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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Leigh-Anne bumps into Ri-Ri at River Island event with Jade Thirlwall (and don't get a picture together -____-)

    Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock was at a loss for words when she got up close to Rihanna at a fashion bash last night.

    The Wings singer told Twitter fans that she and bandmate Jade Thirlwall, 20, were unable to string a sentence together after being introduced to Ri-Ri at her River Island fashion launch after party in London.

    'Omgosh mixers tonight I met one of my idols.. Rihanna.. Properly lol. Me and Jade couldn't even talk! Lol #StarStruck x leigh,' Leigh-Anne posted from the girls' join account.

    It seems the former X Factor contestant was equally tongue-tied after running into Rihanna backstage on the show in 2011.

    'She walked past, did a double take and said, "Your hair is awesome",' Leigh-Anne told The Mirror.

    'I just froze. I couldn't believe she noticed me.'

     sources: hey,how yadoin'?

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    Last week, David Duchovny told Jay Leno that he, co-star Gillian Anderson and creator Chris Carter are “always on board” to make a third X-Files movie. In fact, he said, “You could wheel me out. I’ll play Fox Mulder forever.” Something about that exchange left me scratching my head. Was this the same David Duchovny who abandoned the show before its penultimate season?

    Way back in 1999, Duchovny mused the cult-hit series could go on without him, telling a newspaper, “I’m sure they’d hire a good actor,” while admitting he’d miss playing Mulder. The actor has had a mixed relationship with the character, and with The X-Files franchise. It’s strange to see him so unabashedly eager for a return to chasing aliens through cornfields after so many years of equivocation.

    The last X-Files installment, 2008’s I Want to Believe, grossed an anemic $68 million, opening in the shadow of The Dark Knight (still, that’s more than twice its estimated budget). But considering the reception Duchovny’s subsequent films have received — The Joneses brought in just $7 million, andGoats has a rating of 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes – a new X-Files film must be looking pretty good about now. And Duchovny might be thinking about his long-term career: When he’s in his 80s, I’m sure he’d like Oscar host Quvenzhané Wallis to do a bit about Fox Mulder in her opening number.Or is it? Plenty of stars have trashed their biggest career triumphs in genre films and television shows, only to circle back around and return to the same well later in their careers. In 1986,William Shatner delivered his famous “Get a Life” monologue on Saturday Night Live, telling an audience of fake devotees that Star Trek was “just a TV show,” and that fandom was a “colossal waste of time.” Only last year, Shatner made a documentary about Trek fan culture. Of course, the Trek films netted a good deal more money for their stars than the original TV show, and Shatner has never really left Captain Kirk behind.

    Speaking of long-term, Carrie Fisher has said yes to reprising her role as Princess Leia, despite writing in her memoir Wishful Drinking about her discomfort with that whole metal bikini incident, and the intense fan response that followed the release of the three iconic Star Wars films. When Fisher writes “George Lucas ruined my life … and I mean that in the best way possible,” I could imagine Shatner or Duchovny saying the same thing.

    Of course, there are some genre actors who never, ever come back to the roles that made them famous. Amy Jo Johnson is primarily known for playing the Pink Power Ranger, but she was uncomfortable with the intensity of the show’s fans, and went on to dramatic television series (like Felicity and Flashpoint). Alec Guinness, had he lived to see this latest batch of Star Wars films, would have been unlikely to join the cast. He has been quoted as saying the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi was “not an acting job” – he received an Academy Award nomination for his performance — and that the dialogue was beneath him. (Yet he recognized a hit when he saw one, and shrewdly negotiated a royalties deal that made him a wealthy man in his later years.)It’s impossible to know what these actors are thinking. Are they looking for money? For the attention of fans who have dwindled over the years? Immortality? When David Duchovny is gone from this world, his obituary will have one paragraph about Hank Moody, and three about Fox Mulder. There are characters that are great to play, thought-provoking and insightful — and then there are those that hook into people and create fans for life. I would imagine that kind of power is addicting and repulsive at the same time.

    It will be a long time until a third X-Files film sees the light of day. It’s nice to know that Duchovny is willing and able to come back to the character that made him famous, whatever his reasons for doing so. It’s possible that with the success of Californication, which scored record ratings last month, it’s not such a scary thought to be stuck playing the same alien-chasing, brow-furrowing, Scully-rescuing FBI agent for one more film.


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    There are just four episodes left to this season, and so much we're hoping to see. Here are six things from the Walking Dead comic that we'd like to see the show use, to end its season with a bang. Warning: comics spoilers and possible TV spoilers ahead...

    1) A More Badass Andrea

    Lately, this character is becoming TWD's answer to King Joffrey — the character everybody wants to see die in the bloodiest manner possible. We cannot stand to listen to one more minute of this character's excuse-making prattle. But we'd like to see more of the badass bitch from the comics. Remember her? The woman that described her shooting skills as insanely good? Laurie Holden certainly has great knife skills, and it's fun to watch her disassemble a Walker in front of the innocents of Woodbury. So why not more of that? Let's bring back Andrea the badass and spend time with that person, not the person who stands naked in front of a window at all hours of the day.

    2) More Morgans

    Yes. This. This is the crazy we want. No more chasing waify white dresses in the grass, Rick. This is how you play crazy. Morgan doesn't want to be saved, he doesn't want to be around other people. He's ashamed and angry that the "weak" (himself) are all that's left in this horrible new world. So he's going to do the only thing he can: Kill everything in his path. Clear the world. Let's meet more people that are actually scary and yet have sympathetic emotional responses to the end of the world. Walking Dead prides itself on its gritty realism in this fantasy world, so there should be a whole lotta mental Morgans running around, and we want to meet them all. Where's Dr. Eugene Porter at?

