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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C: Celebs React to Apple's Latest Smartphones


Another day, another Apple iPhone! And in this case, make that two. Apple introduced two new iPhones -- the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C -- on Tuesday, Sept. 10, in addition to a redesigned mobile operating system, iOS 7.
The iPhone 5S includes a new iSight camera, faster wireless connection and its most forward-thinking feature yet -- a new fingerprint identity sensor. The built-in Touch ID will allow consumers to unlock the iPhone, and make purchases from the iTunes store, App Store, and the iBooks Store with just his or her fingerprint. It comes in either gray, silver or gold, while the iPhone 5C, encased in plastic, comes in more playful colors but doesn't boast the fingerprint feature. (With a contract, the iPhone 5S is priced at $199/16GB, $299/32GB, $399/64GB. The iPhone 5C will be $99 for 16GB and $199 for 32GB.)

Celebs were quick to join in on the social media chatter about the highly-anticipated new gadgets, which go on sale Sept. 20.

Zach Braff: "The New iPhone5s, because your fingerprints are the only thing the NSA doesn't have yet."

Jason Biggs: "Marion Jones already had to give back her gold iPhone :("

Wil Wheaton: "If you wouldn't willingly give your fingerprints to the state without cause, you probably don’t want the new iPhone."

Skylar Astin: "Watching the new iPhone's new video and salivating. I want. I need. My current phone su- ::error this tweet couldn't be sent::"

Jon Cryer: "Wait, so Apple has a phone w/ a fingerprint sensor built in an IT WILL ONLY HELP YOU UNLOCK THE PHONE AND USE ITUNES?!? That's just stupid."

Juan Pablo Galavis: "What do you THINK about APPLE having your FINGERPRINTS on their SYSTEMS?"

Chrissy Teigen: "I swear to god if the next iPhone has another new charger I'm going to fucking.....buy that Iphone and complain about the new charger"

Ellen DeGeneres: "You guys, I just heard the new iPhone can read your mind. I didn't even type this. I thought it."

Jimmy Fallon: "There's a new iPhone app that breaks up with your significant other. It's called 'Words with Let's Just Be Friends.' #fallonmono"

Sean Lowe: "Laugh now but my new iPhone necklace is going to make me millions!"

Spencer Pratt: "I hope #iOS7 comes with some new #emoji icons!"

Molly Sims (via MollySims.com): "All I can say is that I'M IN LOVE!…I cannot wait until the fall when I can download the real deal on my own iPhone without fear of total phone apocalypse."


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