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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -hasn't made her monthly payment for the past four months
    -leasing company asked her to return the car in April and she refused
    -leasing company now wants her to pay the full balance - $40,000


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    Things get weird around 1:38, and the anchor continues like nothing is happening lmao

    Edit: oop sry i changed the source to the twitter link.

    Source 1

    Source 2

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    • Lionsgate is planning yet ANOTHER Robin Hood movie. This one is going to be interesting and unique because it will be a ~dark and ~gritty The Dark Knight-esque interpretation.

    • Robin Hood is going to be played Taron Egerton

    • Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Eve Hewson, Gaite Jansen (who?) and Lucy Fry (who 2?)


    Who would you pick, ONTD?

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    The 31 best films to watch for Halloween. Top 5 Here, the rest at the source.

    1. Hocus Pocus (1993)

    I don’t care if you’re seven or forty-seven, Hocus Pocus is the defining Halloween film. It’s fun and scary for kids and holds the ultimate nostalgia for adults. If for some reason you haven’t seen this movie yet, stop what you’re doing and go watch it!

    2. Halloween (1978)

    John Carpenter’s classic is the creme de la slashers; the ultimate holiday horror movie. No October is done right without it.

    3. Trick r Treat (2007)

    The once obscure film has now gained plenty of popularity and rightly so; it’s a wonderful horror film that is full of the Halloween spirit.

    4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

    Never has an animated film been so loved and so associated with the holidays as much as this one. Another essential viewing.

    5. Night of the Demons (1988)

    Another Halloween classic; an 80’s film about partygoers on Halloween night who get more than they bargained for.


    Halloween post?! What's everyone watching this October?

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    After she killed it at Rock in Rio Ms. Fenty was pictured taking a much needed break rihlaxing at the pool with fellow model Cara Delevingne.


    ONTD, are you beautiful and lazy?

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    Did Meghan dial the wrong number? Is Brooks suing her? What did an Radar Online uncover? Find out after the cut!

    -Radar contacted Dr. Mirabeau-Beale and had them look over Brooks papers and they said CT scans on their own do not diagnose cancer!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Buffy actor Nicholas Brendon was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly getting into a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at a hotel in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

    This was his fourth arrest this year.

    “Last night after 11 p.m., we responded to a call to a local hotel on the south end of town,” investigations lieutenant Bob Gillson tells source. “We got there [and] found a 33-year-old female in the room by herself …She had come down to give [Brendon] some of his personal property he was looking for. When she gets there she was going to leave, [but] he didn’t want her to leave, so he forcibly took her car keys from her.”

    Per source, the actor also grabbed his girlfriend’s phone and threw it into the road.

    “In New York we’ve got a pro-domestic violence charge for criminal mischief if you damage someone’s phone to prevent them from calling 911,” he explains, adding that Brendon also allegedly “grabbed [his girlfriend] by the throat and choked her.”

    Gillson adds that “alcohol was involved” in the incident. Brendon is charged with third-degree robbery, a felony, two counts of criminal mischief, and one count of obstruction of breathing.

    Police called to the scene found Brendon a few blocks away from the hotel, and the actor was taken into custody without resistance.

    Full story at Source

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    - The show will be aimed to young adults.
    - It will be run by Patrick Ness. So no Moffat! YAY!
    - It's still unclear how it'll be linked to the Who universe. More clues will appear this season.
    - It'll have 8 episodes (45 minutes each) and it'll premiere in 2016 in BBC3.
    - No sight of new episodes of Torchwood, K9 Adventures or The Sarah Jane Adventures (RIP Liz)


    I'd rather have more Torchwood tbh.

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    To celebrate, here they are singing Happy Birthday to some lady:


    Which flawless *NSYNC song and/or outfit changed your life for the better, ONTD?

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    - It was a wedding straight out of The Godfather
    - The 500 guests were required to give gifts of at least $5,000
    - The event took place at the Oheka Castle in Long Island and went from 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 25, and ended at 1 p.m. on Saturday
    - Celebrity guests included John Travolta (who will play John Gotti in an upcoming biopic), his actress wife, Kelly Preston, actor Kevin Connolly, Goodfellas star Debi Mazar

    sources: 1 + 2 + 3

    which gotti brother was your favorite ontd?