    3) Show the Point of the Prison

    In the comics, the prison is a safe haven. It takes some time to secure and even more time to settle in, but the slow transformation of the prison from creepy disciplinary center to home/fortress was (dare I say it) fun. It was pretty riveting to watch the clever group of survivors utilize whatever they had to turn their new digs into a pretty killer post-apocalyptic pad. Bodies were cleaned (and burned) out of a gym area, some folks made clothes out of the prison jumpsuits, they found a library, people slowly started to feel comfortable in their cells, and Hershel even planted crops in the yard! But right now on television, the prison looks like a piss-smelling hell hole that isn't even remotely safe. Walkers are still roaming parts of the "tombs," and they never really plugged up the problems from the last leak. Why do the survivors want to defend this place? Why does the audience care if Rick's people lose it? Right now it looks like a flimsy bit of fencing that can't even defend its inhabitants from one man with a gun. We want to spend time in the prison, do the whole post-apocalypse dinner night where people let their guard down for a second and you see that maybe this place is worth the fight. That's probably not going to happen right away, because the Walking Dead has four more episodes of dragging out this final battle to do, but it seems like the series is hinting at humanizing this nightmare space. The singing helped, let's do more of that.

    4) More Slow Decline of Humanity

    How brilliant was the hitchhiker bit? It's easy to recreate the zombie gladiator ring, and sexy. Who doesn't want to watch an episode where humans duke it out surrounded by walkers for sport? That's an easy sell. But it's also so ridiculously Mad Max and far-fetched, it doesn't seem real. Ignoring the backpacker is real; hell, some people do it every day on the train. This was a chill-inducing little scene that not only demonstrated Rick, Carl and Michonne's slow slip away from basic human kindness into the brutal mindset of the kill-or-be-killed world. Ignoring this hitcher is the smart thing to do, but it gets harder every time he pops up, until eventually he's dead. And then they steal his backpack for supplies. Notice they didn't steal his backpack while he was still alive (something they easily could have done). This was the first time we really got to see how much this world has changed the personal relationships with strangers, without making it a panic-filled situation. This was just a guy on the side of the road — he wasn't being chased by walkers or other humans, so this was just the slow decline into self-preservation. We'd love to see more decisions just like this, without looking down the barrel of a gun. This way, when Rick and the gang hold down a local cannibal and begin to carve into them searching for their own version of justice, we may even root for them. Spare us the warning signs made out of body parts, this is way better.

    5) Let Tyreese Be Tyreese

    Remember how excited we all were when Chad Coleman was cast as Tyreese? That was a GREAT day. A fantastic actor getting put in a fantastic part? We did somersaults all over our living room, upon hearing the announcement. But then Tyreese showed up and was promptly locked away in some terrible "we'll deal with this later" writer's cupboard. This is Rick's bestie! This is the muscle and heart of the comic (for a time, anyway). Why hasn't Tyreese been allowed to be Tyreese? He was kicked out of the prison almost as quickly as he was locked away in it. There's mountains of drama just waiting to be uncorked from this man. Plus, he was the only person able to give Rick's tribe hope. Something we've already touched on as a severely lacking part of this group. Nobody wants to cheer on a corpse. And if Maggie is going to sit in her cell and not talk to Glenn all day (understandable, but arguably boring television) then we're kind of out of any sort of new emotional character growth to explore. Hell we've already circled the Carol-and-Daryl dance 1,000 times over. And Merle and Daryl had their showdown in the woods. Rick has been (hopefully) shocked out of his catatonic state by Morgan... we need something!

    6) Unleash the Governor

    Are you afraid of the Governor? I mean, really? Merle was the one who mercilessly beat the ever-loving piss out of Glenn. Merle was the one who seemed to get off on it. So far the only truly disturbing stuff the Governor has done is shoot a bunch of defenseless men, stare at some heads in an aquarium, and hover over a naked Maggie. The sexual assault was by far and away the most terrifying, and the heads probably would have been pretty creepy, had Andrea not shrugged it off and hopped back into bed with "Phillip." David Morrissey is an amazing actor — so lets let him off the leash! The comic book Governor is infinitely more intimidating, and not just because he cuts off Rick's hand. But let's not forget the guy CUTS OFF RICK'S HAND very early into their first meeting, clearly indicating he was mental — so let's do it. Right now we're more afraid that Rick will spend the rest of the season chasing Ghost Lori than of anything the Governor could inflict. Oooh, he shot that convict no one was emotionally attached to in the head from yards away, gasp! Who cares? Kill or maim someone who matters, or step back and let a real villain in.


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    Justin Bieber bounced back from his brief hospital stay to perform again last night at London's 02 Arena ... and was spotted after the show getting mobbed by fans on his way back to his hotel.
    Bieber -- who collapsed backstage during his show on Thursday -- complained on Twitter yesterday of still being winded ... but performed as scheduled without incident.

    still a little short of breathe tonight but was an incredible show. London fans go hard! 4 SOLD OUT O2 shows in a row!! #BLESSED

    — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) March 9, 2013


    lol yeah right

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    Yesterday in New York City, Electronic Arts held a special event focused on queer issues in gaming. And it happened mostly because the company itself was willing to face its own stumbles in presenting gay characters in its video games.

    The impetus for Thursday's Full Spectrum event—co-sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association and the Human Rights Council—began after the controversy surrounding the addition of Makeb, the so-called (not by EA) "gay planet" to the company's massive online game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    According to VP of corporate communications Jeff Brown, it was the intensity and volume of the response that made EA decide to hold a forum where LGBT issues in both the creation and playing of games could be discussed.

    Brown's colleague Craig Hagen was one of the organizers of Full Spectrum. While he acknowleged the pride he felt in EA creating a place like Makeb or allowing same-sex relationships to happen in their Mass Effect games, Hagen also said the company could have done better in crafting those options. Mass Effect didn't allow for male same-sex relationships until Mass Effect 3 and Makeb was added to The Old Republic more than a year after the online game's launch.

