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WWE Night Of Champions Results


Welcome to PWMania.com’s exclusive WWE Night of Champions results coverage. We have detailed match-by-match results, you can also enter your comments below.

WWE Night of Champions Results

The opening hype video for Night of Champions is shown featuring still photos of many of the WWE’s great champions from over the years.

The opening pryo goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Justin Roberts introduces the COO of the WWE, HHH.

Michael Cole introduces Jerry “The King” Lawler and JBL as well as the Spanish Announce Team as HHH takes the microphone and welcomes us to Night of Champions. He announces that there will be no interference in the WWE Championship Match.

Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel come out and interrupt HHH, telling him that he has been trying to talk to him with no avail for the last week. Paul Heyman questions HHH’s decision to put him in a match with CM Punk. Paul Heyman begs HHH to change his mind about the match. HHH questions whether Paul Heyman truly believes in Curtis Axel. Curtis Axel brings up the fact that he beat HHH and he does not like that. He announces that Curtis Axel will defend the Intercontinetal Championship against the first person he comes across backstage…it’s KOFI KINGSTON!

WWE Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee (c) vs. Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

AJ Lee quickly tries to escape the match but is jumped by the other three Divas who all take turns throwing her into the barricade. Brie knees AJ in the face and she is out on the floor. Brie takes Natalya and Naomi down and knees them both in the face. Naomi with a dropkick to Brie. Naomi with a hurricanrana to Brie. Natalya and AJ are now in the ring and Natalya gets hit in the face with Naomi’s butt. Natalya with roll up on Brie for 2.

AJ shoves Natalya out of the ring but she quickly comes back and faces off with Brie. Natalya with a suplex and a bodyslam on Brie. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter on Naomi but Brie stops it. There was a major referee screw up as Brie was laying ontop of Naomi and the referee just stood there. Natalya locks in a double sharpshooter on Brie and Naomi but AJ kicks Natalya in the head before locking in the Black Widow for the win.

WINNER and STILL Divas Champion: AJ Lee

We go to the Kickoff Panel, who discuss the World Championship Match, which is NEXT!

Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring with Ricardo whose arm is in a sling.

Alberto del Rio makes his way down to the ring with a black scarf around his neck and the World Championship around his waist.

Ricardo Rodriguez gives RVD his championship introduction while Lillian Garcia does it for Alberto del Rio.

No Disqualification Handicap Elimination Match
CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman

Curtis Axel and CM Punk start things off in the ring but CM Punk goes right for Paul Heyman, hitting him with a Suicide Dive. CM Punk brings in Heyman into the ring but waits to long to attack. Curtis hits him with a low blow and puts the fists to Punk. Axel whacks CM Punk with a Kendo Stick and goes to get a chair. Before he can use it, Punk hits him with a kick followed up with several elbows. Axel gets the advantage and puts the boots to Punk. Axel goes to the outside and brings out a table to the crowd delight. Axel sets it up in the corner and tries to suplex Punk onto it. Punk tries to do the same but Axel reverses with a suplex for two. Curtis with an elbow drop for two and locks in a necklock on Punk.

Axel goes for another elbow but CM Punk moves out of the way. Punk with a spinning heel kick and neckbreaker combo on Axel before he goes for the Running High Knee and Elbow Drop. Curtis moves out of the way of the elbow and hits Punk with a chair as he goes for Suicide Dive. Axel hits the McGillicutter for two. Axel once again begins to work over Punk with a Kendo Stick. Punk hits Axel with the Kendo Stick and follows that up with the GTS and the Anaconda Vice. Curtis Axel taps out and Paul Heyman immediately runs away from the ring with CM Punk giving chase.

Curtis Axel has been eliminated.

They are soon back in the ring and Paul Heyman is begging for his life. Punk is not hearing any of it and begins to nail Heyman with the Kendo Stick. Punk pulls out of pair of handcuffs from his boot and he locks Heyman arms around him. Punk begins to work Heyman over with the Kendo Stick again. Ryback comes out and spears CM Punk through the table that Curtis Axel set up. Ryback puts Heyman over Punk and scores the pin.

