    And for those of you that missed it, here's a pic of Penelope's mini Balenciaga bag we were discussing last week.

    And now for the news...

    Kourtney Kardashian Used To Weigh A Tiny 95 Pounds But Does Scott Disick Want Her To Lose More Weight?

    Kourtney Kardashian has revealed to the world she used to weigh 95 pounds! In an upcoming episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, the mum-of-two talks about her weight being so up and down.

    According to Us Weekly, the hot brunette is seen in a scene where steps onto the bathroom scale whilst chatting to her boyfriend Scott Disick and lil sis Kim Kardashian. Kourtney asked, “Do you guys ever, like, pee and then weigh yourself?"

    To which, businessman Disick replied, “Yeah, of course. You always gotta go on an empty stomach.”

    When the scale showed that Kourtney weighs 115 pounds, Kim shouted: “115! I am so jealous.”

    “Do you know what you're supposed to weigh for your average weight for your height?" Disick quizzed his TV reality star girlfriend. “What were you when I first met you?”

    "Like, 95," Kourtney answered.

    Disick sighed and said, "I feel like 93 is the dream. Actually, when I first met you I was probably more like 100 and then I got down" Kourtney hit back.

    Disick then said, "Your body was banging when I first saw you on the beach with that little ass".

    Not happy with Scott discussing her sister's weight, Kim turned to Kourtney, "How do you feel when he's like, 'I want you at 95 pounds?'"

    Kourtney remained cool about her lover's revelations. "It doesn't bother me because I have to do what's best for me," she explained. "I can't compare myself to supermodels."

    After giving birth to Mason last year, the young babe said it was tough to shed the pounds. In January, Kourtney told Us Weekly, “I was comparing myself to other people and putting all this pressure on myself. I was working out and not eating enough. I definitely pushed myself too hard.”

    The eldest Kardashian sister also mentioned being around her kids was the first priority in her life rather than losing all of the weight quickly but still manages to have regular workout sessions with Kim.

    (OP side note, love her or hate her I think everyone here would agree her body is BANGING, and doesn't need any improving upon)

    Thank you for reading this Kween Kourtney post. I conclude with her random penis humor.  And people say she's the boring one.

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    There’s no denying that Saturday Night Live is in the midst of a lackluster season, so the question surrounding the return of All-Star host Justin Timberlake this week (his fifth time in the role) raised the question: Would the former N’Sync-er inspire the show’s writing staff to whip up some decent punch lines or would JT get dragged into the “Californians”-style muck?

    Timberlake certainly worked his multihyphentate butt off: Single-handedly taking charge of a pretty amusing Elton John-at-Hugo-Chavez’s-funeral cold open (whereas most hosts don’t appear till the opening monologue); riffing during said monologue with A-listers including Steve Martin, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and Candice Bergen; and even pulling double duty as musical guest.

    And the good news is, the hard work paid off: Sure, the episode had a few serious clunkers, but the laughter-to-groans ratio was more than acceptable (and even brought us the return of Martin and Aykroyd’s Festrunk Brothers, and Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s “Dick in a Box” singers, all in one skit). Below are my picks for the night’s best and worst.

    BEST: Moet & Chandon Ad

    Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong brought back what could be a one-joke concept — former porn stars doing ad testimonials to score free product — and once again elevated it to pure hilarity with their slurry line readings and increasingly absurdist details. From the botched pronunciation of “effervescence” to Strong’s character’s tale of getting “banged into a sinkhole,” I roared with laughter from start to finish. (Bonus points via JT’s feminist pornographer dropping Friends references, too.)

    BEST: Vegan Ville
    - No Video Available -
    Timberlake in a giant tofu costume, extolling the virtues of meatless burgers and brown rice in song parodys so deeply stupid you just had to laugh. My favorite line: Starting “We Found Love in a Meatless Place” with the phrase “yellow quinoa.” Amazing. [Video unavailable, likely due to song-clearance issues.]


    From that opening zinger about the Weekend Update nightlife correspondent writing for Smash to an impression of Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare, it was a relief to have Bill Hader’s wackiest character back in the mix.

    WORST: Tales of Sober Caligula

    Bad enough that Timberlake was forced to deliver exceedingly lame jokes about his emperor’s 12-step recovery, but that ending about lopping off and ingesting Bobby Moynihan’s testicles? Totally repugnant.

