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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Bonus non-official a capella version of How Ya Doin', featuring a fan throwing something at them


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    Kelly Rutherford went on Good Morning America this morning to defend herself against claims by ex Daniel Giersch that she has abducted their children following her refusal to send them back to their father (as per court ordered custody agreement).

    GMA Interview:

    *Says protecting her children is her first priority
    *Says her children want to stay with her
    *Claims children need both parents (?????)
    *“It put me, as a parent, in an odd place because if nobody’s taking jurisdiction, how do you put your children on a plane to a foreign country not knowing what’s going to happen?”
    *Lawyer claims that the children are telling them "alarming" things about the father's treatment (Please note to people new to this: she has lied multiple times about this under oath.) The lawyer will not tell media what those "alarming" things are.
    *She has been ordered to court tomorrow WITH her children
    *Kelly is allegedly hoping to force the State Department to get involved
    *Lawyer describes Giersch as making "cruel threats and derogatory remarks" (about him saying Rutherford has abducted the children as far as I can see)
    *Quote: "Mr. Giersch purports to be interested in co-parenting but his actions belie a different agenda."


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    i know most of ONTD doesn't like country music but i love luke bryan and i thought this was kinda cute lol

    Luke's twitter :)

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    - Its cumulative total now stands at 1.007 million.
    - The album was released on Feb. 12 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
    - this is Drake's fourth million-selling album💰

    source | source

    yassss papi!! get it, u look so good🙌

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    - Queen López blesses us with a #timelesslook. When will your faves?
    - The soon to be #1 Spanglish SMASH was teased by the Puerto Rican Diva on Instagram this past Saturday.
    - JenPez is using her status as an ICON to introduce Murikah to new artists, as she did with Prince Royce. Charitable reina!
    - The song was officially released today. On iTunes tomorrow.
    - You can get listen and receive your blessing by clicking here and/or here

    when was the last time your fave was charitable, ontd?


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  • 08/10/15--15:01: riri on the beach [3]

  • 436














    since y'all wanna be all technical on a scale of 1-10, how gr8 has ur summer been (so far)!?

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    - Southern Hospitality went through a health inspection on July 14, 2015. (Actually a re-inspection from an earlier visit that resulted in a total of 23 violation points.)

    - New York City health inspectors found "evidence of mice or live mice present in the facility's food and/or non-food areas," and said to have "harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist."

    - Also, "food contact surface [was] not properly washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any activity when contamination may have occurred," and that there's a "non-food surface improperly constructed" and "unacceptable material used."

    - The restaurant was deemed "critical" and given a "grade pending" mark (meaning it has a second chance to retain its A grade), and is still currently open for business

    - In 2013, Southern Hospitality was downgraded to a B after an inspection

    - In 2009, a former female employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the restaurant, claiming she was "bullied" and "degraded" by male colleagues, including owner Eytan Sugarman. The suit was settled out of court last year.

    - And in 2008, the restaurant was sued by staff for allegedly not paying overtime and withholding tips

    Source 1, 2, 3

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    -Current Google ceos Larry Page and Sergey Brin have announced plans to leave google for their new company Alphabet.
    -Current vice president Sundar Pichai is the new head of google, while Page is the new ceo of alphabet and Brin is alphabet's president.
    -Alphabet is a holding company for google and other services e.g. Fiber, Google's previous research division and Nest.
    -No change is set to occur to core google services such as search and maps.
    -Alphabet's website is https://abc.xyz/
    -Larry Page's full statement can be read here

    Source // Source

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    directioners have been praising harry styles for breaking gender norms
    he has broken the gender norms due to his "support for gay rights, #HeForShe, long hair, and "feminine' clothing and boots"
    he also apparently painted his index fingernail one time
    sidenote: a subset of larries even think harry is trans or genderfluid


    idk what i just read tbh. but then again this is the same site that wrote larry fanfiction like it was real.

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    * follow up to this post
    * original video posted without his knowledge or permission
    * stands by what he said in original video: "I see certain people, I have an opinion about them. It was a private opinion made public."
    * thinks people only care because they want to see another version of Drake v. Meek
    * "The internet is not a responsible place, you gotta clear the air with certain things."
    * "Lupe, you're cool. Do your thing, man. There's no conflict over here."
    * music is not a competitive sport to him
    * compares the current rap scene to a circus where there's no real winners
    * he dgaf if you love, hate, or ignore him


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    - "Women inspire and create—they’re powerful outside of the tune penned by these dudes. It’s why their latest single, “She’s Kinda Hot,” isn’t about objectification at all—but some greater exploration of youthful reckless abandon, feeling lost and found simultaneously. The first mention of character just happens to be female."