WINNERS: Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman

We are back to the WWE Kickoff Panel who discuss the upcoming matches.

The Shield make their way to the ring for their upcoming matches. Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler will be the first.

Dolph Ziggler make this way down to the ring to a good pop.

The Prime Time Players make their way out to the ring for their tag team match. Rollins and Reign came out after Ambrose defeated Ziggler.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Shield vs. The Prime Time Players

Rollins and Titus start things off in the ring and Rollins goes for a crossbody but he is caught by Titus and simply toss aside with power. Young tags in and slams Rollins into the mat. Rollins is about to pull Young into the corner and tags in Roman Reigns who is sent to the floor. Rollins in off the blind tag and is met with a fierce elbow from Young. Titus tags in and stomps on Rollins in the corner while blowing on his whistle. Young is now the legal man and is getting stomped by both members of The Shield. Rollins has Young in the middle of the ring with a necklock and as he tries to get up he is met with a clothesline. A belly to belly toss by Young and he claws to get at Titus.

Titus begins to work over both members of The Shield. He sends Rollins over his head with his Fallaway Slam. Clash of the Titus by Titus O’Neil but Roman breaks up the pin.

As Young interferes, Reigns blazes through the ring and hits Titus with a spear. Rollins covers him with a three-count.

WINNERS and STILL Tag Team Champions: The Shield

A hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown.

Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring to a MASSIVE ovation from the Detroit crowd.

Randy Orton comes out and makes his slow walk to the ring with the WWE Championship on his shoulder.

Justin Roberts is in the ring and gives the champion and challenger their introductions.

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton lock it up to begin the match. The WWE Universe starts their Yes! Chants and begin to annoying “The Viper.” Randy Orton hits a shoulder tackle onto Bryan and does his standard pose. Bryan gets to his feet and begins to kick Orton’s leg and back. Daniel Bryan goes for the 10 Count punch in the corner but Orton reverses into his signature backbreaker. Orton hits Bryan with several clotheslines in the corner and begins to strike with his signature stomps. Orton lifts Daniel up and plants him on the top rope. Orton puts a necklock on Daniel Bryan to slow things down. Daniel Bryan is nail with a clothesline for two after getting in a couple of punches on Orton.

Orton begins to stomp away on Bryan and send him into the corner for a 10 Count Punch. Orton mocks Daniel Bryan’s NO Pose but Daniel does his signature comeback clothesline and dropkicks Orton into the corner. Daniel Bryan with a Suicide Dive on outside and when Orton gets back into the ring he is nailed with a Missle Dropkick. Daniel Bryan hits a 2nd Suicide Dive but when he goes for the third, he is clocked with an elbow by Orton. Orton sets Bryan up with the Viper DDT on the outside and is able to get into the ring before a 10 count. We have a Ref Bump as Orton is dropkicked into the referee. Another referee is brought in as Orton hits his powerslam for two.

The Yes! Lock is locked in and the Viper is slithering toward the bottom rope, successfully breaking the hold. Bryan goes for another dropkick in the corner but misses, Orton goes for a cover but is only able to get two. Orton places Bryan on the top rope but Daniel is able to free himself and drops Orton into the Tree of Woe. Bryan begins to kick Orton in the gut and nails a running dropkick. Orton is up on the top rope now and he is sent to the mat with a suplex by Bryan, who locks his legs around the ropes and is able to lift himself up. A flying headbutt from Bryan only gets a two count. Orton sends Bryan down to the canvas with a T-Bone Suplex and goes for the RKO but Bryan reverses into this Knee Strike. The referee make a fast count and Daniel Bryan gets the win.

WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan goes around ringside with HIS championship and poses with the WWE Universe. The show comes to a close with the new WWE Champion going up onto the stage and leading the WWE Universe in a Yes! Chant. The New Face of the WWE is the Man with the Beard!

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