    WORST: Maine Justice

    Maybe you have to be from Maine — or New Orleans — to get this extended joke about Cajun crazies like Jason Sudeikis’ judge (and JT’s badly wigged bailiff) ruling the roost of a courtroom in the furthest state east, but gags like a crocodile puppet eating andouille sausage leave me slack-jawed with befuddlement


    Justin Timberlake's Five Timers Monologue

    It's a Date

    Nuva Ring

    Romantic Comedy

    Weekend Update: Favorite

    Performance - Justin Timberlake: Suit & Tie

    Performance - Justin Timberlake: Mirrors

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    Thoughts ONTD? I missed it so I'm watching it rn.

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    Glenn Kenny, a film critic friend of mine, notes at MSN Movies that the problem with this new Oz the Great and Powerful is that James Franco is grievously miscast as the Wizard of Oz. To me this was more or less clear from the trailer, Franco’s bumble-stoner presence an instant false note when placed in the same frame as the self-possession of Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. (I haven’t seen the movie yet.) But the disparity of talent there only mirrors the way the Oz story has been structured, from the moment L. Frank Baum set pen to paper. As underscored by spin-off work like Wicked, the fact is, Oz has always been matriarchal. Which is not, in this case at least, a feminist utopia in the sense of being a place where women nurture each other right into Scandinavian social-democratic bliss. Instead, in Oz, as Alison Lurie once put it in The New York Review of Books, “Women rule all the good societies and some of the bad ones.” For every Glinda, you get a Wicked Witch.

    There is, of course, other proof of women’s power in Oz than the rule of the witches. Dorothy’s male companions, literary scholars point out, are all robots and scarecrows and stuffed antelope heads. The Wizard himself is a disappointment. Ozma, the rightful ruler of Oz, is at one point a boy, but it turns out to be a spell disguising her true gender. What’s more, on some level the books were self-conscious about their denigration of men. At the end of the original book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the denizens of the Emerald City remark that “there is not another city in all the world that is ruled by a stuffed man.” But the narrator observes, “And so far as they knew, they were quite right”—implying that not all stuffing is visible on the outside, if you catch his drift.

    Given that these are all early-century books, the progressiveness of it might seem remarkable, but then Frank Baum was unusually well-connected to one of the more radical figures in early American feminism. He’d married a woman named Maud Gage, whose mother, Matilda Joslyn Gage, was a feminist who worked alongside Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. But Matilda Gage was more than a simple suffragette or birth control activist; she was a philosopher and a theosophist as well as a historian. She believed in reincarnation, and developed an entire theory that “man” had suppressed traces of an earlier history of matriarchy, particularly among First Nations people:

    These records prove that women had acquired great liberty under the old civilizations. A form of society existed at an early age known as the Matriarchate or Mother-rule. Under the Matriarchate, except as son and inferior, man was not recognized in either of these great institutions, family, state or church. A father and husband as such, had no place either in the social, political or religious scheme; woman was ruler in each.

    She also wrote extensively on Christian theology and its role in the oppression of women. In particular, she was obsessed with witches and witchcraft, whose demonization she saw as irrational and devaluing of women long before 1990s-style Wiccans took up the call of recharacterizing witches as “wise women”:

    Whatever the pretext made for witchcraft persecution we have abundant proof that the so-called “witch” was among the most profoundly scientific persons of the age. The church, having forbidden its offices and all external methods of knowledge to woman, was profoundly stirred with indignation at her having, through her own wisdom, penetrated into some of the most deeply subtle secrets of nature: and it was a subject of debate during the middle ages if learning for woman was not an additional capacity for evil, as owing to her, knowledge had first been introduced in the world.

    Biographers of Baum routinely declare that he borrowed the concept of the Good Witch wholesale from Gage’s writings, though none cite any particular admission by him that he consciously did so. But Gage certainly encouraged her son-in-law to publish the stories he told his children, a piece of advice she did not live to see carried out. She would die in 1897, three years before the publication of the first of the Oz books. So she never got to see how he ended up popularizing her ideas for generation upon generation of American children.

    The good and bad witches of Oz, delicious campy parts though they might make for Hollywood actresses, are hardly role models, mind you. There are few American girls who looked forward to growing up as Glinda, much less the Wicked Witch of the West. But these character did, in some sense, open the options, ones we still struggle with over here in “Kansas” today, in that they got to rule whether or not they were perfectly good or perfectly bad. They did not have to conform to the kind of “likability” we demand of modern female leaders, because of their otherworldliness, perhaps. But having etched into your childhood some idea that women, too, could exercise raw power—it had, I think, to be worth something.


