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An ONTD Original: Is it written in the stars? Sagittarian Songtresses!!!


With Brit's new single, Xtina's return to "The Voice," and Miley's continuing of being Miley- I decided it's time to take a look at these Lucky Ladies and their Lady Luck sign.


Sag Girls

Sun in Sagittarius

The sun, our “boss planet” that expresses how we show ourselves (and therefore, our other planets) to the world finds a fantastic landing spot in Sagittarius. Many astrologers consider Sagittarian’s bestowed with good luck, always having opportunity show up when they need it; and maybe it’s cosmic divinity that this happens to them over others because they’re restless, adventurous spirits who always want to be anywhere but where they are… but it goes much deeper than just the “wide eyed adventurer” ploy that gets peddled around.

In Sagittarius is where we first begin to realize our our individual connection to the rest of the universe and what our place is in the grand scheme of things. This is why they’re given the label of “adventurer” and “philosopher,” but even then, it’s more about breaking the glass ceiling, breaking our own boundaries to complete our identity, and depending on other aspects of the chart, Sagittarian’s can be anyone from your well-traveled bookworm professor to a grungy, hipster rock climber, or even some of the biggest pop stars of the world. They really are a jack of all trades, fighting through the rough patches by looking ahead to what chance may befall them tomorrow.

The problem with Sagittarius of course, is that from this adventurous nature, comes a very real need for freedom- they need to do what they need to do, if you want to go, that’s cool, but if you don’t, then they’re 99% likely to go without you. They also have a case of “dish it out and not take it,” where they have no problem being completely upfront with you but once you’ve insulted their ideologies, you have a real tantrum on your hands. Sagittarius is still a fire sign, and with all fire, it’s comforting and warm to be around, but if you get too close, you’ll get burned- and just like fire spreads in an instant and devours all, so does Sagittarius.

Xtina Chart

Despite the trainwreck that some of us around here would like to believe Christina Aguilera is, we probably aren’t giving her enough credit for what a fantastically fierce woman she actually is… First of all, she has THREE exalted planets in her chart. When a planet is exalted, it basically means that the sign the planet lands in is going to treat it very well, like an honored guest, and do everything in the planet’s best interest. Her first one is Mars in Capricorn, you can think of it as the bratty little kid (Mars) behaving like a perfect angel when Grandma (Capricorn) comes to visit, and doing everything it’s told. Since Mars is the planet that lights a fire under our ass and tells us what motivates us, when it lands in Capricorn, the goat has no problem getting it off it’s ass and getting to business.

Another exalted planet Xtina has is her Moon in Taurus. The moon is the keeper of our feelings, memories, and deepest needs. Some people may relate more to their moon signs because we “live through them” always calling on the moon to tell us how we feel about something, to recall our past experiences, and to let us know what it really is that keeps the rest of us fighting everyday. Taurus is able to contain the moon’s rapid changing emotional tide, while still allowing it to express itself creatively without any boundaries. When expressed through the Sag sun, it is a force to be reckoned with: The Taurean moon will bring a strong sense of routine to the otherwise flaky Sagittarius sun and will also bring a sharp common sense and not let the Sag Sun get too carried away in it’s ideologies or adventuring. The problem is inertia, Taurus is an Earth sign and exists on the physical plane, so it follows the laws of physics, mainly inertia- it’s slow to get moving, but once it does, it will not stop until it has achieved what it set out to do. It can really stall the Sag-Sun which wants to be done with everything yesterday and on to the new thing today.(Other Sagittarian's with a Taurus moon include Lucy Lui & Jim Morrison)

Yet, still, people see her as some sloppy, half hearted has-been? Well that’s the effect of her Aquarius rising for you (and I can speak on this personally, because I have one as well). Aquarius is an air sign, so it exists in the social/intellectual plane and, just like air, they only want to skim the surface of something and move along quickly, which gives the impression to the outer world that they are insincere and lack any tact, even though they are still friendly, outgoing, and great conversationalists. With Aquarius rising, the sign of “the group consciousness (aka society/social groups as a whole),” they naturally pick up on societal observation and gain a quick social intuition of how we all interact together, which gets heightened when expressed through her Sag sun, which wants to understand it’s place in relation to that society, but can use this power to become overly idealistic and get too snarky poking fun of the holes they discover.

