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Rihanna parties with fans and journos on a private jet.

Rihanna parties with fans and journalists for 777 Tour on board private jumbo jet, traveling to seven cities in seven days.

The ‘Diamonds’ singer brought 250 guests on board, and they are reportedly bubbling over with excitement. The whirlwind jaunt leads up to the release of her seventh album, ‘Unapologetic, on Monday.

Rihanna’s all too familiar with lucky No. 7.

The sultry songstress, who is set to release her upcoming album, “Unapologetic,” later this month, took off on a private jumbo jet, a Delta 777, from Los Angeles to Mexico City on Wednesday morning to promote her milestone seventh album and share some libations with journalists and fans alike.

According to Us Weekly, the “Diamonds” singer brought 250 guests on board with her for the once-in-a-lifetime trip, with the aim to play seven concerts in seven cities in seven countries in seven days -- all leading up to the release of “Unapologetic” on Monday.

“We’re gonna party!” she told the magazine.
Fans and bloggers danced and sang on the plane during the first leg of the journey, MTV reports.

“It’s berserk on this plane. It’s a party plane,” one Philadelphia fan told the music site.

Another Rihanna fan, DJ/blogger Claire “Fingertips” Knight, could hardly contain her excitement.

The 'Diamonds' singer was excited and promised the press and fans a trip of their lifetimes.

“(It’s) fricking crazy. I am losing my sh-t,” she told MTV. “I’m sure everyone else is too.”

The pop princess herself made sure to mingle with the crowd and kicked off the long journey with some champagne and a brief toast to her large entourage.

“I should be freaking out over you!” she said, according to Us. “This is going to be an unforgettable experience.”

Following Mexico City, the party plane made its way to Toronto for the next stop of Rihanna’s extravagant tour.

After that, it’ll be off to Stockholm, Sweden.

Diamonds in the sky, indeed.

UNAPOLOGETIC HAS LEAKED. can't wait for the official release of future #1 single JUMP<3333

source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/rihanna-takes-fans-media-party-plane-trip-7-countries-article-1.1202950?localLinksEnabled=false

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