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    Not watching Saturday Night Live these days? Start, start, start—because there’s a new lineup of women killing it week after week. Glamour met all five of these brilliant comedians (Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Nasim Pedrad, and Cecily Strong) for the April issue.

    GLAMOUR: You’re the latest in a long line of amazing women on SNL. Who inspired you to want to be on the show?
    VANESSA: I loved watching Julia Sweeney do Pat, and Melanie Hutsell do Tori Spelling, when I was little. And Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler], of course.
    CECILY: I remember watching all the Gilda Radner specials growing up.
    KATE: Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer…I had T-shirts of all their characters. I taped the sketches every week and transcribed them the next morning. It was unhealthy.

    GLAMOUR: What would you say are the craziest things that have happened to you so far on the show?
    AIDY: On my way to audition, I got caught in a rainstorm. When I walked in, I was soaked like a dog, I looked insane, and I was about to cry. Those hair and makeup ladies transformed me—by the time I auditioned, I felt so confident. I’m so grateful to them for that.
    NASIM: They are amazing. Going from a child to a Kardashian, I go from barely anything to a million eyelashes in 30 seconds. I just stand there frozen while they attack me.

    GLAMOUR: What’s the deal behind the famous end-of-show farewells? Have you ever really gotten in there to get a hug from a star you love?
    CECILY: I forced Alec Baldwin to hug me. I was like, “You have to do this.” He certainly wasn’t initiating.

    source | source

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    BBC Worldwide has announced that it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with a spectacular three-day event at ExCeL London, bringing together over 15,000 fans for the ultimate Doctor Who anniversary celebration beginning on Friday 22 November.

    Saturday 23 November 2013 will mark 50 years to the day since the Doctor first appeared on British TV screens and since then his global appeal has continued to grow, with viewers across generations in over 200 territories around the world and over three million Facebook fans.

    Amanda Hill, Chief Brands Officer at BBC Worldwide said: “We cannot wait to welcome Doctor Who fans from around the world to London in November. It’s going to be a spectacular weekend! Generations of fans young and old have been captivated by the Doctor and we’ve seen the show go from strength to strength, enjoying something of a global march over the past few years attracting new followers from Turkey to Brazil to South Korea. 2013 is an opportunity for fans around the world to come together and celebrate the glorious past, present and future of Doctor Who.”

    More details about the Doctor Who 50th Celebration Weekend at ExCeL London, including guests, intinerary, ticket prices and booking information will be revealed soon, alongside a host of other surprises. Fans should sign up to the www.doctorwho.tv newsletter to be the first to hear about plans for the celebration


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    For Lindsey Buckingham, recording an album used to mean doing just enough coke to nail a guitar part at 3AM, getting in screaming fights with Stevie Nicks, and, in one case, allegedly throttling an engineer who erased the wrong track. But that was all long ago. These days, he wakes up at six, has breakfast with his three young kids, hits his home studio alone, and is done by dinner. "It's a nice balance," says Buckingham, 63, who is reuniting with Fleetwood Mac for an arena tour beginning this month (and has a solo live album, One Man Show, out now). "That's the whole lesson for me now. For many years in Fleetwood Mac, it was a study in life out of balance."

    What do you remember about the argument that led to your leaving Fleetwood Mac for a while in 1987?

    All I recall is that Stevie ran after me crying and yelling and kind of beating on my back. I don't remember any physical confrontation, not to say there wasn't.

    Is it safe to say, though, that you had a temper in the past?

    Sure. It's been well documented. But we were doing all sorts of substances, too, that probably had something to do with blowing certain behaviors way out of proportion.

    Has age calmed you down?

    Some of it was situational. You've got to understand, it was very difficult for me to have Stevie break up with me and to still be in a band with her, to never get a sense of closure. It took its toll emotionally.

    How come drugs never got too out of control for your?

    The substances that were in the studio were not part of my lifestyle at home. I had to take them so I could stay up till two our three, and even then, Mick [Fleetwood] would want to go later. My MO if I really wanted to leave would be to say, "I'm going to the bathroom," and then walk out the door and drive away.

    Now that pot is practically legal in California, are you tempted by it?

    No. I did a lot of that back then, and it was good for a certain kind of abstract thinking. But we all thought we had to be altering our consciousness on a daily basis in order to be creative, which turns out to be crap. It's just about finding your center, that quiet place.

    Your most recent studio album, Seeds We Sow, got great reviews but didn't sell. Why?

