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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Based on the best-selling novel by Rosalie Ham, THE DRESSMAKER is a bittersweet, comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia. Tilly Dunnage (KATE WINSLET), a beautiful and talented misfit, after many years working as a dressmaker in exclusive Parisian fashion houses, returns home to the tiny middle-of-nowhere town of Dungatar to right the wrongs of the past. Not only does she reconcile with her ailing, eccentric mother Molly (JUDY DAVIS) and unexpectedly falls in love with the pure-hearted Teddy (LIAM HEMSWORTH), but armed with her sewing machine and incredible sense of style, she transforms the women of the town and in doing so gets sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.

    Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse
    Produced by Sue Maslin
    Screenplay by Jocelyn Moorhouse & P.J. Hogan
    Based on the novel “The Dressmaker” by Rosalie Ham

    Starring Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving, Caroline Goodall, Shane Bourne, Kerry Fox, Rebecca Gibney, Sacha Horler, Shane Jacobson, Alison Whyte, Genevieve Lemon, Barry Otto and Sarah Snook.


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  • 07/12/15--18:48: Hannibal Comic Con Panel
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  • 07/12/15--18:49: Jai Courtney at Comic-Con
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    Ummm...who watched tonight's episode? Feelings? Thoughts?
    Also did anyone watch 7 Days In Hell?

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    -video was shared on Krept's snapchat after continuous hinting that another 'leak' related to the song was going to happen
    -this is allegedly the 'official' version of the song previously leaked with a Mic Righteous feature


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    “We have no plans currently to release the Suicide Squad footage that leaked from Hall H on Saturday. It’s unfortunate and ultimately damaging that one individual broke a long-standing trust we have enjoyed with our fans at the convention by posting early material, which, at this point, was not intended for a wider audience. We are still in production on Suicide Squad, and will have a big campaign launch in the future. Our presentation yesterday was designed to be experienced in that room, on those big screens!”


    for not being able to go

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  • 07/12/15--19:46: GRIMM Comic-Con 2015 Roundup

  • Season 5 Tidbits

    Apparently Nick's mom and Juliette are really dead
    *Turmoil from Rosalee's past resurfaces
    *Hank finds love again
    *More get more Wu
    *We'll see less of the Royals

    The cast at SDCC

    Scruffy Detective Burkhardt TYFYT

    Mods, I hope the cut is fixed.


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    Demi Lovato showed off her thighs in an Instagram post and urged her followers to love their curves. In the photo's caption, Demi described that she used to hate her curves, but she learned to love them because of her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Demi wrote, "I actually used to hate them... But then a special someone helped me learn how to love them... And he sure loves them." She ended the caption with the hashtags "#squats #COOLFORTHESUMMER."

    Source: Instagram

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    Ian Jq, co-executive producer of Stephen Universe, had a parody fan blog taken down today because he thought fans would find it confusing. The blog, Did You Know Stephen Universe, was an account that posted comically false facts about the cartoon, with source links that lead to humorous tinypic gifs and tagged each post with "misinformation". The producer publically tweeted the fan account his disproval, and then deleted the tweets (shown below).

    The blog's creator immediately decided to end the blog, posting:

    "Right from the start, it’s always been a personal rule of mine that the blog will cease immediately if any Steven Universe crew member had a problem with it.... Big apologies to the Steven Universe cast and crew, especially Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, as well as anyone who was mislead or upset with the blog.

    I’d like to end on a final note that I hope will clear things up for anyone who still does not understand the nature of the blog:

    Every single fact posted on this blog was completely made up.
    Nothing originating from this blog has ever been true."

    After fans on Tumblr and Twitter expressed disappointment, Ian posted the following on Twitter:

    And posted the following on his blog:

    Re: DYKSU

    yo guys. the misinformation being spread by DYKSU got to me. I was harsh. they apologized. i was annoyed but i accepted it and apologized for being a dick. i proposed keeping the blog going with a larger parody disclaimer, but it was their choice to take it down.

    please don’t go and harass them or their fans. don’t make the mistakes i did!

    When fandom interaction goes wrong.... Stories about jerkish directors/producers?

    Ian's Twitter
    Ian's Tumblr
    Twitter Screencap Source
    The Now Defunct Parody Blog

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    Source: 123

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    Jamie Lee Curtis said to the Comic-Con crowd that "In episode two, there is a wordless homage that I threw in that was me tipping my hat to all you Laurie Strode lovers,"any guesses on what that wordless homage could be?