    Hagen describes EA as a progressively tolerant workplace but a studio that still is learning how to do things right."Ten years ago, it was very easy for me to move into the EA Sports studio [where Hagen works out of], to identify as a gay man, and to bring my partner to studio and company events without any experience whatsoever of homophobia. I saw the same sex relationship benefits that EA offered when I was hired."

    "I was involved with the development of the transgender policy that EA adopted," Hagen continued."I was around when Sims [included] same gender content. I saw all of that. Then when something like Mass Effect or the latest episode of Star Wars occurs, I just stand back and go, even as progressive as EA is, we still make mistakes and we still have a long way to go."

    I asked Hagen what he would say to LGBT players who feel embattled in an online game like Battlefield 3. How would he tell them to hold on? "I don't know that you tell them," he answered. "I think you have to demonstrate to them...by the encouragement and the continual development of additional LGBT storylines in our products. The reinforcement inside of EA that this is an environment where you need to feel comfortable, free, and open to develop the right kind of storyline, the appropriate storyline that not only reflects the developer community but reflects the gamer and the consumer community out there."

    It's not an "it gets better kind of message" then, I posited. It's a matter of actively making it better?

    "Yeah," Hagen said. "That's the point of what [journalist and Full Spectrum panelist] Hilary Rosen made: it's not about defending ourselves, it's about defining ourselves. We recognize we're not perfect. No one is perfect. We're going to make mistakes. When we make a mistake let's learn from it and let's get better."

    I threw a generalization about competitive online gamers at another Full Spectrum panelist Matt Bromberg, who helped found eSports company Major League Gaming before becoming general manager at BioWare Austin. Because of the hyper-aggressive nature on online gaming, it would seem that the players who spent the most time in the hothouses of FPS lobbies would be more likely to lob offensive epithets like "fag" to their opponents. But Bromberg said that wasn't the case. "My experience was the opposite," he countered."I think the more skilled and hardcore a gamer is, when they get really good, their interest in spending time griefing people or doing really anything other than playing at a super high level drops to almost zero."

    During the panel that Bromberg participated in, the idea was put forth that RPGs are a genre where progressive inclusion of gay characters and storyline possibilties can happen easily, because those games are all about options and crafting a virtual identity. I asked Bromberg if there was anything stopping a same-sex romance from being the main path, and not just a secondary option.

    "I don't think anything does," he answered."I think it goes back to, ‘What's the authentic story being told?' You're fighting off a race of machine creatures who are going to destroy the world? That's probably the main story. I think underneath that story, there's all kinds of combatants with all sorts of preferences. But I don't think anything stops it other than someone writing a game where it's authentic and meaningful and can sustain a whole game."


    I hope they do even more with the LGBT community in gaming. Oh and looking back...the Mass Effect sex looks realistically creepy for some reason lol

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    1, 2

    some info in how the International Jury works, by derpmaid

    The result was decided due to the points given by the "International Jury Groups" (Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Malta, Ukraine, Israel, France, the UK, Croatia, Germany).

    Robin was given the second largest amount of points from the Swedish people which was enough for victory as the entry given a clear majority of the points from the Swedish people (Yohio with Heartbreak Hotel who received 103 points to Robin's 75) hadn't received enough points from the juries to surpass him.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Don Philip, who sang with Britney on Baby One More Time‘s “I Will Still Love You,” no longer loves her.
    The singer turned X-Factor-meltdown-basketcase loves Mariah Carey’s new single “Almost Home,” and thinks Britney and other big names should follow suit.

    He posted on Facebook (though it’s private) over the weekend:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Britney fans aren’t thrilled on past connections to her taking a dig. Gurl, you in danger.

    The post was since deleted.

    He followed up:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    On the bright side, at least one person still cares about Mariah No1Carey. Get it gurl!


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    angelina jolie

    Some 6,000 bottles of  “Miraval Rosé 2012″  from the French vineyard owned by Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sold out today.

    The bottles were on sale only in France on the Château Miraval web site.  The wine went for 105 euros with all taxes and shipping  included for a case.

    “The sale started at 9 a.m., and all the bottles were sold out by 2 p.m.,” said a spokesperson for the Vitabella, the public relations firm representing the vineyard.

    Jolie and Pitt partnered with Marc Perrin, the owner of Château de Beaucastel in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to create the label “Bottled b Jolie-Pitt et Perrin” 2012 Rosé vintage. In a statement, Perrin called the wine “aromatic with a round mouthfeel that is full of freshness.”

    Marc Perrin also  spoke of the valley location that the 2012 vintage comes from.  “This is a magical place that we traverse from one end to the other to discover exceptional plots. The valley, property of the château, offers an unmatched eco-system and gives the wines a unique style in terms of freshness and elegance.”

    ontd what's your favorite wine?

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    Kelly Osbourne's seizure may have been much more serious than first suspected, because doctors say she could be suffering from epilepsy.

    Kelly has been hospitalized since suffering a seizure Thursday on the set of "Fashion Police." Sources connected with Kelly tell TMZ ... the seizure was far more serious than first suspected. Doctors are running tests and we're told she'll be in the hospital for at least a few more days.

    We're told doctors say there's a real possibility that Kelly is an epileptic, but it's possible it was an isolated incident. If it's the latter, docs need to figure out what happened and how they can prevent another episode.

    In the meantime, Kelly is on anti-seizure meds.

    Source 1 and 2
    This is an update from the last post and confirms that she is staying for a few days. I'm glad that she's in good spirits. My first seizure was probably the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced. I hope that she feels better soon and that they're able to help.

