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Jacqueline Alcala Talks Her Role in Jenni Rivera Series: "Its A Dream I Don't Want To Wake Up From!"


The TV show based on the story of late singer Jenni Rivera premiered last week, Nov. 15, in the U.S. and the reactions regarding the adaptation of the Diva of Banda's life didn't take long to arrive.

Despite what many expected, the audience reaction has been mainly positive. One of the factors that stood out is the huge resemblance actors have with the real-life people they play. The resemblance between Jacqueline Alcalá with the late Rivera is impressive, which has caused pleasant surprise among the singer's fans who can expect a faithful adaptation of Rivera's life.

According to People en Español, Alcalá, who until recently was relatively unknown, has told Mexican media that her role in "Jenni: The Life of a Diva" has been a pleasant experience and a huge challenge. "If they had told me (that I would play Rivera), I wouldn't have believed them", said the singer who has released 10 albums in her native Hermosillo, as quoted by People.

The singer, who confessed she has no acting experience, has received numerous messages of support from Rivera's fans, who have been shocked by her resemblance to La Gran Señora. "I told everyone, I have no acting experience, (but) I have a wonderful coach", Alcalá said. "It's a dream I don't want to wake up from" the singer concluded.

Mun2 to Pay Tribute to Jenni Rivera!

Specials dedicated to Rivera will be broadcast beginning Thanksgiving night and run through the end of the year. The programming bloc kicks off at 6 p.m. Nov. 28 with a re-airing of the season two episode dedicated to Jenni’s daughter Jacqui’s wedding, followed by a special with celebs recalling their favorite moments from the musician’s life.

The network will dedicate Dec. 9 — the day the singer died — to re-airing every ep of the final season of I Love Jenni beginning at 6 a.m. The third season of the series was shot both before and after her tragic plane crash in Mexico.

“Jenni Rivera is in our hearts and this networks’ soul,” mun2’s exec VP and general manager Diana Mogollon said. “We have painstakingly strived to showcase her life just as she lived it: fiercely, with love, laughter, outrageous activities, and conversations that made you laugh, surprised you and always made you grateful to be a small part of her life. She is an icon, a Latina, mother, daughter, sister and friend who never forgot her beginnings or her heritage.”

Jenni Rivera Case To Be Heard In California!

Families of the victims of the plane crash have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood Management Inc., the operators of the downed Learjet, and the singer's company. Starwood Management Inc., called for the lawsuit to be dismissed in California and moved to Mexico. Superior Court Holly Kendig rejected the motion.

Starwood’s lawyer Mark Velasquez argued the case should be heard in Mexico, because many of the plane’s records are in that country. Additionally, Mexican investigators are working to determine why the Learjet 25 plunged from an altitude of 25,000 feet.

However, the plaintiff’s attorney, Paul Kiesel, argued the plane was registered in the U.S. and Starwood is based in Nevada. He also said investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were having the plane’s wreckage examined in the United States.

Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Inc. objected to having the case heard in Mexico. Although no facts of the case were discussed, they will be heard in later motions.

“We’re at the beginning not the end of this case,” the judge said.

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