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Kim Richards Slams Lisa Vanderpump: "Now That I’m Sober I See She Was Never My Friend!"


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up to Bethenny Frankel about the drama on the West Coast and said that now that she is feeling better she knows who her real friends on the show are, and the British Diva isn’t on that list.

“I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet,” Kyle Richards’ sister told the talk show host.

“I think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us. I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us.

If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, ‘I’m here for you.’ Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera, ‘Let’s talk about things.’

It’s like, ‘Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things, pretty bad night for me, seriously.’ ‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend?”

Kim made the brave decision to enter rehab getting sober helped open her eyes.

“But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out for the world to see more and more.”

However, Kim says that the friendship gestures all happened while Bravo was filming.

“But where did the phone call come in for Kim as a real friend? There was never one. There were no off camera calls to check on me, there was never a real friendship there and that’s the kind of stuff she’s done to all of us. I think that more and more of that will unfold and you will see the little snide things that she does. She’s just never been a real good friend to me and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to be. I’m over it, I’m over the things she’s done, like pulling out the magazines out of Brandi’s bag, ‘Oh, ooooh my.’ There are little things that you will see that will happen over this season that her true colors will show.”

Kim’s interview on Bethenny airs Monday, December 9

The Real Housewives react to Mandela’s Death

The world has lost a great man, as Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5 at the age of 95. And several of our favorite reality stars are taking a moment to remember him.

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo both took to social media to share their thoughts on his sad passing.

"Sad to hear the passing of Nelson Mandela today, such a true inspiration," Teresa writes. "May angels lead this amazing man in."

Meanwhile, Caroline posted a quote from Mr. Mandela: "'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear' - Nelson Mandela RIP."

We love that both of these ladies paid their respect to the former South African president who once served 27 years in prison before focusing on putting an end to apartheid.

Other Real Housewives stars remembered Nelson Mandela as well. "The world has lost a great man," Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore tweets on December 5. "President Mandela changed lives, changed minds and changed the world. Freedom is never free. #Mandela."

Joanna Krupa takes on the Kardashians stores

Joanna Krupa has always been a vocal advocate for animals. On the show, she revealed that she often adopts animals and keeps them at her home so they have a loving home. And she is often speaking out against people who are wearing fur. But she isn’t just spreading the word at parties. Now Joanna Krupa is now going after the Kardashians because they are selling fur.

"I helped organized a protest against the Kardasian-owned Dash retail clothing store for their selling of a fur vests earlier this year," Joanna says. "That turned out successful and they stopped selling fur!"

Of course, the Kardashians have often made headlines over their fur-wearing ways. Khloe Kardashian once posed for PETA, while her sister Kim was sporting fur. But Khloe cut ties with PETA after Kim was flour-bombed on a red carpet because she had worn fur.

"I was always a huge animal lover, but it wasn’t until 2005, when I saw a life-changing video of the fur trade and how innocent animals suffer," Joanna explains. "It was after that video that I essentially became an avid animal rights activist." And it isn’t just talk - she is taking action. She started a non-profit organization called Angels for Animal Rescue, and they raise money to help animals in need. "I save those who are truly in need of rescuing," Joanna says. "I am an animal rescuer."

Joyce Stuns on IMAGE Magazine Covers

Saying that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud is frequently on the covers of magazines is like saying that there are frequent arguments on RHoBH. In other words, it's a colossal understatement. Still, we're thrilled for Joyce about each cover that she gets — and now she just nabbed two more!

The stunning model/actress is on the cover of both IMAGE and IMAGEN magazines this month, and she looks dynamite on both. The IMAGE cover is a close-up of her face with a beautiful landscape behind her. Meanwhile, the IMAGEN cover features a full-body shot with Joyce in a gorgeous, shimmering gown.

"The December issue of IMAGE magazine spotlights celebrity Joyce Giraud, telling readers how Joyce's outer beauty is matched only by her inner beauty and her passion for life and for her philanthropies," says IAMGE's editor.

"Joyce empowers women worldwide... and to see why... read the cover story." Well said!

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