    There's a disconnect between the preconceptions that go with being the age I am and what the music is. I sent the album to Daniel Glass, who runs [hip record label] Glassnote, and he loved it. Then he played it for his staff, guys in their twenties, and they said, "Well, what are we going to do with it?"

    You had your first child at 48. Do you recommend late-life fatherhood?

    It depends on the man. You could almost say I'm someone who doesn't practice age. I went to a high school reunion a few years back, and all these people seemed 20 years older than me, physically and mentally. So having kids late is good if you're the kind of person who needs to wait - though in 20 years, I may have a different perspective.

    You and Stevie broke up decades ago, but you have to deal with her forever. What's that like?

    You get used to it. And for me, getting married and having children was a positive outcome. I wonder sometimes how Stevie feels about the choices she made, because she doesn't have a relationship - she has her career. But there are a few chapters to be written in the Stevie-Lindsey legacy. There's a subtext of love between us, and it would be hard to deny that much of what we've accomplished had something to do with trying to prove something to each other. Maybe that's fucked up, but this is someone I've known since I was 16, and I think on some weird level we're still trying to work some things out. There will never be romance there, but there are other kinds of love to be had.

    It's about as complicated as a relationship can be.

    Oh, my Lord, yes.

    one of the most straightforward/honest interviews of his that I've ever read.

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    Last July, the Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman films finally came full circle with The Dark Knight Rises. Although Nolan is producing Man of Steel, and he may also produce Justice League, he swears he’s never going back to Batman.

    So once you conquer the world of the Dark Knight, what’s next?

    It’s very hard to get a completely original movie made these days, and according to one report, Nolan was able to get Inception made if he promised to come back for a last Batman movie. Inception was a big hit, and you get the impression Warner Brothers was surprised that something that wasn’t based on a comic book, or a previously made movie, became a success.

    So if you hate remakes, Nolan has enjoyed the kind of commercial success that allows him to make practically any movie he wants. Nolan was even able to make The Dark Knight Rises on film, and he resisted studio pressure to make the movie in 3D. As we previously reported on TG, Nolan’s next film is a sci-fi epic called Interstellar, and his brother Jonathan Nolan is co-writing the screenplay. (Jonathan has been Christopher’s writing partner on most of his films.)

    Interstellar is a movie about black holes, and Deadline confirms the film now has a release date of November 7, 2014. Interstellar will be made in a joint releasing venture where Paramount will distribute the film in the U.S., and Warner Brothers will release it overseas.

    “As a filmmaker and storyteller, Chris has continuously entertained the world with his extraordinary and unparalleled talents," Brad Grey, the Chairman and CEO of Paramount, said in an official statement about the film. "I am pleased beyond measure to welcome him to the Paramount Pictures family. Partnering with Chris [producer and wife] Emma [Thomas] and [producer] Lynda [Obst] and Warner Bros. to release this original idea next November is the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving and holiday movie season for audiences around the world.”

    Nolan is a huge fan of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, and it will absolutely be a trip to see what he can do in the sci-fi genre. It’s also great to see two major studios excited to make (gasp!) an original story. Again, Nolan now has the clout to get an original movie made, and the early buzz on Man of Steel, which is coming in June 14, is very positive so far. (If Steel is a hit, it could also finally give the crucial greenlight to Justice League, which Zack Snyder may also direct.) So we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what new tricks Nolan has up his sleeve with Interstellar next year.


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    Holly Madison's decision to give her newborn daughter the unique name Rainbow Aurora and face the consequent lashback was deliberate, she wrote on her blog on Friday, March 8.

    In fact, the former Playboy model wrote, she's hoping that having such an unusual name will teach her daughter to have a strong personality.

    "There are a lot of smug haters out there who bag on my choice of a name, but I don't care about what they think," she wrote. "I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and learn to speak up and stand up for herself at a young age."

    "I spent most of my life being a people-pleaser who worried about what other people thought or thought was cool and I don't want that for her," she continued.

    The former Playboy playmate is also confident that Rainbow's name will not have a negative impact on her little girl's life.

    "I have always loved the name Rainbow," she wrote. "There was a girl in my school a few years younger than me named Rainbow and I was so envious of her name because it was so pretty and unusual. She was perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I'm not worried about my daughter being 'traumatized' by having an unusual name."

    Madison, 33, gave birth to her tiny bundle of joy on Tuesday, March 5 (father is Madison's boyfriend, Pasquale Rotella), and said that she has "never been happier" than she is now for her "perfect daughter."

    "I got my nails done Rainbow colors to celebrate my new daughter's name!" she shared.