Xtina has definitely experienced the highs and lows of herself. Her drive should be obvious from the fact that once she was not getting what she wanted from her music career, her Jack of all trades Sag Sun hopped on over to The Voice, and she was able to 1) still rack in the dough (which is very important to her Taurean moon) as well as 2) express herself creatively and 3) mentors others (ding! ding! ding! for Aquarius rising) and help lead them to discovering their own identity, as her Sag sun uses the process to continue discovering itself. Yet, we all know she has been a victim to her own gluttony, over indulgence, and ego, and is sometimes too “ahead of her time.”

Britney Chart

Well, if Christina is seen as a trainwreck, then there really aren’t words for the way that Britney has been portrayed. People go as far as calling her dead behind the eyes and a zombie, but what is it that isn’t being seen? We talked about Aquarius with Xtina’s rising, but the difference here is that only Xtina’s perception and their perception of her is being dictated by Aquarius, but for Brit, the moon- therefore her emotional and instinctive responses are being taken over by Aquarius, so we have to look at the Aquarian emotional nature- and, well, it doesn’t exist. Aquarius is known for being emotionally unavailable, and the moon needs a way to express it’s emotional nature. They are compassionate in an altruistic sense, and will willingly give to a “group cause” in a rather removed way (like donating money) but has a disadvantage in one on one situations because they do not really experience emotional attachment (and Brit doesn’t have any water in her chart to counteract this) and while they have divine love of individuality (not to get it twisted with Sagittarius, who is more about independence), and our right to our own, they do better supporting the group cause and ultimate progression of society. Not to get it too twisted though, Lunar Aquarians still have a strong sense of social intuition (it is the sign of social groups and friendship after all) and will always know how to fit in.

It’s interesting because with her Sag sun and Aquarius moon, she’s very full of ideas, progressive, creative and awkward intensity, yet, we still hear that she’s boring. However, with her Libra rising (Katy Perry has this as well), I think “boring” may be getting confused for the overly-friendly and peaceful impression that comes with Libra rising. Libra hates to rock the boat and Brit will always try to keep everyone happy and from being mad at her. Mars in her 12th house (house of secrets and undoing) adds to this, because it indicates that she will keep the things that make her angry (which Mars rules) a secret and never really speak out about the things that piss her off. It can work for or against her… with a fellow air sign ruling her perspective, she’s seeing thing in a way her moon is able to process, but with speak your mind Sag sun going head to head with the polite Libra rising, she is really going to run into mixed signals.

We can definitely see how the innovative Aquarius moon has revealed it’s progressive artistic nature through her bold Sagittarius sun- at the top of her game, she was carrying snakes around her neck, getting her “jack of all trades” on through singing, dancing, and acting (I know y’all still watch Crossroads, so don’t even lie) and yet, the rebellious nature of a confined Aquarius moon (which lands in her 5th house of fun & games) began to work against her, as the freedom loving Sag sun took advantage of this need for rebellion and ran with it. We may all agree she went a little too far breaking her boundaries (I mean, hanging out with Lilo and P. Hilton is nagl), but, where many may not have, she came back to the Circus, and it shows a true testament to the optimistic Sagittarian spirit.