    Ryan Murphy added that there will be hints of Laurie in the role "Yes, if you're going to hire Jamie Lee Curtis, you want to see her kicking ass and fighting back and doing all of those things that you loved her dong so we're writing a scene right now where she's fighting three killers,"


    Round of applause for the ORIGINAL Scream Queen! What are your favorite Scream Queen chase scenes, ONTD? Laurie Strode in Halloween, Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Gale Weathers in Scream 2 top that list for me!

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    She took to Twitter afterward to deny it

    Ariana Grande was originally set to perform at the MLB All-Star Game concert yesterday, but Demi Lovato replaced her after the donut-licking scandal made headlines. In the above clip, Demi Lovato introduces her song Made in the USA, explaining that she doesn't usually sing it live. She continues, saying "I know it's a little past 4th of July, but how many of you guys are proud to be an American?" People immediately posted about the diss on Twitter, and Demi took to her Twitter to deny that she shaded Ariana during the show.

    Sources: YouTube / Twitter 1 / Twitter 2 / Twitter 3 / Twitter 4 / Twitter 5 / Twitter 6

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     In addition to rooting for Serena Williams before her Wimbledon win, JKR also hit back at a hater of Serena's.

     You can see more of JKR's gushing over Serena over on her twitter.


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    - dreams about having a month to travel throughout all of Italy,

    - got her GED at age 15 (I don't get American school system, explain to me?)

    - “If I could go back to school, I would study history,” she says. “I’d study world history, just to know how people work, and how they evolved, and where we come from. I feel like when you know about what happened in the past you can do better for your future.”

    More at source.

    ONTD, if you could go back to school, what would you study?

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    Words by Amandla Stenberg:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Follow up to these posts, where Amandla Stenberg called Kylie Jenner out for cultural appropiation, and then Kylizzlemynizzl giving a pretty lame ass weak comeback, Amandla wrote on her twitter and tumblr a couple of hours ago the words above. She's seriously smart and it's so sad that she's getting attacked for this, she deserves better than Hollywood tbh.


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    Looks like Miranda Kerr has moved on from billionaire James Packer to 25-yr old billionaire and Snapchat CEO Spiegel. Dailymail had first reported that the two were dating.

    Some pics at the farmer's market in LA (click the link to see more):

    Arriving last Tuesday at the LAX:

    Meanwhile Orlando Bloom is dating Luisa Moraes.

    Keep dating gross men, I guess.....

    SRC: 1||||2

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    Creator Scott Cawthon just released the trailer for the last game in the indie hit franchise "Five Nights at Freddy's." The game comes out 8/8/15 with a free DLC on Halloween.


    Well, ONTD, are you ready for Freddy?

    Mods, I tagged this as viral because the games are kind of a viral hit and there doesn't seem to be a video games tag?

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    Nintendo execs were mostly silent yesterday after the unexpected news of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata's death. Today some of his longtime friends and colleagues issued short statements on the loss.

    From Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto:
    “I am surprised at this sudden news and overcome with sadness. The entire development team at Nintendo will remain committed to our development policy which Mr. Iwata and we have been constructing together and to yield the development results which Mr. Iwata would appreciate.”

    From Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata:
    “It is difficult to put into words the sadness we feel at this time. Mr. Iwata was a strong leader, a unique figure in the gaming industry and an important part of Nintendo’s history. He was a visionary in every sense of the word and we will miss him dearly."Just as Mr. Iwata challenged us to always push forward, we will ensure his legacy lives on through our ongoing work to always surprise and delight our fans. At this time our thoughts are with his family.”

    From Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimes:
    "Mr. Iwata is gone, but it will be years before his impact on both Nintendo and the full video game industry will be fully appreciated. He was a strong leader for our company, and his attributes were clear to most everyone: Intelligence, creativity, curiosity and sense of humor. But for those of us fortunate enough to work closely with him, what will be remembered most were his mentorship and, especially, his friendship. He was a wonderful man. He always challenged us to push forward…to try the new…to upset paradigms—and most of all, to engage, excite and endear our fans. That work will continue uninterrupted.“
    Miyamoto and Nintendo exec Genyo Takeda will run the company for the time being until a new CEO is chosen.

    I'm seriously just so sad about this. One of my first memory of playing video games is Kirby's Dream Land for the Gameboy. That would not have existed without Iwata. So much of my childhood is thanks to him. He's leaving behind an amazing legacy.

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