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Who Went Home This Week On The Amazing Race!?


Nicole & Travis made it to the Double U-Turn first and chose to U-Turn...

Leo & Jamal!!!!
Because of a stupid little lie that Nicole & Travis blew out of proportion smh

Jason & Amy arrived at the U-Turn second and chose not to U-Turn anybody (fools!!)

Marie & Tim arrived at the U-Turn third and chose to U-Turn...

Nicky & Kim!!!
For being smarter than them like a hundred legs ago!

The last team to arrive and Philiminated from the race...

Nicky & Kim!!

1: Nicole & Travis (Married ER Doctors)
2: Jason & Amy (Dating)
3: Tim & Marie (Exes)
4: Leo & Jamal (Cousins)
5: Ally & Ashley (NHL Ice Crew Girls)
6: Nicky & Kim (Baseball Wives)
7: Tim & Danny (Best friends)
8: Brandon & Adam (Friends)
9: Chester & Ephraim (Former NFL Teammates)
10: Rowan & Shane (Theatre Performers)
11: Hoskote & Naina (Father/daughter)

lol how are Ally & Ashley still there? they are useless. Nicole & Travis' self-righteousness over that stupid lie was nagl. Marie continues to be the worst. Jason remains yummy as ever!!

Also, this show doesn't have a tag??? smh!!!

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