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Nikita's Dillon Casey talks Love Triangles, Ghosts, and Vendettas


If anyone wants a super sexy hookup between a Russian princess and a hot U.S. Navy Seal it’s the loyal fans of the CW’s hit series Nikita. Let’s face it, fans have been teased and now are clamoring for some serious action between the two. With the third season underway, we’ve only seen a fraction of Salex, definitely not the face time we were hoping for, so TV After Dark was on a mission to get some answers from the man himself, Dillon Casey.

Dillon, who hails from The Great White North, has come a long way since his beginnings on 11 Cameras, The Best Years and M.V.P. He’s worked on several projects such as The Vampire Diaries, Being Erica, The Vow and will be seen in the upcoming indie Only I. Although he’s worked with some recognizable names in the industry, it’s his current gig starring opposite Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, and Aaron Stanford that has fans lining up for more.

We caught up with the self-proclaimed “nerd in a jocks body” to find out what direction Salex is heading in, and how Sean Pierce will factor into the revamped Division and the “Dirty Thirty” objective.

TVAD | So far we’ve seen Sean & Alex for like 5 mins in Nikita. Not nearly enough screen time for these two after their last Season 2 finale. Please tell us, share, will fans see more?

It’s hard because the only reason Sean was at Division in the first place is because his mom sent him there to clean it up. Track down Nikita and take her down. After the big change happened at the end of season 2, Division is now back in control of the good guys tracking down the Dirty 30. Sean’s job is done. Division was always a temporary job for him, he even said it in season 2, “he’ll clean it up, but once he’s done he’s out of it.” The one thing he didn’t foresee was him caring about Alex Udinov. Now that he has developed a bond with her and really cares about her, and sees she’s not going anywhere, [that] she’s sticking by Nikita, it puts him in a weird position to stick by her side. He wants to get out of there; he’s always been an outsider and still is. So until Alex is ready to leave, it will be a hard time for him to let go himself.

TVAD | Now that Sean’s mom is dead his purpose has changed, but can you say that Sean is an integral part of the new Division?

There’s a reason why his mom died, it was because of Division and this place got spun out of control. There’s no rule, no honor. Sean recognizes that and wants no part of it.

TVAD | How much will Sean be a part of getting the Dirty Thirty?

Sean doesn’t care about Dirty Thirty; he doesn’t want anything to do with it. They are a bunch of ghosts that were created by the monster at Division. All he really cares about is the good of the country and he also worries that going after the Dirty Thirty is Nikita’s own vendetta.

TVAD | Will we finally get to see an Owen and Sean interaction?

You get a little bit of a taste of their dynamic. They are two dominate alpha males, but Albert Kim writes the episode and it’s crazy. You just have to watch.

TVAD | Can you see Sean and Alex as a couple in a relationship?

I don’t want to put a label on it. Who knows, they live such abnormal lives; the last thing they can have is a normal relationship. Lyndsy’s character was part of sex trafficking and Sean is a Navy Seal that is somewhat anti-social. I think Lyndsy mentioned it’s hard for this person to have a normal relationship and her loyalty is with Nikita. You can’t have a good relationship with someone [when their] loyalty is attached to someone outside the relationship [who] that person’s supposed to be in love with. The love triangle is with Alex, Sean and Nikita; the big wedge being Nikita. [OP: I'm here for this triangle, ngl.]

TVAD | So do we get some hot and steamy Salex scenes?

Fan’s won’t be disappointed. The when and how I can’t say, [pauses] but yes they won’t be disappointed. [OP: Bless.]

TVAD | So is it a ‘squeeeeeee omg’ kind of hot and steamy or an ‘awwwww that’s nice’?

[Laughs] Romancia, it’s a you need to be tuning into Nikita because Salex and Nikita fans won’t be disappointed. [I'm going to go ahead and squee anyway]. [OP: Imma be over here squeeing as well. Multi-faith and atheist-equivalent prayer circle for shirtless!Sean]

TVAD | Do you see a power struggle with Ryan and Nikita?

It’s a struggle that in a sense Nikita has been a rogue agent for the last two seasons. Even though she has someone she respects giving her orders, she doesn’t want to have to take orders, probably, anymore. It’s how they will get through it, since they genuinely like each other.

TVAD | If you could play one character, besides Sean, who would it be?

It would be Birkhoff. I’d love to play his character, though Sean is an awesome character. But honestly the character I would really like to play would be Percy.

On the subject of playing other characters, we fantasized about all the other roles and show’s we’d love to see him try. Imagine him as a super- freak, super-hot nerd on The Big Bang Theory or Schmidt’s rival in The New Girl. He’s defiantly proven that he can’t be tied down to any genre. With that being said, Dillon says he’s focusing on Nikita but he didn’t mind us fantasizing on other characters he could play. After seeing this good boy play nice, we want to see some more bad boy in Dillon Casey. He’s got the caliber to rock roles in any series such as The Borgias, True Blood, or even Modern Family. You have his permission ladies and gentleman; let your imaginations run wild.

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The things I would do this man's body...

Nikita airs tonight and TV has taught me that everyone loves an underdog, so y'all should be externalising that love by watching this show.

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