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    Hollywood sure is a fickle business; it’s often not so much about talent as a combination of luck and who you know. This explains why countless enormously talented actors have to work side-jobs to fund their art, while some truly dreadful ones – the Lindsay Lohans of this world, for instance – get to clog up our cinema screens because they have the right “look” or play the right politics. Or, in some cases, they probably just sleep with the producer…

    There are so many great actors out there struggling to catch a break, and here are 10 success stories who managed to make it look totally effortless. Here are 10 actors who are largely regarded as being bad, even dreadful actors, yet they have managed to become stars in their own right due to making smart choices and probably having a damn good agent.

    Here are 10 terrible actors who got lucky breaks…

    10. Keanu Reeves

    Of course, one cannot neglect the fact that Keanu Reeves lit up cinema screens with his 1980s role in the two Bill and Ted films and also as disaffected teen Matt in River’s Edge. Again, though, these roles – of the metal-loving airhead and ennui-infused drifter – feel entirely derived from the actor’s actual personality. The roles in which he has shone best have been those that require empty vessels, and as such it’s no surprise that his casting in the Wachowski’s The Matrix was a a stroke of twisted genius.

    In much the same way that he proved a diverting presence in the otherwise dire remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, Reeves is great at playing hollow shells, but if he ever has to adopt a vibrant character, he encounters problems. Hence, getting the big break as a soulless everyman computer hacker who then becomes a machine-like Jesus-figure-badass is perfect for him. All he needed was good looks and decent physical ability, which he more than demonstrated throughout the film’s plentiful action scenes.

    Granted, the Wachowski’s got a little ahead of themselves by trying to get Neo to act all emotional in the sequels – and that’s one of many reasons why they don’t work – but this is a quintessential instance of a bad actor making the best of what he has with the luckiest of all breaks.

    9. Sam Worthington

    Sam Worthington began life carving out a career as a brick-layer before he managed to end up with a few bit-parts acting, being most acclaimed (in fact, his only acclaimed role to date) in Cate Shortland’s aussie flick Somersault.

    He came to greater worldwide prominence by starring in Terminator Salvation, but the real lucky break he got was working with James Cameron on his ground-breaking blockbuster Avatar. Though Salvation was released first, Worthington was only picked for that role on the recommendation of Cameron, who had already been filming Avatar for a long time before the Terminator film even began production.

    Needless to say, he’s a terrible, wooden actor, who was given the stage to star in what would become the highest-grossing film of all time and the fourth entry to one of cinema’s most beloved franchises, all in the space of a year. Worthers has followed it up with a series of underwhelming action films and crime flicks, his bland personality and flat delivery ensuring that his making the grade for Avatar was sheer luck rather than force of will.

    8. Orlando Bloom

    Aside from a few small appearances in British shows like Casuality, Orlando Bloom was virtually unknown until he was cast as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, propelling him to overnight fame, and leading to him also starring in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Will Turner.

    All he proved in these films, however, was that he had the look, but not the talent; his obnoxious delivery of lines and incredibly forgettable personality made for some of the more awkward moments in both the Rings and Pirates series, and so it wasn’t too much of a surprise that he ended up being written out of the latter franchise alongside Keira Knightley.

    Compounding this is his CV since; he’s starred in a small number of indie productions, but hasn’t exactly scored a big success since leaving those franchises. He’s reported to appear in the third and final Hobbit film, There and Back Again, but I imagine after he’s done milking that gravy train he’ll return to the obscurity he’s suffered for the last half-decade.

    4. Channing Tatum

    Here’s an actor I constantly find myself going back and forth on, because I can’t decide quite how bad he is. Channing Tatum’s career began as very mixed bag; he showed absolutely zero character in the infamous Step Up dance film series, but was excellent in A Guide To Recognising Your Saints. Then he was dreadful in a glut of films tailored entirely to his physical attributes (Dear John, Fighting. G.I. Joe, The Eagle), but in 2012, enjoyed one of the luckiest breaks of any actor in recent history.

    Being cast in the tri-fecta of Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike and Haywire, as well as 21 Jump Street, Tatum was exceptionally well-placed in all three roles, as they required him to play the dumb lug or the good-looking guy, resulting in him naturally succeeding. I’m not saying Tatum’s a dumb guy, but he never really displays much personality, causing his performances to often seem quite bland and awkward, yet this is something that is perfectly harnessed in 21 Jump Street and Haywire in particular.

    For Magic Mike, it was all about exploiting the most base element, that he’s a good-looking guy, and women want to see him gyrating around on screen. As a result of all this success, he’s now one of Hollywood’s hottest properties.

    3. Matthew Broderick

    It pains me to say it, but Matthew Broderick really is not a very good actor. Though he’s widely-beloved for the excellent Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Broderick is another instance of an actor who just seems to be playing themselves.

    While this works wonders for a likeable, off-the-tracks character like Bueller, it’s not exactly something he could continue to play as he got older, and in failing to diversify, demonstrating his lack of range, the job offers dried up.

    Though Broderick enjoyed a brief run of successful post-Bueller roles in the 80s, he soon enough ended up playing Inspector Gadget in the widely-panned reboot movie, and basically saw his career swirl down the toilet.

    Why? Because he is, in fact, a bad actor. Nowadays he just comes across as stilted and awkward; the only remotely entertaining thing I’ve seen him in the last decade was an episode of Louie, but that was more down to Louie CK’s brilliant script more than anything. It pains me to admit it, but it’s true.


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    Will you watch The Real Hipsters of Vancouver?

    Within three days of announcing the casting call for a pilot, the Real Hipsters of Vancouver reality show received a hundred audition tapes, several potential offers of financial backing from production companies and a whirlwind of media attention.

    Pretty good for a bunch of hipsters, a subculture notorious for not doing much at all.