    Quote from AP (which is actually a great article)

    Source: youtube, AP

    can't believe i have to add that damn quote bc of some of yall

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    CMEur Aq WIAEKh H5
    image url

    do you agree??

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    Today, as it has become the norm for the last seven months or so, Shakira shared a video of her daily life - this time featuring her partner, football player Gerard Piqué. The Facebook video, captioned "This is what it's like living with a footballer!" was recorded by Piqué, who is playing with a football inside the house. Shakira comes out of the TV room to talk to him and Piqué kicks the ball at her.

    At the beginning, Piqué can be heard whispering "Let's see if I get a direct hit." Shakira comes out of the room to tell him her brother Tony had brought food, and then Piqué kicks the ball and it hits her in the chest.

    The video has been watched 4.7 million times already, and people in the comments either laugh at the couple's antics, think Piqué is Shakira's third baby, point out how two people with a net worth of over 250 million dollars have phones with shitty cameras or complain about Shakira's absence in music and her new career as a football groupie.

    In other news, U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in Manhattan dismissed the copyright infringement case against Sony/ATV Latin and Sony/ATV Discos over Shakira's hit song "Loca" (ft. El Cata).

    In 2012, Dominican artist Ramón Arias Vásquez' recording label, Mayimba Music, sued Sony over the rights of the song, alleging that El Cata (the original singer, with whom Shakira collaborated for her version of "Loca") had copied his song "Loca con su Tíguere".

    Although last year Judge Hellerstein had ruled that Shakira and El Cata's songs were a rip off and found Sony liable for distributing them, on Monday Hellerstein said that Sony had presented new evidence that proved the cassette on which Arias had supposedly recorded the song wasn't made in 1998, as he claimed, which invalidaded the copyright.

    Source: 1, 2

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    Caption: "He smelled soo good. We were still shocked cause he came out of the hotel JUST FOR US!! Sebastian: I heard youre still waiting just for me. I came back earlier and I didn't knew you're waiting for me. I'm so sorry We: it's our third day so it's okay.Sebastian: wow! He was soo nice and really interested. He really wanted to know things about us. We talked so much!! Me: we just found out lizzie is done with the shootingSebastian: Olsen? Yeah she's done.. I wished we shot the whole movie here in Berlin. It's such a beautiful city! the Berlinale is here right? And the Sony center! We: the whole movie here would've been so awesome! We: we saw the picture with you and the fan at the gendarmenmarktbSebastian: ? Oh Yeees that picture! We: yeah, it's everywhere, everyone is freaking out! Oh my god it's Sebastian!! We: you guys were partying Saturday night right?Sebastian: WHAT? no, we all came Friday afternoon and Saturday I had to shoot We: Is Mark really here??Sebastian: Mark? I don't know.. I don't think so..Is he? We: the german News wrote it..And by the way captain america winter soldier is the best!! Sebastian: aw thank you but civil war is better soo much better trust me you will love it. I cant wait for this movie to come out!! Then we got autographs and pictures with him (he's not like "don't touch me" hes pressing you really tight against him!!) and I wanted to hug him again so I ask him and he just spread his arms and said yeeah sure! I told him when we hugged each other (MY FACE WAS ON HIS CHEST!!) that he's the perfect winter soldier and he said thank you so so much! It looked like he just came out of the shower! In his pyjamas I'm really sure it was his pyjama! And it's still soo unreal that he came out just for us! And we wished him a goodnight and fun here in Berlin."

    Caption: "After an hour, it was almost 11 pm, we wanted to go home in about 20 minutes. It was really dark outside but we still had fun as always. We checked out every taxi and were hoping to see Seb in his blue shirt. We talked with each other and then I saw a guy coming out of the Soho, a regular guy, could be anyone. So I didn’t pay attention. But after few seconds I realized, he’s coming towards us, grey t-shirt, jogging pants, long hair. My thoughts: he looks like Seb, but it can’t be him, he’s somewhere out here, right? And if it’s really him, he would never come out, would he? ONLY FOR US?!

    So I just sat there, staring at him, Kathi and Miri realized nothing. Then Miri turned around, saw Seb: “GUYS, OH MEIN GOTT!” He came to us and said: “Oh! My German fans!” and spread his arms out waiting for us to hug him! As you can imagine, we were completely shocked! HE CAME OUT OF HIS HOTEL JUST FOR US! IN HIS PYJAMA!! Seb: “I heard you’re still waiting here just for me! I came back and didn’t knew it! I’m so sorry.”