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    Rihanna Cancels Boston show; Contracted Laryngitis

    Rihanna has been forced to cancel her concert tonight in Boston after contracting laryngitis, it was announced today.

    RiRi was scheduled to perform at the TD Garden, but Live Nation postponed the show this morning, saying, "Unfortunately, following her sold out concert on Friday, Rihanna has contracted laryngitis and per doctor's instruction is unable to perform this evening." She is scheduled to play a show in Baltimore on Tuesday, which Live Nation says is scheduled to go on as planned. The Boston show will be rescheduled.


    idk why she cancelled, her backing track and background singers do 87% of the work while she dutty wines and pussy pats all over the stage for 2 hours.

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    Actors are hated for all kinds of reasons. Often, their controversial personal lives infringe on any audience goodwill. Other times, they can become so over-exposed that everyone just kind of gets sick of them. And every actor has given at least one bad performance; some actors, however, give that one bad performance that everyone will see. There are those actors whose great roles are undermined by significantly bad ones, and cinemagoers take note. Actors develop a reputation for all kinds of things and, before they know it, become one of the many performers to lose respect based on poor choices.

    The fact is, most of the people in this list endure hate based on their personal lives rather than on their acting abilities. But, taking them on their skills alone, it’s difficult to make a case against any of them. There are many underrated actors working in this industry, but it’s not often that a big star will be applauded for underrated acting abilities. The big stars, not coincidentally, are also the ones that receive the most hate from movie fans. They may receive hate based on their off-screen selves, high-profile bad performances or the fact that they’re generally annoying, but I’m here to argue that these guys deserve a little bit more respect, based on some of their better acting roles.

    Keira Knightley

    When he was just starting out, Paul Newman took out an ad in a Hollywood trade paper apologising for his own performance in 1954′s The Silver Chalice. Thirty years later, he was an Oscar winner. He wrote that apology early in his career, before he aged into a movie star, improving his skills from a terrible low into eventual monumental highs. Somehow, around the time she was (creepily) getting off with Orlando Bloom and generally being wooden for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, Keira Knightley was only 17. Owing to the feeling that she’s been around forever, it’s easy to forget Knightley still hasn’t left her 20s. She’s one of the most hated women in show business (a bad actor whose beauty has bought her into big movies, goes the standard argument), but one who unfairly receives little recognition for some of her better acting gigs.

    Just take into account Knightley’s work with Joe Wright, for one thing, the triple threat of Pride & Prejudice, Atonement and Anna Karenina all offering Knightley variations on strong-willed but vulnerable women, and all of which she knocks out of the park. Then there was her blistering, Fassbender-spanking turn in A Dangerous Method last year, her animalistic depiction of a mentally unhinged woman dividing critics but ultimately proving Knightley was willing to take risks and look potentially ridiculous in the process. Her vast improvement since Curse of the Black Pearl suggests she could have more to come. After all, she is only 27 – take a look at Tom Hardy basically failing to act at the same age, in comparison to his status today as one of the best and most versatile performers in the business. Basically, Knightley is still too young to be written off.

    Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage has become one of the internet’s finest jokes. Making acting into his own personal form of primal scream therapy, Cage’s agonising expressions on screen are so meme-worthy, it exemplifies what the format was invented for. Insaning his way through both blockbusters and weirdo arthouse projects, Cage is, for all intents and purposes, a ridiculous actor. He may also be a deep-fried genius. There’s simply no other actor quite like Cage and, outrageous as he often is, he can make even the most atrocious film watchable, merely for possessing the skill of being Nicolas Cage. Would the Wicker Man remake be a cult Bad Film were it not for the sight of Cage rampaging around an island like some escaped lunatic, beating up women and dressing up as a bear like it’s completely acceptable?

    To put it in basic terms, the crazier Cage is, the more entertaining he is; if he’s derided, it’s because his acting style is all of his own mad creation (he calls this style ‘Nouveau Shamanic‘. I’m not even making that up). And if you’re not a fan of madman Cage, there have also been a few performances from the man that have seen praise from ‘serious’ film lovers. His Best Actor Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, for one, is entirely justified; rarely has alcoholism looked so raw, real and downright upsetting. It’s also easy to forget Cage put in some great turns in Adaptation, Matchstick Men and Bad Lieutenant, buried as they have been under a career-load of mania and ludicrous wigs.