    But that’s the perception producer and creator Britt Irvin wants to change, along with her partner and friend Jesse Haddock.

    “We’re not only looking for people who would look interesting on the show, but people who have a dream they’re following. They’re stylists and artists. They’re pursuing something,” said Irvin, 28, who makes a living as an actor.

    Some of her friends were interested in participating, but casting decisions could now be jointly made with a production company if a deal is made, Irvin said. Shooting would begin this summer.

    They haven’t gone through all the applications — which started pouring in within a few hours of the notice posted on Craigslist on Sunday night — but a few potential “real hipsters” have stood out: A 24-year-old girl who has a job but lives in her van by choice, and a man whose occupation is “professional partier.” The casting call was for “hip, fun, attractive people under 40.” Most applicants were in their early 20s, but “aging hipster” is an interesting subcategory as well, she said.

    The Real Hipsters will adopt the formula that’s proven successful on other shows like the Real Housewives franchise, which also films in Vancouver: Take six or seven charismatic men and women from different backgrounds, add alcohol and pressure-filled situations.

    “If you put a group of people together who are competitive and fiery, there’s going to be drama,” Irvin said.

    But it will also showcase a more “grassroots” side of Vancouver, far from West Van mansions and ritzy restaurants, following hipsters around Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Commercial Drive.

    “I think it’s a great stage for local businesses, musicians and artists, vintage shops and other retail stores to show the other side of Vancouver,” she said. “Having independent coffee shops and restaurants and bars that have some character as opposed to the downtown Vancouver scene, which is unaffordable to a lot of people our age and people in the art community.” (rme)

    Reality TV began more than a decade ago and everyone thought it would be a flash in the pan, Irvin said. That’s not unlike the concept of hipster itself — which has been declared “over” by various publications in the last few years.

    Hipster — a loaded term often describing someone unemployed but trendy, with a penchant for terrible beer, ironic facial hair, plaid, skinny jeans and obscure cultural tastes — has multiple meanings, and hardly anyone can agree to what a hipster really is. Most importantly, no self-respecting hipster will admit to being one.

    But Irvin said that was no barrier to applications.


    ugh, please no. Vancouver, don't do this.

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    lol i see you girl with the bieber shade


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    Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Daniel Grayson’s Love Life Heats Up

    One of the most conflicted characters on Revenge is preppy-turned-CEO, Daniel Grayson. The former innocent has really come into his own this season, stealing Grayson Global from his father and helping his mother carry out murder.

    Wetpaint Entertainment recently caught up with actor Josh Bowman at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ event, An Evening With Revenge on March 4, where he talked about Danny’s steamy future on the show.

    Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s coming up?

    Josh Bowman: For Daniel, you see a return to romance, that’s a good way of putting it, with one of two people. A return to romance is there for Daniel. He's going to be a little bit more possessive. He's definitely onto the scent of what everyone around him is doing. He doesn't trust anybody. So he's becoming a lot more ruthless. He's becoming a lot more successful, and with that comes power, and with that comes the ego. I guess from there that stems from his vulnerability of actually not knowing what the hell is going on.

    Your love interests, are they people we've seen already?

    Yes. Yes.

    Daniel certainly saw different sides to his parents?

    Definitely. I think he's been definitely brought into the world more. He's been included much more into what they actually get up to and not been behind the blinds. I guess it's sort of like pulling the wool from your eyes and actually seeing death, actually seeing what life is all about in this society and what he's grown up with. I think he's bought the chips to the poker game. He's playing the game now. He's part of the Graysons as much as he's never wanted to. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, and he's picked up the apple and taken a big bite out of it.

    How aware is he of what happened at sea? Has Emily changed as a result of it? Does he notice a change in her?

    Definitely. I think she's definitely a lot more calculated than she was in the first season. She's a lot more ruthless than she was in the first season. Any love that she had for Daniel in the first season, or possible love that she had with Daniel, is, for sure, just vaporized into thin air. She's just hell bent on revenge now and needs to use me as an access key to carry out her mission. I think that's where this is going. You'll see. I can't tell you too much about that.

    Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Details on Daniel Grayson’s New Rival!

    Though Revenge actor Josh Bowman recently told us that The Initiative’s storyline is on its way out, it seems that Daniel Grayson has a new rival in town. Wetpaint Entertainment reached out to actor Michael Tennant via Twitter after his name appeared on the guest cast list for Episode 16, “Illumination,” for more details on his character Wes Rogers.

    “I play #wesrogers a new rival of Daniel’s! Check out #revenge on 3/17 episode is #illumination,” he tweeted.

    Michael’s already had some small roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and GCB, but this will be his first role on Revenge.

    We already saw some photos of Danny getting into a bar fight with Wes in Episode 16, “Illumination.” Aiden Mathis breaks up the fight, but something had to really set Daniel off for him to get so violent.

    The last time the preppy CEO got physical (apart from between the sheets with Emily Thorne) was when Tyler Barrol threatened him with a gun. So maybe Wes should watch his back because we all know what happened to Tyler.

    Could Wes have insulted Daniel’s poetry or ability to keep his girlfriend from cheating on him with sleazy businessmen and bartenders? Sure, he may be pretty, but boyfriend can’t seem to keep a lady tied down.

    Spoiler Chat: Revenge!

    Is that young people speak for "give me Revenge spoilers?" If so, here it is! Henry Czerny tells us that for those fans who want Conrad and Victoria together and happy (do those fans exist?),[lol yes they do] they should know that he thinks Conrad would "go through the gauntlet" to get to a happy ending with Victoria. "There is hope," he tells us. "But there is juicy stuff coming up that we have to get through before they can think about being together."