I saved some of the most interesting notes for last. If you paid attention, you know I only mentioned two of Xtina’s 3 exalted planets. The last one is Saturn in Libra, which Brit also has. Saturn is the planet that gives us our discipline, it teaches us our lessons in life and makes the rules we live our life by- in Libra, the Saturn is bestowed the gift of fairness, the ability to see both sides of a situation and weigh it accordingly to make decisions and with the Libran air quality of conceptual logic, Saturn knows it’s boundaries of responsibility while still understanding the true nature of relationships. The difference is that Xtina experiences it in her 7th house of relationships, so she will experience Saturn’s restrictions and limitations in her personal life, but with Jupiter in the same degree, she is also allowed the most opportunities to grow in her personal life as well. Brit experiences her Saturn in Libra in her first house, the house of self. This could explain why so many of her hardships have been related to her “crisis of identity.” However, she gets lucky with planet of Luck Jupiter in the darkest of all places on our chart: Scorpio. And, in a strange way, her darkest time is what also gave her the greatest chance- once her family got her back under their wing, Saturn in her first house when back to work- this time, she got the gift of picking herself back up. Saturn works sort of in a team with Jupiter, the planet of our personal growth and expansion. Before Saturn can truly become effective in setting up the structure for our lives, Jupiter first has to break out and discover how far is too far, so we can allow Saturn to build the walls where we need them. And Britney is a testament to the power behind these two planets.

Another interesting note is the “chart patterns” in both their charts. Xtina has a “bucket pattern” with all the planets in the top portion of her chart , except her moon , which lays across from them on the bottom part of her chart, creating “the handle” of the bucket. To have a lot of planets in your top half is representative of someone with more outward energy and motivation. If you visualize the chart as a 3D sphere (say, like, the Earth) and we’re standing in the center of it, the top half of the chart is houses 7 through 12 are considered to be “seen best” by the outside world, which is why these individuals tend to have outer aim, seeking gratification through the public and society. On the bottom half, we have all our personal houses (1 through 5), and when there are more planets in that half, the person has more inward motivation and aim- they only want to satisfy their own goals and personal pursuits, and these houses are seen as “hidden” from the outside world, as they’re under our feet. I think it’s interesting to see in Xtina and Brit, like on The Voice vs. The X-Factor, Xtina is much more outgoing, connects with people better, and has a good time with it; and on X-Factor, Brit has a harder time with those things, and keeps to herself, yet still possesses great inner motivation.

And the last little thing: an asteroid called Chrion, aka, the wounded healer. It tells how we our spirit is “wounded” and what must be healed in our lifetime. Both Brit and Xtina have Chiron in Taurus points to issues regarding material worth, including our bodies (the greatest tangible tool we have), and will give pain for pleasure of the senses.

Miley Chart

Miley is Queen Try hard, amirite? Or our we all wrong? To be honest, I am surprised that there are so many Miley haters because she has something in common with quite a few ONTDers (and I have the chartwork to prove it) and that’s a Scorpio moon…

First let’s talk about Sagittarius a little bit more. Miley has her sun basically sitting on her ascendant- it’s very powerful because it means that your creative energy and outward expression (all under the sun’s rule) is in line perfectly with her impressions and ambitions. She presents herself and is seen as a Sagittarius, and that type on double whammy makes for a very strong personality (regardless of what that personality actually is) and we will see it at it’s best and at it’s worst. I think we all agree that she has some basic Sag traits in abundance: She’s a lucky little fuck, keeps a good disposition, she can’t be “tamed,” is very candid, unpredictable with that “now or never” attitude and has that very fiery sense of energy. I think we also all suffer from her insufferableness.

This is where Moon in Scorpio makes things very interesting. Scorpio, which we’ve talked about in previous posts, is, first and foremost, in it to win it. Relentless, determined, survivor. That’s Scorpio. Yet, as a water sign, the Scorpio power to be those things comes from an emotional place. They ARE the armchair psychologist of the zodiac. The greater they understand and experience the power of emotion, of the darkest places we go in our mind, the more control they feel they have. When the moon lands here, Scorpio turns turns the moons emotional ties into pure power. Moon in Scorpio knows that by understanding emotions, specifically, the darkest ones, it can connect to people, read people, manipulate people. Yet, Scorpio does not let the emotions of the moon show, and will even kill any emotions that cause too much internal suffering, thinking that gives them their control back. The problem comes with Scorpio’s defiance. Sagittarius is idealistic, and their ideals are all revolved around freedom and independence and a person’s right to experience life the way they want too…

