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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Fiona sees opportunity in a laundromat for sale and decides to invest. Frank revels in the good fortune of his scam, but the troops catch a whiff of foul play. Meanwhile, Kev and V discover a shocking secret about Svetlana's father.

    source, 2, 3

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    Actress Charlize Theron takes her two kids Jackson Theron and August Theron to a birthday party in Beverly Hills, California on October 30, 2016.
    Charlize Theron Kids Show Off Their Halloween zi

    Charlize Theron Kids Show Off Their Halloween Ur

    Charlize Theron Kids Show Off Their Halloween Hh

    Charlize Theron Charlize Theron Kids Show C__D0V


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    The city government and Mexican tourism officials were inspired by parts of last year’s Bond film, which were filmed in Mexico City and featured 007 chasing a villain through a Day of the Dead celebration in the historical centre.

    The official parade on Saturday attracted thousands of people with its full spectacle of skulls and skeletons, oceans of marigolds and catrinas (stylised skeleton costumes depicting high-society figures).

    Spectre - Day of the Day parade

    sources1 / 2 / 3
    mods, I found another source :)

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    Bey held an 80’s and 90’s themed birthday party and Bey, Blue Ivy and Mama Tina dressed up as Salt’N’Pepa

    Folks are questioning if Bey could possibly be pregnant based on a little belly some people claim to see in some of the shots of her.


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    -An upcoming season of AHS will feature a crossover between Murder House and Coven characters.
    -Wont be until at least S8
    -RM has already been reaching out to MH/Coven actors about coming back
    -the crossover will be a the theme of the season

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Which characters do you want to see return for the big crossover season?

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    Jessica Biel was reallly excited about voting so she posted some selfies with her 'I Voted' sticker and added the caption:

    When you're so turnt up about voting that you do a photo shoot with your sticker and think it's cool but then second guess it, but you've already posted, but at least you waited to get home before snapping so you won't almost go to jail, shout out to @justintimberlake.


    ONTD, are you planning to responsibly show off that you voted?

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    TOP 3:
    3. "Be Right Back" (Season 2, Episode 1)
    2. "Hated In The Nation" (Season 3, Episode 6)
    1. "San Junipero" (Season 3, Episode 4)

    BOTTOM 2:
    12. "Fifteen Million Merits" (Season 1, Episode 2)
    13. "The Waldo Moment" (Season 2, Episode 3)

    I just finished the third season, I need more.


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    On Palmer becoming 'The Master': We sort of felt like Palmer’s usefulness as a human collaborator was over. So, this plan, which we had been talking about for a long time, was a way to really keep Jonathon Hyde very active in the show and it just felt like an almost operatic transition to have him move into this new role as The Master. It’s going to be great for the final season of the show.

    On Eichorst and The Master: The Master has a tender spot in his heart for Eichorst, who has been his most loyal servant for many years. There’s a strong personal attachment between The Master and Eichorst and The Master is not about to abandon him. Part of the fun of the show is that Eichorst is always destined to be No. 2 despite how desperately he wants to be No. 1.

    On Zach: People have been telling me Zach could be the worst kid in the annals of show business... In terms of just the portrayal, one of the fun things is that kids are ultimately always kind of sweet and redeemable and older people are always sort of wise, maybe slightly curmudgeonly, but in our show, Setrakian is kind of a single-minded bastard and Zach is a bad kid. One of the things that’s interesting, though, and I think it’s a very relevant question for the final season is, “Is Zach redeemable? Is that a possibility?” and that’s something which we will definitely address.


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    For the December issue of Vanity Fair. Inside, the 10-time Grammy winner talks about taking selfies, accepting wedding invitations & even signing body parts for her devoted fans.


    slay me. this better be for the new single Water Under the Bridge and 25's Xmas sales

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    • It was the tenth anniversary of both Taylor Swift and Back to Black last week so the author thought it was a good idea to compare Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse.

    • Admits that they are both opposites, but that they are the two defining artists of our decade.

    • "Taylor Swift is everything that Amy Winehouse wasnt" a The Express' headline said back in 2015.

    • Says that Taylor and Amy were fans of each other's music by posting a video of the snake covering Rehab and mentioning that Amy was once papped heading to Abbery Road Studios where Swift was having performing for BBC2.

    • States that it's not hard to imagine Amy relating to Taylor Swift's songs.

    • Wonders if Amy would've taken over like Taylor did if she was still alive, ignoring that this comparison would only make sense if he replaced Taylor with Adele but whatevs.


    Does this comparison makes any sense, ONTD? TYFYA!