    Tom Cruise

    One word: Scientology. Rarely has association with a religion (read: cult) damaged a movie star’s reputation so harshly, but Cruise’s ties to L. Ron have left him one of the most ridiculed men in Hollywood. Alongside that, a common accusation that acting range has eluded Cruise all his career ensures he remains one of Tinseltown’s most hated actors.

    But while he does often revert to default, there are some performances in the Cruise back catalogue that are simply remarkable. Not remarkable in the Legend sense of “oh look, it’s Tom Cruise as an elf”, but Magnolia remarkable. Collateral remarkable. Or how about his one-two of Rain Man and Born on the Fourth of July back in the ’80s? Those roles prove that Cruise is at his best when he’s playing damaged or sinister, with Magnolia’s Frank T.J. Mackey combining both and remaining not just Cruise’s crowning achievement, but one of Paul Thomas Anderson’s finest character creations. Admittedly, it’s uncertain we’ll see Cruise inhabiting any roles as dark as the aforementioned again – he’s been doing his samey Everyman thing for the best part of a decade now, and that doesn’t look likely to stop – but he would be wise to go back there. Embracing the dark side has always given Cruise his best justification for being a superstar actor.

    Matthew McConaughey

    This one’s a bit of a cheat, considering how much of a turnaround last year was for Matthew McConaughey. But even as he heads towards what looks like an inevitable 2014 Oscar nom for The Dallas Buyer’s Club, the Ronsealed Texan still carries a mock-worthy stereotype with him. It’s largely because of his utterly confusing wilderness period, in which he shunned the auteurs looking to work with him (Linklater, Spielberg, Sayles among them) in favour of rom-com hell, forming a caricature of himself that all the arthouse projects in the world may never shake. He’s the guy that chases chicks and mercilessly drawls awful dialogue. He’s the guy that plays the bongos, for fun. He’s the guy that has ‘must be shirtless, where possible’ in his contract. Even McConaughey’s blistering performance in Killer Joe finds room for a scene in which he prowls around a trailer park fully starkers.

    But what a performance. Bonkers and full of menace, Killer Joe showed off a classic McConaughey unseen since Dazed and Confused. And just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he quickly followed Joe with Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, wherein he portrayed an egotistical strip club proprietor and guitar-plucking entrepreneur. It was a self-deprecating display that had Supporting Actor Oscar buzz early on, but which never quite made it, presumably because voters were still angry that McConaughey had spent the past decade ruining date night at the movies. Expect McConaughey to get Oscar recognition, maybe even a win next year (biopic about terminal illness + unhealthy physical transformation = awards gold), cementing him as a fine performer that once made some terrible decisions.

    Jude Law

    All men are jealous of Jude Law. There, I said it. Oh, but he comes across as smug and superior, with a hairline perishing faster than the Happisburgh coastline? Well, maybe, but he’s also rich, successful and your girlfriend fancies him more than she’ll ever fancy you. That’s reason enough for some people to hate Jude Law, but the man also seems to attract malice due to the onset of ageing, his well-publicised hair loss both aggravating admirers and comforting haters with the knowledge that even the most beautiful will be slowly ravaged by time. It doesn’t help that he gave some middling performances in his early years either, which earned him the tag of pretty boy making it big despite limited acting abilities. But Law, like most actors (sorry Robert De Niro), has thankfully improved with age.

    While his arrogant, debonair portrayal of Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. Ripley still remains his finest hour, Law has of late settled comfortably into the role of character actor, making the transition from often awkward leading man to dependable supporting player. As Sherlock Holmes’ amiable Dr. Watson, Contagion’s sleazy Alan Krumwiede and Anna Karenina’s tortured Karenin, Law has shown more subtlety and scope in the last few years than he ever did as a top-billed player. Getting relegated to supporting slots as a result of being withered by time will be the best thing that ever happened to Jude Law’s career.


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    MP Olivia Chow says she hopes a new TV movie about her late husband, former federal New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, will inspire other Canadians to live their lives to the fullest.

    The biopic Jack, set to air this Sunday (op note: That's tonight!) on CBC-TV, was previewed to dignitaries and friends of the late politician Monday night.

    It recounts Layton’s relationship with Chow, his early days in Toronto municipal politics and his emergence onto the national stage — leading to the NDP's impressive federal election campaign in 2011 and his death from cancer just weeks later.

    “Our story was quite typically Canadian,” Chow, an NDP MP, told CBC News.

    “If the film can show Jack as an ordinary person who wanted to make a difference in this world and lived his life to the fullest — if it inspires other people to do the same, it will be worth it.”