With Miley, she holds her freedom loving ideals high, and her Scorpio moon backs it up and responds with defiance. Sagittarius loves a challenge, and Moon in Scorpio makes that challenge a personal issue, and will back idealistic Sag with willpower. It’s also where she gets this “haters make me rich” thing- one thing Scorpio does not allow is letting anyone think they got the best of you, and that works out fine for the Sagittarian ego. So, I hate to say it, but the more people push her to be different, the more she will strive to prove that she can be successful just the way she is. However, she does get the intuition of Scorpio moon, which is always spot on- as a water sign- it’s perceptive, and can read between the lines, the problem is that because Sagittarius is so identity-centric, she may never learn how to use the tools that comes with her moon in Scorpio. I think, as of now, she is willing to trust her instincts when it comes to business (thanks to Lucky Jupiter in her 10th house of career), but, she hasn’t quite, and may never, learn how to harness the Scorpio instincts and relate them outwardly in a way that doesn’t directly relate to her discovering her own identity.

She has a couple interesting chart aspects. First, I noticed Chiron in Leo- we talked about it Chiron above, and in Leo, it would take on challenges relating to having one’s creative self-expression (which Leo rules) taken seriously. One of the “wounds” this individual would have to heal is related to others not appreciating them for who they are. As far as her chart pattern goes, all of her planets fall on the left side, which is indicative of someone who takes action, makes their own circumstances, and leaves their mark on the world (as opposed to the right side, which would show someone who has things happen to them, and lets those circumstances leave an impression on who they are).

A blurp on her & Liam: Yes, yes my friends, I believe we may have a PR war on our hands with these two… Liam is a Capricorn with a Leo moon. Both of these signs are image signs. Capricorn is actually the sign of public image, and many of them (depending on other chart aspects) are quietly obsessed with their image. His Leo moon ain’t helping- Yes, it’s true that Lunar Leo’s will give all their love to get the entirety of another’s love back in return; this is why they’re an image sign, because they do feel most like “themselves” when someone is adoring them, but, with the Leo moon, you get an ego, and Capricorn sun is good at expressing it’s ego in a constructive way that will help them with their ultimate goal- but it IS still ego. I would definitely say that those of us who have been making the assumption that he 1) hated her new look and 2) wanted a trophy wife who will adore him, are probably spot on. From this point on, I suspect that Miley will turn to her defensive, defiant, but always surviving Scorpio moon to shut her pain down and keep pushing forward- but, we will see more behavioral outbursts as she “tries hard” (pun intended, in case you missed it) to show everyone (but mostly Liam) that she is fine. Liam, not wanting to look like he is playing her games (although totally will be), is going to be more quiet, but impactful.

So, the real question is, what the fuck did he see in her to begin with then? Well, he DOES have Mars in Sagittarius, so, he definitely does have a fun sexual nature. The difference is that Capricorn sun doesn’t feel the need to express it to everyone, so he probably was attracted to her wild side, and with Venus in Aquarius, he is rather detached from the actual emotions of “being in love” so it wouldn’t necessarily bother him to date someone more emotionally unavailable. However, the problem is probably that he didn’t realize just HOW emotional Miley can be- while also forever trying to out do herself. Ultimately, his moon, being vain from Leo being expressed through the image conscious and cautious-in-general Capricorn sun couldn’t get behind that much adventure and free spirit.

Well, since my original OP note got my post rejected (no hard feelings mods- I shouldn't try to entertain myself at the expense of others), I will end it with this instead: Taylor Swift is also a Sagittarian Songtress- but I already did a post about her- and with these three in the news, it seemed like time to strike while the iron is hot. And also, shit it's late. I hope everyone who wakes up in the morning and gets on this post still want to comment, lol.

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