    Watch 6 Minutes From Sunday's 'Revenge!'
    March 08, 2013

    This Sunday, Revenge returns from a four week hiatus with Retribution,
    an episode that not only chronicles the fallout from everything that
    happened aboard the now-sunken Amanda, but marks a serious tonal shift
    according to the stars.

    "Everything gets nice and dark ... more so than ever before," Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden, tells ETOnline. "That sets us up perfectly for Emily's refreshed drive for revenge. She's made mistakes, but now that she's lost Amanda, Emily is laser focused in taking down The Grayson Family."

    Emily's renewed hunger to destroy The Grayson Family becomes immediately clear in the first six minutes from this Sunday's Revenge, which ETonline is thrilled to exclusively present right now!

    Revenge airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.


    or click: http://www.etonline.com/tv/131491_Revenge_Exclusive_Video_6_Minute_Clip_from_Retribution/index.html
    the ET website hates my Firefox browser, so try opening this in safari or IE if it doesn't work for you! I played it just fine on my iPhone.

    Revenge “Victory” Images
    By The Screen Spy Team on March 7, 2013

    Superspy Nolan + Mr. Bond!

    With Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) enlisting the help of Amanda’s foster brother in her charitable foundation, Emily (Emily Van Camp) seizes an opportunity to regain some of her missing past while settling the score with someone who had a hand in setting her on this path in the first place, on Revenge’s “Victory” episode airing Sunday March 24 on ABC.

    In these latest promotional images from the episode it looks like Aidan (Barry Sloane) has someone in his sights – with a little help from Nolan (Gabriel Mann).

    Could Emily’s two right hand men be about to try to take out the devious and sinister Trask (Burn Gorman) in order to save Padma’s father?

    Check out the images below and catch Revenge Sunday March 24.


    HRH will see you tomorrow!!

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    Misha is the best.

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    Deadline is reporting that young British actor Will Poulter (‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ ‘Son of Rambow’) has been offered one of the leads in Wes Ball’s upcoming adaptation of James Dasher’s young adult novel, ‘Maze Runner.’

    The dystopian story follows Thomas (Poulter), who after having his memory wiped is “deposited in a community of boys trapped in an enormous maze. He soon learns they are part of a mysterious test, and finds it is his destiny to join the ‘maze runners’ and lead them to freedom.”
    Grant Myers is on board to script the adaptation, reworking a previous draft by Noah Oppenheim.


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    BarbieCollector.com: POW! Here come Barbie® and Ken® decked out as characters from the colorful 1960s TV series Batman™! BAM! As retro Catwoman and Batman, the pair use classic period-perfect face sculpts! ZAP! And both dolls are suited in costumes that mirror the show's original groovy get-ups!

    This “blast from the past” was created for Barbie and Batman fans by innovative designer Bill Greening. We caught up with Greening for an exclusive interview on the merging of the beloved pop-culture icons

    Barbie Collector: Congrats! Everyone’s buzzing about Batman and Catwoman at this year’s Toy Fair!

    Bill Greening: Thanks, it was a nice surprise. I'm happy for both fan bases — it's great that they're so excited!

    How'd this set come about?

    Since Mattel is also launching action figures based on the Batman TV show, which I love, it made sense to create characters for the Barbie Collector base.

    Your love of the show reflects in the wonderful retro styling.

    I wanted to give it the feel of the time period, as if Barbie and Ken were designed in 1966 based on the Catwoman and Batman characters from the show, so I worked with the nostalgic face sculpts for that classic look.

    Catwoman's costume is a purr-fect recreation, right down to the fabulous go-go boots!

    Those swingin' go-go boots, along with the cat ears, cowl neck collar and gold belt are all inspired by Catwoman’s costume on the show. Barbie is on a bendable-leg body, so the sparkly jumpsuit is tailored to fit skintight — very feline, very femme fatale!


    And the classic face sculpt on Barbie looks terrific with the retro flip hairstyle.

    Definitely! The hair looks great and so does the make-up. If you take the mask off, Barbie doll's face-paint looks a lot like Julie Newmar’s Catwoman on the show, with feathered brows and coral lips.

    The eyebrows on Ken are equally striking.

    Yes, as the Caped Crusader, Ken has an edgy look with an arch to his brows — he looks as if he’s trying to solve a crime!


    Ken doll’s Batsuit has attracted many of the show's fans to this set.

    I'm really happy about the response. Everything — from the mask, emblem, and cape, right down to the boots — captures the look of the 1960s Batsuit worn by Adam West.

    Catwoman Julie 0a Collage Luis A Rojas
    Is the romantic angle of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship part of their appeal?

    I think so, and Ken and Barbie, like Batman and Catwoman, have had an on-again, off-again romance for years, so they're the perfect pair to dress up as the comic book adversaries.

    source: BarbieCollector.com

    What do you think, ONTD? Is there a spot for a purrfect Barbie on your shelf? BTW it's Barbie's 54th birthday, feel free to celebrate by postingTotally Hair Barbie your favorite Barbie dolls

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  • 03/09/13--15:55: Why we worship Ryan Gosling

  •       Actor. Sex symbol. Feminist icon. Hang on a minute, how did that last one come about? Clementine Ford unravels the mythology behind the man.
           When rumours of Ryan Gosling appearing in various Melbourne haunts arose last year, comedian and writer Rose Callaghan started a #goslingwatch tag on Twitter that immediately began receiving tips and pleas from women desperate to see their idol in the flesh. "I had an inkling the hashtag would explode," says Callaghan.
            "I already knew there were other women who had an almost hysterical infatuation with him. But suddenly quotes from my Twitter page were appearing in mainstream media reports as reliable sources."
           At the same time, Melbourne experienced a series of earthquakes. "There was a widely respected theory at the time that he caused them," Callaghan recounts, before adding, "The funny thing is, there's no real concrete evidence of him ever being in Melbourne."

