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Survivor 27: Blood Vs Water - Episode 1: "Blood is Thicker than Anything"


After spending "Day 0" alone in the jungle with their loved ones, the pairs were divided between returning castaways on one tribe and their loved ones on another tribe!

On the Galang Tribe, of returning castaways
Gervase (season 1), Tina (seasons 2 & 8), Rupert (seasons 7, 8, & 20), Aras (season 12), Candice (seasons 13 & 20), Tyson (seasons 18 & 20), Laura M (Season 19) , Monica (season 24), Colton (season 24), and Kat (season 24).

On the Tadhana Tribe, of loved ones
Marissa (Gervase's niece), Katie (Tina's daughter), Laura B (Rupert's wife), Vytas (Aras's brother), John (Candice's husband), Rachel (Tyson's girlfriend), Ciera (Laura M's daughter), Brad (Monica's husband), Caleb (Colton's fiance), and Hayden (Kat's boyfriend and season 12 winner of Big Brother)

After dividing in to two tribes, the castaways immediately voted someone out from each tribe:

From Galang, Candice was voted out.

From Tadhana, Laura B was voted out.

However, in a twist, they were saved and sent to Redemption Island. They were also given the opportunity to switch places with their loved one.

Rupert accepted the offer and was sent to Redemption Island is place of his wife, who joined the Galang Tribe in his stead.

At the immunity challenge, the Galang tribe made a come from behind victory and won immunity!

Gervase gloated a bit over his win and it ended up costing his niece, Marissa, her game as she was voted out 9-1 over Katie and sent to Redemption Island.

Redemption Island current inhabitants: Rupert, Candice, Marissa

This looks to be a promising season, even with Colton and Redemption Island considered. There are great returnees and family members. I haven't been this entertained by a premier in quite a while!

Source: CBS/TV

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