    The movie was previewed on Monday in Toronto for dignitaries, friends and family. The audience included Layton’s children, Mike Layton and Sarah Layton, and campaign team members Brad Lavigne, Karl Bélanger, Brian Topp and Anne McGrath.

    Actor Rick Roberts portrays Layton, while CBC Radio personality Sook-Yin Lee plays Chow. Advance screenings are also planned for Tuesday in Ottawa and Thursday in Winnipeg, where the film was shot.

    Taking on the role was “nerve-wracking” in part because of Layton’s great popularity, Roberts said.

    The actor looks almost nothing like Layton and had to spend three hours each day having makeup applied and removed.

    “I will not be stopped on the street because of this role,” Roberts said with a laugh. “I had no idea how well the makeup would turn out.”

    The project was indeed “a tall order,” Lee agreed. However, she said she was drawn to the film by the inherent drama and romance of Layton and Chow’s lives.

    “We all saw the events play out in the final campaign and, knowing how tight they were, how much love was that and how much desire and aim and faith… it’s a very deep love story,” she said.

    Jack also stars Wendy Crewson, who played McGrath, Zachary Bennett as Lavigne, Joel Keller as Bélanger and Judah Katz as Topp.

    source 12

    This is amazing, how did I not know this was happening??? I haven't seen Sook-Yin Lee since her Much Music video days.

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    Brian Littrell tweeted that the Backstreet Boys were in the studio, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, with pop god Max Martin.  If your heart doesn't stop when you receive that news, you basically don't have a soul.

    This just makes everything right in the boy band and pop music universe.  Max Martin is responsible for most of the group's hit songs (including I Want It That Way), and pretty much everything that was good about 1999.

    Could this be the beginning of an epic comeback for BSB?

    Source: Brian Littrell Twitter, Howie Dorough Twitter

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    This was filmed on Friday during the Karaoke Party at the SPN convention in Vegas. It isn't as good as the other one but I adore Matt Cohen so I thought I'd share.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The original Evil Dead was nothing short of a horror phenomenon. A micro-budget shocker about a demonic book that unleashed hell on a group of vacationing teenagers, the film made a mint at the box office globally, spawned two hugely successful sequels, and launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell.

    So it’s with understandable trepidation that fans will approach this re-imagining of the cult classic. But feel free to leave your apprehension at the theatre door, as this new chapter in the Evil Dead story is quite simply astonishing – a vicious assault on the senses that is every bit as good as the originals, and one that will trigger a whole new set of nightmares for those who like their horror both unrelenting and unforgiving.

    The film kicks off with a bloodied and bruised girl being chased through a forest. Quickly caught by her assailants, she’s blindfolded and taken to a cabin in the woods
    But when her hood is removed, she isn’t faced by the mysterious men who were chasing her, but rather her own father. And that’s when the real horror starts, even before the credits have rolled.

    In beginning with such a bang, the film immediately takes a detour from the original, and this continues when we are introduced to the twenty-somethings at the heart of this Evil Dead. For although also heading to a cabin, partying is the last thing on their mind, as they are there to support their friend Mia (Jane Levy), whose life has been destroyed and very nearly taken by her addiction to drugs.
    So with the help of brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and friends Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) Olivia (Jessica Lucas) and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), she ceremonially dumps what drugs she has left, and prepares for a weekend of cold turkey.

    But while Mia is confronting the very real horrors of withdrawal head-on, her friends are making unpleasant finds of their own, including a cellar-full of mummified animals, and a mysterious book which is bound in barbed wire.

    The group is understandably perturbed by such a discovery, but Eric quickly becomes fascinated with the tome, prying it open, ignoring the warnings plastered all over its pages, and instead reciting the bizarre incantations therein. As with the original, it’s at this point that proceedings take a dark and demonic turn, as Eric’s words unleash hell in the shape of malevolent spirits who want to first possess the living and then feed on their souls.

    Chaos then reigns for the remainder of the movie, as a storm prevents the group from leaving the cabin and forces them to fight amongst their possessed selves and face up to true horror contained within the pages of The Book of the Dead.

    The film therefore has a similar structure to its predecessor, and it wholeheartedly embraces these similarities, with sounds, imagery and dialogue harking back the 1981 version. Hell, even the beat-up Oldsmobile makes a cameo.

    Yet this isn’t some lazy cover version of a beloved original. Instead, screenwriters Rodo Sayagues and Fede Alvarez – the latter of whom also directed the movie – cleverly subvert expectations at every turn, most notably in the film’s final third.