           Perhaps the most unusual thing about this reaction is just how not unusual it is. Mention the words "Ryan Gosling" around a group of young women and you'll likely be met by the kind of swooning we associate with adolescent teenage girls and their pop idols. For example, I am a 31-year-old woman and I joke regularly with a female friend of similar age about which of us is his legitimate wife. I'm not even sure that we're joking. And, yes, I am deeply ashamed of this. I never imagined myself as a "swooner".

           But like Robert Redford and Paul Newman before him, Gosling has achieved the kind of cult status among women (and some men) that the word "swoon" was invariably designed for. Admittedly, this is partly due to his staggering good looks. He stands tall at 185 centimetres and boasts the kind of jawline that could crack the top off a beer bottle. His eyes are best described by the kinds of passages you might find in a Mills & Boon novel: brooding, mysterious, masking a hidden vulnerability in need of the right woman to unlock it. His physique is lean and supple, and makes you want to do things to him.

      In fact, there's a pivotal scene in the 2011 film Crazy Stupid Love in which Emma Stone's character Hannah asks Gosling's serial womaniser Jacob to take his shirt off, revealing his chiselled abs. "Seriously?!" Hannah yells. "It's like you're Photoshopped!"
         But looks alone aren't enough to foster such a committed gaggle of fans. It's Gosling's additional charms that seal his status as the Thinking Woman's Crumpet for a generation of women who want a little more from their idols than an impressive six-pack.

              He's famous for loving his mother, who home-schooled him as a child after he was bullied at his Canadian primary school. He was a child star of Mickey Mouse Club, which indicates some kind of approachable dorkiness. He is a serial monogamist, rather than a player - he's currently with Eva Mendes. He saves the lives of random strangers. (Last year, British journalist Laurie Penny caused a stir when she tweeted, "I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened." Penny had walked in front of a taxi when Gosling pulled her to safety. The year before, a YouTube video of Gosling breaking up a fight between two men on a New York street went viral.)

            Basically, he is a sensitive, creative soul who also steps in to defend the weak because he, too, knows the trauma of being picked on. Oh, and everyone wants to have his babies.
    It's an impressive mix. But when you consider the breakthrough role that cemented his fame, it's not altogether unexpected that such a mass following would occur.

             On paper, the role of Noah Calhoun in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel The Notebook sounds unbearably saccharine, yet Gosling lent pathos to a character who could have so easily been seen as a guy who just needed to get over his first girlfriend. When the working-class Noah reads Walt Whitman out loud to his father, Gosling's trademark hard-to-spot accent turns the lines into love songs. He builds a house for Allie (played by former flame Rachel McAdams, whom Gosling has described as "one of the great loves of my life".) He grows a beard and kisses her in the rain. To the viewer, it's clear that Gosling (for at this point, he is Noah) is a one-woman kind of guy.

             Whether or not his films are any good is by the by (a cursory poll of my friends, already well familiar with my Gosling love, hints that The Notebook might not be as good as I imagine, nor the depressing Blue Valentine as subversive). The fact remains that he has managed to achieve a career out of being Ryan Gosling while never actually playing Ryan Gosling.

             Leaving aside the case for Gosling the Actor, what is it about Gosling the Man that has catapulted him into the hearts (and loins) of fans young and old the world over? Because in addition to enjoying the kind of pin-up status brooding, good-looking men of a non-threatening persuasion are often afforded, Gosling has become somewhat of a defining meme in his own right. (If you're new to memes, they're basically inside jokes that find a home on the net and are in a state of constant reinvention.)

              In internet culture, the words "Hey girl" have become synonymous with Gosling, and are almost always chosen to illustrate a playful ideal of a man who espouses superficially romantic values: respect for women, sensitivity, intelligence and just enough raw masculinity to make the whole thing interesting. The "Hey girl" meme plays on the idea that Gosling may just be the most perfect man to have ever walked the Earth, not least of which is because he cares about you, girl.

              The website f...yeahryangosling.tumblr.com was the first to spawn the meme but it was soon followed by other blogs, most notably feministryangosling.tumblr.com. In it, creator Danielle Henderson shares "Feminist Theory As Imagined From Your Favourite Sensitive Movie Dude". Some of the blog's posts include images of Gosling captioned with greetings like, "Hey girl. Ann Kaplan asks,
    'Is the gaze male?' but all I know is I can't take my eyes off you"; "Hey girl. The existence of the Higgs boson is a big deal, but only in that it explains our gravitational charge"; and the particularly tongue-in-cheek, "Hey girl. I mean ... WOMAN."

            While loving Gosling isn't a requirement of being a feminist, it is interesting how many of his most vocal fans identify as feminist and admire his masculinity, which is traditional while being vulnerable. (Rose Callaghan admits that part of her Gosling love is expressed via a desire to have him come over and "fix things".)

             And Gosling's behaviour, although seemingly free from artifice and engineering, does little to dispel his own mythology. When Blue Valentine was threatened in the US with a strict NC-17 rating (which is almost certain to guarantee a box-office loss as a result) because it contained two scenes of man-on-woman oral sex, Gosling wrote to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and accused them of sexist double standards.

             His letter, which has since been much shared and venerated online, stated: "You have to question a cinematic culture which preaches artistic expression, and yet would support a decision that is clearly a product of a patriarchy-dominant society, which tries to control how women are depicted on screen. The MPAA is okay supporting scenes that portray women in scenarios of sexual torture and violence for entertainment purposes, but they are trying to force us to look away from a scene that shows a woman in a sexual scenario which is both complicit and complex. It's misogynistic in nature to try and control a woman's sexual presentation of self. I consider this an issue that is bigger than this film."