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    Here is the director-episode line-up for season 7:

    Episode 1: Jeremy Podeswa
    Episode 2: Mark Mylod
    Episode 3: Mark Mylod
    Episode 4: Matt Shakman
    Episode 5: Matt Shakman
    Episode 6: Alan Taylor
    Episode 7: Jeremy Podeswa

    Also Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Gwendoline Christie, Alfie Allen, Nathalie Emmanuel, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Liam Cunningham and Conleth Hill have all been confirmed to be and spotted by fans in Seville, Spain.

    This pretty much confirms another leak as......

    the filming in Seville will be for the Dragonpit in King's Landing. Kit Harington going to Seville confirms that Jon Snow will go To King's Landing.

    according to leaks:

    In the last episode of the season, Jon an Dany have meeting at the Dragonpit to show Cersei the wight/white walker and demonstrate the reality of the white walkers to the South in general. Cersei commands the Mountain to try to chopsup the wight/white walker and it keeps moving. Cersei freaks out and loses it when it tries to kill her. Jon shows them the only way to kill it is with dragonglass or fire. Cersei agrees to send forces to help Jon and the Unsullied to defeat the undead, but admits to Jamie she was lying and wants the undead to thin out as many of her enemies as possible. Jaime doesn't like this, so he abandons Cersei and heads North. After everyone has gone North and Cersei is all alone in King's Landing, at night she wakes up in a bed of blood having suffered a miscarriage and begins to scream.

    Lena Headey is the only one that hasn't been spotted in Seville yet for the leak to be true but she's definitely bound to be soon as fansites have already confirmed that the Mountain will be present in the dragonpit scene.


    mods hope its okay i used that fan twitter for the pics of the cast, as only fans got pics of the cast at airport. not paps.

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    -He directed Dope
    -Basically left cause of creative differences. He wanted something edgy, but DC having been slammed for trying that before was not here for that.
    -He is the 2nd director to leave the project
    -Means production and shooting will be delayed

    Stay messy DC


    You worried about this going awry ONTD?

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    Erin Cressida Wilson (The Girl on the Train) is in negotiations to write the script for the film.
    The new film will include new songs, with songwriters Benj Pasek & Justin Paul (La La Land) attached to pen the new music.


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    Thirteen-year-old Ruthie Carmichael and her mother, Rita teeter on the edge of poverty, despite Rita working multiple jobs. When their landlord kicks them out, Rita uses her looks to instantly reel in a boyfriend, who takes them in. Before long, Ruthie convinces her mother to leave and they head East in search of a better life. When money runs out and their car breaks down, they find themselves stranded in a small town called Fat River where their luck finally takes a turn.


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    NPH shared his family's costumes again this year and more celebs took to social media to share theirs - or their pets'.

    Sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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    • You know Sonic, blue hedgehog, with the red echidna Knuckles and the orange fox Tails

    • GC Animated / Live Action film (Kind of like 06)

    • Miller is Executive Producing

    tweet | article source 

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    Becky G was invited to La Banda to perform her two spanish singles, 'Sola' and 'Mangú'. Watch the video below to see her full performance.

    Are you an Americana Loca, ONTD?

    Source | Source

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    the faces of india?

    The film, SoIar EcIipse - Depth of Darkness, has a Dutch director and is said to be "an upcoming Hollywood feature historic film based on the world politics immediately after Indian independence and partition. It is set in a violent India, divided on religious grounds. The feature takes an alternative view of the events that led to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on 30th January, 1948"

    There's a obviously shortage of Indian actors because the film stars white guys(1 british 2 add insult 2 injury) playing Indians;
    Stephen Lang
    (Miles Quaritch in Avatar, extremely white) as D.I.G. Sunil Raina and Luke Pasqualino (nobody British actor, was on Skins, Perrie Edwards' ex, also white) as DCP Jimmy Batliwala. Seriously.
    In fact only 1(Om Puri) of the top 6 billed actors are asian at all. For a film about the partition.
    It's filming in Sussex, UK and Colombo, Sri Lanka + is scheduled for release August 2017 (in the USA)

    No confirmation on whose playing Gandhi yet but presumably Benedict Cumberbatch is the director's first pick.

    source 123 i didnt link the official website cause im afraid of thisbeing deleted for copyright but if u google it its all there.
    wish i had the energy to be angry, im just resigned tbh. neither i or vehicles know why the last post was deleted fyi

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    • Ellen sent her producer Andy and Ariana Grande to the American Horror Story Maze at Universal Studios Horror Nights.


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  • 10/31/16--17:01: Top 10 Scariest TV Monsters

  • 10. Ebonites, The Outer Limits.

    8. Pool Zombie, Are You Afraid of The Dark.

    6.The Gentlemen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    4. The Monster [aka the Demogorgon], Stranger Things.

    2. Weeping Angels, Doctor Who.


    What tv-monster scared you?? 👾

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