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    Mira Sorvino

    The film is officially 18 years old and Mira talked about her experience on the cult classic film.

    "That was probably the most fun I ever had on a set. That was so much fun. We were cracking each other up and trying hard not to laugh between scenes because [our characters] were such object idiots but then there was a lot of love between us," Sorvino said Wednesday. "We were so self-assured that we were so smart but we were so dumb."

    "I was a nerd in high school. That's why I did this movie. I was such a geek. They called me 'Mira Queera' and the only boys that liked me were the Dungeons and Dragons guys," the Falling Skies star explained. "People wrote mean things on my locker or on my books. Teachers liked me but I had like two or three best friends and the mean girls hated me for some reason - perhaps because I spoke back at them."

    "That's why I did Romy and Michele. I wanted to show people who are suffering through that horrible moment of high school of unpopularity and geekdom that it's going to get better and that you have the strength within you to not give a crap about what anyone else thinks."

    In the video at source, she also speaks with and apologizes to the creator of Post-its, Art Fry.


    It's been a tough day, what's your guilty pleasure comedy fav's?


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    A beautiful Selena Gomez performed her hit single Good For You on Le Grand Journal. & She did an interview.

    - only worried about fans safety when shes mobbed, not ha self...selfless queen
    - is planning a tour after revival, the revival tour ..2016 y'all!
    - doesn't want to talk politics cause she doesn't want any more headlines about herself
    - doesnt know why people are mean


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    -blames non-Americans for fights, citing a meaningless study
    -ignores the fact that fights have always existed and have never been limited to foreign players
    -forgets that international players are giving the sport some global relevance
    -is probably just salty about how many home runs Dominicans have hit off of him lbr
    -specifically calls out the Astros' Carlos Gomez, probably because Gomez is on a team in contention and the Padres suck
    -Gomez says he plays the game passionately and should be allowed to show emotion

    here's a pic of Jonathan Papelbon choking Bryce Harper because he's American and respects the game

    here's your baseball post, ONTD

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    She took a polygraph test on Lifetime's Celebrity Lie Detector where she spills that she lost her virginity to Brian Austin Green. She wouldn't name the other castmate but narrowed it down to either Luke Perry or Jason Priestley.

    Source 1/2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - Kelly says she fears her ex could one day disappear into the night into [horrible] Monaco.

    - Claims the fact that they lived on a boat is the reasoning behind that thought.

    - Doesn't get why she is labeled as a kidnapper and an abductor.

    - Still pissed that the law was on his side when the kids were told to be on the plane after she did not return them on time.

    - The most outlandish quote was from her lawyer, saying "It was a Kafka-esque ambush proceeding that left the public in shock."

    - It's gonna be a long few weeks before the Oct 26th court date.

    tv3 source

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    If you didn't know before, actual success Mark Ronson is joining The X Factor UK as a judge!

    Nick Grimshaw, who jumped to fame thanks to an intense and torrid affair with 1D member Harry Styles (But couldn't break TRUE LOVE, tbh!! #larry4eva), is also joining the panel.

    Not only that, but in an obvious sign that the producers ran out of budget after hiring Mark Ronson,Meghan Trainor is joining Rita Ora as a guest judge of the unwatchable acclaimed show!

    Read a the whole thing at the SOURCE!

    Sorry mod, fixed it!

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  • 10/01/15--18:36: Heroes Reborn 1x04
  • "The Needs of the Many"

    In search of someone from his past, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) breaks in to Renautas for answers. Miko (Kiki Sukezane) continues her rescue mission and travels in search of her sword. Elsewhere, Tommy (Robbie Kay) must use his ability to save the life of someone close to him. Meanwhile, Luke (Zachary Levi) comes up against unexpected obstacles in his relationship with his wife, Joanne (Judi Shekoni), while Carlos (Ryan Guzman) takes major steps forward in his heroic journey.


    still don't care about Carlos

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    Sherri Saum from "The Fosters" is confirmed to have a guest role on season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder this fall. Details of her character have not been released.


    HTGAWM airing 10 PM EST tonight! Viewing post?

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