            Is it any wonder Gosling has become such an object of desire to women who consider themselves of a higher IQ? For feminists like myself, who have long been accused of sexlessness, prudishness and an innate hatred of men, the Cult of Gosling is demonstrative of our ability to engage in that kind of public sexual playfulness - to claim our own pin-ups and participate in a mainstream culture that so often excludes us. Loving Ryan Gosling has become a feminist brand in itself, a reality that he acknowledges with the kind of characteristically humble good humour that will no doubt ensure its continuation.

             Perhaps there are fewer differences between Gosling the Actor and Gosling the Man after all. And in that sense, we're free to cast him as whoever we want him to be, to Photoshop him into whatever role we'd like him to play in our head.
          Of course, Gosling the Man would probably have something to say about the destructive psychosocial effect of Photoshop and how flaws are what make people beautiful. And that would probably just make us love him more.


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    The fanciful “Electrick Children” plumbs the feverish imagination of Rachel (Julia Garner), a 15-year-old brought up in a fundamentalist Mormon enclave in southern Utah, who is convinced that she is the conduit for a miraculous virgin birth. Believing she was impregnated by a voice she heard on a cassette singing Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone,” she assumes this country-rock drone somehow reached inside her to create a being who might be the son of God.

    If this sounds like the stuff of farce, the movie — written and directed by Rebecca Thomas, who comes from a Mormon background — is neither comedy nor drama nor satire but a surreal mélange infused with magical realism. Rachel’s dreamlike visions of a wild mustang in a story that her mother tells her symbolize repressed sexuality and longing for adventure in a punishingly austere environment.

    The story begins when Rachel’s father, Paul (Billy Zane), the scraggly desert community’s stern leader, records an interview with her on her birthday. Standing by is her prim teenage brother, “Mr. Will” (Liam Aiken), with whom she shares shabby basement quarters. Rachel, with her long blond braid and girlish pink dress, and Will, in his suspenders and high-waisted trousers, suggest refugees from “Little House on the Prairie.” Their innocence is touching but a little alarming.

    Shortly after the interview Rachel realizes she might be pregnant. But because she is chaste, how could that be? After she tests positive for pregnancy, her father decides she should immediately marry a boy she hardly knows. She flees to Las Vegas in the family pickup truck, bringing the same cassette machine on which the interview was recorded and using it to relate her adventures. Will, whom her parents wrongly assume to be the father, stows away on the truck, intending to confront her, elicit her confession and clear his name once they reach their destination.

    The movie becomes a playful urban fable, about the collision of country and city mice that suggests a variation of “The Wizard of Oz.” The alienated rock ’n’ roll street kids and skateboarders whom Rachel and Will latch onto are every bit as lost as these sheltered children, who have never seen a cellphone and are agog over the sounds and lights of Sin City.

    Ms. Garner, who had a small role in “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” anchors this flighty movie with a radiant performance. Strong-willed, determined and unfailingly sincere, Rachel is shielded by her innocence. She receives her first serious kiss from a rock singer, and Will, after an accident on a skateboard, gobbles forbidden painkillers and is arrested.

    Rachel’s nascent romance with Clyde (Rory Culkin), a floundering misfit exiled from his rich family, injects the movie with a seam of poignancy. She eventually meets the man behind the voice on the cassette.

    “Electrick Children” is well acted and refreshingly nonjudgmental, but its narrative continuity is tenuous at best. As it jounces along toward a pat, unsatisfying ending, it leaves essential questions unanswered. But the movie’s underlying sweetness leaves a residual glow.

    Hooray for women filmmakers! This movie is out in NYC.

    0 0

    The controversial Adventures of Superman story written by noted homophobe— sorry, “gay marriage opponent” — Orson Scott Card will not see digital nor print release as originally planned following the departure of artist Chris Sprouse from the project.

    The traditionally low-key Sprouse released a statement saying that the media reaction to the announcement of Card’s involvement with the project had provoked his decision to step down as artist. “It took a lot of thought to come to this conclusion,” he explained. “The media surrounding this story reached the point where it took away from the actual work, and that’s something I wasn’t comfortable with. My relationship with DC Comics remains as strong as ever and I look forward to my next project with them.”

    As a result, the Orson Scott Card story (co-written with Aaron Johnston, Card’s writing partner on Marvel’s Ender’s Game comics) will not appear in either the digital or print editions of Adventures of Superman, the upcoming anthology series launching later this year; instead, it will be replaced by a story by respected creators Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee, with the print edition featuring the Parker/Samnee collaboration in addition to work by Justin Jordan and Riley Rossmo, as well as Jeff Lemire. Because of this last-minute substitution, the first print issue of Adventures of Superman will be made returnable to comic stores that have already ordered it.

    The news has inspired speculation about whether or not this could mean that DC will quietly kill off the controversial Card story entirely, with some suggesting that the story remaining un-illustrated gives the publisher an “out” to avoid any potential breach-of-contract legal response. (As a freelancer, Card wouldn’t have the option of a wrongful termination suit.)

    Although attorney and frequent comics legal commentator Jeff Trexler told Wired that according to New York law, “firing an employee with religious-based views against homosexuality creates the sort of legal conundrum that would make a computer blow up on classic Star Trek,” this doesn’t appear to be the case for the Card story.

    A statement from DC Entertainment on the issue specifically mentioned that the publisher “will re-solicit the story at a later date when a new artist is hired.” Of course, finding an artist willing to work on the story after it has provoked online petitions and outcry against Card’s hiring in the first place may be easier said than done; the DC statement also says that the publisher “fully supports, understands and respects” Sprouse’s decision to leave the project.

    The now non-homophobic Adventures of Superman no. 1 will be launched digitally on April 29, with the print edition following on May 29. It’s unknown whether the stores that were planning to boycott the issue or donate their proceeds to LGBT charities will continue to do so in light of this development.


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