    We: ”Yeah, it’s our third day here! Haha it’s okey. :D”

    Seb: “Wow! Are you living here?”

    We: “Yes, we come from Berlin, thank god.”

    Seb: ”Where exactly do you live?”

    Me: “40 minutes away from here.”

    Seb: O.o

    Kathi: “Outside of Berlin.”

    Seb: O.O “What do you do? Do you have a job?”

    Me: “I just graduated.”

    Seb: “Ohh, congratulations!”Part 2"

    Caption: "Miri: “Yeah, I have a job and after that I come here every day until midnight.”

    Seb: :o I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT! Miri told him, that he’s the perfect Winter Soldier and he said: “Ohhh, thank you!” He hugged us three times and I told him: “YOU SMELL SO GOOD!” and he smiled. AND HE REALLY, REALLY SMELLS GOOD! SO GOOD! He probably just took a shower and was bed ready and then came out just for US! It was surreal! As a goodbye we wished him a good night and seriously: HE IS THE SWEETEST GUY EEEEEVER! WE TALKED WITH HIM FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES!! AND IT WASN’T A NORMAL HUG, IT WAS A REAL HUG! BIG, BIG CRUSH ON THIS GUY! NO ONE WILL EVER TOP THAT! And next week was his birthday, so we decided to buy him a Funko Pop of the unmasked Winter Soldier and of course make a book for him! ❤️ THANK YOU, JOE! OUR KING! 👑"

    Sources cause I know the watermarks are hard 2 read: Here and Here

    ONTD on a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a sweetheart is sebstan.

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    Source 12

    Are you guys watching this?

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    From Tess' instagram:

    If #victoriasecret needs a #plussize "angel"😈... ☎️ call me. (P.S. DUH us fuller ladies like to wear lingerie & look sexy. Get with it )✔️ #tessholliday #effyourbeautystandards


    What do you think, ONTD? Time to accept women can be beautiful in all shapes and sizes, or time to once again mask your disgust for obese people as concern for their health? Do tell. ♥

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    zayn is a business man now, trying to make some bank
    owns a new company called Drop-Zed Publishing, a music publishing company
    zayn has been in the studio writing a lot
    since publishing companies get a percentage of the song's profits, this basically means more $$$ for zayn since he'll get that percentage as well as what he gets for writing songs
    The other owner is alan mcevoy, who worked with one direction, westlife, and cheryl cole, as an accountant who helped manage their business ventures


    0ntd do u get money like an invoice? or zo u zant zayn zo zrop zed in a zitch?

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  • 08/11/15--12:33: Anna on Cheating Rumors

  • Anna Faris talks about the "cheating rumors" that have come up in recent times.

    She states“It has been a little devastating, for us it was like, ‘What the heck.’ This has been blindsiding to us. We have an incredible relationship. It has been weirdly stinging.”

    She read from the tabloids that stated she was concerned her husband of six years would cheat with his new costar, Jennifer Lawrence.

    She continues, [That] stung a little bit harder than I thought it would,” she admitted. “I have always kind of believed that part of the rumors of celebrity couples were sort of true — because they had never been a part of my life. I thought ‘Maybe there is a kernel of truth to that.’

    Anna & Chris married in 2009 and have a 3-year-old son, Jack.

    source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2015/08/11/anna-faris-talks-chris-pratt-cheating-rumors-it-has-been-weirdly-stinging/

    eta: enjoy this qt gif

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    Nothing is quite as good as a random dance scene in otherwise non-musical movie, and over the years it has provided the audience with a lot of laughs and pop culture with a lot of iconic moments. Who could forget these scenes?

    In no particular order, here we go!

    Risky Business (1983)

    Who hasn't danced alone in their house, blasting music, pretending the world is their stage? This scene is truly iconic and unforgettable.

    Young Frankenstein (1974)

    Another huge laugh in a movie full of them, Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle are the perfect musical duo.

    Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

    Shocking, cringeworthy, and uplifting all at the same time. When Olive competes and it turns out to be a disaster, her family get up and join her so she doesn't feel alone.

    Spider-Man 3 (2007)

    Definitely unforgettable lmao.

    Beetlejuice (1988)

    When Lydia's family gets possessed at the dinner table, of course they have to sing and dance about it!

    The Breakfast Club (1985)

    Pure angsty dance.

    Pulp Fiction (1994)

    THE dance scene of unexpected dance scenes.

    500 Days Of Summer (2009)

    Have you ever started a flash mob after getting laid? Well you should.

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

    Completing this list is one of the definitive scenes of this movie . It sums of everything Ferris is - popular, fun, and fearless.


    favourite dance scenes ONTD?

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