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Sleigh Bells's Alexis Krauss Fronts Sephora and Obesity & Speed Campaigns

Also featured Juno Temple, Parker Posey, Leelee Sobieski, Langley Fox Hemingway, Emily Weiss, and Julia Sarr Jamois.

While it’s common knowledge that Alexis Krauss brings the noise in a big way on stage with her band Sleigh Bells, the punk songstress is also quickly proving that she’s more than just a saccharine-voiced siren. When she wasn’t campaigning for Obama in Chicago, helping out the Red Cross's post-Sandy disaster relief efforts, or making adult beverages for Anthony Bourdain, Krauss has been strutting her stuff in front of the camera. She stars in a subversive-cool Spring 2013 lookbook for label Obesity & Speed and is one of the famous faces gracing the brand-new Sephora holiday campaign (pictured, exclusively). ELLE.com recently spoke with Krauss to catch up on her latest non-music gigs, the Sleigh Bells aesthetic, and her new modeling stints.

ELLE: The Obesity & Speed project seems tailor-made for you. How did it come about?

Alexis Krauss: Obesity & Speed is one of the labels that I’ve had a longstanding relationship with. As Sleigh Bells developed, I always felt that Obesity was super in-line with what we were trying to do. Lyz [Olko] from Obesity was talking about how they wanted to present the collection and asked me if I was interested in modeling for it.

ELLE: That connection you have with Lyz from Obesity & Speed really comes across in the lookbook. It's like an extension of a Sleigh Bells video.

AK: I couldn’t agree more. Although I really appreciate fashion I am always careful about what brands I endorse. I am the singer of Sleigh Bells, so whenever I agree to do something I am always thinking about the band.

How did this stunning Sephora campaign originate?

AK: I was in Spain at the Primavera Sound music festival, and even though it required me to fly back to America, I decided that the shoot was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something that I had to do. And once I found out the nature of the shoot, that it is about real women like me—actresses, entrepreneurs, public figures, and badass women, like Leelee Sobieski and Parker Posey—it just felt right Also, it was exciting to do a holiday campaign. My mom gets to go to the mall and see my photographs.

ELLE: So, you’re known for your signature denim cutoff-jeans look. Will you be hanging up your hot pants anytime soon?

AK: I like sort of doing things in record cycles. Reign of Terror has been about badass '80s-inspired style. For the third record, I have to think about how our style is going to evolve to fit the music.

Obesity & Speed Campaigns

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Obesity & Speed's Lyz Olko hinted that her upcoming collection was going to be totally BANANAS?! OK, so maybe those were our words, not hers, but the truth remains— the New York designer has outdone herself yet again, this time injecting her signature grungy basics with a decidedly sporty twist. Think shortsleeved sweatshirts with mesh insets, shredded tie-dye tees, and awesome "Can't Lose" tanks that remind us a lot of our old lacrosse pinnies....except a lot cooler, of course. Plus, this season comes with an added bonus— the spring lookbook stars none other than Sleigh Bells frontwoman Alexis Krauss as the ultimate cheerleader dropout. Win-win!

According to Lyz, the collection is inspired by "the punks under the bleachers and the secretly blossoming wallflowers," and we really can't think of a more perfect model than the Sleigh Bells singer. "I've been a fan of hers for some time now, and we became friends when she came to pick up a jacket at my studio some time ago now," Lyz remembers. "I was blown away by how distractedly beautiful she was almost immediately upon her entry. But on top of that, she is beyond cool, smart and a real friend."

We're used to seeing Alexis in ripped denim, studded jackets, and yep, even a vintage wedding dress, but who knew she had an athletic side? She totally pulls off the O+S graphic tops and sweatshirts with her trademark Ray-Bans, red lips, nail art, and major 'tude (PS- can we place an order for that "Can't Lose" jersey now?! Kthanks.).

The collection might allude to school spirit (well, kinda),but let's be real— you definitely don't have to still be going to class in order to appreciate these loosely collegiate clothes. Lyz puts it best, "You don't have to be true to your school with this collection, but you might find your favorite new sweatshirt." So what are you waiting for? Shop Obesity & Speed now here and keep your eyes peeled for Spring 2013, dropping soon!

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