    The addiction angle adds an intriguing layer to proceedings, with Mia’s fears and warnings blamed on paranoia brought about by her withdrawal, which a later revelation from her past only compounds. The screenwriters also have fun with the audience’s presumed prior knowledge, granting us an early and knowing glimpse at power-tools that we know will come into play late on, and even recreating the controversial tree rape from the original, this time with their own twisted (and no less tasteless) spin.

    The 1981 Evil Dead isn’t the only influence on proceedings, with the well-worn tropes of J-horror yet again rearing their ugly head, and the film featuring several nods to The Exorcist, most notably during several foul-mouthed bouts of possession. The film does suffer from a lack of Bruce Campbell however, his charismatic and somewhat deranged presence in the originals so much a part of their success.

    This new take is a more somber affair however, and the cast do solid work throughout, most notably Jane Levy as the put-upon Mia, and Lou Taylor Pucci, who supplies much-needed light relief as Eric’s obsession with the book causes him to make some very bad decisions.

    But the real star of the show is the horror itself, and on this front Evil Dead is a master-class from start to finish. Kicking off in foreboding fashion, the film then speeds from brutal set-piece to brutal set-piece, the violence becoming more graphic and the scares ever-more effective.

    An orgy of puss, piss, puke and blood, Evil Dead also features body horror most foul, especially in a brilliantly choreographed bathroom sequence that will appall and exhilarate in equal measure. And credit should go to director Alvarez for pulling off much of the horror in-camera. There’s very little CGI on display here, with practical effects making the brutality that much more believable. This aspect of the film is helped by luminous lighting which creates a marvelous sense of texture and mood, and astounding sound design which truly brings proceedings to life. Score and editing are also spot-on, with everyone involved seemingly at the top of their game.

    That said, Evil Dead does briefly lose momentum as the finale nears, making you fear that the film might have plateaued. But Alvarez and his team brilliantly snatch victory from the blood-stained jaws of defeat, the concluding sequence a clever nod to the past that also suggests the potential for great things in the future.

    The result is a perfect marriage of old and new, with Fede Alvarez staying true to the essence of the original while at the same time updating it with new ideas, stories and characters that serve to make the Evil Dead mythology that much richer.

    And with Raimi, Campbell and Co. getting to complete their own trilogy first time around, one hopes Alvarez will get the opportunity to do the same, if only to see just how the hell he plans to top this.


    Today is a very good day. Everyone go see this when it comes out.

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    Christian Bale is reportedly the frontrunner to star opposite Jennifer Lawrence in The Ends of the Earth.


    It was confirmed last month that Lawrence would reunite with her Silver Linings Playbook director David O Russell on the romantic drama, which is penned by Argo writer Chris Terrio.

    The Daily Mail now reports that Russell is keen for Bale to play the male lead opposite Lawrence, with other contenders including Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

    The Ends of the Earth tells the true story of oil tycoon Ernest Marland, who loses his empire after being caught in an affair, with the lead character being his 20-year-old adopted daughter Lydie (Lawrence).

    Lawrence and Bale are also set to co-star in another of Russell's upcoming projects, a currently untitled political drama centring on 1970s FBI sting operation Abscam.


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    Actors Catherine Keener, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage attend "The Croods" premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater on March 10, 2013 in New York City.

    the teen witch:

    and her sister:


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    Justin Bieber has dealt his fans a further blow by cancelling an upcoming show in Portugal just days after wrapping up his problematic U.K. tour.

    The pop superstar completed a four-night residency at London's O2 Arena on Friday after a tumultuous trip to Britain which included a headline-grabbing bust-up with a photographer just hours before his final show.

    Bieber's Believe tour is now heading across Europe, but he has axed his Tuesday night show in Lisbon, Portugal.

    His gig at the Pavilhao Atlantico venue on Monday will go ahead as planned and local reports suggest the second concert there was axed due to slow ticket sales.

    A statement posted on the venue's website reads, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel the second performance in Portugal, March 12. The Canadian singer is eager to play for the Portuguese fans on March 11."

    Ticketholders have been offered refunds.

    The Baby hitmaker's wild antics dominated headlines during his trip to the U.K. and culminated in his hospitalization on Thursday to treat breathing difficulties.

    He was involved a birthday bust-up with bouncers at a London nightclub, as well the foul-mouthed altercation with a photographer on Friday. Bieber, 19, also angered many fans by leaving them waiting for several hours at the first gig of his residency at the city's O2 Arena, promoting a furious response from parents who were forced to take their young children home before the show had even started.


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